Thursday, September 30, 2010

"The Flintstones": Fabulous at 50


The VA has announced that effective December 1, 2010, all LRGV’s veterans will no longer be allowed to use the VA in San Antonio unless their doctor makes a special inter-facility request and the request is granted. All specialty clinic appointments LRGV veterans have been waiting for are being cancelled. If the veteran has a specialty clinic in SA which has provided the veteran care for years, they will lose that care effective December 1, 2010.

To compound the problem the Harlingen VA clinic has not been able to hire specialists to cover all of the specialty areas. In fact for months they have not been able to replace the 2 general practitioners who left the clinic. The doctors are over worked due to the shortages of doctors. There are no specialists in many areas. The day surgery/procedure clinic will not open until early 2011.

The decision to just cut off LRGV’s before all the specialists were hired and the new surgery/procedure clinic was opened, is typical of the BS we expect to see from the administrators at the VA. I have said this many times - the primary problem in Harlingen is the administrators.

Veterans who already have appointments in SA with specialty clinics after December 1, 2010, need to call the clinics and do their best to change the appointment to sometime in November. This will buy them time until Harlingen VA can hire the specialists.

Nothing makes me more upset when I hear lying politicians say we need to care for veterans. Willfully denying an entire group of veteran access to their doctors is sick and evidence just how little government officials care about veterans.

Finally, I can assure you Solomon Ortiz does not give a rats ass and will not even consider picking up the phone and getting an extension on this cut off date.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


(READER CATCHES MISTAKE:  The headline should read 74 Republicans not 99.  Sorry - it was not a type out - I just misread the number)

“The House has approved legislation that would allow the U.S. to seek trade sanctions against China and other nations for manipulating their currency to gain trade advantages.

The 348-79 vote Wednesday sends the measure to the Senate, where its prospects are unclear. Senate supporters hope to get a vote on a similar proposal after Congress returns following the November congressional elections.”

"The available evidence is that the price of many of these Chinese goods will go up 10 percent, a pair of shoes that a mother needs for her child to go to school ... toys at Christmas, all become more expensive," said Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX).”

I have not bought Chinese for years - we do not need cheap shoes out of China.  I do my best to look for Central American or Mexican labels when I buy my clothes.  If you want to do something meaningful to help with illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America - buy their products and not those made in China. 

BFD if the cost of Chinese products go up - it will bring jobs to Americans which will mean they can return to spending money.  It will also bring more jobs to Mexico and the US Mexican border. 

These 99 Republicans voted as corporatists not conservatives.  They voted with the Chinese communists to deny American jobs.  Does anyone believe they were voting to help the poor?

Why did this idiot President of Gambia fabricate these awards - because he can. Sound familiar? I do not care if it is Gambia or Brownsville, there will always be people who believe garbage and this is why people like this dictator prints such garbage.

Now, I am not sure which is more bizarre, this story or Nebraska has a navy -  no, really

“[T]he job of a public employee who speaks critically of his or her employer may or
may not be protected by the First Amendment. If a reviewing court determines that
the employee’s speech was disruptive or subversive to the employer’s interest in
maintaining an efficient workplace, the employee may lose the case.”


The first video is from a public employee who is an attorney. The second is from an 11 year old boy who had his arm broken because he wants to be a cheerleader. To the best of my knowledge there is no evidence in the case of the boy that the other children ever used anti-gay language. But the problem is when children see adults acting like this assistant attorney general it seems to give them license to act with similar levels of ignorance.

I was shocked to learn that public employees have fewer First Amendment Rights. I am not sure how I feel about it. In fact I cannot and will not say this assistant attorney general should be fired. It is a very difficult question of when private conduct no matter how egregious should form a basis to punish a public employee. It is a case I would never want to decide.

I am simply posting this to get people thinking about the issue. At what point do we hold people accountable? I do not know - but I do know there are bad consequences when people act such as this assistant attorney general. My heart tells me the better approach is for responsible adults to condemn such adults for their diatribes and ignorance, but not punish them with discharge. I think we can do more for our children by speaking out against men like this, than try and silence them, by restricting their right to speak

Here are the videos -

There is no question that this is the biggest racially motivated con job by UT on a community since UT created separate universities for blacks. But here is the problem - we have no voice - whining incessantly will accomplish nothing. UT has to be humiliated.

I will tell you I have tried to get the Austin American Statesman to cover the story - no go - they have no interest in doing this type injury to UT. People might try writing a letter to the editor at the Austin American Statesman.

You need to be specific about how the partnership is hurting our children and community. You need to raise the racial issue of a community which is 95% Latino is the only community forced to pay property taxes to support a UT campus.

People might try and file a complaint with the Civil Rights Enforcement Section within the Department of Education - you must allege racial discrimination.

Letters which are diatribes filled with unsubstantiated claims will be ignored. You need to be specific. You need to ask why TSC was destroyed and Brownsville a 95% Latino community in desperate need of a real community college has had its community college made into a University while leaving the students without the benefits of a community college in terms of low tuition, and instructors who understand the difference in how you teach at a university versus a community college. You need to raise the question, why we are the only community which must pay property taxes to support a state university?

I grow bored with the election of TSC Trustees - Rendon was 100% honest that he intended to use his engineering background to help the board oversee the construction - construction of a state university with bond money being paid for by one of the poorest communities in the US, all the while UT drowns in oil money. People who expected a different result with the election of Rendon were so blinded by their hate for Juliet Garcia they refused to hear what Rendon was saying.


You cannot have different tuition rates for students attending UT Brownsville from those attending TSC. You cannot have the traditional community college rates for freshman and sophomores for all students and then raise tuition to university levels during the junior year. So long as there is any partnership agreement tuition at TSC will be the highest of any community college in Texas.

In a perfect world MALDEF would come in and represent the people of Brownsville against UT. They will not cross the first Latina university president - bottom line. But here you go - you can file a complaint directly with MALDEF.

On each of these contact issues, I would recommend that someone organize a group - now - a person is designated to write the letter. Then I would have at least 100 people send the letter to the Austin American Statesman, Department of Education and MALDEF.

It would be nice if the group could raise the money to place the letter in the Herald as a full page ad.

This is the bottom line - until people organize to find a way to humiliate UT, nothing will change. Endless mindless whining is the fastest path to nowhere.

Fred Drew I think had the best idea - force UT to buy TSC and pay off its debt. Then use the money to build a new community college. ITEC is a good start for a new campus. When I taught at Houston Community College, they had a lot of their courses taught at night on highschool campuses. Rather then build new buildings, they simply rented classrooms from the various school districts. It was nice for the students. Imagine you live near Lopez and you get to take most of your courses at Lopez. Imagine you live near Veteran’s Memorial and you get to take your courses at Veteran’s Memorial.

It is time to stop the incessant whining and act. Until people are willing to organize and put money on the table - all of this whining is for naught.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I needed to get some items I knew they sell at Garcia's in Matamoros. I also used the opportunity to buy some 12 year old Flor de Caña rum. I decided to go around lunch time so that I had an excuse to eat. My brother in law and I had a great time.

I love my coleslaw, peas, and beets. My main dish was Tilapia. It came with a slice of tomato. The tomato was fresh - I savored every bite. Nothing like what you buy in the store.

I feel bad that Matamoros is hurting over the drug cartel wars. My brother in law and I agreed we will start going once a month. You only live life once. If you have not been to Garcia's lately, give it a try and discover why it is such a tradition.


The following is posted on their web page in response to a questionnaire some knucklehead received from the Mayo Clinic.

"You might want to warn people to be careful how they answer health questions when the federal government is involved."

