Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well it is finally here - I am officially moving. I started yesterday. I found a place in Mercedes called Lone Star Shredding and Document Storage. For a mere $55.00 they shredded some 24 boxes of old legal files. I still have about another 25 or so boxes, but they are not yet at the point where I can destroy them. I paid about $2,29 a box, while other companies out there were charging 7-9 dollars a box depending on whether or not I brought them the boxes or they came to my home.

Anyway  BV will be back tomorrow. I got to get a move on.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bobby,
today is Sat, it is 11:10 pm , and we still have not heard from you.

Mary Lou said...

He is moving, hello, moving is a lot of work.

BobbyWC said...

And I am still moving - trying to beat the locksmith changing the locks for Wells Fargo -

My movers ended up having to work and were on vacation

day one was me - day two was the uhaul. me plus 2 - day three was mostly me except one trip with 2 seniors helping me return the uhaul, and moving my clothes and a few boxes - day 4 - about to make second trip - I had to mow the yard this morning -

my roll top is stuck in the house - I just remembered how to take the top off so we can move it in two parts - people are meeting me later to move the desk -

With help I have one more big trip - assuming two trucks - plus the desk trip

then tomorrow is the dump - dog house has to go - has termites - the fencing for the pen has to go - was very old to begin with - just fell apart as I took it apart - then I have a few odd things which also need to go to the dump (I do not leave trash on the side of the road- it makes the neighborhood look bad) - and finally - three large bags of plastic and cardboard and paper for the recylce bin

Then I get back to work - while unpacking day after day after day.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary Lou. Ok Bobby, just glad you are back.
Mary R