Tuesday, August 31, 2010


BUT FIRST - I HATE TIME WARNER: Since moving to the new home if Time Warner speaks they lie. Their service department sucks and management refuses to do anything about it. There is a free web page called speedtest.net. You can test the speed of your internet. If you have basic RR the download should be at 3 and the upload around .36. My download is at .68. Two weeks have passed and Time Warner has made it clear their service people are either too incompetent to fix the problem, or will just lie and say they went and did the service call. The problem is at the poll. Time Warner is the product of no meaningful competition. You have no where to go, so as their customer you are abused and lie to as a matter of policy.

I am not one to say no new taxes for the sake of no new taxes. And yes I rent so I do not directly pay property taxes. But if property taxes go up, my landlord upon expiration of my lease is free to raise the rent to cover the new taxes. If I believed the Brownsville city commission had done everything possible to avoid a tax increase and the additional revenue was truly needed, I would be 100% behind the tax increase.

All over the U.S. cities, counties and states are furloughing employees one, twice, three times a month to save money. This is not some radical idea being promoted in Brownsville. But yet our esteemed city commission says, “no.” When a citizen raised the general question of maybe the top administrators being over paid, Sossi the Napoleonic micro-penis syndrome victim cried out “silence you peon, attacks on me will not be tolerated.”

Then there is the sports park. How is it possible that a free people can be forced to pay higher property taxes, be silenced at public meetings, and be forced to be responsible for future debt through certificates of obligation and tax bonds, while being denied a meaningful voice in the matter? Answer: We are no longer free. We are now the slaves to unresponsive government. But the people being the people will do nothing, but complain ad nauseam.

The chances of Brownsville producing 4 highly qualified people to run for city office come May is highly unlikely. Who in their right mind wants to put there family through the mud for a non-paying job to serve a people who will complain ad nauseam about everything? No one - think about it - it takes someone with truly nothing but contempt for their family to put them through a mud slinging campaign. Does Brownsville have 4 people with a 100% clean background?

This basic problem is why the city commission acts as it does. I believe Atkinson and Longoria will be thrown from office. Troiani will survive because beating someone in a city wide race is a lot harder than in a district race. There will only be so much money for the campaigns. The mayor’s race is going to eat up most of that money. So when you are pretty much guaranteed reelection, why bother with the people?


The part of West Brownsville which will be impacted by the toll road does not impact me - this gives me pause to weigh in on the issue. The people who are openly opposing the toll road are not seeing the issue through the eyes of reality. Yes, in a perfect world turning the old rail lines area into green areas would be great. But it is always the same bullshit - stop the spending - unless it is in my backyard on things I want. I have no use for people who think this way. Where is the money going to come from to pay for all of these green projects? We are taxed out. We have a city commission unwilling to bring the BCIC under control and stop the endless spending on the money pit known as the sports park. Again where is the money going to come from?

Once this city commission has money again its first priority should be the streets and other infrastructure issues facing the city of Brownsville - not green areas. And unfortunately because BCIC is totally unaccountable to the people all quality of life issues other than the sports park will have to be paid for with property tax money. The prospect of turning the old rail lines area into green areas is so far off into the distant future it is basically a non-idea.

I am a huge advocate of user fees. I fly a lot - why should the average joe have to pay for the heighten security at the airports since 9/11? I pay for it through higher plane tickets. I am fine with this. I am the user - I should pay.

I no longer live near the Brownsville Airport. I do not miss Boca Chica. The traffic is unbearable. The light on 77 and Boca Chica is a nightmare. Brownsville must confront its traffic problems. Given where I currently live, I just assume use the airport in Harlingen than Brownsville. Why? Boca Chica.

The Dallas toll road was opposed by the local residents. Those same residents would not know what to do without the toll road. Dallas could not function without the toll road.

I have said before that we are not a direct democracy because the founding fathers understood that the people left to their own means would kill each other or starve to death. I am the first to say our local government is irresponsible and ineffective. We must guard against their incompetence. But this does not mean we should put our heads in the sand and ignore that which is needed.

Given the simple fact there will be no money for at least 10 years to develop the green areas the people claim they want, and Brownsville has a growing traffic problem, it would be irresponsible to not move forward on the toll road. Here is one project which will be paid through user fees and not property taxes and true to form our esteemed moronic city commission opposes it. If they could raise our taxes you bet they would support it.

Leaders lead - but this is Brownsville so we are a feckless community with the good people afraid to run for public office, and the worst of the worst all too willing to throw their own families under the bus to serve their own inadequacies and sense of self aggrandizement.

Monday, August 30, 2010


BUT FIRST - WEEKEND POST - HURRICANES: 110 years ago Iceland and Galveston got hit with major hurricanes. I just found this interesting with Danielle approaching Greenland or Iceland. We do know Danielle will dissipate into a tropical wave by the time it approaches Greenland or Iceland, but still for a tropical wave to make it to such cold waters is unusual.

The true news in the BISD elecion is the battle which will occur between Cortez and Escobedo. I predict Cortez will win in a landslide and here is why. Escobedo either lacks even the semblance of integrity or he’s delusional. This reality will not play well with the voters.

“Escobedo said some members of the Brownsville Independent School District board had "allowed special interest and politics to become part of our meetings and our decision making. “ This is according to the Herald. There is something profoundly wrong with this man when it comes to good judgment. Kathleen Jimenez is the wife of his business partner. Springston supported her placement as director over special needs children in exchange for Escobedo’s support for his hiring as the superintendent. This is the perception in the community and the facts tend to support this perception. It is not that Cortez is not guilty of the same conduct - it is Escobedo pretending he has clean hands in the matter.

Escobedo will also have to face the charges related to his ethics violations. These were not simple violations - they related to lying about campaign money and misappropriation of BISD campaign money for the county commissioner race. This is the type conduct which the people of Brownsville find to be a game ender.

Then there is the issue of ‘doctor.” Whether he mislead the people on the issue is a matter for the people. This is something which he will deny, and many people will claim as real. In politics, it is the type issue you never overcome.

The real question is, why did he run from Otis Powers? What does Otis know? This switch makes no sense. Otis got defeated by a new comer, although it was sort of a close race. Why would a sitting board member run from a former board member who was defeated in the last election? Here is the real story which needs further investigation.

Otis is not without his own problems. There is the issue of the Antonio Juarez tapes and claims he tried to manipulate the process related to Hector Gonzales. I cannot wait to see how this election plays out.


Rendon will loose on appeal. I am 100% certain that Antonio Juarez’s case will also be thrown out on appeal. The appellate courts are not going to accept that you have a Free Speech claim just because you run and file a complaint somewhere when you know you are about to be fired. This would make it impossible to fire any public employee.

Further, the true complaint in both the Rendon and Juarez cases is about policy differences. No appellate court is going to allow for a claim of Free Speech claim over policy disputes. The thing both cases have in common is, they claimed illegal conduct, but yet there is no evidence any illegal conduct occurred. No law enforcement agency has opened an investigation into any of the claims made by Rendon or Juarez.

Rendon’s lawsuit reads as something written by an idiot or someone hoping for a corrupt federal judge to issue a ruling in Rendon’s favor. Federal judges have no business micro-managing public entities because he/she might find the policy decisions of those entities to be questionable.

A big issue for Rendon is the so called medicaid fraud. If we remember the great Carlos Quintanilla had a Dallas law firm ready to file a class action lawsuit. That died on the vine because there was never anything there. Let’s pretend commonsense is actually a variable is how people analyze the question.

In the case of Tara Rios, we know that if there is medicaid fraud the government will prosecute. When I raised the issue of dentists putting braces on children who did not need them as part of the medicaid fraud in the LRGV, I was attacked by a reader - probably a dentist.

Rendon and his lawyer friend would have us believe that the government is in a conspiracy with BISD to coverup medicaid fraud by BISD. Delusional is the word which comes to mind.

