Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Unfortunately for this nation the Republican Party has been taken over by bigots and incredibly ignorant people.

For me the Libertarians such as the Republicans have decided to get on this bandwagon of ignorance coming from the Tea Party. If Libertarians think they are irrelevant now, once the backlash against the radical right and the Tea Party becomes complete, the Libertarians may find themselves extinct. I have zero respect for opportunists - especially opportunists who are so desperate to get votes they would openly associate with bigots and people who consider ignorance a badge of honor.

I am going to get into the Republican issue which may cost Casco the election, but I want to first finish this issue of the Tea Party. This morning I read a post which demonstrates even the ignorant and extremely bigoted can rise to the level of teaching at a university.

The radical right and Tea Party hate facts - they get in the way of their ignorance. Here are some facts about Islam. “This ancient knowledge of solutions of equations in turn found a home early in the Islamic world, where it was known as the "science of restoration and balancing." (The Arabic word for restoration, al-jabru, is the root of the word algebra.) In the 9th century, the Arab mathematician al-Khwarizmi wrote one of the first Arabic algebras, a systematic exposé of the basic theory of equations, with both examples and proofs. By the end of the 9th century, the Egyptian mathematician Abu Kamil had stated and proved the basic laws and identities of algebra.”

Had the Muslims not conquered entire areas of the world we would still be using Roman numerals instead of Arabic numbers like 1, 2, 3, - try doing advanced math with X, XI, LC (we know Christians never force conversion under penalty of death - the Crusades are a communist myth to discredit Christianity - native Americans especially in colonial Spain just fabricated the stories - my great grandfather 13 generations removed was not burned at the stake by King James as the last heretic and anaBaptist - because we all know King James was tolerant of religious diversity)

Under the Moors, Spain saw religious freedom. Christians, Jews and Muslims lived side by side in peace - well until they were finally expelled from Spain in 1492 and Queen Isabel forced the Jews underground to avoid deportation or death. The architecture the Moors brought to Spain cannot only be seen in Spain but throughout colonial Spain.

A lot is being made of this Mosque that is to be built near ground zero. Again when it comes to the radical right and the Tea Party, facts have no place in their reality. What is being built is a community center which will include a Mosque inside the community center. The man who according to Hannity is pushing radical Muslim law on America, is employed by the US Department of State to promote moderate Muslims around the world and closer relations with the US. This man is our olive leaf to the Muslim world.

Below is an article on this man and his wife. You will not find this kind of information coming from Fox, the radical right, or the Tea Party - without ignorance they do not exist so knowledge has no place at their table.

If you think like the local Tea Party this is what you think - because some Christian groups preach children in African and Asia who die non-Christians and who were never baptized are sent to hell as non-believers all Christians must think this way. I cannot believe anyone other than someone who has officially been diagnosed as severely mentally retarded by IQ can believe this garbage. So if they have not been diagnosed as severely mentally retarded - what is the answer - they are bigots who believe ignorance is their salvation.


I have no use for John Wood - I would never vote for him - maybe. I personally believe this is Casco’s election to loose. But, if Casco does not make clear real soon he has nothing to do with the local Tea Party and does not want their help, and that the Republican Party is going off the deep end of the abys of insanity, he may just lose this election.

The Republicans by all rights through their actions have now admitted they have nothing but ignorance and bigotry to offer this country. Since Reagan they have demanded we all be strict constructionists of the constitution - well unless it does not then serve their agenda.

The decision of the Republican Party and the Tea Party to attack innocent children proves neither of these groups stand with America or its values.

This Fourteenth Amendment nonsense could prove the death nail of both parties if someone in either party with real authority fails to come forward and denounce the bigots pushing this nonsense.

The Fourteenth Amendment provides:

“Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

According to the Republicans and Tea Party this simple straight forward language does not mean children born in the US from parents who are in the US illegally are US citizens. The American people are stupid, but not this stupid. This will back fire on the Republicans and Tea Party.

In the alternative they argue that we should repeal this part of the Fourteenth Amendment and make these innocent children (you know family first Republicans) children without citizenship or countries. You cannot deport them back to a country where they are not citizens. This has happened in Germany with most Turk children. Germany now has an entire class of people without a country and no citizenship rights.

Now I have no fear of any part of the Fourteenth Amendment being repealed. The necessary votes will never be there. So why then are the Republicans and Tea Party pushing this ignorance? They know their base would believe a promise of a billion dollars in everyone’s wallet - so they lie because they know their base are ignorance morons who can be counted on for their vote based on lies.