Not that reality matters to these idiots, but the Mayo Clinic is a non-profit which has nothing to do with the federal government.  It was started by the Mayo family and eventually established as a non-profit.  One would think the lunatic right would be celebrating the success of this private enterprise, but no - it calls it the federal government because some question in a questionnaire asked about guns.  You will note, the questionnaire is not included for the readers consideration.

Now here is a newsflash for these idiots - the Mayo Clinic does research into how to prevent injuries caused by accidental shootings, suicides and on and on - yes in deed - communist conspiracy that a non-profit medical research and treatment facility would want to inquire about gun ownership when dealing with such issues as suicide and accidental shootings.

But the bottom line - Tea Party idiots - the Mayo Clinic is not the federal government.   You will note, the Trustees are private doctors from all over the U.S.

What the local yokels at the Tip of Texas Tea Party prove time and again, if you do not like reality, just make it up -



This is what I have confirmed - Escobedo called Otis Powers and invited him to a dinner at La Pampa at the request of a vendor’s representative - the vendor Vitetta. Had Otis Powers not left, Escobedo through his conduct would have created a walking quorum. In addition to accepting the dinner from Vitetta’s representative, Escobedo accepted $500.00 for his campaign. I have read the minutes from the relevant meeting and in fact Escobedo was part of 3 Trustees who then tried to give a contract to Vitetta - it failed.

Now, if anyone has any evidence that Sylvia Atkinson actually announced against Zayas - not rumor - but a push card - anything - I will publish it and take no prisoners. I have said this before and no one has been able to produce any evidence - nada. All we have is endless rumors and claims. But trust me if anyone produces any such evidence I will take no prisoners.

Further, if anyone on the Board has any evidence that any other Board member has gone to vendors, I will publish it so long as the claim has independent proof or the signature of the Board member making the claim. This means I am giving Caty Presas-Garcia an opportunity to out anyone she wants. I have no problem encouraging this board to self destruct - it will be good for BISD if the board formally self destructs.


While Brownsville deals with some of the worst unemployment in the U.S. Camarillo requested that the commission raise the late fees on PUB bills. People have no money for food, school supplies for their children, or medical care, and at the request of Camarillo the commission raised money on the backs of the unemployed. This will be a campaign issue. The people in Camarillo’s district will never forget how this pig choose to put the screws to the unemployed rather than take a responsible position with the city budget. This will be a campaign ad against Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson.

Another campaign issue will be Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson’s decision to vote a 5% increase in PUB rates over the next 5 years. This again was needed to get the PUB to agree to the welfare check to the city commission. Cities all over the country are using furloughs, layoffs, reduction of wages for the top employees to balance the budget. Not the City of Brownsville - they raised late fees and utility rates on some of he poorest people in the U.S. Their actions are beyond shame.

I have always been about facts and critical thinking - this is why I made the following comment.

Roman Perez took them to task on the PUB rate increase and Troiani was forced to amended the agenda item - which then lead to the PUB yelling foul - this is not what we agreed to - my hats off to Roman Perez for a job well done.

Had Roman Perez not caught the con job, the PUB would have been allowed to illegally raise our rates upwards of 5% a year indefinitely. Where was Sossi in catching this con job? The reason the current authorization is not illegal is it is specific authorization of 5%. The contempt this city commission has for some of the poorest people in the U.S. boggles the mind. Who but corrupt and inept leaders raise rates for essential services on some of the poorest people in the U.S.?

Troiani’s pathetic defense was - “oh the poor employees of the city have not received a raise in 4 years so I must vote to take more money from the unemployed whose child are going hungry, without clothes, and without school supplies.” This is sick - he thinks by playing to the sympathies of the city employees he can get their votes if he chooses to run for mayor. The only thing which can be sicker than Troiani is if the city employees fall for such a ploy. They need to face reality - there will be no raise for years - their goal is to keep their jobs - you do that by doing that with Troiani was unwilling to do - get rid of deadwood administrators, and when possible allow the number of public employees to go down as people quit, retire or get fired for cause.

Monday, September 27, 2010


A reader made a post with the following claim.

"Regular Board Meeting dated May 15,2007, Former Superintendent Hector Gonzales recommend awarding RFQ to select Vitetta Group Inc., to provide architectural design classroom at Canales Elementary School. Mr. Pat Lehmann made the motion and Susan Galvan seconded, the vote was Lehmann, Galvan, Escobedo for the project and against Cortez, Aguilar, Colunga, and Powers."

I tried to research this and could only find the following entry in the Herald.

"However, in addition to the dinner, Escobedo and former board member Eliceo Muñoz received $500 each in campaign donations from Alan P. Hoffman, president of Vitetta.”

If someone knows how to research this at the BISD web page and can provide a link which verifies this, I would appreciate it. The Herald story tends to prove the claim. But I agree the claim could just be a dirty political trick. I will print a denial by Escobedo if he submits it.  But the evidence points to the story being accurate.

The next part is rich - on the issue of Board Members going to dinners with vendors Escobedo on the record defended the practice and in fact seems to be complaining Cortez is the only Board member who has not been to a dinner with Escobedo.

"This is nothing new, Escobedo said about the dinner. Ive been at meals with vendors with every person in this board with the exception of Mr. Cortez, ... ."

I owe my gratitude to Caty Presas-Garcia for opening this can of worms.  I  forgot all about all of this.


I am back to eating - yesterday I had homemade eggplant Parmesan. My house smells like heaven. I am in the 5th hour of simmering a shoulder roast in a homemade red pepper sauce. The smell is pure heaven. It comes out like butter. You put it in a corn tortilla with some pico de gallo and God gets jealous.



Sunday I posted an ad I made for the May 2011 city commission election. Does anyone know how I convert it to a gif so I can save it in my pictures. For the record I will be doing these type ads on a regular basis. I think it important that we begin now in hopes of encouraging highly qualified candidates to run in May 2011, and to maybe send a message to the big money donors that Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson are not a safe or even good bets.

[Note:  the original post had a typo of 2012.)


I was watching the last one and observed an example of how the trustees should analyze proposed board operating procedures. During the conversation Caty Presas-Garcia was mumbling endless nothings. She does this all of the time. It boggles my mind anyone can watch her and think she offers anything to this board or the children. But in this case Minerva hit the nail on the head. The proposal as being urged by Colunga provided that a majority of the board can find a board member violated the OP. Minerva rightly pointed out that given the current division on the board allowing a majority to use the OP’s as a weapon would be bad.

Presas-Garcia’s big issue was a desire to apply the OP retroactively. There is actually laws against this - Presas-Garcia remains the biggest idiot on this board. She needs to stop her vindictiveness and focus in on the children - but she will not.

After implying Zayas was talking to vendors, Zayas responded with a statement he had personally seen Presas-Garcia speaking with vendors - she never denied the claim. My long term readers will remember I went after Eliceo Muñoz after tried to do the direct bidding for the owner of a warehouse. This garbage by all board members must stop. I will get to it, but who is the only board member who really tried to stop this bullshit? Cortez - and who was the bad buy in that deal? Escobedo

We need these procedures, and it is sad Presas-Garcia and Zayas turned it into personal attacks on one another. This garbage has to stop. Some may say “Presas-Garcia started it.” BFD - if a child were to make such an excuse to a parent the child would find himself grounded.

But, because Minerva put the focus in the right place, I just wanted to use it as an example of what good analysis looks like.


This may give some insight into why Escobedo fears Powers - it also goes to all the bullshit which came from Escobedo and Presas-Garcia at the last meeting.