The entire backdrop to the medicaid fraud deals with special services and somehow ties into the Walsh law firm and plaintiff’s lawyer Jonas. This entire claim is so bizarre it bothers me that it was actually made.

Rendon has zero qualifications when it comes to psychiatry, but yet he is an expert on the needs of these children. A family of 4 which earns about $3,600.00 a month qualifies for CHIP medicaid. This is how easy it is to get your children on medicaid. BISD has nothing to do with this.


Mental health in many ways is junk science - several months ago I demonstrated how the psychiatry profession is changing how it diagnoses various mental health problems. This is done through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV. In the field of schizophrenia these professional cannot even agree how to diagnose the disease or when you label a person with schizophrenia. They cannot agree whether or not the medicine which suppresses the voices actually works. There is a growing body of anecdotal evidence that while the medicine may suppress the voices in a way which the patient is aware of the voices, but does not suppress the voices in a more subliminal way. But yet Rendon is an expert as to whether or not these children needed treatment. Medicaid investigators ignored the complaint by Rendon because they are not going to get into second guessing professionals when it comes to mental health questions because an administrator at BISD has a score to settle.

The Walsh/Jonas claims are truly bizarre. When a parent files for a Due Process hearing BISD, contrary to the implied argument of Rendon, must defend, Well actually they can just concede the argument, but that is not how public entities work. All public entities defend against allegations of wrongdoing. Walsh had nothing to do with the Due Process claims. The Due Process claims came as a result of the mismanagement of special services and by other processionals outside of special services. Most of these claims, and the attorneys fees spent on defending the Due Process claims came as a result of mismanagement by BISD employees, with special services being the number one culprit.

Had special services not been mismanaged, the Due Process claims never would have been filed. The blame goes to the mismanagement of special services, and in many cases principals and vice-principals not properly handling the concerns of parents. BISD has a major problem with follow-up. This is the Achilles heal of BISD and there is no desire to fix the problem.

In the end Walsh had nothing to do with whether or not parents filed for Due Process hearings. Walsh had the job to defend the claims. There would be no claims if special services and the principals were doing their job. To be fair Rendon inherited a mess. Special services will always be a mess until the board commits to the hiring of a highly qualified person to run special services.

As to the plaintiff’s lawyer Jonas, BISD had no control over this lawyer save not violating the due process rights of the children. For the record, Rendon concedes BISD was violating the due process rights of the children and then complains Jonas filed for due process hearings and Walsh's defense of the claims. BISD’s conduct is the only reason Jonas was able to come to Brownsville and make a buck on our children. What is so bizarre is Rendon stipulates in his lawsuit the due process rights of the children were being violated by BISD.

Another bizarre complaint is the claim the Due Process hearings went away after Rendon filed his complaints. According to Rendon, Jonas was incapacitated from an accident. Maybe just maybe the fact Jonas was incapacitated had an impact on his ability to file for Due Process hearings - but this is just me. Now there might be something about SaldaƱa ignoring possible fraudulent billing from Jonas’ office. The problem is, I have not seen the bill. Is the bill from Jonas’ office, meaning an associate did the work, or from Jonas himself?

Finally, Rendon claims Kathleen Jimenez was hired although she was not qualified. This is an amazing accusation. “¶ 73. In order for Gonzales to hire Art Rendon to oversee Special Services, he ordered that the requirement the Administrator be certified in special education be removed from the job description.” This was a finding by the TEA hearing officer who heard Gonzales’ case. Is Rendon just stupid? - did his lawyer even look to the facts or is his lawyer hoping for a judicial activist judge to ignore reality?

Another key finding on Rendon “¶ 20. Gonzales conducted a survey of 48 BISD principals. Gonzales’ survey showed 44 of the 48 had no confidence in Special Services.”

A second finally, the “Overton Report.” This was a junk report. The authors were sanctioned by the State of Texas. The person they accused of wrongdoing was cleared. Rendon and his lawyer seem to believe facts are irrelevant. I can tell you Rendon is performing his duties over at public housing with the same disregard for facts or any semblance of reality.

The following is from a January 2009, BV post. The facts as to de Alba’s qualifications are accurate as of that date. I say this because the status of his qualifications could have changed in the last 19 months.

BISD paid for a cut and paste report by "Special Workshops and Consulting, L.L.C. , Dr. Cheryl Fielding and Terry Overton. I do not know for sure who else worked on this report which is in many ways a cut and paste report. Parts of the report include incomplete sentences where findings were left out. What I do know for sure is, Dr. Fielding has worked with Lead BISD LSSP Roman Garcia de Alba. I also know for sure she has worked with Terry Overton Differential Diagnosis of Hispanic Bilingual Children Referred for Autism Spectrum Disorders Queen Anne Parlor Cheryl Fielding, Terry Overton, and Roman Garcia de Alba


Who are Terry Overton and Roman Garcia de Alba? They are the two who were sanctioned in October by a Texas State Board.

In October 2008, Dr. Roman Garcia de Alba. Lead Licensed Special in School Psychology under Art Rendon, BISD, received the following sanctions from the Texas State Board of Examiners.

Complaint: Respondent failed to properly identify himself as a supervisee andfailed to identify his supervisor in public statements.Sanction: Respondent was assessed an administrative penalty of $1,500.00 andmust obtain six (6) hours of continuing education in ethics.http://www.tsbep.state.tx.us/documents/NL-Winter2009.pdf

Another sanction from October 2008 is tied to Terry P. Overton, Ed.D., Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (McAllen) (He teaches ethics at UTPA’S College of Education)Complaint: Respondent provided supervision to a person without adequatedocumentation, and did not ensure that the supervisee identified himself as such.Sanction: Respondent was assessed an administrative penalty of $1,500.00 andmust obtain six (6) hours of continuing education in ethics.



The company which generated this report was formed in January 2007. They were then hired to generate the report. Roman Garcia de Alba was then hired to be the Lead LSSP at BISD, although he was not legally then, nor now, qualified to supervise other new LSSP’s.

The report was then used as part of a complaint against another LSSP moved around by Art Rendon. That LSSP was cleared of wrongdoing by the same Board which sanctioned Art Rendon’s boy-toy, Roman Garcia de Alba and Overton.

Of note, in the report used against a BISD LSSP, Fielding and Overton used standards from the National Association of School Psychologists. Only one problem, these standards are not used in Texas. Psychologists’ Licencing Act and Rules and Regulations of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists expressly provides the NASP rules are not used by Texas psychologists.

It is time to investigate the influence peddling which got this report generated.

Will anyone enter stage left to protect the taxpayers? No, there are just too many attorneys waiting for the handouts being offered by Saldana.

We need to find out how much has been paid to Cheryl Fielding and Terry Overton by BISD, since their report helped Roman Garcia de Alba secure his job as Lead LSSP. My limited information to date shows it at over $29,525.00

Ms. Fielding’s professional resume shows a long history of collaboration with Roman Garcia de Alba, and Terry Overton


 “ End post from previous BV post.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is the Overton report. Read it and tell me it is not a cut and paste job- why did we pay for this?


Look, I have never denied Rendon was fired for political reasons. But here is the problem with BISD - they keep unqualified people around and in fact hire unqualified people so that they can control them. When they refuse to do the political work they get fired. To rehire them because the reason behind their discharge was political is insanity. You do not rehire people who were not qualified in the first instance just because they were fired for political reasons.

You see, the ability to give good foot rubs is more important to BISD that the candidate's resume.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I was thinking, has a hurricane ever hit Iceland? Apparently yes - I got to thinking while tracking Danielle.


Just 12 days earlier Galvestan was hit with its history making hurricane.


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Politics is mostly about pathological liars and hate mongers - such as we see with the Tea Party Express people. But to be fair it is on both sides. The major difference is, the radical left is not creating a movement of oppressionistas seeking to destroy everything we know about freedom and being an American. The radical right and Tea Party Express soldiers are driven in their battle to promote disinformation. The sad part is, the real dissemination forces behind the disinformation are individuals looking to rationalize their own ignorance through the ranting of lunatics and then promoting those rants.