Carlos Casco better pay attention. Brownsville is filled with children who are now voters whose parents are here illegally. These people vote - these people have friends.

I will say this, if Casco fails to denounce the Republican Party for their actions towards immigrants and their plans as to the Fourteenth Amendment out of desperation I may jut be forced to vote for John Wood.


Fred Drew said...

"Libertarians such as the Republicans have decided to get on this bandwagon of ignorance coming from the Tea Party". I am not sure how Libertarians get in the same bandwagon except that they have had a great infusion of Conservatives that thought that the Republican party was different from the Democrat Party. They both aspire to a big interfering and contolling central government. Libertarians aspire to the smallest government possible while still fulfilling the responsibilities defined in the Constitution.
The Libertarians originated the Tea Party as a protest on April 15th against the confiscatory taxes. It was later adopted by a variety of groups of folks who feel disenfranchised with the government. They have no coordinated structure in the states or the nation. Of late the Republicans have tried to co-opt them as many of the groups advocate conservative issues that they have said they suppoted in the past. Some groups have supported Democrats others Libertarians depending on the stated positions.
I have never heard a case of bigotry or racism that was supported by a Tea Party group. I have seen some sceens of Tea Party demonstrations where such things happened.
I don't really consider Carlos Cascos a Republican other than the party currently supports him. I see Judge Cascos as someone that just works for the best outcome irrespective of party. If he called himself a Democrat I would still vote for him.
I don't see what the great contributions the ancients that were the predecessors of the people from the bowl of human beginings has to do with a group of radical racists that share the Moslem faith with others that do not believe that violence is the way of truth and path to the final reward.
The Catholic church was no less violently aggressive in the past in seeking converts by force but has chosen a different direction in current times and admittedly there is more than enough intollerence to go around today.
Everyone needs to examine the facts not hearsay and determine the direction society should travel not just accept reports of what someone said happened. Fox is no worse than any other news outlet in slanting stories but they are frequently better at getting more of the story than some others. I try to view several every day before I make a tentative opinion.
The Tea party may just turn the election in south Texas because most are very unhappy with both the Republicans and Democrats. Suprises will happen.

Fred Drew said...
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BobbyWC said...

Drew the Tea party express was thrown out of the main organization because of racism - I even did a kudos to the main Tea Party for the decision to get rid of the Tea Party Express - this was all over the news - maybe you missed it.

The local Tea Party is getting overtly bigotted in its posting - no rational mind with integrity in mind would have posted the last piece on Islam. It was based on bigotry plain and simple.

YOu have to be able to see that -

The Tea Party express may be gone but local groups which support them are still here - local tea Party case in point

The National Tea Party is trying to stay focused on the tax and deficit issues, which brings in people from all groups left to right - but like any other group it is subject to being taken over by the worst elements in our society.

They need to make clear that no local party can claim affiliation with them if they go outside the limited policy objectives of the National Tea Party.

This garbage is not playing well in perioria - it is going to back fire - and local Libertarians claiming they do not see it will only serve to expedite the further demise of the Libertarian Party

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I know this is out of content, but do you know that last night at the BISD board meeting they hired Sandra Cortez, Ruben's wife, as principal at Sharp. The vote was 3-2 with Zayas & Cortez abstaining, but Minerva chickened out and voted with Colunga and Aguilar. Before they assigned Karen Trevino to Cummings from Sharp; Karen is Rick's cousin. How about that?

Fred Drew said...

There is no affiliated group or administration that says you are Tea Party or Tea Baggers. The involved folks are just seeking representation that they can support. Libertarians are just that as well "seekers of liberty", though it is somewhat organized each County Party is pretty much independent rarely if ever receiving state or national support. The party never enforces policies on its candidates other than not voting. We believe in freedom to think as strange as that may be. I certainly don't agree with some other Libertarians and have participated in lively debates on a variety of issues in the National Libertarian Publication. The thing we all hold to is the most individual freedom that still affords our neighbors the same freedoms.

BobbyWC said...

sorry for the delay in approving the BISD comment - I just realized teh computer I use for comments is down - I had to bring everything up on my main computer.

So long as there is no policy or law against it, while it may look bad, it is not illegal.

But if what you say is true it tells us Springston is 100% in favor of faovrs for job - this should be no shocker "ESCOBEDO"