Sunday, August 8, 2010


The reality is this guy will be lucky to pull 4-6% of the vote anyway so any thing I say is more of a lesson about politicians than it is about him.

His campaign pictures and as of this morning his web page fail to state anywhere he is running as a Libertarian. When I started my blog I made known my name. This allowed everyone to know who I am. I hate a large part of my life being an open book, but if you are going to try and write for an open audience you have a duty to allow them to know who you are.

If being a Libertarian is so great why not tell people. No - instead he says people should put “principle over party.” Really? Does that include principles which are at odds with the Libertarian Party? If Ed Mishou represents the principles of the Libertarian Party, then the party has no place in a true Democracy.

People who run from their identity cannot be trusted. What motivation does any person have to hide who they are? Whatever it is, it is never good.

Along these lines his anti Latino-American etc mentality tells us a second time running from who you are is yet another example of Mishou not being honest and up front with people. Anyone who could write such drivel has no knowledge of what it is to be an American.

The US has always been about its diversity. I grew up for the most part out west (Utah) and New York. In Utah if you had Native American blood, you were proud of it and let people know. In New York - you were something - but not an American. The people in Little Italy were not known as American’s - they were known as Italian Americans - and on and on and on.

When you are reminded of the diversity through hyphenated designations, you are reminded that as a nation we have brought together several hundred diverse groups of people from all of the planet and built a nation in relative peace. This is America.

If there is a candidate running for Congress who knows nothing about Being an American, it is Ed Mishou. For Ed - here is a lesson for you - and shame on you for trying to use the current racial divide hurting this country so that you can get the 3-5 possible Tea Party Express votes which may exist in the LRGV.


What is and is not being an American is an issue of great debate in light of 9/11. What it is to be an American can be seen in America's landscape. America's majesty is in its diverse landscape, and so too its people. Whether it is the beauty of America's Fall colors, or the blossoming of a yucca cactus, America is diverse from shore to shore.

America's diversity is not limited to Fall colors or one cactus. Even within its trees and cacti there is no universality. They are all different is size, shape, and color. Such is the nature of being an American. We are a diverse people. We have many values and many cultures. America's culture is a culture of blending of cultures and separation of cultures. Tacos and burritos are now as American as apple pie. So too is the egg roll, and pizza. Is it not true that pita bread is fashionable? Such is the nature of our blending. But yet, while we may blend in public, traditional cultural values appear to survive in the home. This is part of America's greatness.

How can a people so diverse be one? The answer is simple, as Americans we all value liberty and economic opportunity. As American's we have learned to blend these two basic concepts into many subcultures, with these concepts binding the whole.

As Americans we understand that 9/11 was an attack on "We The People", because "We the People" are America. Americans of all shapes, sizes, and colors came together and resolved in their minds "We Shall Prevail" Such as the cacti and trees, while they are different in many ways, they are also the same - a tile in the mosaic known as the American Landscape.

On 9/11, to me it did not matter that I believe that America's politics of brutal colonial oppression led to 9/11. On 9/11 what mattered most to me was that being an American had little to do with how we feel about our governmental policies, it was about "We the People" being attacked. With rare exception "We the People" set aside our political beliefs to stand in defense of "We the People." We put aside our differences because as Americans we are Americans first and Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, Independents, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Jew, Christian, Moslem, whatever, second.

You are an American when you understand that America accepts all people, all values, all opinions, and all cultures which can live in harmony within America's blending of cultures, values, opinions etc, and individualism at once. BEING AN AMERICAN IS NOT ABOUT TOLERANCE OF DIVERSITY, BUT THE EMBRACING OF DIVERSITY WITH THE COMMON GOAL OF LIBERTY AND ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL.


Fred Drew said...

I am somewhat unsure what exactly you find a problem with other than the text on his Web site does not mention that he is a Libertarian and member of the State Libertarian Executive Committee for this State Senate District.
I suspect there are issues that any of us might find though in this posting I don't see any illustrations to comment on.

BobbyWC said...

Why the Sunday post - because until about 2 minutes ago, I thought it was Monday

i am so, so tired

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is it the moving or your health again that's got you tired?

You shouldn't have to hyphenate your name just to prove who or what you are. Hyphenating is so yesterday. When you grew up you, did you walk ten miles barefoot in three feet of snow just to get your mail? Times have changed. If you want to live in the past so be it. Just don't complain when some people want to live in the past and not move forward. And don't complain when others do want to move forward without you either. You remember your need for hyphenation which was so last century.

Ed Mishou said...

While we haven't met, I have been a follower of your Blog for sometime. I certainly sympathize with your medical problem and offer my thoughts and prayers with your ordeal. As for your posting today regarding my candidacy, however, I find it very long on humor and very short, in fact almost devoid, on facts.