On the issue of insensitivity these anti-American oppresionistas cry “insensitivity” like manic depressives curled up in the corner when they are made to feel ignored because as an exercise of the First Amendment an Islamic group seeks to build a community center near the location of the former World Trade Center.

Never mind, Wall Street continues to operate in the location and they through greed destroyed the lives of millions of Americans and gave us trillion dollar deficits. Oh yes, but it is okay when greed destroys America, but not okay when misguided individuals kill 3000 Americans.

But on this insensitivity issue, I am angry to see the reaction of the left to Glenn Beck’s use of Dr. King’s “I Have Dream” anniversary. They are making the same anti-freedom arguments of the oppressionistas on the right - “insensitive.”

The First Amendment does not stop at the doors of insensitive - in fact its strength is demonstrated at the doors of the First Amendment. “Let Freedom Ring.” It is time to recognize this insensitivity argument is being urged by oppressionistas from the right and the left who are determined to destroy America so that it becomes a monster in their own imagine and likeness.

The key to saving our Freedom is to allow the Becks, Tea Party Express, and oppressionistas to do their dirty work - encourage it - then point out their actions as evidence of their danger. This is the best battle strategy against these people - real meaningful education will keep people away and in time theses oppressionista groups will become a footnote in American history.

(Note: Sorry I missed yesterday - I had a last minute emergency and had to drive a friend and his son to the doctor in SA. - It gave me a chance to eat great Chinese at “The Wok” - side story - we took the child’s mother - being from Brownsville she has never had real Chinese food. She loved the Mongolian beef - she also loved the freshly made egg roll - I warned her that the mustard was hot, but that she could put a little on her egg roll. This woman loves hot - so she dipped the entire egg roll in the mustard - I mean a lot of mustard - I am telling her no - take some off - nope she went for it - she suffered - but she loved it so much she did it again - I have never seen anyone eat Chinese mustard in large portions in my life - truly amazing)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


"But Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said troops, much like the fence, won’t stop bullets from spraying across the border. The best option local law enforcement agencies have, including those on campus, is to work together, he said."


If troops cannot stop the bullets coming from Matamoros, how the hell is Sheriff Lucio working with other law enforcement going to stop the bullets?  Is it possible that Sheriff Lucio has finally lost his mind?

The mere presence of troops on the border will not stop the bullets -  I agree - but the cartels knowing that U.S. troops are ready to take them out the second their conduct kills U.S. citizens may just be enough to force them to take the battle outside of the city of Matamoros, and that will stop the bullets.

Everyone who thinks that these cartels can start causing death an mayhem on the U.S. side of the border and the U.S. will do nothing lives in never never land.  There will be a point that we will send U.S. troops - it may be special forces under cover of night to take out the cartels, but we will send troops.  The better option remains sending a message of force in hopes the cartels will move out of the border cities as an act of self preservation.

But fine do nothing - and then complain like bitches when Obama does nothing to protect Brownsville after U.S. citizens are killed.  Omar Lucio has lost his mind if he thinks he or any other law enforcement in Brownsville can control the bullets, he is ready to be committed. 


The father of this drop out is continuing in his battle to get his daughter registered. Today he went back to the highschool where the child attended for 4 years. From day one they were told the child was now living in a different zone. They were told no problem. So they go back this morning and the principal shows them the door. The principal claims no one ever told her that the child’s zoning changed. The child is not her problem. Remember this is a drop out begging to come back to school. Since last week everyone gave this child the run around - now they show her the door after I write a story about the incompetence at Hanna.

This child is a drop out begging to return to school and BISD shows her the door. Why does Springston have a job? Answer: there are no limits to what he will do to protect the interests of the board members.

There is another side to this story. The brother was to go to Hanna. He lives with the father and is zoned for Hanna. Hanna for weeks blew the father off over the issue of an ARD for his mentally ill and learning disabled child. He warned them they needed to get his records. They refused. On the first day of school he takes his child to school and learns they never requested his file, there is no ARD scheduled, and the child is in regular classes. The father in the past having secured TEA findings against BISD because of the incompetent administration at Hanna, as it relates to his daughter, decided it was better to move the child to the highschool zoned with the mother’s address.

The father’s oldest son went to the other highschool where after 4 years the father never had a problem with the staff or administration. (I am not disclosing the name of the other highschool to protect the child). There were two other issues. The child can take the bus from the other highschool to the mother’s home where he can stay until the father gets off of work.

That idea did not work. The father was told that even though his son was admitted to the other highschool, because he is zoned for Hanna he is not entitled to a bus even to the mother’s home within the zone. The father is pursuing a TEA complaint based on discrimination. This is a mentally ill child who requires 24/7 supervision.

The other reason for sending the child to this other school is the daughter was expected to return to Hanna. There is a history of violence between the child and his sister. If his sister see him in the hall and so much as says boo, there will be an incident. In fact several weeks ago, at the request of the psychiatrist, the father called the police to arrest his son for assaulting the sister. The police decided that JV could not handle someone with his level of mental illness and instead took him to Valley Baptist. Valley Baptist took the position that even a 15 year old is too young for their mental health facility and rejected him as a patient. The child was returned home. I can say there has been no assault since the police took him away.

The bottom line is these two siblings cannot be in the same highschool together.

Now here is the scoop. One child is zoned for Hanna and the other is zoned for the highschool where son is going. Basically all the father has asked is that BISD switch out the schools to accommodate the needs of the disabled child.

Teri Alarcon said no. She does not have room for the daughter. Teri cannot seem to understand that the father’s only choice to protect his daughter would be to move his son back to Hanna. This would mean Hanna’s s student numbers would still go up when the son returns to Hanna where he is zoned. This was a zero sum exchange of two students. Understanding the math is beyond the professional skills of BISD administrators.

This is what will happen. There will be an incident at the other highschool. BISD still refuses to put this child in a smaller classroom as recommended by his psychiatrist. He gets overwhelmed in a larger classroom and cannot learn. He is a few months away from being a dropout and Springston is fine with this - special needs children are not his concern. His hands are tied. He needs Escobedo’s support to keep his job so he must turn a blind eye to Kathleen Jimenez’s incompetence.

When this child assaults his sister, BISD will be sued. Springston is fine with this. Putting BISD children in jail and the hospital is AOK with Springston. This is a better option than dealing with incompetent administrators and corrupt board members.

If Springston were anything but a eunuch he would challenge the board membes on tv with their endless interference. He would go to the business community and demand the business community put pressure on the board members to stop to nonsense. But Springston is a eunuch looking to buy time for retirement, even if it means throwing innocent children under the bus.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Turning our border into a military zone is never a good idea, but the time is here.

Bell Hall at UTEP was hit with a bullet from Juarez. If you look at the map Bell Hall is in the lower right quadrant - look for Wiggins Drive.  Above the "D" is Bell Hall.  This means the bullet had to have gone up into the air and came down into Bell Hall.  This bullet cut across campus. 

On  the other side of IH 10 is a hill.  You go down the hill to railroad tracks.  On the other side of the railroad tracks is the river.  I have no idea where the wall exists in El Paso, but a 100 ft wall would not have stopped this bullet.

When we consider  the growing violence in Matamoros and Reynosa, it is a formality before people on the U.S. side of the border are victims.  No wall is going to stop the violence or the impact on the U.S. side of the border.  A car bomb or hand grenade does not know a U.S. national from a Mexican national. 

Again no wall will solve the problem.  But, a fear of U.S. troops may send a message to these criminals that there will be consequences.  We know our special forces are already operating in Mexico.  I suspect we also have drones not only on the border, but also in the interior. 

Mexico needs to quietly agree to allow our unmanned drones to target the leaders of the drug cartels.  With large numbers of troops on the border, and a direct U.S. war on the drug cartel leaders, maybe just maybe they will take the war away from the border area.

