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WHOIS RESEARCH SHOWS SOMEONE IN BROWNSVILLE OWNS ELROCINANTE.COM.  In  fact if you type in it is redirected to the google blogspot.  El Rocinante is not down - it is a con for idiots who still believe Santa is NOT real - The Easter Bunny begs to differ.

I am no fan of google or blogspot.  In fact for some time I have been thinking of changing to another service.  I personally believe google and its blogspot has done more to do injury to free speech than any other service.  This weekend when I set up I will look into how godaddy blog applications work.  If it works I will move the BV over to their format.

In part my final decision to move is in protest to google shutting down El Rocinante.  Personally I do not believe they shut down El Rocinante.  I think it is a publicity stunt to gain sympathy - "I'm a victim."  But who knows.  The fact of the matter is nothing in at least the last 12 months in El Rocinante has been any worse than it was in the past - so why all of a sudden shut it down?  This is why I believe the entire story is a con.

The only reason I have ever seen any one shut down their blog so fast is over being sued, or receiving notice they are about to be sued.

Nonetheless, inasmuch as El Rocinante has done nothing in at least 12 months different than it has done for years, I find it unacceptable that google shut it down.  My protest is to move to godaddy, assuming the format works for me.  If it does not I will search for something else.  The sooner I leave google the better.

Let's talk facts on free speech.  I have spent about $1,000.00 in pursuing my free speech claims against the City of Brownsville.  Jerry, Juanito, and DPM $0.00 spent on promoting free speech.  As soon as I get moved some time next week I will spend close to another $1,000.00 in a matter of days.

The one thing these three turkeys have in common is crying like babies and foul if anyone says boo to them, but under the guise of journalism and satire they spite everyone on the planet.

Fact, Jerry and DPM attacked Juanito for taking money - I defended him - its called making money - as American as apple pie.  It is called free speech.  the attacks came from Jerry through his blog and DPM, not me

Fact, I invite DPM and Juanito to leave google in protest to their decision to shut down El Rocinante, assuming they did and it is not just a publicity stunt.  Will they join me in solidarity with El Rocinante?  Highly doubtful.

If godaddy does not work for me, I will look elsewhere - I am taking suggestions  for other services.

Now, do I fault google - no - it is called "FREE ENTERPRISE"  get it Juanito - just like it is Free Enterprise for you to take money from advertisers who you are promoting as political candidates.

But in a FREE world I am free to not do business with google.  It is like changing the channel - my choice - so Juanito and DPM rather than just throw rocks with false accusations and childish name calling from the back of the crowd - join me in leaving google.  Yea right.


Anonymous said...


...I try real hard to understand the medical problems you live with and hope that you do not suffer beyond your ability to endure them. But I will not stand for your name-calling. I am no "turkey," and I would suggest that you desist from launching such stupidities. Yes, I monitor your site for any/all references to me...because I know that you will stumble and, yes, I will pursue legal action against you. You're a self-described "ill" man, sir, and my suggestion is that you concentrate on healing yourself and forget about lobbing dirt on anyone. Improve the quality of your life. That is a more worthwhile undertaking than blogging about a guy who feels only pity for you. You're a veteran. ACT LIKE ONE! Posting sniveling missives about people who care not one whit about you is lame. Please post this, so that it becomes part of the record. I, along with the Internet, keep a file on every word you write about me, sir. My patience nears its end...


BobbyWC said...

This from the eunuch too cowardly to appear in court to defend himself. I think you made my point.


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


Bobby WC)

Bobby, I agree with you 100%. It is priceless. But if you would allow me to come up with a few names of my own for the DPM sort, it also would be priceless. Know you won't, though.

BobbyWC said...

you are right - no leave me alone - writing movie review - I take responsibility for what gets posted here - I do not run from lawsuits like a coward rather than defend my alleged conduct

Unlike Eddie Petulant Munster - when I am accused of wrongdoing I defend myself and not run.

Look he is a 2nd grade bully who runs when challenged by a kinder

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

El roci was nuked by Google. The domain is indeed registered and still resolves to the Blogger system. It was no stunt. If one has the talent, getting a site or user kicked or banned does not require the threat of suit. Most often the threat of suit actually slows the process of making a site what we call "404 compliant". But that is not my point. My many years on the net tell me that the cause of Google's action occured within 10 days of it's demise. If anyone had a full site RSS feed, examining the last few days of posts, and most importantly the comments will yield up the party responsible.

BobbyWC said...

I was not refering to someone suing google I was referring to someone suing McHale

Further what prevents him from posting to Nothing it is his doing. Google does not own the .com he does.

I am convinced it was a stunt - nothing in his web page was more offensive than thousands of other blogspots which feature a lot worse pictures and language

there are blogspots which are truly over the top - he was at best R rated compared to some of the other blogspots - knowing this and knowing he is the sole cause he is not publishing under the .com why would anyone believe it was anything but a stunt?

do tell why does he not just start publishing under the .com?

also google went to war with China over the censorship issue

I do not like google - it has destroyed the blog process by making it a free for all of nutjobs so they can make money - most blogs are now just a place for the insane to post their rants

this is sad which is why I want to move on elsewhere and will as soon as I find something

Bobby WC