Tuesday, August 31, 2010


BUT FIRST - I HATE TIME WARNER: Since moving to the new home if Time Warner speaks they lie. Their service department sucks and management refuses to do anything about it. There is a free web page called speedtest.net. You can test the speed of your internet. If you have basic RR the download should be at 3 and the upload around .36. My download is at .68. Two weeks have passed and Time Warner has made it clear their service people are either too incompetent to fix the problem, or will just lie and say they went and did the service call. The problem is at the poll. Time Warner is the product of no meaningful competition. You have no where to go, so as their customer you are abused and lie to as a matter of policy.

I am not one to say no new taxes for the sake of no new taxes. And yes I rent so I do not directly pay property taxes. But if property taxes go up, my landlord upon expiration of my lease is free to raise the rent to cover the new taxes. If I believed the Brownsville city commission had done everything possible to avoid a tax increase and the additional revenue was truly needed, I would be 100% behind the tax increase.

All over the U.S. cities, counties and states are furloughing employees one, twice, three times a month to save money. This is not some radical idea being promoted in Brownsville. But yet our esteemed city commission says, “no.” When a citizen raised the general question of maybe the top administrators being over paid, Sossi the Napoleonic micro-penis syndrome victim cried out “silence you peon, attacks on me will not be tolerated.”

Then there is the sports park. How is it possible that a free people can be forced to pay higher property taxes, be silenced at public meetings, and be forced to be responsible for future debt through certificates of obligation and tax bonds, while being denied a meaningful voice in the matter? Answer: We are no longer free. We are now the slaves to unresponsive government. But the people being the people will do nothing, but complain ad nauseam.

The chances of Brownsville producing 4 highly qualified people to run for city office come May is highly unlikely. Who in their right mind wants to put there family through the mud for a non-paying job to serve a people who will complain ad nauseam about everything? No one - think about it - it takes someone with truly nothing but contempt for their family to put them through a mud slinging campaign. Does Brownsville have 4 people with a 100% clean background?

This basic problem is why the city commission acts as it does. I believe Atkinson and Longoria will be thrown from office. Troiani will survive because beating someone in a city wide race is a lot harder than in a district race. There will only be so much money for the campaigns. The mayor’s race is going to eat up most of that money. So when you are pretty much guaranteed reelection, why bother with the people?


The part of West Brownsville which will be impacted by the toll road does not impact me - this gives me pause to weigh in on the issue. The people who are openly opposing the toll road are not seeing the issue through the eyes of reality. Yes, in a perfect world turning the old rail lines area into green areas would be great. But it is always the same bullshit - stop the spending - unless it is in my backyard on things I want. I have no use for people who think this way. Where is the money going to come from to pay for all of these green projects? We are taxed out. We have a city commission unwilling to bring the BCIC under control and stop the endless spending on the money pit known as the sports park. Again where is the money going to come from?

Once this city commission has money again its first priority should be the streets and other infrastructure issues facing the city of Brownsville - not green areas. And unfortunately because BCIC is totally unaccountable to the people all quality of life issues other than the sports park will have to be paid for with property tax money. The prospect of turning the old rail lines area into green areas is so far off into the distant future it is basically a non-idea.

I am a huge advocate of user fees. I fly a lot - why should the average joe have to pay for the heighten security at the airports since 9/11? I pay for it through higher plane tickets. I am fine with this. I am the user - I should pay.

I no longer live near the Brownsville Airport. I do not miss Boca Chica. The traffic is unbearable. The light on 77 and Boca Chica is a nightmare. Brownsville must confront its traffic problems. Given where I currently live, I just assume use the airport in Harlingen than Brownsville. Why? Boca Chica.

The Dallas toll road was opposed by the local residents. Those same residents would not know what to do without the toll road. Dallas could not function without the toll road.

I have said before that we are not a direct democracy because the founding fathers understood that the people left to their own means would kill each other or starve to death. I am the first to say our local government is irresponsible and ineffective. We must guard against their incompetence. But this does not mean we should put our heads in the sand and ignore that which is needed.

Given the simple fact there will be no money for at least 10 years to develop the green areas the people claim they want, and Brownsville has a growing traffic problem, it would be irresponsible to not move forward on the toll road. Here is one project which will be paid through user fees and not property taxes and true to form our esteemed moronic city commission opposes it. If they could raise our taxes you bet they would support it.

Leaders lead - but this is Brownsville so we are a feckless community with the good people afraid to run for public office, and the worst of the worst all too willing to throw their own families under the bus to serve their own inadequacies and sense of self aggrandizement.


Anonymous said...

Demand a credit for lack of service from the day you called to the day they supposedly fixed the problem. They should give you credit for both cable AND internet because if you have problem with one you have a problem with the other. Save yourself some money Bobby.

Anonymous said...

i had a problem with my cable, Time Warner took so long I finally dug up the cable and fixed it myself. When I called to let them know a month later, they thanked me for taking care of the problem myself. The next time I needed them, they never showed up. I dropped them and now use other services for cable and internet. Two months after I dropped them, a serviceman showed up to fix the internet problem. Worst company I have ever used....

BobbyWC said...

My internet is still running slow - my problem is I would rather use a can abd piece of string for a phone before I do business with ATT - I cannot go from bad to worse.

Where do you go for cable - I dallas I tried Dish - it never worked - in fact I refused to pay for the month I did not have TV and they put it on my credit report. A lawsuit took care of that.

When I moved to Brownsville I tried Direct TV - it did not work - after two weeks I cancelled and went to Time Warner

This is an industry with no real competition or pride in their product - so we remain screwed.

Bobby WC

Fred Drew said...

I have tried At$T and Direct TV as well as Dish. Thhere was a lot of hum and crackling and crossing with other numbers on the phone line that never got fixed and tv went off at every rain though there were some channels on Dish Net that I liked but were not available on TW like collector's edged weapons. I changed several years ago ant the phone line became clear and cable good much of the time. Problems got resolve with lots of time expended but by getting to know the level three techs things are better . It still goes off sometimes but it is still better. We need a competition with a company like Cox which isn't much better.

Anonymous said...

After all those problems with Time Warner, I switched to DirectTV. Have a little problem when it rains, but never lost the signal during Alex. If it rains, I watch shows that I have TEVO'd so it really doesn't bother me. I would rather do that than deal with TW

BobbyWC said...

who do you use for internet