No wall is going to save us.  I know the American people - the second a U.S. citizen is killed the American people will demand action.  The U.S. cannot enter Mexico in large numbers.  This must be done with covert operations with the consent of the Mexican government.   But for now a very visible force of strength may send a message.  It may also force Mexico to consent to more U.S. covert help.

This morning I have been dealing with parents in total disbelief how incompetent BISD administrators can be.  Oh, I would change my visual to include every other line saying, "We must fire bad administrators."

BUT FIRST:  Are BISD teachers morons?  I think far too many of BISD's teachers are morons and oblivious to the students and their surroundings.  Every year I help a child by buying them their clothes and supplies.  Yesterday I spent $15.00 alone on hand sanitizer liquid, hand sanitizer wipes, and anti-bacterial cleaning wipes.  Three different teachers requested three different items.  In middle school teachers work in teams.  To these morons it would never occur to them to work as a team and decide on one item.

These morons have no idea of where they live - poor Brownsville - and have no idea of the needs of their students - but yet they teach.  Now someone will say why did I buy the three items instead of just one?  This child suffers from low self esteem.  I needed for her to feel like she is ready for school.  She is scared about being in 6th grade.  My goal is to relieve her fears and make her feel good about the new school. 

If teachers cannot connect with the emotional needs of the students, how can they teach?  It is like a friend in Dallas told me this morning - public school teachers have become robots - emotionless, and themselves incapable of thinking.  The BISD school board opposes the hiring of competent teachers because they fear a rebellion.  So the demise of education in Brownsville will continue.


Last year this father's daughter dropped out after having the baby.  We convinced her to go back to school.  Last week the father made two trips to the high school to just get a run around.  He could not get his child registered.  On Monday he went back and was told to return on Wednesday with a completed form.  He showed up this morning and was told the person who handles the return of dropouts is not available today.  Yes, Springston at his best in helping return dropouts to BISD.

They finally demanded to see the principal.  The principal appears to have given the child a well needed lecture of accountability and responsibility.  But the child is still not registered.  The child was given a new child registration package and told to complete it and come back later.  I will help her with the paperwork. 

This is a borderline child who dropped out of school after having a baby.  She was in her senior year.  BISD being BISD, rather than embrace  this child and getting her registered they keep on saying come back.  This is Springston at his best.  He is too stupid to know than when you have a dropout begging to return to school you grab her, put her in a classroom and support her.

Can BISD administrators be this bad?  Yes - because nearly all administrative hires are political.


Yep the school still does not have his file.  The father cannot get an ARD scheduled.  This child is in regular classes.  And we all know when something happens who will be blamed - the child - it is the child's fault that Kathleen Jimenez is incompetent and incapable of doing her job.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


(Editor's Note:  I was going to use my regular Perry/White cartoon, but I saw this and laughed so hard, I decided it is a better fit for this post.)


In teaching certain concepts they are best understood if repeated several times. Each time you add another approach in hopes your students begin to get the picture. Our entire system of government begins with the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution provides for the creation of the states. The states can create their own government so long as they do not violate the federal constitution in the process.

The State of Texas created its own constitution. In that constitution it created Home Rule cities with strong self rule. The City Charter is the city’s constitution. Imagine if you will the federal government passing a law which authorizes the State of Texas to follow its constitution or a federal law - its choice. This is the problem with the “may” provision. The federal government can pass laws which says “if Texas wants federal funding it will comply.” This is different. These federal laws do not require the State of Texas to violate its own constitution.

But this is exactly what the CO Act does. It says to city commissions - you have discretion as to whether or not you want to follow the city charter, which is the constitution of the city. If the Texas Supreme Court follows logic and well known rules of statutory construction, the city will lose this lawsuit.


The latest poll in the Perry White governors race has the race at 49/41% respectively with a margin of error at 4.5%. Bill White is running a campaign of running from integrity. He went into racist East Texas and called President Obama a community organizer. Had this been a Republican the Democrats would have yelled racism. While Rick Perry met with President Obama, Bill White ran.

Bill White knows he cannot win without the LRGV. So he comes to Brownsville and runs from the very people who vote. Instead he met with the criminals who run the politics of the LRGV. This is a man without an ounce of integrity.

I am not saying rick Perry is a better choice. I would never vote for Perry. But if Bill White is the best we can do, then we are screwed. This man is devoid of any sense of integrity.


Media Matters found a tape of Glenn Beck praising the man who is leading up the Muslim community center. Beck praised the man as a good Muslim. But now that he can use the community center as a way to play the hate mongers, Beck has changed his mind. Fox News diminishes itself every day it allows this hate monger ignorant moron to remain on the air.

Now Ron Paul took the true conservative position. Yesterday he looked to the constitutional guarantee of property rights. On this issue he defended the right of this group to build its community center.

The radical right is not conservative - under the guise of conservatism they hide their ignorance and bigotry. They lambast the left for having feelings and being sensitive to the underdogs and poor. But now that it serves their bigoted agenda they argue - “yes they have the right to build the center, but it is insensitive.” Property rights do not go away because to exercise those rights might upset someone. Integrity seems to elude these people. When will Fox see this? They already see this and put up with it because it means ratings which translates into money.

Monday, August 23, 2010



Someone is asking that I run for BISD Trustee. Interesting thought, but at this time there is no one on the board willing to support the children. They are all playing, including the little princess Katy Garcia and sanctioned Escobedo, the game of give my friends and family jobs. If I were to run and win, I would be a vote of one.

The goal is to find a way to get rid of Springston. Springston if forced out will sing like a canary. In case you have not noticed he is yellow. More on this below.


In case you did not know, Demoncrat Bill White (running for governor) was in Brownsville. Was he at some big pachanga to meet the people? Nope - he had a meet the corrupt elected officials only meeting. Why did he run from the people? Answer, he is a yellow coward unwilling to face the people who he needs to put him in office.

Bill White’s game is, the elected officials will use their machines (including stealing mail-ballots from disabled senior citizens, and graveyard votes) to win the LRGV. Bill White is too stupid and desperate to realize this is not enough to win the State of Texas.

He came and told the press, “I want to fix education.” I have been hearing this same bullshit promise since Ronald Reagan. The governor has zero power over education. In reviewing his campaign material he also seems to have zero knowledge of the problem.


I am going to begin with the issue of Sylvia Atkinson. I have zero proof she announced an intent to run for office. Other than rumor on the internet I have seen nothing directly from the horse’s mouth. Now if someone has real proof, let me know. It is a crime for an elected official to offer a job to a prospective opponent. If there is real proof - something a grand jury can consider as credible, I will take it from there. Real proof means she was going around town telling people she intended to run against a particular trustee. I would need affidavits from several people who heard the same thing. Better would be a filing with the BISD on the issue.


Over the Summer I went to Springston and the Board over Jimenez’s failure to insure special needs children’s information followed them to Summer school campuses. The middle school this child was going to had no idea about his mental health problems, until it was too late and an incident followed. I warned the Board this would be a problem come the Fall if the information did not follow the child to high school. I even did an entire post on this issue.

The father realizing Kathleen Jimenez will never get her act together went to the high school on his own and demanded an ARD for his son so everything would be in place when school started. He was told he would have to wait until the week before school when the teachers return.

On Friday he went back to the school - his son’s schedule reflected they had zero knowledge of his learning and mental disabilities. He was in all regular classes. They did not have the file on his son. As far as they knew he did not need an ARD or any special classes.

Springston was specifically warned about this kid and what would happen. He did nothing. Well maybe he sent an email to Kathleen Jimenez who then did nothing. Why does Kathleen Jimenez remain in charge of special services? Because Enrique Escobedo cut a deal with Springston - Escobedo would support his candidacy if Springston supported putting his business partner’s wife in the position of director over special services. This entire board is corrupt to the person.


