Tuesday, August 24, 2010


(Editor's Note:  I was going to use my regular Perry/White cartoon, but I saw this and laughed so hard, I decided it is a better fit for this post.)


In teaching certain concepts they are best understood if repeated several times. Each time you add another approach in hopes your students begin to get the picture. Our entire system of government begins with the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution provides for the creation of the states. The states can create their own government so long as they do not violate the federal constitution in the process.

The State of Texas created its own constitution. In that constitution it created Home Rule cities with strong self rule. The City Charter is the city’s constitution. Imagine if you will the federal government passing a law which authorizes the State of Texas to follow its constitution or a federal law - its choice. This is the problem with the “may” provision. The federal government can pass laws which says “if Texas wants federal funding it will comply.” This is different. These federal laws do not require the State of Texas to violate its own constitution.

But this is exactly what the CO Act does. It says to city commissions - you have discretion as to whether or not you want to follow the city charter, which is the constitution of the city. If the Texas Supreme Court follows logic and well known rules of statutory construction, the city will lose this lawsuit.


The latest poll in the Perry White governors race has the race at 49/41% respectively with a margin of error at 4.5%. Bill White is running a campaign of running from integrity. He went into racist East Texas and called President Obama a community organizer. Had this been a Republican the Democrats would have yelled racism. While Rick Perry met with President Obama, Bill White ran.

Bill White knows he cannot win without the LRGV. So he comes to Brownsville and runs from the very people who vote. Instead he met with the criminals who run the politics of the LRGV. This is a man without an ounce of integrity.

I am not saying rick Perry is a better choice. I would never vote for Perry. But if Bill White is the best we can do, then we are screwed. This man is devoid of any sense of integrity.


Media Matters found a tape of Glenn Beck praising the man who is leading up the Muslim community center. Beck praised the man as a good Muslim. But now that he can use the community center as a way to play the hate mongers, Beck has changed his mind. Fox News diminishes itself every day it allows this hate monger ignorant moron to remain on the air.

Now Ron Paul took the true conservative position. Yesterday he looked to the constitutional guarantee of property rights. On this issue he defended the right of this group to build its community center.

The radical right is not conservative - under the guise of conservatism they hide their ignorance and bigotry. They lambast the left for having feelings and being sensitive to the underdogs and poor. But now that it serves their bigoted agenda they argue - “yes they have the right to build the center, but it is insensitive.” Property rights do not go away because to exercise those rights might upset someone. Integrity seems to elude these people. When will Fox see this? They already see this and put up with it because it means ratings which translates into money.


Anonymous said...

Beck didn't do that.

BobbyWC said...

yes he did - I saw the tape - he clearly called him a good Muslim - he is now saying people misunderstood his words "good Mulsim" I guess does not mean good.

This man behind the projected has been vetted by the CIA and FBI - this was done under Bush II when Bush Ii brought him on board -

This is all BS by Beck and the new KKK/Nazi Party of the U.S. Tea Party Express - note I am not associating them with the main original Tea Party organization

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

fred, you are being hypertechinical - everything before the U.S. Constitution became null - teh Supreme Court has made this clear particularly in its decision Texas v. White.

yes the various states through their representatives authorized the constitution - but the constitution became the new beginning - the colonial governmetns gave up their independence for a new form of government - the constitution which creates that goverment - includes a provision for the states to exist with their own form of government as limited by the constitution.

It was a new beginning not and extension of a previous system - hence the constitution as authorized by the people's representatives created the states - the constitution by and through the people creates everthing in the form of a Trust wherein the sovereignty remains with the people - at least for now.

Chief Justice Roberts, Anton Scalia, and Sam Alito have been working hard to formally solidify sovereignty in the hands of the government and not the people

the false conservatives in this country so obsessed with the false concept of social conservatism are ignoring what is clearly anti-constitutional conduct by these three anti-constitutional government corporatists