Sunday, August 15, 2010


A vagina - a penis - the essence of marriage. Like a dog the vagina is penetrated by a crazed penis without purpose beyond self gratification. With a burst of ecstacy the penis spews forth its vomit of cream soup without regard for its consequences. A life my spew from its vomit, a disease may grow from its vomit - it does not matter. The penis is limp having secured its fix.

Marriage a modern tale of penal and penile vomit. A one act play of penile vomit celebrating form over substance written by ignorance, bigotry, and political opportunists.


Love, commitment, duty - two people aspiring towards the same goals in life while being guided though life by the love, commitment and duty to one another. Some may include children in their life. Some may see a life of charity while working around the world. Some may seek mutual comfort as they move through life and do their best to survive and contribute to the community.

When marriage was lost to the perversion children became the first victims. Children were no longer part of the plan, but instead a chaotic consequence of the perversion. The instinctive mostly human trait of love, commitment, and duty became lost in the penile vomit. Children became something you dealt with, instead of someone you embraced as a blossoming flower in your garden of wild flowers with its diversity and endless beauty.

Humanity is losing its essence. Self gratification, ignorance, bigotry and opportunism are destroying humanity and its future, namely our children.


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed with your 1st paragraph, some of your 2nd paragraph and agree with your last paragraph. The content of this comment is not your usual, so I was disappointed to read this one.

BobbyWC said...

If you viewed the piece to be about the penis then you missed the point. Although I can see why some people would be upset by the post - the obscene is in what marriage has become and the how sex has replaced the purpose of marriage. Penis vagina should not even be part of the discussion - but it is the entire discussion.

You will note I did a contrast - the point was to show the obscene nature of marriage when viewed in the contest of sex - the penis was meaningless to the discussion.

If someone writes like this day after day I would have a problem with it. - but when it is rare and used to make a contrast between the obscene and the non-obscene then it carries a different purpose.

I am not trying to be insulting but I knew there would be three views - [1] the pervert who would see it as a piece about the penis, which it was not - [2] the sensitive person who is unconfortable with this type discussion regardless of its merit (I think you fall into this group) and [3] the person who understood it was about a contrast between perversion and what marriage should be.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation, all of which I had pondered, but I guess I must be a very old fashioned person who still believes in the santactity of marriage and all that should be privately commented. But I do understand freedom of speech and a difference of opinions. I totally agree on how marriage has somehow become a mockery, with the loss of respect.

BobbyWC said...

I too believe in marriage - that is why it angers me for what it has become. That is the point of a contrast - Sometimes you have to put reality in a person's face to make them see the problem.

To the verse guy - while I thought your posr was creative and reminded me of days long gone (lol) - it would not help me point here.

But believe me I got a good laught and thought about how true - very true your post was

Bobby WC