I have discussed this before - nothing will change until superintendents are hired and fired by the Regional TEA offices. So long as the board has any say, it will be about corruption. There can be very little doubt Springston assured the entire board he would play the game, even at the expense of the special needs children.

Until I worked on my Masters in Education, and reentered the public schools, I had no idea how broken they are. They have become like an assembly line in the rust belt - rotting away to dust.

I have become a huge supporter of vouchers. I also oppose the hiring of anyone who graduates with a degree in education, unless they also have a masters in their teaching field. Our schools can do far better if every teacher had a masters in their teaching field.

Me running for BISD Trustee would change nothing. I would be a vote of one. This board has zero interest in education. What I have been trying to do is understand Due Process hearings. What I would like to do is use Due Process hearings to create financial ruin at BISD. We need to find techniques to force the TEA to look at BISD.

The other possibility is to find a law firm willing to sue BISD over how special services is run. The remedy needs to be a federal judge taking over the school district based on discrimination against special needs children. This will never happen because no law firm in Brownsville cares enough about the community to step up to the plate, and no out of community law firm cares a rats ass about Brownsville.

I can do more by becoming the nuisance to these turkeys. We all need to become nuisances to these turkeys. I will get the form and process posted on line for filing TEA complaints. Every reader should find children whose rights are being violated and file a TEA complaint. We need to pursue Due Process hearings. We need to petition the TEA for a review of this board.

But to be honest - we can unelect or remove every current board member and the same turkeys will come in right behind them. It is time we abolish school boards. They serve no purpose other than to promote local corruption. The superintendents need to be hired and fired by the TEA Regional Office. If he or she fails to meet certain standards or receives a certain number of justified complaints he is out. Finally, Texas needs to allow professional managers who have proven themselves to apply for the position of superintendent. There are retired corporate CEO’s who could do a lot better job running BISD than Springston can do in wiping his own ass.

Think about this, how can Springston push for the removal of Kathleen Jimenez so long as he needs Escobedo’s support? This may be the best reason to vote for Otis Powers.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Tomorrow's headline will be back to yet another failure of Kathleen Jimenez as Director over Special Services, and Bill White's bullshit on education and contempt for the people


Well, I am loving the new place. Today I will go to the flea market in search of another 100 pieces of sod. My dogs love the new grass. Given the heat I am happy with how it is taking.


I do not care if you own the house or rent the house or the house is at least 5 years old - the odds are you will need to bring in the AC guy for freon. Last night while watering the lawn I thought the AC sounded funny. I did not think much of it. But then I went into the house.

The house was hot even after my shower. Even then I thought, it is my manopause - yes, I officially for about a year have had manopause - or medically called LT. Manopause is so much more pathetic sounding - don't you think? If the endocrinologist does not put me on a testosterone patch next month for the hot flashes, I am hopeful my regular doctor will.

Anyway- so am I hot because of my hot flashes or am I hot because of the AC not working? Well at about 10 p.m. it occurred to me to check the temp in the house- it was 85.  I turned off the AC

I did not sleep well. I slept with the window open and a tower fan in addition to the ceiling fan. This morning I will turn on the dehumidifier. I am certain that tomorrow my landlord once told of my misery will have someone out sometime Monday or Tuesday. I feel bad because after two weeks in the place I already need help. (I grew up with a lot of Jewish friends.  Their grandmothers use to say I suffer more guilt over nothing than they ever suffered.) But that is the way things go with AC. They just go out.

So to everyone with AC - have a nice day while I swelter in this heat. Maybe I will take a cold bath.

I found this second picture while looking for something funny on manopause. I thought between this picture and me having hot flashes, my female readers would get a good laugh.

Friday, August 20, 2010


A well done "B" film can be a blast. I went to go see this film because of its cast.  When Richard Dreyfuss delivers an "F" performance you know you are in trouble.  I wanted to see a mindless "B" film which required no thinking on my part. 

Jerry O'Connell  cannot act. In fact his acting was offensive.  He looked half dead.  He has the body of someone who just got out a concentration camp.  And ladies, unless you are into 5 year old boys wearing speedos - he is not the type person who should be wearing a speedo.

The reviews had this being a good 3D film.  It was not.  I am done paying extra for 3D films.  For a handful of poorly done scenes, I wasted $12.00.  Had I been watching this on SCIFI, I would have changed the channel.

Desperate to get an audience the moving included a scene with two woman swimming naked.  I nearly walked out.  I was embarrassed to be in the movie theater.

I will be shocked if this movie lasts two weeks.


I know my readers are not big when I post a lesson post, but sometimes to get people thinking a lesson post is needed.

In our society we have a major problem with personal responsibility and accountability. The First Amendment has become an excuse for a free for all mentality when it comes to our personal speech. This is dangerous because it promotes a world where no one is ever accountable for their speech actions.

The primary lesson is, the First Amendment right is between individuals (corporations too) and the government. It is the government which cannot regulate my speech. As an employer for example I can regulate the speech of my employees. I can say - “I will fire you if you talk about your personal life with your fellow employees while at work.” Perfectly legal.

Now, some people like to say the First Amendment never applies between individuals. This is not completely correct. In a very indirect way it does apply between individuals. The government cannot pass any laws which curtail speech. The best language on the issue comes from the Texas Constitution - you can say anything you want, but you can be held accountable for what you say. The key is - the government cannot curtail your speech before you say it, but it can allow for laws which punish you for your speech after you say it. This is why we have defamation laws. - Accountability and Responsibility


It amazes me how Sarah Palin is claiming as a defender of the constitution that it violates Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s Free Speech rights for people to protest her use of the “n” word. The following is from Sarah Palin’s Tweets.

“Dr. Laura: don't retreat ... reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence"isn't American,not fair")"

For those who do not know, with a black caller Dr. Laura used the “n” word repeatedly to make her point. Sponsors became angry and started to pull out. To be sure civil rights groups filed complaints with her sponsors.

The following was Dr. Laura’s response to the sponsors pulling out. “I want to regain my First Amendment rights,” Schlessinger said, contending that special-interest groups were limiting her freedom to express herself.

While I am not big on boycotting sponsors, in a free society we are free to boycott sponsors who support views we find offensive. You can bet your life Dr. Laura would be calling for a boycott of any company which advertises on a show promoting marriage to children. And you know what, I would support such a boycott.

It is a very scary thing when so called educated people misuse the First Amendment to vilify those who oppose them. I am not talking about bad mouthing the civil rights groups, I am talking about trying to convince your supporters that the civil rights groups are trying to take away your First Amendment rights.

We live in a free society not a dictatorship headed by Dr. Laura and Sarah Palin. As a business I have the right to decide where I advertise. The notion that advertisers have to support shows which their customers oppose because to not to would violate Dr. Laura’s free speech is absurd. In the same way she is free to speak her mind, I am free to not listen to or support her show or her sponsors. This is called freedom.

What Dr. Laura and Sarah Palin are really saying is, if people hold then accountable for their actions, then people are violating their rights. No Dr. Laura and Sarah Palin - it is called personal responsibility and accountability - something both of the people oppose.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I did not see the entire meeting on Tuesday, I was busy putting down sod. It is only this morning I am learning the city commission voted to allow BCIC to borrow money for the sports park. They just do not get it. You cannot keep on putting the people into debt against our wishes. While I recognize it will be highly unlikely that three qualified people will announce against Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria, I also recognize the people are mad and mad as hell. Given the mood in Brownsville to end the contempt the city commission has for the people, maybe just maybe three highly qualified candidates will run. The debt spending has to end.


I am really trying to understand a clear argument on this issue for one side or the other. Because of the word “regardless” in the CO Act, on that issue and that issue alone I think the city is standing on solid ground. But it does not end on that issue.

There are rules of construction when interpreting a statute. The Texas Constitution governs over any statute. This is where the statute gets very suspect.

§ 9.004 of the Texas Local Government Code provides for a specific procedure to amended the City Charter. This is based on a clear command on the issue from the Texas Constitution. “The adoption or amendment of charters is subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by the Legislature.” (See below for the complete language from the Texas Constitution.)