According to the press reports - Escobedo was a player in the La Pampa affair wherein a walking quorum nearly formed at a meeting being financed by a vendor. Otis Powers is the one who reported Escobedo’s conduct to the BISD lawyer.

“I understand that perception is very important. Lets set the record straight: I was never told about the dinner at La Pampa. I called Dr. Enrique Escobedo about a personal matter the evening in question. Dr. Escobedo asked me to come to La Pampa for a few drinks. “

I will publish any claims by Escobedo which contradicts the story in the Herald or Power’s letter.

According to the Herald the La Pampa Affair was about a possible vendor seeking to influence Escobedo, Galvan, and Lehmann on contracts related to the new schools. Escobedo messed up when he invited Powers at the last minute.

“Violations of the act are misdemeanors and can carry jail sentences between one month and six months.

Arthur C. Reyna Jr., a former Democratic state representative and now a lobbyist for a variety of companies, picked up the check for the group.

Reyna was in town representing Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school design.“

When it comes to facts, not pornographic diatribes by a homophobic racist or the lies by a former journalist, between Cortez and Escobedo only one has been caught taking something from a possible vendor - Escobedo is his name - deception is his game.

On this issue I did a grand jury referral which the DA and judge blocked. This in itself is a crime, but who in Cameron county is going to enforce the law? Had a grand jury been allowed to review the facts I am certain indictments would have followed.

On the specific issue of the La Pampa Affair, which new Board member sought to have the matter investigated? Ruben Cortez - and what was Lehmann’s comment to Cortez?

Lehmann made a very telling statement to shut down Cortez when Cortez sought to open the door on the La Pampa affair.

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

This cost Lehmann reelection - according to past posts by Montoya - at least by implication - Zayas stole the election from Lehmann on some 10,000 mail ballots. Montoya made this claim as part of his defense of Ernie Hernandez.

I responded to a post this morning from someone wanting to imply Lehmann takes money. With the exception of the La Pampa Affair there is zero evidence Lehmann has ever taken anything from anyone. People who hate Lehmann love to make this claim - when you ask for evidence they say “communist faggot.” This is exactly what you hear when you ask for evidence against Zayas. I deal in evidence

At this moment there is only one BISD candidate on the November ballot who has been caught taking a free meal while illegally meeting with a vendor - Enrique Escobedo. There is only one candidate who has been found to have misappropriated BISD campaign money - Enrique Escobedo - The first Board member to use his position to get a friend promoted to a big paying job at the expense of special needs children - Enrique Escobedo.

If you use the standards being urged by people opposing Zayas/Cortez, only one candidate is found guilty based on verifiable evidence - namely Enrique Escobedo. I say follow the money - oh yes - I forgot Escobedo is advertising with Montoya.

TOOK TOO LONG - I WILL PICK UP WITH THE COB MEETING TOMORROW - but let me say this - Roman Perez took them to task on the PUB rate increase and Troiani was forced to amended the agenda item - which then lead to the PUB yelling foul - this is not what we agreed to - my hats off to Roman Perez for a job well done.

Sunday, September 26, 2010



“BCIC is funded through sales tax revenues aimed at developing projects that improve the quality of life.

1. Estimated sales tax revenues and interest income for the new fiscal year are $3.3 million.

Projected expenditures are as follows:

$24,000 for food for BCIC board members.

$250,000 to the city for administering BCIC programs, budget and finances.

$100,000 for contingencies and promotion.

$348,210 for new projects.

$550,000 to the city to maintain the Brownsville Sports Park.

$1,486,490 to pay debt service on the Brownsville Sports Park.

$371,300 to reimburse the city for loans for the Brownsville Sports Park.

$170,000 for debt payments regarding the event hosting phase at the Brownsville Sports Park.”



30 Million Dollars could have repaired 30 miles of Brownsville’s Roads


I have never understood people who feel like the public should keep them alive forever.  Medicare will pay some $93,000.00 so that an 80 year old prostate cancer patient can live an additional 4 months.  I say no.  There comes a point we must say no.

While I have full coverage at the VA, I do not use all of the services to which I am entitled.  I also buy some of my medications at Walmart rather than have the taxpayers pay for everything.  It is outrageous veterans have the taxpayer foot the bill for aspirin and fish oil for example.  The cost of processing these medications along with shipping well exceed the value of the aspirin and fish oil for example.  There have been occasions wherein my doctor has prescribed medicines which cost $4.00 at Walmart.  I know it is cheaper for me to go to Walmart than for the VA to provide me the medicine - I go to Walmart.

I have always said to my family, if I ever get diagnosed with a terminal disease, I will not fight it.  I  will ask to be kept comfortable and that is it.  While some people say death in inevitable, (I do not believe in death), I say then, so be it.  Why put the burden on the taxpayers so that someone who refuses to face the inevitability of death can live a few extra months.  My attitude on the subject is different when it comes to children.  I am a lot more open minded when it comes to spending money on children.

Oh, on the death issue - I do not believe we have a soul in a religious sense.  I do believe we have an essence which is eternal.  The human body for me is nothing more than a vessel in the eternal journy of our essence.  Like all good vessels they die, but who we are does not die.  My attitude has always been, I am ready for the next adventure.

Here is the article on this man.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Perry still controls this election. 48% for Perry 42% for White with 6% remaining undecided. The key is whether the Valley votes. With Casco leading a strong voice for a Republican County Judge and the anti-Democratic mood this remains a major up hill battle for White. Given White's decision to refuse to meet with the people and only meet with the very policians the people of the LRGV love to hate, he may have sealed his fate.


Guys, it is not the responsibility of the city or county to spray your yard or business for mosquitos. Last night when I got home from the movies my house was surrounded. My backyard was a disaster.

This morning I sprayed with Ortho Max - the suckers are now dead. People if you want to get rid of mosquitos you need to spray your yard. You might politely suggest same to your neighbor.

If you have pets, you must spray. It is not fair to allow your pets to suffer. My dogs get their heartworm medicine, but safety is always important when it comes to my girls.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Complete review on Saturday - but for now - the critics are morons and seem to be offended by women being women, albeit in an exaggerated state.  The women in the audience laughed and laughed hard.  This made for a good night.

Without the women in the audience laughing so hard, this film would have been less enjoyable.  The funny scenes are not non-stop but when they hit they are funny.  But they are funny mostly because the women in the audience either see themselves or friends in the scene.

The movie in part is about old high school wounds.  Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays a very hot mom, learns that the aunt of her soon to be daughter in law is her former classmate who pushed her into the pool on prom night.  Jamie Lee Curtis' daughter learns her future sister in law is the bitch who tortured her in high school.  An out right battle ensues. 

Is this an Oscar winning film?  No - it is a film you go see because you need a few good laughs.  I wish Betty White had a few more lines, and there had been more time to play out her bad times in high school - but hey an hour an a half is all the film time they had.  In fact I only went to go see the film to see Betty White.

 I liked the film because the women in the audience had a good time.  I can see boyfriends being bored - buy guys - it never hurts to put your female companion in a good mood - sometimes it is about putting her first.


The post below is a response by an ignorant person who hopefully is not registered to vote.  This is why we never elect good people.  Ignorant people unfortunately are given a voice.

My original post was in response to those blaming Zayas and Cortez for the budget deficit.  I merely pointed out if this is happening all over the US, how can Zayas and Cortez be to blame?

This ignorant voice reads from a homophobic racist pornographer that I support Zayas and Cortez and he/she decides it must be true.  This is why homophobic racist pornographers lie.  They can count on the ignorant to believe them.

I have never said a kind word about Zayas or Cortez.  I have pointed out the lies and deception being used by their opponents.  I in fact have called for the replacement of all the Board Members.  I have never made an exception.

