Monday, August 16, 2010


As in years past, I am helping a family get ready for school.  The kids need clothes and school supplies.  This is the first time I am buying clothes for a girl in middle school.  The child will be attending Stell.  I  told my brother-in-law about what I am about to discuss, and he said "that is about right - it sounds like Stell is running the school."  I asked what he meant and he said as a child he remembers Stell hitting him with a palm branch for running in the parking lot.

I was horrified to learn that even morons, meaning those who run the BISD, have a policy that the girls dress like boys.  I do not object to the colors- that is fine.  What I object to is that girls are forced to wear boys polo shirts.   Okay just because they make them with the buttons on the opposite side does not make them feminine.

At Stell the polos can only be royal blue.  No white, such as allowed at other schools.  The children will be dressed in blue jeans and royal blue polos.  They can also where khaki shorts, but not pants. What would be the sin in allowing the girls to where royal blue slacks?

Obviously, the BISD has not heard that multiple colors actually stimulate the brain.  We would not want to stimulate the brain, now would we.

These girls are at an age when they are changing and starting to have self esteem problems.  Forcing them to dress like boys does not help.  They are girls.  I found beautiful royal blue blouses which were very conservative in design.  Nope - not allowed - this would make them appear as girls.

Last year I bought this girl a dress, below the knee.  It had two blouses which went with the dress.  I also bought her brown leather flats.  Every time she wore it to school her teachers told her how pretty she was in a dress.  She loves that dress.  It made her feel like a little girl.

I wonder how the parents in this town would feel if they were told their boys had to dress like girls.  I ask this question because it demonstrates how willing we are to discriminate against girls and think nothing of it.

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Anonymous said...

Good point, Bobby; I had never taken that view and I agree with you. I was glad to read that someone else remembered our principal at Cummings - Mattye G. Stell- who walked around the campus with the palm frond in her hand, shuffling her maroon slippers with enough noise to warn us she was heading our way. She had discipline in the school without uniforms, and girls were forbidden from wearing pants. Even in high school, I remember asking our assistant principal, Mr. Arnulfo Oliviera, if we could wear pants on that January day in 1963 that the weather went down to 18 degrees and he denied us permission. We all dressed like girls and most behaved like young ladies. Maybe we need to go back to that stern discipline where parents always backed up the teachers when their kids were disciplined, by doubling the discipline at home. Wishful thinking!