Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It really amazes me that the city commission remains defiant on the issue of deficit spending. Given the mood of the country, what could possibly motivate such defiant conduct? The reality they can still win if the wrong people challenge them.

I have a theory. Within the Tea Party movement we are seeing their candidates failing in many races because when push comes to shove the voters look to the person. Many Tea Party candidates are so fringe and so out of tune with reality that even people mad over the budget vote, they decide to vote for anyone but a particular Tea Party candidate. This is what I predict will happen in May during the COB elections.

I hope against hope that the plaintiffs in the certificates of obligation case win. But the law is the law. I have carefully reviewed the Texas Constitution, and relevant statutes - it is clear the legislature decided that the people could not be trusted when it comes to the development of their cities and authorized elected officials to sell CO’s. Independent of the legal remedy these plaintiffs seek, there is still the more important remedy - the ballot box.

Our entire form of government from the federal government down to municipal government is based on indirect democracy. We elected people to do what is best. The authors of the constitution understood you cannot trust the majority to do the right thing. This is why rights are preserved and it is nearly impossible to amend the federal constitution.

If left to the majority blacks could still not marry whites - the selling of condoms would be a crime, and poll taxes would be legal. The people have proven over and over again they cannot be trusted with their own freedom.

I believe this is why the state legislature wrote a statute which overrides city charters on the issue of CO’s. There comes a point wherein the city may have no choice but to raise money. Really, who favors allowing the library roof to continue leaking? This is something which has to be fixed.

What makes our system of government so effective is, in the end the ballot box is the ultimate balance of power. If the people are truly upset with the issue of CO’s then they are free to go to the polls in May 2011, and vote Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria out of office. If the people succeed at this, then a real message will be sent - although not necessarily a good message. We cannot have a government afraid to spend money when needed - fixing the library roof. But conversely we cannot afford a government such as we have with the COB unwilling to cut the budget and furlough employees when necessary. Also this city commission spent way too much on the Sports Park, thereby leaving the city to have to pick up the tab for things which should have been covered with BCIC money.

In the past I discussed the prospect of a ticket of candidates working in unison against Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria. Here is the problem - if the ticket has any of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit as part of that ticket it will fail and guarantee Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria are reelected. These plaintiffs, while in my opinion are acting in good faith to defend the interests of the people by forcing the issue in court, are not capable of winning an election.

When push comes to shove they will be seen as fringe candidates only small populations will support. They cannot overcome their past deficiencies as candidates.

If people really want to defeat Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria, they better find a ticket of highly qualified well spoken candidates who can convince the people of Brownsville they will bring sanity and professionalism to the city commission and city government.


Fred Drew said...

I would like to correct the misrepresentation that the Tea Party is a political party and that they will run candidates.
The Tea Party is merely many groups of folks that used to get together April 15th of each year to protest the high taxes. There are now many such groups all over the country made up of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and just folks.
Now these groups have come to realize their influence and support for candidates of any party that they feel will work for their goals.
The Tea Parties do have the potential of being a real force in the coming election to change the face of politics.

BobbyWC said...

I think most people know they are not an official party - but they do seek out candidates and endorse them - I have yet to see a Democrat endorsed - I think the Democrats are going to the coffee Party.

I do believe it is sad that those associated with the Tea Party Express seem to be getting all of the attention - this will end up killing the movement - it is primarily candidates tied directly or indirectly to the Tea Party Express who are failing on election day

Bobby WC