Friday, July 30, 2010


I have said this before and will say it again - there are two ways for government to raise revenue - taxes or profit. So why is it that the Republicans oppose both? They do not sort of - they just oppose anything which takes away from their profits.

This past week the Republicans provided the majority votes needed to fund an additional 33 billion for the war effort. Not one penny is paid for - all 33 billion are deficit spending. No money for education - no money for small business tax cuts, no money for small business loans - just money for death. The military industrial complex is big money for corporate America and that is why the Republicans vote deficit spending when it comes to the military industrial complex.

FHA, VA, SBA and Student Loans are all guaranteed by the American taxpayer. The American taxpayer is borrowing from China to loan the banks the money at near 0 interest rates so that the banks can loan the money to the people at higher interest rates. If the person or business defaults on the loan the American taxpayer pays the bank on the guarantee. The exposure of the bank is near zero to zero in almost every case.

Why is it that the Republicans and the right call it communism when it is proposed that the government just loan the money directly? This would mean the profits are paid to the American people and not corporate America. The Republicans are corporatists determined to keep corporate America going at the expense of the American taxpayer, even if it means bankrupting the country and our grandchildren.

We have the same problem with medicaid. Medicaid is bankrupting the states. The states can save billions if the Republicans would simply allow the states to set up state run community clinics in the large cities. Nope - this would take profits away from self employed doctors and corporations. Again, the Republicans demand that the people fund corporate America, at the expense of an ever growing national debt.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


If laws were broken and it can be confirmed they should be fired.  If no laws were broken - then let it go.

Sorry guys, but I am in the middle of the hellish move with still nowhere to live.  I need the day to focus on this issue.  BV will be back tomorrow - promise

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I promise to continue the discussion on the corporatization of America and its enslavement tomorrow - I decided on this rainy day something light might be better.

Puma Punka, Bolivia is now considered the most extraordinary archeological site in the world. The picture above is from Puma Punka. The structure is estimated to be as old at 17,000 years. What appears as H’s are in fact interlocking blocks carved with precision so that they fit together and hold the building in place.

I do not remember if it is these stones or at the site literally around the corner from Puma Punka, but they are made of a stone which is second only to diamonds in terms of their hardness. This means they could only be carved out with diamonds.

The history channel has an interesting multi-part series on the general issue of evidence of alien participation in the construction of unexplained archeological structures.
I am of the age that when Chariot of the Gods came out I read it along with the entire series. I truly believe open minded people have to be curious about these things. I do not profess to have the answer, mostly because unlike all the experts with conflicting opinions, I was not there when these structures were built.


Why is it that the only explanation is alien assistance? Why cannot it not be that at some time we had an advanced civilization in our own right which for what ever reason just killed itself off or died from a natural disaster?

If you love science you will enjoy when they duplicate the Bagdad battery. They use a clay pot, orange juice, and a copper tube.

I love archeology but tend to not like archaeologists. They tend to have an intellectual arrogance about them which gets in the way of understanding ancient civilizations. The fact they cannot agree on much should tell everyone their opinions are 100% speculation. 

It is about perspective.  When I teach I like to use the debate surrounding the Magna Carta.  So called left wing intellectuals like to argue that the Magna Carta was in fact a document for the landed privileged.  Their problem other than be arrogant is they perceive the Magna Carta through their eyes instead of the eyes of the people at the time the Magna Carta was signed.  I will not get into the lecture, but if you know the history of the period, the average peasant benefited from the Lord of the Manor being protected against an oppressive king. Perspective is key to objective analysis.

Their big problem is they assume the ancients saw the world as we did. For me it is almost surreal an educated person would think this way. On the issue of Mayan culture the debates are fierce as to whether the Mayan people were butchers and practiced human sacrifice. It is as if 5000 years from now an archaeologists find the films “SAW I - Infinity” and they conclude that is how we lived. Stupid is just not an accurate way to describe how so many archaeologists think.

While I do not discount the idea that there is life out there in the universe, I find it interesting that those who are so adamant about alien visitors, and archaeologists are so dismissive of the idea that these great unexplained structures such as at Puma Punka could not have been constructed by an advanced civilization which by their own hands or nature died out or had to restart civilization from scratch after a natural disaster.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Notice, the teachers are getting a pay raise and the ISD decided to go with the state insurance instead of self insured - and notice the clinic for their employees to help with the cost of seeking medical care.

Would BISD save money by doing the same things?  I do not know.

BUT FIRST, A WORD FROM YOUR SPONSOR:  The saddest part of this post is, it does not have the drama which draws in readers.  I know this, and know my readership today will drop by some 10%,  at least.  This is why this country continues to move in the wrong direction - the people are only motivated by drama -

REALITY CHECK I do not believe there has been a breach of national security. The entire Obama line on the issue is bogus. This is just another repeat of the Pentagon Papers. But if there was a breach of national security and it is shown Obama himself authorized the leak, then Congress would have no choice but to take action.


