Thursday, August 26, 2010


"But Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said troops, much like the fence, won’t stop bullets from spraying across the border. The best option local law enforcement agencies have, including those on campus, is to work together, he said."

If troops cannot stop the bullets coming from Matamoros, how the hell is Sheriff Lucio working with other law enforcement going to stop the bullets?  Is it possible that Sheriff Lucio has finally lost his mind?

The mere presence of troops on the border will not stop the bullets -  I agree - but the cartels knowing that U.S. troops are ready to take them out the second their conduct kills U.S. citizens may just be enough to force them to take the battle outside of the city of Matamoros, and that will stop the bullets.

Everyone who thinks that these cartels can start causing death an mayhem on the U.S. side of the border and the U.S. will do nothing lives in never never land.  There will be a point that we will send U.S. troops - it may be special forces under cover of night to take out the cartels, but we will send troops.  The better option remains sending a message of force in hopes the cartels will move out of the border cities as an act of self preservation.

But fine do nothing - and then complain like bitches when Obama does nothing to protect Brownsville after U.S. citizens are killed.  Omar Lucio has lost his mind if he thinks he or any other law enforcement in Brownsville can control the bullets, he is ready to be committed. 


Anonymous said...

Some of us have said it all along, this man is senile, that rediculous accent, reminds me Rus Perot. He needs to be retired, since he won't retire by himself.

Anonymous said...

Oh! My God... Some one needs to stop him from giving interviews, please!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Lupe Trevino from Hidalgo County refers to his Theasaurs before he speaks to the news media and our sheriff can utter a word we can understand. He and Salomon Oritz are running races and right now both of them are tight in the race. But, we did vote him in, right?

Stephen Boyd said...

Anon, he {Lucio} unfortunately was elected, he looks old, looks tired, he can hardly speak, in-fact, they don't speak to the press anymore.
Didn't he got into a dispute with Channel 5?? Or one of the tv channels.
Even his clone Guz Reyna went into silent mode.

Anonymous said...

Yes they both sure did, it was Nov5, 09, and it was with channel 5. They STILL ARE in a silent mode eversince that investigation. Thanks to the one lady who had the guts to bring some issues out.

Anonymous said...

I really hope we get a new sheriff. Someone who knows how to run the department 'cause right now is pathetic.