Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I will keep the weather updates going as needed.  Again every one's main issue is not wind, but flooding.

MZ did a great job in ignoring Sorry Charlie Atkinson.  Although there may have been a bit too much joy in putting forth the motion to pull the CO funding for the Sports Park.  A professional would have sat out the rest of the meeting, but no Sorry Charlie had to leave.

To Sorry Charlie and Dr. Gowen - you both need to learn something about economics and taxing.  First to Dr. Gowen - only people who believe it says in the Book of Genesis "let there be money." believe in free money.  Federal grant money comes from federal taxes being paid by the people of Brownsville.  The American people are tired of being taxed.  What you Dr Gowen call free money is in fact federal deficit money my great grand nieces and nephews will be paying for over the next 50 years and possibly longer.  they beg to differ as to whether or not this money is free.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson is so poorly educated it boggles my mind.  Again Sorry Charlie, because I refuse to call you a liar,  all federal, state, county and municipal moneys (with a few exceptions) come from the taxpayers.  When you claim the CO's in part will be paid for with federal grants what you are in fact saying is, Brownsville taxpayers will be paying for part of the CO's with federal tax dollars paid by Brownsville residents.  No, I will say it - "you are a liar."  When you can learn not to throw temper tantrums and tell the truth, you can return to the city commission meetings.


Sorry Charlie Atksinson's district needs a new commissioner, he will not be returning to the city commission. 

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The power of the people said...

Thanks Bobby, thanks for all you do. I wish you would run for office, county or city.