On the "are you serious side."  there is one and only one Board Member who has been found guilty by the Texas Ethics Commission of misappropriation of BISD campaign funds - his name - Enrique Escobedo.  If he cannot be trusted with BISD campaign funds why should we trust him as a trustee.

The Zayas Cortez opponents decry them as handing out positions to family and friends.  I have gone after Springston since day one for agreeing to be party to this conduct.  Which Board Member was the first to get his business partner's wife a plush position within BISD in exchange for supporting Sprinston for superintendent?- Enrique Escobedo.

I have covered both sides.  I get it - ignorance hates reality and  facts.  Ignorance such as this poster will believe what ever a racist homophobic pornographer prints.  My question is, why would someone who believes in education and integrity lend credibility to someone who listens to a racist homophobic pornographer?

BISD is suing Healthsmart for what could result in millions of dollars to help BISD balance its budget.  Where is ignorance - let's vote for Luci Longoria who is with Carlos Quintanilla.  Quintanilla's support and dirty work for Healthsmart is well  documented.  You cannot complain about a budget deficit while supporting the woman who is in bed with the very people BISD is suing for financial fraud.

But ignorance is ignorance.  In a perfect world, had all these ignorant people remained silent and rational voices carried the day about how this entire Board has failed the children, and how a BISD education is worthless, we might have three very highly qualified people running this time around.  But we do not - we have no one as far as I can see.

I have asked Garza and Saavedra to answer simple questions as to their position on the Healthsmart suit, and to provide 3-5 ideas on how they can make things better at BISD.  I have asked for ideas - not distractions - and they cannot respond.    Because I have been sick I was late in getting the request out to Garza - I sent it yesterday - nothing - and I sent it because he emailed me and asked that he be allowed to answer the questions.  I asked for ideas - not distractions - response none.  Do the voters not have a right to know how each candidate feels about the Healthsmart litigation?  This is potentially millions of dollars for BISD and the taxpayers.

I am trying to hand this to Garza and Saavedra on a silver platter and nothing - absolutely nothing. 

And again because I know how strong ignorance is - a racist homophobic pornographer says I support Powers and it must be true.  I opposed Powers two years ago.  I have raised the question of how does he get around the allegations in the Antonio Juarez case and nothing from his opponents - nothing - again I try and hand it to them on a silver platter and nothing.

We have no one running for BISD because ignorance decided the issues, not me.  So ignorance blame ignorance for this mess, not me.  But I will be damned before I vote for someone who put his  business partner's wife ahead of the needs of special needs children, or someone who has been found to have misappropriated BISD campaign funds - namely Enrique Escobedo.

I will be damned before I vote for someone who is in bed with Carlos Quintanilla who is in bed with Healthsmart.  BISD is suing Healthsmart for potentially millions of dollars.  BISD needs the money - is Luci Longoria that stupid?  Now it is possible that since the audit she could have changed her mind - but not the evidence in an audit or a 7-0 vote by a normally very divided BISD could get Luci Longoria out of bed with Carlos Quintanilla, a convicted felon.  And you think Cortez is easily manipulated.

So given the known facts and not endless accusations it boggles my mind anyone could possibly vote for Longoria or Escobedo.  Does this mean Zayas and Cortez are good  for BISD, no - it sadly means the lessor of two very bad evils.  Cortez is clueless about how easily manipulated he is, and Zayas plays the game of politics without regards for the results. 

I have no problem with the firing of Gonzales or Rendon.  I have a problem with this entire Board's continued policy of ignoring incompetence until the incompetent no longer serve their respective agendas.  The entire Board is quilty of this sin which is why the entire board must go. Hopefully ignorance will not guide what happens in 2012.  Hopefully in 2012 rational minds will prevail and competent people will be put up to challenge the Board Members up for reelection.

As to Garza and Saavedra, if they cannot provide 3-5 ideas of what they can offer BISD and a position as to the Healthsmart suit, why should we vote for them.  Does this mean I will vote for Powers?  No, for now I intend to not vote in the Place 1 election.

Oh, here is ignorance's  comment:

"Bobby, are you for real? Do you really not see through Zayas and Cortez? Do you ever attend board meetings or even view them on Channel 17? Do you ever study the agendas and how every question that Ms Presas-Garcia posses is immediately scrutinized and ridiculed by Zayas? Only he is correct and he even oversteps the so called president of Aguilar and rules on what some other board member is asking. Nobody is asking him and he butts in because he thinks he is a lawyer who knows it all. He is sickening - in behavior, in morals and even in looks. Enough is enough and we need him and Cortez out yesterday!!"


If anyone knows how to get a hold of Peña, will they make sure he reads this. He will not understand it, but maybe someone he knows can explain it to him. He has this won on a mandamus. The question is, can he find someone who can explain this to him. Trust me, the Texas Supreme Court is looking for a strong case to expose the stealing of mail ballots by Democrats.  This is the case.

In preparing this I remembered a constitutional amendment from several years back. In Texas there is no formal election in uncontested races. This is important to the Peña case because in that there is no Republican running against Hernandez, there is no election. The candidate is simply deemed elected. The entire rationale used by the Court of Appeals to Dismiss Peña’s appeal is bogus. He needs to take this on an immediate mandamus, but he will not. I have zero confidence in Peña’s legal skills.

“County and Precinct Candidates

As county clerk/elections administrator, you have the authority to print your uncontested county and precinct candidates as declared elected. If you choose to print your ballot this way, you will make a declaration that those candidates are uncontested and duly-elected. Enclosed is a sample form to use. You do not need to file this with the commissioners court, but you must keep it with your other election records. At the local canvass, you will issue a certification of election to these candidates; however, the County Judge will continue to issue certificates to those candidates who won the election and were contested.
If you choose to print your ballots this way, you do not include a voting space but merely list all uncontested candidates at the end of your ballot under the heading “Unopposed Candidates Declared Elected.”

The court of appeals held the following: “It is well-settled Texas law that, where a contest between candidates for nomination in a party primary election cannot be tried and a final decree cannot be entered in time for election officials to comply with the statutory deadlines for preparing for and conducting the general election, the election contest becomes moot and the issues no longer justiciable”

Inasmuch as there is no election because Hernandez will be deemed the winner without an election, the court of appeals’ entire ruling is bogus and consistent with this court of appeals contempt for the law.

Any case involving elections must begin with Anderson v. Celebrezze

The court in summarizing its reasons for giving Anderson access to the ballot said the following:

“We began our inquiry by noting that our primary concern is not the interest of candidate Anderson, but rather, the interests of the voters who chose to associate together to express their support for Anderson's candidacy and the views he espoused. Under any realistic appraisal, the "extent and nature" of the burdens Ohio has placed on the voters' freedom of choice and freedom of association, in an election of nationwide importance, unquestionably outweigh the State's minimal interest in imposing a March deadline.

The judgment of the Court of Appeals is

Reversed. “

You will note the entity the Supreme Court in effect protected in the Anderson case was “The People.” Elections belong to the people, and not the candidates. Not that a meaningful understanding of literary terms matter at this point, but poetic justice is not when an innocent party is punished for the acts of another. The people are the victim here, not Peña. If anything Peña aided Hernandez in his victimization of the people, by being a less than competent lawyer in this case.

I warned him at the hearing he needed to take a mandamus against the judge during the trial. There was nothing anyone could tell him or his lawyer second chair. Like most lawyers there was no reasoning out a strategy based on the case law and reality. With lawyers and judges it is always the same, “let’s wing it an hope for the best.”

