Saturday, August 7, 2010


Before I get into the product itself - something about Brownsville. I was in SA for two days undergoing and recovering from a procedure on my hips. 7 needles into the facet joints is not a pleasant experience. We will know in a few days if it worked.

While in San Antonio, the night after the procedure, and most of yesterday morning into the early afternoon I spent the day at the Westin La Cantera. A great family hotel on a hill overlooking SA. This all ties in, trust me

While at the Westin sitting around the pool you can smell all kinds of trees. It it a wonderful smell. Well yesterday about 10 am or so I noticed my allergies resolved themselves. I thought finally, it has been some of the worst 3 months. I actually feel great.

Well on the way back, just outside of Harlingen my sinuses are pounding, my eyes are watery and I am draining. This is odd because typically the closer you are to the ocean the better for your sinuses.

By last night, I was miserable. When I got home I should have used this product when I took my shower. I was too tired and just forgot.

But before I get into the product, I have to ask. What is in the air which is causing me to have such bad allergies in Brownsville. I have two theories - there are toxins coming off of the coast - my primary theory, or toxins coming off the Rio Grande. In my view the Gulf in the culprit. For me to already be miserable by Harlingen, then I had to have been breathing the culprit for a while - this means it is coming off of the coast.


This product is not for wimps. If you cry over cough medicine move on. Does the product solve the allergy problem? No - it just helps. I was on a prescription pill and prescription spray with no result. My doctor recommended this product and at least the congestion went away and I got mild relief.

Here is the down side - water boarding has to be less painful. Well it is not actually painful. There is a bottle you use with distilled water and a premeasured package of a saline solution. You squeeze the solution into each each nostril. It is saltwater. As it goes through your sinus cavities and down your throat it feels like you are swallowing the Gulf of Mexico. I have learned that when done you must move your head forward and side to side to empty all of the cavities. Otherwise if you move your head backwards - all of the solution in all of the cavities dump into your throat and you want to vomit.

So why do I used the product - because it gives me some relief I cannot seem to get with a prescription pill and spray.

It is over the counter and less than $15.00 for about a 3 month supply.

MONDAY AND TUESDAY - I am working on two stories - are there US special forces in Mexico City? And is Ed Mishou in the closet? The answer to both is yes -

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