Nothing in the Texas Local Government Code allows the legislature to amend city charters by state statute. But still it is not this simple. If the state statute stated that it is illegal to put CO’s to a public vote, the city might have an argument. “no charter or any ordinance passed under said charter shall contain any provision inconsistent with the Constitution of the State, or of the general laws enacted by the Legislature of this State.”

But even there a problem develops because if the CO Act was passed after the city charters provided for a vote, the court could rule the CO Act as applied to these cities acts as an unconstitutional ex post facto law.

“The Texas Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized that the home rule amendment
grants to home rule cities the “full power of local self-government.” Texas courts of appeals
have consistently held that home rule cities derive their authority from the Constitution and look
to the legislature only for a limitation on that authority. In other words, legislation is not
required for home rule cities to act.”

This is from the article which follows - p. 12. The Texas Supreme Court case is City of Houston v. State ex rel City of West University Place, 142 Tex. 190, 176 S.W.2d 928, 929 (1943).

This is a great article written by a lawyer as his thesis for a Masters in Public Administration


How can Home Rule cities be self-governing if the Legislature can pass laws using words like “may” which effectively allows city commissioners to ignore city charters? Further, how is a discretionary function created by the word “may” be a limitation on power” which is all the legislature can do when it comes to Home Rule cities?

So while I think the CO Act by its language gives great weight to the city’s argument, when read in context with the Texas Constitution and the purpose of Home Rule cities there are only two options. As to the City of Brownsville the CO Act is unconstitutional, or the CO Act authorizes the city commission permission to go to the people to amend the city charter to allow for CO’s without a vote. The problem with the latter is, the city commissions can already do that. So in the end the only real option is, as to cities like Brownsville the CO Act is unconstitutional.

This lawsuit is anything but frivolous.

Finally, I have been highly critical of Brownsville for its lack of proactive participation in anti-government movements. Right now we have the CO movement and speech movement. I hope both groups can be guided by rational minds which allows them to grow. Both groups can form the foundation for a strong anti-city commission vote come May 2011. This will only happen if both groups proceed rationally and without drama. I hope both succeed. But they need to grow in numbers. They need to educate the people with information booths in places like the mall.

Sec. 5. CITIES OF MORE THAN 5,000 POPULATION; ADOPTION OR AMENDMENT OF CHARTERS; TAXES; DEBT RESTRICTIONS. Cities having more than five thousand (5000) inhabitants may, by a majority vote of the qualified voters of said city, at an election held for that purpose, adopt or amend their charters. If the number of inhabitants of cities that have adopted or amended their charters under this section is reduced to five thousand (5000) or fewer, the cities still may amend their charters by a majority vote of the qualified voters of said city at an election held for that purpose. The adoption or amendment of charters is subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by the Legislature, and no charter or any ordinance passed under said charter shall contain any provision inconsistent with the Constitution of the State, or of the general laws enacted by the Legislature of this State. Said cities may levy, assess and collect such taxes as may be authorized by law or by their charters; but no tax for any purpose shall ever be lawful for any one year, which shall exceed two and one-half per cent. of the taxable property of such city, and no debt shall ever be created by any city, unless at the same time provision be made to assess and collect annually a sufficient sum to pay the interest thereon and creating a sinking fund of at least two per cent. thereon. Furthermore, no city charter shall be altered, amended or repealed oftener than every two years.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


With the economy hurting every industry Cinemark has announced it will sell tickets for $6.00 to Tuesday night showings of Brownsville City Commission meetings.  They will make their money on popcorn and candy.  Now this is innovation and good entertainment.

Now to be serious, with Stickmans closed I do not know where, but some bar similar to Stickman's need to start Tuesday night specials.  Bars are slow on Tuesday nights - they need to turn the channel onto the City Commission meetings and sell beer beer beer. Hey maybe Sorry Charlie Atkinson and Pat Almight might join us.

First, I am finally done moving - now it is time to unpack. I had three loads for the dumps- a very large dog house which had termites, and 5 sections of fence which formed the dog run. Then there was 6 years of things I stored but did not want nor need. I was also amazed I had so much folded cardboard and plastic bottles in the garage. I use things like cardboard to put on the cement if I need to get under the truck. So I am always saving it. I use large plastic bottles for cleaning water when we go to the beach. It comes in real handy when you want to rinse the kids feet before they get in your truck. I actually had an entire truck load of recyclables. That just amazed me. But I am now done - today is unpack and organize the new house.

The new house is really nice. It has properly installed windows so I will have a lot less dust and my electric bill will go down. I am very happy with my new living quarters and very grateful to the owners who rented it to me. I love the tile floors. The only problem which has lead to me getting a lot of exercise is, the back yard turns to mud when it rains. I did not realize how much dirt there was. There is some grass but not enough. The front yard is beautiful and I will keep it that way with weed feed and bug spray.

I am every landlord’s best tenant. My dogs need good grass. The dogs are my issue and my responsibility. So yesterday I went to Harlingen and bought a 160 square feet of sod. It did not cover much, but it got all of the mud area near the patio and French doors. I enjoyed putting it down. Damn the laws - I would have enjoyed it more if I could have done it in my b-day suit so I could spray myself down. What would the neighbors have told the police - there is a bald bear washing himself down with a hose with a George of the Jungle tattoo on his butt. The police would have sent the looney truck for the caller. Well I did - but now my shorts were soaked. I did have a great time doing it. My dogs loved the grass. They loved not having mud all over their paws and me having to wash their paws before coming in the house. Tomorrow I will buy another 160 square feet of sod. Does anyone know where I can buy sod in Brownsville so I do not have to go to Harlingen?

But to be clear I am so, so happy in this house. My dogs are so happy to have a big yard again. Boy do I love my dishwasher. I hope by my levity above my readers can see just how happy I am in my new home.


Sossi proved last night that he truly suffers from a Napoleonic syndrome of types. On the budget issue, cities all over the U.S. are lowering wages of its top executives, while furloughing employees to save money. A woman pointed out how Pat Almighty noted Sossi is over paid. Her point was not Sossi. Her point was, are there city employees who are overpaid and can the city reduce its budget deficit by lowering the salaries of the top paid employees?

Rather than allow her to make her point - Sossi cried out - this is a personal attack on his person - no Sossi - it was a legitimate comment on how to reduce the budget deficit.

Another speaker raised the issue of how much of the budget goes to defend litigation which the city should settle. This is a budget issue. This is the city commission using taxpayers money for their own ends. But no, again Sossi shut it down and said no one’s damn business. Sossi has to go, but he will stay until after the May 2011, election when the new commissioners fire his ass.

On my free speech suit I will be proceeding in about 3 weeks. Now that I have moved I need to unpack. The Texas Supreme Court recently issued an opinion which may allow me to go directly to them. If I do I will simultaneously file with the Texas Supreme Court and the federal courts. I will win this and Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria will find themselves in May blaming Sossi. Yes, why would we expect a lawyer like Troiani to know anything about the law. Why would we expect a social studies teacher like Longoria to know anything about free speech. Can you imagine what he must be teaching our children on the issue.


My hats off to this group and Craig Crove. I hope their group becomes a strong seed for a greater movement. While I do not want to lead, I really want to be part of a group looking for a group of 4 to run in May 2011. We need three commissioners and a mayor who will commit to restoring speech, ending the use of CO’s without the consent of the people, and a house cleaning of the city commission which includes, Sossi, Cabler and Medina. I know some people do not like Pete Gonzalez, but he is the most sane person in the city government. He is fiscally responsible, while telling the city commission the truth - something they all hate.