On a side note, anyone interested in ballot access needs to review Anderson. It basically turns Texas’ ballot access laws on its head. But I will tell you, in each and every case wherein I have raised Anderson the appellate courts have done what they have always done - they simply pretend it was not raised. They cannot get around the clear holding in Anderson, so they simply pretend it has not been raised in the argument.

With the exception of one case, the Court of Appeals relied 100% on cases where predated what appears to be a change by the Texas Supreme Court. I will get there. But what is really clear is, the Texas Constitution has changed concerning uncontested races. This in effect makes the argument about absentee ballots etc bogus. Uncontested candidates are deemed the winner, thereby making a ballot meaningless.

“To give effect to the ruling announced by the Court of Civil Appeals in this case would be to take from the person shown on the face of the returns to have received a majority of the votes cast the valuable vested property right resulting therefrom without giving him the full and final judicial hearing provided by law. Obviously, to do that would be to take from him his property without due process of law.”

Taylor v. Nealon, 120 S.W.2d 586, 588 (1938)

This case relied upon by the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals has two important holdings. One, candidates have a property right in elections. This is important because it raises Due Process questions and access to the federal courts for violation of their Due Process Rights. Second, and this may be key to an appeal by Peña - not only is the appeal moot, the trial court ruling was moot as a violation of Taylor’s Due Process right to is property interest in the election. Restated, via mandamus the Supreme Court threw out the trial court ruling as a violation of Taylor’s rights. In effect Taylor who was thrown out by the court of appeals as having filed a moot case, won when the Texas Supreme Court via mandamus rule that to allow the trial court ruling to stand would violate Taylor’s rights.

Peña stands in the same shoes as Taylor. By traditional case law his case may be moot, but if the trial court violated his rights, its ruling is moot via mandamus. I can assure you, having met Peña and his co-counsel, this is all well beyond their critical thinking skills.

Now consistent with the Anderson case above, the Texas Supreme Court has begun to question any rule which says, time can allow for a court or person to deny someone access to the ballot. The key to these decisions is, the need to print ballots did not stop the candidates right to fight for access to the ballot. This entire notion has now been rejected by the Texas Supreme Court. This is where Peña can win via a mandamus.

“The fact that the printing of ballots has begun does not extinguish LaRouche's right to appear on those ballots. At least until absentee balloting has actually begun, this court is obligated to enforce the constitutional and statuory provisions governing access to the ballot if possible.”

LaRouche v. Hannah, 822 S.W.2d 632, 634 (Tex.1992).

“The Secretary of State maintains that we would effectively nullify the deadlines created by the Election Code by granting mandamus relief. To the contrary, by today's opinion we affirm the mandatory nature of the important duties placed upon election officials by section 145.037 of the Election Code. Moreover, the Secretary of State's concern is not unique to this case, but is equally present in the cases we have decided involving candidates for primary elections. In LaRouche, for example, we ordered the Democratic party chair to certify a candidate only forty-seven days before the primary election. 822 S.W.2d at 634. Under section 172.028 of the Election Code, certification was to have occurred no later than the fifty-seventh day before the election. We noted there that "[t]he fact that the printing of ballots has begun does not extinguish LaRouche's right to appear on those ballots." Id. (emphasis added). Instead, we gave precedence to ballot access”

Davis v. Taylor, 930 S.W.2d 581, 583 (Tex.1996)


(I will have another story by noon.)

Below is a story on the issue.  True to form, Brownsville is not included as a city for disposing of old pills.   YOU DO NOT FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET.

I have a friend with bags of old pills.   His son takes a lot of medications.  The  doctors are always changing the medicines because they either do not work, or they become toxic to the child.

Where is Brownsville's Health Department to insure Brownsville is part of this program?  No where to be found.  Where is the doctor on our esteemed city commission on the issue?  No where to be found.  So I guess Brownsville will continue to poison its water supply as people continue to flush their old pills down the toilet.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


i am sorry I posted comments late.  I was at the VA clinic until 4 p.m. - and yes I have another diverticulitis infection.  10 days of antibiotics and lots of fluids and I will be fine.  I just wish I lived in Europe - their protocol provides for removal of my sigmoid colon.  Believe it or not you really do not need it.  My brother in law had his removed 34 years ago and at age 89 he still lays brick and tile.

Below is a comment posted by a reader- Because it would not get read because of where it was posted, I am posting it here.

I do want to add a note. It is not that Quintanilla's felony conviction is relevant at this stage, for example. I truly believe in redemption. The problem is when reasonable minds can see a continued pattern of deception, then one's past is relevant especially if it involves a felony conviction.

This has always been my rule. I have been given a lot of garbage on Montoya, McHale, Zavaletta and so many others and simply ignored it. Why? The past does not need to be discussed to give meaning to the present.

Based on these comments, this is why I loved this post.

"When a person goes into politics, it is a sure thing that someone will find something in your past to bring you down. What you have done in the past will never be forgotten, but what you do now is very important. A politician should behave him/herself so that when someone says something bad about them, no one will believe it. Character and integrity is a must for a politician and mud slinging is only a way out. Stick to the fact and please tell us what you intend to do as a board member in relation to the education of our children. Remember it is called Board of Education not Board of Pocket-lining. Let's get started with the candidate forums and please allow us to ask the questions verbally, not hidden in a piece of paper so that they question can be censored. Like Joe Friday used to say on "Dragnet" ..."the facts, ma'am, only the facts!""

(NOTE: I have no idea whether or not the convicted felon Quintanilla has sued me. If he has I will be countering with a suit against Ted Parker and Healthsmart. I stand on my facts and deny any link between myself and Zayas and Cortez. The first time I ever talked to Zayas other than in the endless e-mails I send the board members was in court on the day of the last hearing. I defy Quintanilla to produce any evidence to the contrary.

According to McHale when I noted Adrian Martinez's mistakes and the fact Zayas and Cortez are now barred from voting as Board Members in the Healthsmart case because they sued Healthsmart for defamation, this is evidence I am in bed with them.

When the only defense you have for not getting your way is to publish pornography and go on an anti-gay tirade, it is fair to say you have nothing. McHale may be the dumbest person in Brownsville. I reserved the right in my dismissal of the defamation case against him to renew it if he continued with his tirades. Texas recognized a continuing tort. So if his lover-boy Zavaletta in the federel RICO which is being filed in DC continues to lie to the federal judge in DC such as he had done in court in Brownsville, McHale and Zavaletta could and will find themselves sitting in a holding cell in the federal court in DC.  Zavaletta is a key party in the RICO.

My issue here is children. I went after Rendon and Jimenez equally. I have gone after Springston. I have gone after all of the Board Members equally. In fact since the day Zayas' first ad appeared in the Herald I have stated he does not care about children, and he is in it to control the money.

As to Cortez just before the last hearing he called me to complain about my post related to whether or not a new board will vote Springston out. He was not a happy camper. This is the only time I have spoken with him on the phone.  The only time I have spoken to him in person was in court on the day of the last hearing.

I did speak to both of them at the hearing. I would have spoken to Quintanilla to get his side but he ran from the courtroom making an interview impossible. Journalist have no duty to run after convicted felons who do not want to be interviewed.

My concern with the lawsuit is non-existed. I will say this - Ted Parker will be paying for my trip to China next year and then some - a lot of then some.

Now as to Quintanilla - the lawsuit will be transferred to Brownsville. The law is pretty clear on this issue. And if I know Ted Parker he will squeal like a pig going to slaughter before he takes the blame for Quintanilla. )


I should already be on the road to Harlingen. I am in day 2 of a diverticulitis attack - this is the second in 2 weeks. I really need to see the doctor. So I cannot do the post today - maybe tomorrow.

