Friday, August 20, 2010


A well done "B" film can be a blast. I went to go see this film because of its cast.  When Richard Dreyfuss delivers an "F" performance you know you are in trouble.  I wanted to see a mindless "B" film which required no thinking on my part. 

Jerry O'Connell  cannot act. In fact his acting was offensive.  He looked half dead.  He has the body of someone who just got out a concentration camp.  And ladies, unless you are into 5 year old boys wearing speedos - he is not the type person who should be wearing a speedo.

The reviews had this being a good 3D film.  It was not.  I am done paying extra for 3D films.  For a handful of poorly done scenes, I wasted $12.00.  Had I been watching this on SCIFI, I would have changed the channel.

Desperate to get an audience the moving included a scene with two woman swimming naked.  I nearly walked out.  I was embarrassed to be in the movie theater.

I will be shocked if this movie lasts two weeks.

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Renolds said...

With Richard Dreyfus being in this I, at first, thought it might be a good movie. But on second thought, his career started with Jaws, and I suppose it will end with Piranha.