I like the Big Brother show. People known as floaters eventually get voted off and never win. Rose Gowen is such a person. I think I dislike her more so than any other commissioner. She offers nothing to the commission or the people. She walks on a cowardly fence. This is not leadership. I expect a different approach from an at large commissioner than from a commissioner who represents a particular part of town. On both counts Rose Gowen is a complete failure. Hey Rosie, when are you going to help educate the people about the spread of HIV to Latinas? I guess by keeping people ignorant on this issue, doctors can make more money. When are you going to address the healthcare issues by having a workshop to educate people? Answer never - feckless people live on fences. Brownsville needs leaders and Rose Gowen is not a leader. I am certain that in 2 ½ years she will be given her walking papers by the people of Brownsville.

I have said I like Camarillo. He gets an A+ for how he works his district. He is hands down the best commissioner for working his district. But as a city wide leader, week after week I see him running from taking on difficult issues which are city wide.

I have no use for fence sitters. He will always win his district because he is good at district representation, but he will never win a city wide election or county election. He has set his reputation as a fence sitter and this is sad.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Bankruptcy does not come along simply because of an economic turndown. Freedom ended up in bankruptcy because of mismanagement at every level. When your readership is telling you, you are failing them you do not ban them from your letters section and hope things will get better. This is the essence of Freedom’s management style.

To catch you up - I made the mistake of subscribing to the Brownsville Herald. The subscription form had a specific box for automatic renewal. I checked no automatic renewal. To the morons who run the Brownsville Herald this meant they could remove money from my checking account at will. All of my complaints were ignored.

I sent the president of the company a lawsuit I intended to file if he could not stop what was happening. You should know he had previously assured me the problem was fixed. It was not. You know a company is in trouble when low level people at the Brownsville Herald can tell the president of Freedom Communications to go jump in a lake.

After he received a copy of the prospective lawsuit, he finally understood the people running the Brownsville Herald are complete and total morons. He must have made it clear that one more complaint from me and someone was going to be fired.

Well a year later out of now where I am getting collection calls for a paper I never subscribed to. Again they are trying to access my checking account. They are calling me demanding that I allow them to access my account. The woman is threatening me on the phone - I believe she actually said I should be a man and pay my bills. What bill? I never ordered the Herald.

This was just before the bankruptcy. I filed the lawsuit. The collection calls finally ended.

Here is the problem. It appears the lawyers for Freedom failed to include my lawsuit in the bankruptcy. Maybe two months ago I received a letter that because I failed to submit a claim after being ordered to by the court, my claim was lost in the bankruptcy. I immediately notified the bankruptcy lawyers that I never received such an order and demanded proof I received the order and proof that I was even included in the bankruptcy.

Here is the scoop, if they failed to include me in the bankruptcy the claims remains live. Also claims covered by insurance are not subject to discharge. Also if they never sent me an order telling I have to file a claim by a date certain, then I have not lost my rights.

The bankruptcy lawyer wrote me basically saying Freedom will reserve its rights, and by the way “I am not sending you proof you were included in the bankruptcy or that you received notice to file a claim.”

With no proof my claim was discharged, I proceeded with discovery in the lawsuit. I am asking whether or not there is insurance to cover my claim. I am asking for proof I was included in the bankruptcy. I am asking for proof that I received notice I needed to file a claim.

I offered to settle my claim for $1,000.00. This is a mere $300.00 over my damages and costs. The lawyer representing Freedom wants to settle. He sees the value in the settlement offer. I can tell you based on the pleadings which have been filed locally, and what they are doing in the bankruptcy court, Freedom has now spent some $10,000.00 or more, to not pay me $1,000.00.

Two months ago, and as late as yesterday, I told their lawyers, just send me proof I received the court order telling me to file a claim and I will dismiss the lawsuit. They will not. You need to understand this case is not being driven by their lawyer - it is either being driven by management or the bankruptcy lawyers who screwed up the case.

This is not just about Freedom. This is about corporate America and in fact the government. No one wants to do the right thing. Whether it is a local city commission endlessly spending the people’s money, or a corporation endlessly spending the stockholders’ money, it is not their money so they spend - spend - spend - and then raise taxes or raise the cost of their product.

It is about mismanagement.

As to Freedom, I predict they will spend at least $50,000.00, before they pay me to settle the case.

If this is how Freedom is handling a tiny little claim, what does it tell us about their new management team? They are as bad as the previous management team if not worse. When the money is not theirs, corporate America seems to think spend, spend, spend is the only management style.

Monday, August 16, 2010


As in years past, I am helping a family get ready for school.  The kids need clothes and school supplies.  This is the first time I am buying clothes for a girl in middle school.  The child will be attending Stell.  I  told my brother-in-law about what I am about to discuss, and he said "that is about right - it sounds like Stell is running the school."  I asked what he meant and he said as a child he remembers Stell hitting him with a palm branch for running in the parking lot.

I was horrified to learn that even morons, meaning those who run the BISD, have a policy that the girls dress like boys.  I do not object to the colors- that is fine.  What I object to is that girls are forced to wear boys polo shirts.   Okay just because they make them with the buttons on the opposite side does not make them feminine.

At Stell the polos can only be royal blue.  No white, such as allowed at other schools.  The children will be dressed in blue jeans and royal blue polos.  They can also where khaki shorts, but not pants. What would be the sin in allowing the girls to where royal blue slacks?

Obviously, the BISD has not heard that multiple colors actually stimulate the brain.  We would not want to stimulate the brain, now would we.

These girls are at an age when they are changing and starting to have self esteem problems.  Forcing them to dress like boys does not help.  They are girls.  I found beautiful royal blue blouses which were very conservative in design.  Nope - not allowed - this would make them appear as girls.

Last year I bought this girl a dress, below the knee.  It had two blouses which went with the dress.  I also bought her brown leather flats.  Every time she wore it to school her teachers told her how pretty she was in a dress.  She loves that dress.  It made her feel like a little girl.

I wonder how the parents in this town would feel if they were told their boys had to dress like girls.  I ask this question because it demonstrates how willing we are to discriminate against girls and think nothing of it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


A vagina - a penis - the essence of marriage. Like a dog the vagina is penetrated by a crazed penis without purpose beyond self gratification. With a burst of ecstacy the penis spews forth its vomit of cream soup without regard for its consequences. A life my spew from its vomit, a disease may grow from its vomit - it does not matter. The penis is limp having secured its fix.

Marriage a modern tale of penal and penile vomit. A one act play of penile vomit celebrating form over substance written by ignorance, bigotry, and political opportunists.


Love, commitment, duty - two people aspiring towards the same goals in life while being guided though life by the love, commitment and duty to one another. Some may include children in their life. Some may see a life of charity while working around the world. Some may seek mutual comfort as they move through life and do their best to survive and contribute to the community.

When marriage was lost to the perversion children became the first victims. Children were no longer part of the plan, but instead a chaotic consequence of the perversion. The instinctive mostly human trait of love, commitment, and duty became lost in the penile vomit. Children became something you dealt with, instead of someone you embraced as a blossoming flower in your garden of wild flowers with its diversity and endless beauty.

Humanity is losing its essence. Self gratification, ignorance, bigotry and opportunism are destroying humanity and its future, namely our children.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well it is finally here - I am officially moving. I started yesterday. I found a place in Mercedes called Lone Star Shredding and Document Storage. For a mere $55.00 they shredded some 24 boxes of old legal files. I still have about another 25 or so boxes, but they are not yet at the point where I can destroy them. I paid about $2,29 a box, while other companies out there were charging 7-9 dollars a box depending on whether or not I brought them the boxes or they came to my home.

Anyway  BV will be back tomorrow. I got to get a move on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



There are always two official positions. One for the consumption by the people, and then the truth. While at the VA in SA last week undergoing a facet joint injection procedure to control hip pain I met a former Special Forces soldier. We got to talking. He said the situation in “Afghanistan is a cake-walk compared to Mexico.” He said he had done tours in both counties. In fact in the case of the latter, he operated in Mexico City.

Look it is no great secret we are all over Colombia fighting the drug war, why not Mexico? Being in Mexico did not surprise me - what surprised me was the statement “Afghanistan is a cake-walk compared to Mexico.” With at least two care bombs now in a month, maybe Mexico is that bad.


