Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The other day I saw an article on line about the gulf and pollution.  I am angry that while the press makes money talking about the oil spill they are not talking about the dead zone caused by the corn and wheat belts - mostly Iowa.  A report just out now has the dead zone the largest it has ever been and now extending into Texas waters. 

This article I saw talked about the dead zone and how the government dumped mustard gas containers into the gulf.  The Gulf of Mexico is truly America's cesspool.  I will not eat fish or shrimp out of the gulf.  I am told that the owner of Dirty Al's is telling his customers that he is getting his shrimp in international waters just off the Gulf of Campeche - who knows.

Tonight I was talking to my brother in New York about the situation with the gulf and that I  will not be bringing shrimp when I go to New York.  I  explained about the mustard gas.  He then told me about the following news story in New York.


You need to read the above story - if for no other reason than the following:

"The 39,000 pounds of clams the ESS Pursuit sold are isolated and under Massachusetts State control at Sea Watch International in New Bedford."

Had they not caught the mustard gas containers no one would have known about the contaminated clams.

I guess the only sea food I will be eating is wild caught salmon - well until something comes out about that.

We are poisoning our environment and oceans.  Vote Republican because we know how much they care about our environment.

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