Thursday, July 15, 2010


Boyd L. Richie, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, rather than admit he has failed the Democratic Party and he has chosen to turn a blind eye to the criminal enterprise which is the Democratic Party of the LRGV now seeks to use litigation to deny the people choice at the polls.


The Dems are alleging that the Republicans orchestrated ballot access for the Green Party. There is nothing about the Green Party which any honest person can call Republican in its intent.

Let’s assume for argument sake, Republican operatives conducted the campaign needed to give the Green Party candidates access to the ballot for the November elections. How does this translate into the Green Party supporters not being allowed to vote for the candidate of their choosing? Certainly no Republican is going to vote for them. But many left leaning Independents like myself will vote for them as a protest vote against the Democratic Party.

It is sad that the only thing the Democratic Party of Texas has to offer the people at this time is the threat of litigation to keep the people from having a real choice come November. How anyone who believes in freedom can continue to support the Texas Democratic Party is beyond me?

Here is the email Boyd Richie sent out to the lemmings in the Texas Democratic Party.

Dear Fellow Democrat,

1. Your Texas Democratic Party is continuing our legal effort to get to the bottom of the Rick Perry-GOP-Green Party scandal, and our most important goal is determining the secret source of the Republican money used in an illegal corporate effort to get Green Party candidates on the ballot. We know the Republican operatives who directed this scheme aren’t going to do the right thing. But it’s not too late for the Green Party candidates to act, if they ever want their party to be taken seriously again.

Follow this link to see the email about GOP operative Anthony Holm's offer to pay for the Green Party's effort to get on the ballot.

As you can see in that email, at least three Green Party candidates had early knowledge that secret Republican funds were being used to manipulate the 2010 election.

The Green Party candidates still have a choice. Will they remain on the ballot and risk future legal consequences, knowing they were put there by cynical Republican operatives who detest everything the Greens claim they believe? Or will they realize the only way to restore their integrity is by doing the right thing and withdrawing from the ballot?

Click below to email the Green Party candidates to ask them to do the honorable thing and withdraw from the November ballot:

Deb Shafto for Governor
Herb Gonzales for Lt. Governor
Ed Lindsay for Comptroller
Art Browning for Railroad Commissioner
Kat Swift, Green Party Executive Director and Candidate for Bexar County Commissioner

Your Fellow Democrat,

Boyd L. Richie
Texas Democratic Party

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