Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This morning I have been dealing with parents in total disbelief how incompetent BISD administrators can be.  Oh, I would change my visual to include every other line saying, "We must fire bad administrators."

BUT FIRST:  Are BISD teachers morons?  I think far too many of BISD's teachers are morons and oblivious to the students and their surroundings.  Every year I help a child by buying them their clothes and supplies.  Yesterday I spent $15.00 alone on hand sanitizer liquid, hand sanitizer wipes, and anti-bacterial cleaning wipes.  Three different teachers requested three different items.  In middle school teachers work in teams.  To these morons it would never occur to them to work as a team and decide on one item.

These morons have no idea of where they live - poor Brownsville - and have no idea of the needs of their students - but yet they teach.  Now someone will say why did I buy the three items instead of just one?  This child suffers from low self esteem.  I needed for her to feel like she is ready for school.  She is scared about being in 6th grade.  My goal is to relieve her fears and make her feel good about the new school. 

If teachers cannot connect with the emotional needs of the students, how can they teach?  It is like a friend in Dallas told me this morning - public school teachers have become robots - emotionless, and themselves incapable of thinking.  The BISD school board opposes the hiring of competent teachers because they fear a rebellion.  So the demise of education in Brownsville will continue.


Last year this father's daughter dropped out after having the baby.  We convinced her to go back to school.  Last week the father made two trips to the high school to just get a run around.  He could not get his child registered.  On Monday he went back and was told to return on Wednesday with a completed form.  He showed up this morning and was told the person who handles the return of dropouts is not available today.  Yes, Springston at his best in helping return dropouts to BISD.

They finally demanded to see the principal.  The principal appears to have given the child a well needed lecture of accountability and responsibility.  But the child is still not registered.  The child was given a new child registration package and told to complete it and come back later.  I will help her with the paperwork. 

This is a borderline child who dropped out of school after having a baby.  She was in her senior year.  BISD being BISD, rather than embrace  this child and getting her registered they keep on saying come back.  This is Springston at his best.  He is too stupid to know than when you have a dropout begging to return to school you grab her, put her in a classroom and support her.

Can BISD administrators be this bad?  Yes - because nearly all administrative hires are political.


Yep the school still does not have his file.  The father cannot get an ARD scheduled.  This child is in regular classes.  And we all know when something happens who will be blamed - the child - it is the child's fault that Kathleen Jimenez is incompetent and incapable of doing her job.

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