My original intent this morning was to post an email I sent to the BISD Board and Springston. Once you read it you would thing someone would respond. But it is clear they do not care about the children - it is a joke - they are a joke.


[1] The Board is too dependent on buying computer programs to fix problems. People fix problems not computer programs. Example: A computer program cannot fix the lack of caring or commonsense. The person in charge of special needs children on each campus should maintain a list by grade so that when the end of the year comes they know which files to collect to be forwarded to the new campus. The same should apply to summer school. This requires nothing more than someone who cares.

[2] I get the Board must be on top of the budget and procurement issues. This is why I dismiss complaints like the Healthsmart problem until I see real evidence. But children are not budget or procurement issues. They have individual needs. You need to do a survey of the parents of special needs children. The question needs to be, are your children getting what they need? A 6th grade female at Stell - she reads at a second grade level. Has she gotten the help she needs? No - I am working with her on her social studies book. Her teacher has a great project for helping the students learn about important people in history. I work with her one on one with her reading. She loves school, school does not love her.

We need a morning program where parents can bring their children early to get help with their homework. There are children whose parents are mentally retarded or illiterate and cannot help their children. This child won a prize for her science project last year. I guided her, but the idea was hers and how to put it together was hers. It took hours because I made her find the answers on her own. A thousand questions on my part you might say. She told me a lot of students did not turn in the project because their parents could not afford the supplies, or could not help them. The children need morning help. If we can do this for chess we can certainly do this for homework assistance.

[3] All administrators need instruction in follow-up and how to create a follow-up system. This is a major problem and the cause for so many issues being lost in e-mails. When anyone sends an e-mail demanding information or an investigation they must log in their computer a deadline for the recipient to respond. My computer every morning dings with a list of reminders about my commitments. When someone fails to get back with me based on our agreed timetable (sometimes I impose a timetable), I immediately call them and demand an explanation. The failure of follow-up and a system for follow-up is a major cause for nothing getting done. This also gives supervisors a measure to determine if their subordinates are acting on their requests or simply passing them on and dismissing them.

[4] BISD needs to create a highschool option wherein students are allowed to opt into classes taught as if they are in college. I am not talking about the college prep program. This should be on every campus. Instruction through handouts is not instruction. This is not preparing them for college or even a good job. TAKs score are not a measure of success. It is a measure of whether or not the student learned how to take the test. This is why BISD students are not ready for work or college.
I will give BISD one week of free instruction. Give me any social studies class on any campus. Give me one weeks notice. Give me the text book and I will prepare 4 days of instruction with a test on day 5. You will see you can teach without handouts. You can have someone video tape the class, and then review it at your leisure.

[5] I went to school when boys had to learn skills such as woodwork, drywall, electrical, plumbing etc. UTB will never do this. BISD needs to look into the possibility of allowing seniors to take a course in robotics manufacturing. I do not believe college is right for everyone. Good job training in highschool can lead to good lifetime good paying jobs. Manufacturing is coming back to the US. It is happening in cities where the workforce is trained in robotics.

[6] I did not want to do 6 items, but this last one is very important.

Valley Baptist has been talking about creating a pediatric ward at its mental health facility. BISD needs to take the lead through Imagine Brownsville to make this happen. Dr. Claudio Cepeda heads up instruction for board certified pediatric psychiatrists at the medical school in San Antonio. I am certain if Valley Baptist, UTB, and BISD came together he would help find a pediatric psychiatrist to come to Brownsville.

UTB needs an adjunct pediatric psychiatrist to teach future special education teachers and teaches in general about the issues and how to handle mental health problems. BISD needs someone who can come in and do in house training. Valley Baptist and the children need a pediatric psychiatrist. There is no reason why the three entities cannot come together and make this happen. With three entities willing to put money on the table a board certified pediatric psychiatrist will come to Brownsville. BISD should have the premier program in this area.

So you know - a family practice psychiatrist is not a board certified pediatric psychiatrist. Just because a family practice psychiatrist took a few course about children and teenagers does not mean they are qualified. This is a highly specialized field. Children metabolize the medication different from adults. This is why you need someone who is board certified as a pediatric psychiatrist.

This last item - If Imagine Brownsville could do this, it would give BISD and Imagine Brownsville something they can point to, to show they are working for children. There is more to BISD than budget and procurement. The Board Members need to learn this and start thinking about it on a regular basis.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010




I have never liked McAfee, but it was an old friend I became comfortable hating.  Time Warner spent three weeks trying to figure out why my internet was so slow.  We wasted 3 weeks because its technicians loved to lie and just wing it.  They repeatedly told me that it was the house wires, the line coming from the poll.  Problems at the poll and on and on and on.

Well after my 6th complaint to the New York office they finally sent two top supervisors to my home.  I proved to them I had my computer checked and the problem was not my computer.  They then plugged in their own computer and everything was  fine.

A supervisor then noticed I had McAfee for security.  He said they do not know why but a lot of their customers have problems with internet speed if they have McAfee.  I was desperate.  I removed McAfee.  My computer was immediately running at super speeds.  I then installed Norton.  I was shocked with how Norton found tracking cookies on my computer, which McAfee claimed it was controlling.

So here is the story - if you have a slow moving internet and no one can figure it out remove your McAfee and see what happens.  If the problem resolves then you know the problem was McAfee.  But remember you have to then install Norton.

Finally I did try and call McAfee to see if they had a solution.  they did not.  I was endlessly transferred to people who mumble when they speak English.  I was then told they have no technical support outside India.  I then asked for a full refund.  They gave it to me.  My hate relationship with McAfee came to an end.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I like these stories because it proves a point of mine - the corruption in the LRGV has nothing, and I mean nothing to do with its proximity to the border. I fact I find these endless allegations relating the corruption in the LRGV to Mexico to be the worst kind of racism.

So if you want to know what real crooked DA looks like - here you go.




(EDITOR'S NOTE:  The above headline wherein it says "although" was originally "as."  "As" just did not seem correct, so I changed it to although.)

I was reviewing my notes from the hearing and something that came out during the exchange between Quintanilla and Martinez is a claim Ben Neece is aiding Quintanilla in the collection of evidence. The presumption is any comment by Quintanilla against Ben Neece is false. Given Quintanilla’s history of lies, this would be the only reasonable presumption. But here is the problem - if there is actual truth in the allegation, then we have a public employee of the COB working to help Quintanilla in effect protect Healthsmart which is being sued by BISD for financial fraud. This is the problem with allowing Ben Neece and every similarly situated judge/privately practicing lawyer to wear two hats. Ben Neece needs to clear his name on this issue. The claim is not some rumor- it was made in open court. Ben Neece needs to deny the claims.


Cortez and Zayas’ mismanagement of BISD causes school districts all over the US to have budget deficits. Upon learning of this reality GOD bowed down to Zayas and declared himself second god to GOD Zayas/Cortez.

This morning even though Marxism provides for no GOD, President Obama declared it is true “I have been in a conspiracy with the CIA and FBI to cover-up I am a Marxist Muslim seeking to destroy the U.S. We paid off the CIA and FBI with a promise of 72 virgins upon their death.”

These headlines sound bizarre because they are. The ignorance which allows people to think this way is why our way of life is dying and the bottom of the barrel keep on getting elected to public office. There is no doubt all BISD Trustees need to go. But because misguided anger guided this election cycle Zayas and Cortez will be reelected. The only open question is, will Powers return to BISD as a trustee? I have sent Saavedra a series of questions to answer. I hope she answers them. I want to post as much accurate information about the other candidates for Place 1, so that people can make an informed decision. If anyone also has an email for the other candidates I will send them the same questions.

