Thursday, August 5, 2010


COB lawyer Sossi announced that without council permission he and City Manager Cabler can order the cameras turned off during the public comment period. These micropenis challenged Napoleons seem to think that by turning off the cameras dissent within the COB will go away. It will not.

Troiani, Atkinson and Longoria will be accused during their up and coming reelection of being party to this blocking of the public comment period from the public. It will be just one more issue for the campaign.

To begin with, turning off the cameras is legal. The motivation for turning of the cameras however can be used against the COB in a civil rights lawsuit to force the cameras turned back on. The COB as a principle can control the cameras, unless it can be shown the motivation was to punish political speech the COB opposes. Sossi being who he is put on record that the motivation is to silence dissent.

Sossi looked this city commission in the face and lied, because he can. The city cannot be sued because some idiot yells out “he is a criminal.” If Sossi believes this, which he does not, he should be fired for being incompetent. They will not fire him. Like I said when he was hired - he offered them a baseball bat and a container of Crisco lard and said have at it - if you hire me. This is why he was hired - not to protect the legal interests of the community, but to run cover for the intolerance the city commission has for the people.

Now I agree that there is a problem with the same people pushing the same false information. But you know what, the city commission being disconnected from the people fail to understand the people know. Just the other day I was speaking with a developer who told me he would love to speak during the public comment period, but is afraid he will be perceived by the community to be like the people who go week after week and present false and misleading information. So it is true, the system as it exists does keep other people from speaking.

I am at my limits over the CO issue. I do not like that the city commission can borrow money in our name without our permission, but the law says they can. These people who get up week after week and say the same wrong things are making it impossible for people who want to speak to speak.

I am tired of developers being bad mouthed all of the time. They develop communities and increase the COB tax base. Business is business. It is for the COB to pass ordinances which force better drainage and better built homes.

I have personally had one on one business dealings with Simmons construction and fully expect to contract for a new home in the Spring. I will tell you at every level I encounter extraordinary professionalism. They are a product you can believe in. Why is it Simmons fault if our elected officials are stupid?

I was a socialist before I even knew what the word meant. But during my classical training on the issue, I learned capitalism comes before socialism. The development of capital is needed to get to the socialist state. I do not understand the problem with people making money. Now, are some corporate people are bad? But not all corporate people are bad.

I know of no evidence to show that Simmons or Hudson have ever broken a law. Calling developers criminals because we do not like their business dealings is stupid and makes you look stupid. Educated people are not buying. If our elected officials are willing to over pay for land, then unelected the official - do not call the developer a criminal.

The other side is Sossi - I do not remember Uresti claiming it took 20 minutes for an ambulance to get to the scene of the accident. Sossi lied and misrepresented the facts the same way many of the speakers lie and misrepresent the facts. This is why a tape of what he said is key to a successful civil rights lawsuit.

Rather than turn off the cameras the city commission needs to amend the rules. Speakers should only be allowed to speak once every other meeting - public comment period. They need to allow people to sign up on the internet. They need to increase the number of speakers to 6. 3 should be allowed to sign up on the internet, thereby leaving 3 for people who do not have access to the internet.

The above is the better solution. The public comment period needs to be improved, but not with such Draconian steps as turning off the camera.


Anonymous said...

I decide to come back for the first time in months just to see what your thinking and in the second sentence read begins with " These micropenis challenged Napoleons.....". Not going to even dignify that with a response.

For the final time,


Anonymous said...

You say false and misleading information almost like Sossi. Can you name every false and misleading information presented?

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the late approvals but I had a medical procedure on my spine and hips today and I am just getting in.

Language issue - Language has value - If I were to use this language every day it would be of no use- but when use on rare occasions it can be effective as satire or a demonstration of outrage -

I do not write and never will write for my readers - so see ya

As to naming examples - no - well one example is the endless misrepresentation of the law as to CO - my opinion has been formed over the years - remembering every example is not worth my brain power - what is important is my opinion of the speakers and the opinion I form of them on the day they speak

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

But your opinion must be based on some sort of fact. Are you saying they always mislead and present false information? That's a little much.

I disagree with your opinion on the misrepresentation of the CO. Both the law and the charter call for some sort of voter approval. The law says that 5% must sign a petition to force a vote. The charter says only longterm debt must be called to a vote. They are not inconsistent with each other or the Texas Constitution. The legislature in the law is not mandating they use the debt law anyway. It is the city's choice and ultimately the voter's decision at the voting booth to incur longterm debt. The charter is not overlimiting saying no to all debt, just some debt which could include COs. Our charter just says it has to be approved by the voters. And the CO law says it may be approved by voters. And is it possible the law is saying that you can use the debt law even if your charter does not allow for a vote period?

You would think this CD fellow would be upset that like the Zapruder film city videos will be missing tape. Those videos give him some relevance outside of his father-in-law. And yet, he won't dignify your statement with a response. And why does he even have to write anything just to tell you he's leaving? Do you think Frued would have anything to say about this? He lives in Rancho Viejo anyway.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the later approval - I was on the road - just officially getting in from SA

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than your typical nauseating self-flattery from a pseudo intellectual confused about his significance on the planet. And based on the shallow presumptuousness of your last anony, your perfectly suited for readership.

BobbyWC said...

a lot of words with no substance - this is why the Tea Party, republicans, and radical right sooner than later ill become the past.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Did CD forget to sign his post because he said he was leaving "for the final time?" Or do I overstep my bounds and assume he came back to say goodbye again? Shallow? To be shallow is better than to be illiterate with a thesaurus. It's not "your perfectly;" it's "you're perfectly." Go take your undignified anger to your irrelevant blog and stay there, son.

BobbyWC said...

to be fair a signature of CD does not necessarily mean anything - anyone can sign CD - even to just start trouble.

Also as to his blog inasmuch as he no longer posts local meetings - which is why I list it - it will no longer be listed in the BV - I am very selective and dead blogs serve no purpose in my directory

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"These micropenis challenged Napoleons..."

What's with you and micropenises or Napoleon's micropenises?

BobbyWC said...

In some 4 years since I started BV how many times have I used this - what is it with people like you and your lies or false implications

you cannot challenge the substance so you go with lies, decision and false implications -

Bobby WC