Saturday, August 28, 2010


Politics is mostly about pathological liars and hate mongers - such as we see with the Tea Party Express people. But to be fair it is on both sides. The major difference is, the radical left is not creating a movement of oppressionistas seeking to destroy everything we know about freedom and being an American. The radical right and Tea Party Express soldiers are driven in their battle to promote disinformation. The sad part is, the real dissemination forces behind the disinformation are individuals looking to rationalize their own ignorance through the ranting of lunatics and then promoting those rants.

On the issue of insensitivity these anti-American oppresionistas cry “insensitivity” like manic depressives curled up in the corner when they are made to feel ignored because as an exercise of the First Amendment an Islamic group seeks to build a community center near the location of the former World Trade Center.

Never mind, Wall Street continues to operate in the location and they through greed destroyed the lives of millions of Americans and gave us trillion dollar deficits. Oh yes, but it is okay when greed destroys America, but not okay when misguided individuals kill 3000 Americans.

But on this insensitivity issue, I am angry to see the reaction of the left to Glenn Beck’s use of Dr. King’s “I Have Dream” anniversary. They are making the same anti-freedom arguments of the oppressionistas on the right - “insensitive.”

The First Amendment does not stop at the doors of insensitive - in fact its strength is demonstrated at the doors of the First Amendment. “Let Freedom Ring.” It is time to recognize this insensitivity argument is being urged by oppressionistas from the right and the left who are determined to destroy America so that it becomes a monster in their own imagine and likeness.

The key to saving our Freedom is to allow the Becks, Tea Party Express, and oppressionistas to do their dirty work - encourage it - then point out their actions as evidence of their danger. This is the best battle strategy against these people - real meaningful education will keep people away and in time theses oppressionista groups will become a footnote in American history.

(Note: Sorry I missed yesterday - I had a last minute emergency and had to drive a friend and his son to the doctor in SA. - It gave me a chance to eat great Chinese at “The Wok” - side story - we took the child’s mother - being from Brownsville she has never had real Chinese food. She loved the Mongolian beef - she also loved the freshly made egg roll - I warned her that the mustard was hot, but that she could put a little on her egg roll. This woman loves hot - so she dipped the entire egg roll in the mustard - I mean a lot of mustard - I am telling her no - take some off - nope she went for it - she suffered - but she loved it so much she did it again - I have never seen anyone eat Chinese mustard in large portions in my life - truly amazing)

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Fred Drew said...

I can't really find in the original writing anywhere it allows or prevents building a place of worship. It only restricts Congress from taking an action. It would seem that the city or state might be able to.
It says simply: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
It is a real stretch to make more of it though the courts seem to have created new laws.