Tuesday, July 6, 2010


“You have arroz con pollo and then you drink cafe con leche -- and you think you already know my community.” Marytza Sanz, president of Latino Leadership Inc.

Several weeks ago I established a web page - basta.com. I have not done anything with it because I was in limbo over moving to SA. My decision to stay in Brownsville has actually relieved a lot of stress.

Every movement to succeed, especially when you have limited resources, must be focused on an issue which will mean change. My proposal is - we use Basta to boycott the Democratic Party in the November elections. This is not to say we ask people for a candidate in another party - it simply means we do not vote Democrat.

The institutionalized corruption which exists in the LRGV exists because Austin does not take us seriously. Although with no Democratic winning statewide elections for such a long time, you would think they would get the message that without the LRGV they cannot win.

The Texas Democratic Party is a party of “Plantation Politics.” As its purpose it seeks to enslave the minorities which keep it alive. There is no Democratic Party of Texas without Latinos, African Americans, gays (used generically - too old to change my ways) and other groups. They insist that each of these groups just tote along until they are willing to provide meaningful representation. The idea that any of these groups can be bought with Lone Star cards is at the heart of Texas Democratic politics.

If Basta can be organized with its sole goal being an organized boycott of the Democrats in November, it will send a message. It will force the northern press run by the racists within the Democratic Party such as the Austin American Statesman to finally confront us and expose the truth about the criminal enterprise which is the Democratic Party of the LRGV.

This will not be a position of negotiations. It will be a boycott. There will be no demands until after the election after we have flexed our power. If you negotiate before the election they will offer scraps to a handful of people they believe that can influence a call off the boycott.

If there is anyone out there willing to help me build the web page I will accept that help. My initial donation will be the bumper stickers. This week I will look into the issues associate with organizing a political movement. I will tell you going the 501c3 non-profit route is always a mistake. The best path is the path which gives the government the least amount of control over your fund-raising and message.

It is my view we simply announce our purpose - Basta - boycott Democrats in November 2010.

But to justify our purpose we must put forward evidence to support our frustration and sense of disenfranchisement. I would suggest using at least three examples - the Port, the Amit/Livingston matter, and election fraud. The Peña transcript is solid evidence on the latter issue.

If we refuse to boycott the November election we relinquish our right to dissent. Now, I will tell you, there will be local hacks from the Democratic Party who will demand we negotiate - why? - because they are being offered something to disrupt Basta. There will be people who will want to expand the message. This is why I am interested in only working with a handful of people. Any such organization will be attacked from the inside by plants. This cannot happen if we are to succeed.

I can promise the people of the LRGV that if we succeed in the boycott, and then demand the resignation of the entire Democratic Party leadership in Texas, we will win the day. Boyd Richie must resign post haste. This is not a position subject to negotiations. He can resign tomorrow and it will change nothing. Not one vote in November is our only option if we are to be taken as seriously.


Anonymous said...

Is this the breaking news?

BobbyWC said...

yes, but I see it going nowhere - ity is not in the nature of people to fight - complaining is so much easier

Anonymous said...

I see you found the tea party. The tea party includes everyone sick of corruption on every side, not just the conservatives.

Anonymous said...

(Is this the breaking news?)

Since it is hurricane season, I would stick to predicting the weather.