The wide-spread (and diverse) support I'm receiving certainly dispute your baseless estimates of the election results. And, I might add, all my supporters, a significant number of whom are my Hispanic friends, are fully aware of my party affiliation. They also know this election is about the individual not the party and I fully stand by my "Principle Over Party" position. If that is ever at odds with a specific LP platform Plank, I will always vote "Principle" and the best interests of my constituents. Not to mention, Washington is essentially a two-letter town. When I assume office in January, the rolls will list me as "I" and I will be proud of that identification.

As for being American, I understand you are a U.S. veteran and for that I and millions of American commend you. I might point out that, I too served this great country for thirty years. We both answered the call to duty to fight and defend the same principles that made America a compassionate nation that provides great opportunities to all it's people.

I'm very proud that my wife, also a strong diversity proponent, teaches English As A Second Language, helpiong our newly arrived Hispanic students assimulate into the American culture. All hypenizations aside, and my that I don't mean to propose that your name should only read Bobby Whitman and leave Cervantes out, we are all Americans under our skin.

Your final statement BEING AMERICAN AND EMBRAING DIVERSITY, sound extremely Libertarian. Are you lsure you are not a closet Libertarian? We are, of course, the party that most embraces personal freedom and liberty.

Thank you, Bobby, for allowing me to clarify some of the issues you appear to have with my candidacy. As the ad men from Madison Avenue used to say: There's no such thing as bad publicity.

BobbyWC said...

some posts are not getting through - I hate assholes

I am not sitting at my computer just waiting for a comment.

For several weeks now the VA has taken me off the hormone replacement. I go next week to see if my levels held.

I suspect they did not - my sleep patterns are back to 16 hours a day - the massive headaches and blurred vision are back -

The thing I do know is, when on the hormone replacement after about 8 weeks I start to feel better.


the concept of carrying two last names is not last century - in fact it is the new standard in the US.

As to Ed saying I am short on facts - my facts - not satire part - were based 100% on his web page - he does not disclose who he is - this was my entire point.

The number of votes was satire - Eddy Boy.

Libertarian candidates carry no meaningful weight in the LRGV - he seeks to confuse the anti-Ortiz voter - of which I am one -

And no I am not Liberarian - they fail to understand the social component of citizenship first -

a truly educated person understands the strick capitalists and socialists can agree on a lot of things for different reasons. the reasons are what define us as capitalists v socialists -

and remember the socialist understands we must go through all stages of capitalism before you can reach socialism - a state which must come at the request of the people based on a changing of their sense of social obligation v individual needs.

Just look at the budget mess - everyone wants a balanced budget unless it means cutting their program.

I do not remember seeing any outrage by the Tea Party or the Republicans over the Republican vote for 33 billion of deficit spending on the war

Under both Reagan and Bush II tax cuts resulted in massive deficit spending - today a lead Republican said you do not need to pay for tax cuts because they are not spending -

The BS never ends because the people are too easily deceived by closeted politicians all too willing to publicly run from their true indentity

So Ed - if the people of the 27th demand massive deficit spending (which they always do) you are going to vote for it? No, so stop the BS

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

[a truly educated person understands the strick capitalists and socialists can agree on a lot of things for different reasons.]


Oh, yes, you're educated. Check your dictionary one more time. SAD.

BobbyWC said...

yes a typo destroys the substantive argument - humanity will now end

hasta la verga

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...


Was he describing how he felt or was that his sig? Pretty demented, or on mind altering drugs. K2. It's the "legal" marijuana.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I miscommunicated my point. I should not have said "name" I should have "identity" as in Mexican-American, German-American, etc. I did not mean to discuss your last name as I'm sure it is a very personal decision to hyphenate your last name. Please reinterpret my comment in this context. I do hope you feel better. I think that the move coupled with your overall health issues might very well be causing you to be tired. It has been extremely hot as well. I do hope you feel better.

BobbyWC said...


geneology is not last century. It is one of the hottest things - I know of an Irish American who wants to visit Ireland and turned down an all expenses paid trip because a change of planes occurred in the UK.

In NY this is a very big deal to know your geneology and reference yourselve as same.

Now locally, and I mean Texas - it has not been a big deal in some parts - when I came to Texas in 1977, I was amazed how many people I met who did not know their background, unless they were German, Czech or Polish American - then they knew.

Go to any major city - this is still very big -

As I note in my piece - it is important people know because it reminds us of our success and who we are a nation of nations and of mutts (something to be proud of by the way)

I see myself as a mutt, Nicaraguan, English American - with an ever so slight dash of Native American

Anonymous said...

Eight people put their money where their mouthes were and filed suit against the city to stop COS according to the herald. I could see Janet Leal ruling in the citizen's favor. I can't see Arturo Nelson or any other district judge in Cameron County doing it.

BobbyWC said...

I wish them luck - but based on what I have read in the statute the statute overrules the city ordinance - it sounds odd to me but it says what it says.

I do give credit to people who are willing to spend money to fight what they believe is in the bests interests of the people - which n this case I believe would be in the best interest of the people - no more debt

Bobby WC

Mas Triste said...

Under both Reagan and Bush II tax cuts resulted in massive deficit spending

Actually, excessive spending and an inability of our government to live within its proscribed means leads to deficits.