Late yesterday I posted a comment changing my position on the CO’s. Until yesterday while reading my own comment, I never saw or heard the argument as to why the CO Act does not apply. This is always my great frustration. I cannot operate on conclusory statements without support. After I read the Brief by the Friendswood 5, I began to get the argument, but the Brief failed to mention the legal basis in the CO Act for why it does not apply. Again it was a conclusory statement.

Now - a lawsuit as a matter of law cannot be frivolous if another judge has already ruled in your favor as to the legal principle. In the Friendswood case this has happened. Sossi’s threats are a consequence of either unethical conduct or a total lack of knowledge of the law.

Now to play reality - this judge can order a trial bond be posted and the Brownsville 8 can fail to post the bond, and nothing will change. No one is going to buy bonds which are in legal dispute. The Brownsville 8 still get to appeal, with an issue being the legality of the bond. The appellate court can declare the bond illegal because in the end the CO’s are illegal.

The Brownsville 8 need to prepared a formal State Bar complaint against Sossi. The issue is not the merits of the lawsuit, but whether or not he used his office and position as a lawyer to threaten citizens of Brownsville for the heinous crime of exercising their rights. As a matter of law a lawsuit cannot be frivolous if another judge has already ruled in your favor on the point of law. When is this city commission going to end the rule of Sossi? His bogus threat only proves what I said last week - he suffers Napoleonic micropenis syndrome. If the shoe fits, as they say.


People need to look at the CO’s Act, and consider the following using both the words Shall and May.

271.044 (b) A home-rule municipality may use this subchapter regardless of any provision in the municipality's charter to the contrary.

Under may it would mean the municipality has a choice of being guided by its city charter or the CO Act.

Under shall it would mean the municipality shall use the CO Act regardless of anything in its city charter.

Now, I can see an argument wherein the city commission could argue that “ regardless of any provision in the municipality's charter to the contrary.” means they do not have to first amend the city charter before opting to act under the CO Act. The word “regardless” appears to suggest that the prohibition in the city charter can still be in place while the city commission acts under the CO Act. This interpretation is needed to give meaning to the word regardless.

BUT, the backdrop to all of this is an all Republican Texas Supreme Court which is not inclined to rule Home Rule city commissions can go into deficit spending through borrowing without the consent of the people.

Second, the Texas Supreme Court is going to look at the unique powers of Home-Rule cities and find that if the legislature can pass laws which abolish Home-Rule city charters in favor of allowing city commissions to choose if they will be guided by state statute or the city charter, then the intent of the protection afforded the people by and through a city charter becomes meaningless.


Last night Il Duce Troiani openly dismissed the opposition to the Sports Park based on a lack of speakers to oppose the Sports Park. Why would good people even bother going before a city commission which considers free speech dead, and insulting the speakers or dismissing the speakers a sport?

The people will speak on the Sports Park issue in May 2011. Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria have all done enough to anger the people into voting the commissioners out of office. But will the people act? The people need to be given a meaningful choice. Like I said if the best Brownsville can do in May 2011 is any of the Brownsville 8, then each of these commissioners will win reelection.

Time is short. It is time the community begin looking for well spoken candidates who can win. If all we have are the same old recycled candidates nothing will change at city hall.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I truly try and understand things the best I can.  With Mark Sossi having a complete and total melt down and threatening citizens of Brownsville with a countersuit claiming the lawsuit is frivolous as it relates to the CO's, it is time this city commission fire his sorry ass or face the people.

I found a Brief on line submitted by the so called Friendswood5 in their case related to the CO's.  I now have an insight to their argument.  They are not disputing what the CO's Act says.  They are saying it only governs if the city charter agrees it governs. I only saw this when I went back to my original post on the issue.  They left the key law out of their Brief.  I have it below.  In that the Friendswood and Brownsville City Charters do not say the CO Act governs, then under their theory it would not govern and the City Charter provision which provides for a vote will govern.

Here the is Brief - see page 8. 


Here is relevant law.

271.044 (b) A home-rule municipality may use this subchapter regardless of any provision in the municipality's charter to the contrary.


Now an argument can be made that since the City Charter does not opt to use the CO Act, it then does not apply.  If the city commission can simply adopt the Act into the City Charter (remember the act says "may" - not "shall") then the city commission is free to ignore the process by which city charters are amended.

This is actually pretty basic.  Here is the Texas law on the meaning of the word May.

§ 311.016. "May," "Shall," "Must," etc.

The following constructions apply unless the context in which the word or phrase appears necessarily requires a different construction or unless a different construction is expressly provided by statute:

(1) "May" creates discretionary authority or grants permission or a power."


The fact the legislature used the word May and not Shall means all of the difference.  the key here is, the municipality has a choice - the CO Act is not mandated by law to usurp the City Charter.  This is why I believe the Texas Supreme Court will find the City Charter must be amended to adopt the CO Act over existing provisions within the City Charter.


It is time this city commission hire competent counsel.   To the city commission - as a matter of law because one judge has already ruled on this issue against a city, it cannot meet the standards of frivolous

A WORD TO OUR CITY COMMISSION:  If you think Sossi is not acting as he is for any other reason than to settle a personal score with Sanchez and Sorola, you are kidding yourself. 

It is time to end legal advice by vendetta.

It really amazes me that the city commission remains defiant on the issue of deficit spending. Given the mood of the country, what could possibly motivate such defiant conduct? The reality they can still win if the wrong people challenge them.

I have a theory. Within the Tea Party movement we are seeing their candidates failing in many races because when push comes to shove the voters look to the person. Many Tea Party candidates are so fringe and so out of tune with reality that even people mad over the budget vote, they decide to vote for anyone but a particular Tea Party candidate. This is what I predict will happen in May during the COB elections.

I hope against hope that the plaintiffs in the certificates of obligation case win. But the law is the law. I have carefully reviewed the Texas Constitution, and relevant statutes - it is clear the legislature decided that the people could not be trusted when it comes to the development of their cities and authorized elected officials to sell CO’s. Independent of the legal remedy these plaintiffs seek, there is still the more important remedy - the ballot box.

Our entire form of government from the federal government down to municipal government is based on indirect democracy. We elected people to do what is best. The authors of the constitution understood you cannot trust the majority to do the right thing. This is why rights are preserved and it is nearly impossible to amend the federal constitution.

If left to the majority blacks could still not marry whites - the selling of condoms would be a crime, and poll taxes would be legal. The people have proven over and over again they cannot be trusted with their own freedom.

I believe this is why the state legislature wrote a statute which overrides city charters on the issue of CO’s. There comes a point wherein the city may have no choice but to raise money. Really, who favors allowing the library roof to continue leaking? This is something which has to be fixed.

What makes our system of government so effective is, in the end the ballot box is the ultimate balance of power. If the people are truly upset with the issue of CO’s then they are free to go to the polls in May 2011, and vote Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria out of office. If the people succeed at this, then a real message will be sent - although not necessarily a good message. We cannot have a government afraid to spend money when needed - fixing the library roof. But conversely we cannot afford a government such as we have with the COB unwilling to cut the budget and furlough employees when necessary. Also this city commission spent way too much on the Sports Park, thereby leaving the city to have to pick up the tab for things which should have been covered with BCIC money.

In the past I discussed the prospect of a ticket of candidates working in unison against Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria. Here is the problem - if the ticket has any of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit as part of that ticket it will fail and guarantee Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria are reelected. These plaintiffs, while in my opinion are acting in good faith to defend the interests of the people by forcing the issue in court, are not capable of winning an election.

When push comes to shove they will be seen as fringe candidates only small populations will support. They cannot overcome their past deficiencies as candidates.

If people really want to defeat Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria, they better find a ticket of highly qualified well spoken candidates who can convince the people of Brownsville they will bring sanity and professionalism to the city commission and city government.