Wednesday, August 18, 2010


First, I am finally done moving - now it is time to unpack. I had three loads for the dumps- a very large dog house which had termites, and 5 sections of fence which formed the dog run. Then there was 6 years of things I stored but did not want nor need. I was also amazed I had so much folded cardboard and plastic bottles in the garage. I use things like cardboard to put on the cement if I need to get under the truck. So I am always saving it. I use large plastic bottles for cleaning water when we go to the beach. It comes in real handy when you want to rinse the kids feet before they get in your truck. I actually had an entire truck load of recyclables. That just amazed me. But I am now done - today is unpack and organize the new house.

The new house is really nice. It has properly installed windows so I will have a lot less dust and my electric bill will go down. I am very happy with my new living quarters and very grateful to the owners who rented it to me. I love the tile floors. The only problem which has lead to me getting a lot of exercise is, the back yard turns to mud when it rains. I did not realize how much dirt there was. There is some grass but not enough. The front yard is beautiful and I will keep it that way with weed feed and bug spray.

I am every landlord’s best tenant. My dogs need good grass. The dogs are my issue and my responsibility. So yesterday I went to Harlingen and bought a 160 square feet of sod. It did not cover much, but it got all of the mud area near the patio and French doors. I enjoyed putting it down. Damn the laws - I would have enjoyed it more if I could have done it in my b-day suit so I could spray myself down. What would the neighbors have told the police - there is a bald bear washing himself down with a hose with a George of the Jungle tattoo on his butt. The police would have sent the looney truck for the caller. Well I did - but now my shorts were soaked. I did have a great time doing it. My dogs loved the grass. They loved not having mud all over their paws and me having to wash their paws before coming in the house. Tomorrow I will buy another 160 square feet of sod. Does anyone know where I can buy sod in Brownsville so I do not have to go to Harlingen?

But to be clear I am so, so happy in this house. My dogs are so happy to have a big yard again. Boy do I love my dishwasher. I hope by my levity above my readers can see just how happy I am in my new home.


Sossi proved last night that he truly suffers from a Napoleonic syndrome of types. On the budget issue, cities all over the U.S. are lowering wages of its top executives, while furloughing employees to save money. A woman pointed out how Pat Almighty noted Sossi is over paid. Her point was not Sossi. Her point was, are there city employees who are overpaid and can the city reduce its budget deficit by lowering the salaries of the top paid employees?

Rather than allow her to make her point - Sossi cried out - this is a personal attack on his person - no Sossi - it was a legitimate comment on how to reduce the budget deficit.

Another speaker raised the issue of how much of the budget goes to defend litigation which the city should settle. This is a budget issue. This is the city commission using taxpayers money for their own ends. But no, again Sossi shut it down and said no one’s damn business. Sossi has to go, but he will stay until after the May 2011, election when the new commissioners fire his ass.

On my free speech suit I will be proceeding in about 3 weeks. Now that I have moved I need to unpack. The Texas Supreme Court recently issued an opinion which may allow me to go directly to them. If I do I will simultaneously file with the Texas Supreme Court and the federal courts. I will win this and Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria will find themselves in May blaming Sossi. Yes, why would we expect a lawyer like Troiani to know anything about the law. Why would we expect a social studies teacher like Longoria to know anything about free speech. Can you imagine what he must be teaching our children on the issue.


My hats off to this group and Craig Crove. I hope their group becomes a strong seed for a greater movement. While I do not want to lead, I really want to be part of a group looking for a group of 4 to run in May 2011. We need three commissioners and a mayor who will commit to restoring speech, ending the use of CO’s without the consent of the people, and a house cleaning of the city commission which includes, Sossi, Cabler and Medina. I know some people do not like Pete Gonzalez, but he is the most sane person in the city government. He is fiscally responsible, while telling the city commission the truth - something they all hate.


I like the Big Brother show. People known as floaters eventually get voted off and never win. Rose Gowen is such a person. I think I dislike her more so than any other commissioner. She offers nothing to the commission or the people. She walks on a cowardly fence. This is not leadership. I expect a different approach from an at large commissioner than from a commissioner who represents a particular part of town. On both counts Rose Gowen is a complete failure. Hey Rosie, when are you going to help educate the people about the spread of HIV to Latinas? I guess by keeping people ignorant on this issue, doctors can make more money. When are you going to address the healthcare issues by having a workshop to educate people? Answer never - feckless people live on fences. Brownsville needs leaders and Rose Gowen is not a leader. I am certain that in 2 ½ years she will be given her walking papers by the people of Brownsville.

I have said I like Camarillo. He gets an A+ for how he works his district. He is hands down the best commissioner for working his district. But as a city wide leader, week after week I see him running from taking on difficult issues which are city wide.

I have no use for fence sitters. He will always win his district because he is good at district representation, but he will never win a city wide election or county election. He has set his reputation as a fence sitter and this is sad.


Anonymous said...

[Boy do I love my dishwasher.]

ha ha ha ha ha. you have to be the only male in Brownsville ever - ever! - to write these words. what is wrong with you? I ask.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Bobby! Mr. Pete Gonzales is the most honest and ethical man that I have ever had the privilege to work with. Since he is the bearer of bad news, he is blamed for what everyone else does. If it weren't for him, we would be in a worse bind. And, he does the work of two people for the one salary he gets. Not fair.
As for Rose Gowen, I also agree with you. Her inactivity, even how she sits at the meetings, shows that she could care less except to "kick ass" like she was quoted in the paper. She needs to go ASAP.

For Mr. Camarillo, he takes all the kudos. He is someone who really cares and his work ethics are based on his family values and what his parents and grandparents taught him - the Camarillos and the Cortez's. Keep up the good job, Mr. Camarillo.