School districts all over the US are on their knee in front of the White House begging for money so that they do not have to lay off teaches and supporting staff. BISD was not forced to beg. Compared to school districts all over the U.S. BISD is actually in a pretty good financial state.

Inasmuch as these morons are blaming two Board Members for the budget deficit, I must ask, are they also responsible for the budget deficits in Ireland? Did they cause the budget deficit of the Cameron County, and the COB? Is it really true that are so powerful that California is on the verge of bankruptcy because of Zayas/Cortez’s mismanagement of BISD?

My big focus right now is on the May elections. We need a team of 4 to run as mayor and commissioners against Troiani, Longoria and Atkinson. What we do not need is a repeat of what happened in the BISD election. Why were no legitimate candidates put up against Zayas/Cortez? Answer: the establishment which governs these matters decided that based on evidence, not one ounce of evidence was produced against Zayas and Cortez, they would not field any candidate. On the other hand Escobedo is dealing with the Texas Ethics Commissions findings and sanctions that he misappropriated BISD campaign money for his county commissioner race.

In terms of a quality education, BISD is a complete failure. This issue was never discussed. The discussion was only about false claims orchestrated by Ted Parker to cover-up his alleged financial misrepresentations through his company Healthsmart. You would think Ted Parkers’ puppets in Brownsville would give it up once Caty Presas-Garcia voted to sue Parker to recover millions of dollars for BISD. But no - you see these morons believe that if BISD recovers these millions of dollars from Healthsmart it will mean BISD will go into a further budget deficit.

People if we do not change our approach to how we go after bad elected officials, Troiani, Longoria and Atkinson will all win in land slides. Then if things still do not change Aguilar, Colunga, Pena, and Presas-Garcia will win reelection when their seats come open.

If the goal is truly to make Brownsville better, it is time to get serious about finding candidates for the COB election.

Monday, September 20, 2010


"Bobby, whether you post this or not, you will still read this. You took a cheap shot saying slanderous, malicious accusations about Luci Longoria. Be ready when you are put on the stand and say who put you up to this. We all know who is behind it. It's a pitty you all can't be called men."

The above is from a reader.  The implication is he/she feels if I post this Luci Longeria will take their advice and sue me.  First of all, slander is spoken and libel is written.

And who told me these things - let's pretend moron you actually learned to read English.   I said I attended the hearing.  This means no one told me, I observed it myself.

Last and here is the kicker - the moron's statement implies that these accusations are so bad they would be defamatory if false.  Conversely, if true, based on moron's logic then we have a major problem.

So here is what I will do - I will allow Luci Longoria to post an affidavit to BV denying she was in court, denying the bailiff had to tell her she needed to stand when the judge leaves the room, and denying she ran to Quintanilla during the break.  Then after posting her affidavit, we can allow the DA to interview the judge and bailiff to see who is telling the truth.

As to the claims it is all lies - same offer for Quintanilla - I will post his affidavit denying each factual allegation I made as to the hearing.  We will then submit his affidavit to the grand jury with the court transcript and see what happens.

I did reject a comment - the claim among other things is I got paid by attorney Jonas to refer special needs cases to him.  This would actually be defamation per se if published elsewhere  Such conduct is illegal.  I never even heard of Jonas until it came out in the Herald.  BISD knows my tract record.  Every complaint I prepared was done as a TEA complaint, which meant no attorneys or fees of any sort were paid by anyone.  I personally believe the use of attorneys for Due Process hearings should be barred.  It is nothing more than a con to allow attorneys to make money.  But since attorneys write the laws, this con is never going away.


I know how much my readers love these lesson posts - but hey - here we go.

I blame the press for most of what is happening in politics. Yes, the failure of our elected officials to listen to the people is the seed of the problem, but the press watered that seed and made things worse. The press intentionally promotes ignorance - this is coming from both the left and the right. Locally, the Herald takes the cake when it comes to promoting ignorance and a lack of integrity.

Anyone can read the comments which are being posted in the comment section of the Herald and ask - how Brownsville lost its mind? The sad part is, this is happening all over the country. The press simply has not addressed the issue of anony posts which promote racism, ignorance, disinformation, and outright lies. The press is desperate for readers so if need be it will encourage the most ignorant of its readers to control the comments section. This decision by the press has unleashed ignorance as the norm. It has lead to the demise of integrity in journalism and society.

It get it - the people are mad - and rightfully so. We have been ignored for too long. Solomon Ortiz treats veterans like they are the enemy. He has no constituency support for veterans,. His office refuses to even consider the problems facing veterans in the Valley. His base comes from Corpus and Robstown so we do not matter. But it is just not Solomon Ortiz - this is how politicians are treating the American people. The people are mad and rightfully so.


This woman Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party darling for the US Senate has said she believes the government has created mice with human brains, and claims to have dabbled in witchcraft all the while she is claiming self manipulation is a sin. You cannot claim to be an advocate for the Bible while dabbling in witchcraft.

People are so mad, and rightfully so they are prepared to elect this woman to the US Senate. Can you imagine the commercials the Democrats can run against her and in fact all Republicans seeking the US Senate. The caption is simple - “Is this the US Senate you want?”

I believe a lot of what is happening is people for the first time, including a lot of people in the center and left are seeing their first opportunity to throw the bums out. I do not judge these people for voting for outsiders. It makes perfect sense to me and in fact in principle it a good thing for the country.

The problem is, in our anger we seem to be voting for people who either cannot win in November or who are just bizarre at all levels. We are closing our eyes to the reality of who these people are.

Why are better people not challenging the entrenched incumbents? Good people look to the blogs and anony comments in trash newspapers like the Herald and say “why would I put my family through this?” Answer - they will not.

No one can point to any comment wherein I have defended the BISD Board as an entity or endorsed a current Board Member for office on the merits of their performance. Since the day Zayas announce for office two years ago I have opposed him. This Board, bottom line, has no understanding of the problems facing the district - namely the children. One Board Member told me so long as Kathleen Jimenez is not costing the district money with Due Process hearings or litigation she will keep her job. There is zero interest in whether or not she is doing her job.

The issue of Luci Longoria running for the BISD Board should be a front page story in the Herald. I will be shocked if they do the story about how she is tied to Carlos Quintanilla and Ted Parker. In a 7-0 vote the Board which is never united voted to sue Ted Parker and Healthsmart for fraudulent billing. When Caty Presas-Garcia agrees with Rick Zayas it should tell people Healthsmart did something wrong. Had the vote been 4-3, I would say something smells bad. But the vote was 7-0. And where is Luci Longoria? She is in bed with a convicted felon who is defending Ted Parker and doing his dirty work.

This is a huge story. Does this mean Rick Zayas should be reelected? No - but given a choice between voting for someone I consider to be a failure because he does not understand the instructional and special services problems at BISD, and someone in bed with an entity BISD is suing for financial fraud, the decision is simple - Zayas must win the election.

If this were Zayas acting like Luci Longoria people would be demanding his indictment. But it is not. So instead these same people who would be demanding Zaya’s indictment choose to send me endless e-mails claiming I am making this up and insulting me as a bought voice for Rick Zayas.

Whether it is those supporting Christine O’Donnell for the US Senate or those supporting Luci Longoria for BISD Trustee, the problem is the same - legitimate anger is causing people to ignore reality in favor of ignorance.

The reason we do not have better candidates is the blogs and comments section of the Herald has allowed for distractions and outright lies about people. These people who are angry enough to vote for bad people have no interest in integrity or honesty. They are angry.

