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Someone is asking that I run for BISD Trustee. Interesting thought, but at this time there is no one on the board willing to support the children. They are all playing, including the little princess Katy Garcia and sanctioned Escobedo, the game of give my friends and family jobs. If I were to run and win, I would be a vote of one.

The goal is to find a way to get rid of Springston. Springston if forced out will sing like a canary. In case you have not noticed he is yellow. More on this below.


In case you did not know, Demoncrat Bill White (running for governor) was in Brownsville. Was he at some big pachanga to meet the people? Nope - he had a meet the corrupt elected officials only meeting. Why did he run from the people? Answer, he is a yellow coward unwilling to face the people who he needs to put him in office.

Bill White’s game is, the elected officials will use their machines (including stealing mail-ballots from disabled senior citizens, and graveyard votes) to win the LRGV. Bill White is too stupid and desperate to realize this is not enough to win the State of Texas.

He came and told the press, “I want to fix education.” I have been hearing this same bullshit promise since Ronald Reagan. The governor has zero power over education. In reviewing his campaign material he also seems to have zero knowledge of the problem.


I am going to begin with the issue of Sylvia Atkinson. I have zero proof she announced an intent to run for office. Other than rumor on the internet I have seen nothing directly from the horse’s mouth. Now if someone has real proof, let me know. It is a crime for an elected official to offer a job to a prospective opponent. If there is real proof - something a grand jury can consider as credible, I will take it from there. Real proof means she was going around town telling people she intended to run against a particular trustee. I would need affidavits from several people who heard the same thing. Better would be a filing with the BISD on the issue.


Over the Summer I went to Springston and the Board over Jimenez’s failure to insure special needs children’s information followed them to Summer school campuses. The middle school this child was going to had no idea about his mental health problems, until it was too late and an incident followed. I warned the Board this would be a problem come the Fall if the information did not follow the child to high school. I even did an entire post on this issue.

The father realizing Kathleen Jimenez will never get her act together went to the high school on his own and demanded an ARD for his son so everything would be in place when school started. He was told he would have to wait until the week before school when the teachers return.

On Friday he went back to the school - his son’s schedule reflected they had zero knowledge of his learning and mental disabilities. He was in all regular classes. They did not have the file on his son. As far as they knew he did not need an ARD or any special classes.

Springston was specifically warned about this kid and what would happen. He did nothing. Well maybe he sent an email to Kathleen Jimenez who then did nothing. Why does Kathleen Jimenez remain in charge of special services? Because Enrique Escobedo cut a deal with Springston - Escobedo would support his candidacy if Springston supported putting his business partner’s wife in the position of director over special services. This entire board is corrupt to the person.


I have discussed this before - nothing will change until superintendents are hired and fired by the Regional TEA offices. So long as the board has any say, it will be about corruption. There can be very little doubt Springston assured the entire board he would play the game, even at the expense of the special needs children.

Until I worked on my Masters in Education, and reentered the public schools, I had no idea how broken they are. They have become like an assembly line in the rust belt - rotting away to dust.

I have become a huge supporter of vouchers. I also oppose the hiring of anyone who graduates with a degree in education, unless they also have a masters in their teaching field. Our schools can do far better if every teacher had a masters in their teaching field.

Me running for BISD Trustee would change nothing. I would be a vote of one. This board has zero interest in education. What I have been trying to do is understand Due Process hearings. What I would like to do is use Due Process hearings to create financial ruin at BISD. We need to find techniques to force the TEA to look at BISD.

The other possibility is to find a law firm willing to sue BISD over how special services is run. The remedy needs to be a federal judge taking over the school district based on discrimination against special needs children. This will never happen because no law firm in Brownsville cares enough about the community to step up to the plate, and no out of community law firm cares a rats ass about Brownsville.

I can do more by becoming the nuisance to these turkeys. We all need to become nuisances to these turkeys. I will get the form and process posted on line for filing TEA complaints. Every reader should find children whose rights are being violated and file a TEA complaint. We need to pursue Due Process hearings. We need to petition the TEA for a review of this board.

But to be honest - we can unelect or remove every current board member and the same turkeys will come in right behind them. It is time we abolish school boards. They serve no purpose other than to promote local corruption. The superintendents need to be hired and fired by the TEA Regional Office. If he or she fails to meet certain standards or receives a certain number of justified complaints he is out. Finally, Texas needs to allow professional managers who have proven themselves to apply for the position of superintendent. There are retired corporate CEO’s who could do a lot better job running BISD than Springston can do in wiping his own ass.

Think about this, how can Springston push for the removal of Kathleen Jimenez so long as he needs Escobedo’s support? This may be the best reason to vote for Otis Powers.


Anonymous said...

As long as you aren't a vote of 4, who cares. Run Bobby Run! I'm serious I'll be your treasurer.

BobbyWC said...

Outsiders can do far more right now to change BISD than can Board Members.

Also I rejected a post - I will not link to other blogs which contain information I know to be inaccurate -

for the record here is a reality check -

I do not care about a person's credentials - I care if they are competent

I know of people with credentials who are in competent and people without credentials who are very competent

How you do your job should be the only variable we care about

Fred Drew said...

I could definitely support your candidacy for BISD. I am sure the "status" would never again be "quo".

The power of the people said...

My family and I, would definitely vote for you.