Let’s look at what was leaked. People die in war

Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much

I have a grand nephew who is a Navy Seal special opts. He is on his way to Afghanistan again, we believe. What exactly do the American people think these highly specially trained soldiers do? Reform prostitutes. They run operations which have as their objective - death. On what planet is anyone who has minimal knowledge of war not know soldiers kill the enemy. Yes Virginia, there is death in war and the US has a special unit with a hit list of leaders who are to be killed. In case you have never seen the conduct of war, it is not the policy of the US to call out to the enemy and say, “oh would you like to surrender before we kill you?” No, it is the policy to kill the leaders first in hopes of disrupting the opponent’s operations. No news story here

The next story is, the troops under Bush were systematically ignored. Obama during the campaign told everyone he was going to increase the US effort in Afghanistan because under Bush the war effort was neglected. So where is the story in this revelation. I do not care which war it is, if you think there are no documents with commanders complaining about a lack of support from Washington, you live in never-never land.

Civilians have died in the war - guys we bombed Hanoi without any concern for civilian casualties. It is war - either accept what it is, or demand the US never go to war again. God, I hate people who are shocked people die in war - can humanity be that stupid? Well, yes -

The military lies about the casualties and who caused them - “I’m shocked, during war our commanders manipulate facts in the interest of national security, just shocked.” Do you think war is a play ground of niceties? Do you think the morality of the Pope is guiding the process? Bad example that would have our troops raping 10 year old boys.

The corporatizing of the war - there is no story here - we have known since the beginning Bush and Cheney went to their friends and said - here is nearly a trillion dollars to play with - go have fun at the expense of humanity.

This last item may not be news, but it is endemic of the corruption in government and how we have gone from a democracy to a corporatocracy. I am going to pick up on the ladder tomorrow. And for those of you who think this is a Republican thing, you are wrong - Obama has sold out the American people for the sole purpose of promoting corporatocracy.

So in the end, the political lesson here is, when a President is losing image over a mismanaged war, what does he do? - he orders the release of classified documents which then allow the Administration to blame the previous president for the need of escalating the war today. Bush allowed the war to go bad, Bush neglected the needs of the troops, Bush corporatized the war.

This entire story, if there is a story, is the manipulation of the people for the purpose of boasting the reputation of the president and an unpopular war. Politics, where leading morons is an art form.

And before I hear from the peanut gallery - nothing I have written is an endorsement of war or a condemnation of war - I just deal in reality. You cannot make informed decisions on fallacy - you must face reality - “Yes Virginia it is true - Santa needed to fill his fat belly so he killed the Easter Bunny and had a feast.”

Monday, July 26, 2010


I am convinced that over the last 20 years IQ levels have dropped, and dropped big time. It seems we can train people like monkeys to do limited functions, but the second they have to look outside their limited box of knowledge they fail, and fail miserably. They cannot reason out an answer to a question which is not in their little prewritten play book. They cannot even garner the common sense to ask for help, because that is not in their prewritten play book. Those who know what an “IF” Statement” is will understand - the human mind appears to be functioning on “IF statements.” IF A do B - if the if statement is not programmed into the person they have no idea what to do if the question becomes “If q34 do ??????????” The brain just does a “does not compute.”

Two examples of extreme ignorance and stupidity.


On the VA issue I want to make clear the doctors in the Harlingen clinic are top of the line - the problem is the clerks and their supervisors are clueless and cannot think or reason outside the preprogramed if statement.

A CPAP is a machine which forces air into the airwaves to keep you breathing. Without my CPAP I do not breath when I sleep. My sister died in her sleep from this disease. It basically puts such a strain on the heart you die of a heart attack. I take mine camping, on the road so if I have to sleep I can pull over and plug it in - and everywhere I travel.

The other day the cord went bad on my CPAP. I called the VA and the clerk gives me this line that under current VA guidelines my primary care physician must refer me to the sleep clinic before I can be seen by the respiratory therapist who will then determine which repairs if any are needed. I asked the clerk if she knew what a CPAP does and she knew. So I asked so are you telling me VA guidelines say I must go some 3-4 months without the machine which allows me to breath. She then became snippy saying it was out of her hands.

I then asked for the chief administrator and she transferred me to her friend. I refused to play. I called back and demanded that the operator transfer me to the chief operator - she refused and sent me back to another clerk in what is known as the specialty clinics. This clerk says to me “you have to understand we have a lot of people working here who are not very smart and cannot understand these problems.” She tells me I am to go over to this private company with whom the VA has a contract and tell them I need a new cord. She says they will give me my new cord based on my request and VA card. So I tell her this cannot be right because no private medical supply company is going to give out medical supplies to veterans simply because they ask for it - “yea, I have a VA card can I please have two electric wheelchairs.” There was nothing I could say to get her to understand my point. There was nothing I could do to get her to transfer me to the chief administrators office.

I decided to drive out to Harlingen and speak with someone at this medical supply store. They told me this is an ongoing problem and the VA clerks have been told to stop sending veterans over without vouchers but they cannot seem to understand simple directions. Anyway the woman called someone at the VA and had them fax over a voucher. I was given a loaner cord until the VA sends one over from San Antonio, at which point I have to return the one I was loaned.