People have asked me why I do not run for anything? Answer I would never get my message out - the attacks with half-truths, lies and distractions would start from day one. Anger would keep these people from hearing a message they may actually want to hear.

In the end, for now we are screwed in this election at every level. The Republicans will win every statewide election. Zayas, Cortez, and Powers will continue to influence BISD. The only good news is, Casco will probably win the race for County Judge.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


"Mrs. Trevino was a principal BEFORE her "relative" became a board member. AND had 20+ years in BISD as well. So now because her relative is a board member all of the sudden she must stay at the same campus forever? Leave her out of your dirty politics. Get your facts straight"

Why have I done this? Because this is a perfect example of how innocent people get brought into things because of misinformation and anger. We cannot be guided by our anger, even when it may be well place. We have to be guided by facts. We need to judge people by credentials and performance and not condemn them because of some type familial relation.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Eh - It is not that I disliked this film, I just did not like it. In fact had I been watching it on HBO I would have changed the channel.  Ben Affleck's acting was mediocre at best.  The supporting actress, Blake Lively actually delivered a memorable performance.  Supporting actor Jeremy Renner also delivered a memorable performance.  Beyond that it was mostly mediocre performances.

Ben Affleck wanted to do a movie about his home town of Boston.  He wanted to show the Irish criminal element in a town by the name of Charlestown.  There was nothing special, except maybe the ending.  I will not tell you the ending, but it basically saves an otherwise uneventful film.

I say wait for it to come to HBO.  I know this is to be the big block buster - but for me it was not.  Ben Affleck needs to stay away from making films about his home town.


I cannot tell anyone what is real or what is fake.  But the link at the bottom of this post raises a question, did man live side by side with dinosaurs?  This is the position of science - since no evidence of modern man exists to show this, then it did not happen.  On a regular basis archeologist's make new finds.  The fact we have yet to find the evidence does not mean it does not exist.

It may shock people, but I do reject a lot of the theory of evolution.  Most of it is based on conjecture.  We see how creatures evolve today, so they must have evolved from a common ancestor in the past.  This is pure conjecture.

I have said before I personally believe we are in at least our second great era of civilization.  I find this easier to believe than aliens came from outer space and helped to build the pyramids, for example.  I can no more prove this than evolutionists can prove the "theory" of evolution.  I just wish people would think critically and keep an open mind.

So when you consider what is in this link, ask yourself - how?, how did ancient people come to make these drawings and artifacts if there was no link between man and dinosaurs?  You can believe in mass extinction of the dinosaurs without having to believe every species died out.  This is where evolutionists are hypocrites - they claim evolution, but then claim dinosaurs could not have adapted after the near complete mass extinction.

All I ask is to think - do I believe man lived side by side with dinosaurs?  yes and no - I do not know one way or the other - I just keep an open mind.


People are still going to be digesting the posts from yesterday. My personal preference is people think about these things for a day or two. I have been wanting to do a piece on reviews and product endorsements - so here we go.

TWO BUT FIRSTS: I challenge Montoya to have the guts to post the orders from yesterday. But here is the con - there is a shocker - orders will not tell people the reason the judge put on the record as to why he will withhold sanctions depending how Quintanilla answers the questions. The orders will not tell people he was barred from trying to make legal arguments for Ted Parker and Healthsmart. If I understand the argument he was begging the court to not proceed to allow Ted Parker and Healthsmart to appear and object to Judge Wittig. It was a delay tactic. The judge did not bite. He also begged the court to stay the proceedings and him having to answer the discovery until after the election. The judge did not bite. One would think with all of the evidence he has (not) he would want the court to rule right now on his request for removal of Zayas and Cortez so they are removed from office before the election. Also the orders will not have Quintanilla claiming poverty and unable ot afford repeated trips to Brownsville from Dallas. The orders will not have Quintanilla’s admission that he has never opened a bank account for Accion America. Finally the orders will not show how Luci Longoria ran to him during the break like a long lost love first seeing her dead lover at the pearly gates.

SECOND BUT FIRST - NOT REALLY A BUT - Why did I do the piece on Autumn Leaves? I have never understood why in literature Autumn represents a stage in getting old. It does not. It represents a stage in rejuvenation. But then I guess literature in filled with manic depressives and they must imagine the meaning of Autumn to rationalize their psychosis.


First, there will be a movie review. “The Town.”

“Cheddar’s” My experience with this place was they had a complete melt down when I was there. It began with the incompetent girl who takes your name when you arrive. She was incredibly less than friendly. I do not get the policy of hiring young bimbo’s for such an important job. While waiting I had a chance to speak with an older couple who had already been waiting a while. I was then surprised I was called first. The table they use for one is the same as for two. They complained as they should have. The girl was rude. The manager gave them the next table.

Then the overbearing waiter. I do not like smoked meat. Just me - but I hate that taste in turkey or ham. The waiter no less than 3-4 times insisted I order the smoked turkey. Only upon my 3rd or 4th time explaining I do not like smoked meat and with a very irritated voice did he finally take my order as I ordered it and leave me be.

I ordered a grilled chicken breast with avocado, cheese and other toppings. I left more than half of it. The chicken was so bland you could not eat it. Chicken does not necessary need salt but it helps. A good Rosemary and garlic seasoning does wonders for poultry. The french fries were soggy and tasted like they had been sitting for a while.

Finally, I simply gave up on trying to get a refill on my ice tea.

Now compare this to Denny’s in Harlingen. I had to give blood at the VA clinic the other day while fasting. So after my little donation I decided to try the new Denny’s. The maitre d’, an older woman, was awesome. She made you feel like you were in a 5 star restaurant. She made sure you were happy. Beyond that, the food was kinda of bland.

Coyote Canyon - what a waste. I have this thing for coleslaw, pea salad, beets, and corn. I can fill up two plates with this stuff and be a happy camper. This is why I went to Coyote Canyon last night. I was tired and did not want to cook. I got their at 6:45 p.m. and the place was nearly empty. This is not a good sign. Anyway I saw they have roasted chicken and decided I would try a piece to go with my mega-salad. I changed my mind upon closer examination. What they had out was as dry as you can get. The cook noticed my disgust with the options and offered to cut me some fresh chicken. Well it was no better. I tasted it and nearly gagged it was so dry. They cannot last much longer with this level of bad service and food.

Captain Bob’s - I have been there twice now on Tuesday. He has a great special on Tuesday and Thursday. You will not leave hungry. The first time I almost told them no fish just shrimp, but I decided I wanted to try the fish. Unfortunately by the time I got to the fish I was full. Then I was upset because the fish was really good. It had a sweetness to it. I was sad because I really wanted to eat it but was too full. I forced myself, but ended up feeling way too full. But you should know the fish was awesome.  The second time I started with the fish.

Here is the trick - do not eat the french fries until you have had your full of shrimp and fish. They also give you a great fish soup and acceptable salad. Then there is also the rice. As you can see you can get full on everything other than the shrimp and fish - so think about this when you go to Captain Bobs. The only thing I would change is, give people the option of coleslaw instead of a salad. Also, he needs to provide horseradish upon request. One part horseradish to two parts catchup makes for the best cocktail sauce you have ever had.


The Hoover Floormate is awesome. You have seen the commercials. It is for vacuuming hard floors such as tile. I have two dogs who shed big time. No more daily sweeping for me. I take 5 minutes and vacuum the entire area with tile and not a dog hair left on the floor. I have not used the mopping function yet, but maybe on Sunday once the rain stops.

Well guys, have a nice weekend and enjoy my movie review which I will post late tonight or early tomorrow.