If you are a WWII veteran upon application you are credited $7,680.00 (for 48 months of service) towards your SS contributions during the course of your working years. In the end it may only mean an additional $20.00 a month in payments - but for someone on a fixed income it could mean a lot.

So my brother-in-law goes to the SS office in Brownsville and applies. He is told he did not earn enough to apply for this credit of $160.00, a month. How much you earn has nothing to do with whether or not you get credited an additional $160.00 a month for each month you served.

So I go on the internet and find the application and help him complete it. He goes back to SS and they now tell him they are not aware of the program so they cannot process the application. On the form it tells you to bring it to your local SS office.

He calls me totally frustrated so I tell him to ask for Art Martinez the director. All of a sudden this clerk was willing to get off her fat ass and go ask for help. She takes the application and tells him she does not need a copy of his DD214 (veteran lingo for discharge papers). Well she does - he was so frustrated he just left. It should not be this hard - but it is. If in fact they do something with his application it will be send back to him with a request for his DD214.

Interestingly enough, the form has a signature verification page wherein the lazy ass incompetent clerk must sign acknowledging receipt. I will follow up in several weeks over the phone to make sure his application is being processed.


Do we have an IQ problem in this country which we are not recognizing. Has modern education allowed for preprogrammed people who cannot think outside the box of programmed information provided to them during the course of their education - even at the university level?

Friday, July 23, 2010


Bill White tells East Texas just how White he really is.

""I was in the oil and gas business when he was a community organizer," White said, bringing his bid for governor to East Texas."

What a great day when racists Texas Democrats use code terms like "community activist" to distance themselves from our first black president.  Every time a Republican has done this the liberal talking heads have accused them of being racists - if the shoe fits - Billy Boy -


"So it is surprising that campaign records for Abbott's first election for attorney general in 2002 show a $1,000 political contribution from Radnofsky.

She defended the contribution to her opponent, saying the two were friends and that she was unaware of his politics at the time."

Yes, Babs Radnofsky who was friends with Republican Greg Aboott had no idea what his politics were?  He was a Texas Supreme Court Justice at the time with published opinions.

Both of these DINOS, are nothing more than dishonest politicians prepared to do what ever it takes to get power.  If you remember when she ran for Senate she caused the Democratic Party Chair to resign for endorsing her during the primaries in violation of Party rules - and she wants to the the Attorney General for the State of  Texas. is coming - a boycott of the November election is all we have to force change and end the corruption in the Texas Democratic Party.

This is almost too surreal to believe.

Even after being forced to resign, they still get the money

UPDATE: I have not abandoned I just have to get moved before I can work on it. I thought I had a place to move to but it fell through. The rental opening did not pan out. I am looking. But in all likelihood I will put all of my belonging in storage on Monday, and move into one of the hotels where you can rent by the month. We shall see.

The Democrats are pushing the idea that Governor Perry is single handedly responsible for everything wrong with education in Texas. The fact the Democrats have done nothing in terms of legislation to address the problems facing Texas’ educational system means nothing to the pathologically lying Democrats. They have no campaign, so they just lie.

Governor Perry has nothing to do with the narcissism which guides the BISD Board. He cannot force them to use the money they want to use for a movie to promote themselves on addressing the causes for the drop out rate. Governor Perry cannot force parents incapable of caring for their children, to care for their children.

Nothing is going to be done to fix the drop out rate until we deal with the special needs children and the incompetence of people like Kathleen Jimenez who oversees special needs. Where Governor Perry can help is with a law which allows for the removal of superintendents by the TEA who get in bed with corrupt board members and allow for political appointments, such as Kathleen Jimenez.

You know you live life and you think you know the reality on the ground, and then you learn you do not. What I have learned during the last 8 years is Texas has no policy for special needs children and considers them throwaway children. Until a school district like BISD is willing to sue the state for additional funding, these children will continue to be throwaway children who eventually will become burdens on the state.

We are not going to solve the problems in education until we address the reality about the parents. I do not say this in an insulting way. I have seen the documents. We have mentally retarded parents with IQ’s below 60 who are having children. Their children are born with learning disabilities. These parents will never, ever, participate in their children’s education.

BISD’s official policy is to turn a blind eye to this problem. The only hope these children have is for the school district to take control of their education. How is it possible that a child going into 6th grade, but who should be going into 7th grade, still only reads on a second grade level? This particular child is so devastated she has no hopes of ever getting help. So now she is going on 13, and clinically depressed because she knows she has no future. Where is Kathleen Jimenez? No where to be found - she is as clueless as any human being can be when it comes to the real needs of these children. This school district must find funding to keep these children after school for an additional 2 hours a day to work with them one on one with their reading or any other subject they need help with. I can tell you a judge can put these parents in jail for failing to help their child with her reading and nothing will change. If the parents cannot read, how do they help their child to read?

The above is just one story of one child - these stories are a dime a dozen.

When I first started to work on my masters in education I took a lot of 6 week assignments in Dallas ISD. I had no idea what was really happening in our schools. I was a 100% outsider. The ESL special needs classroom was a joke. These are highschool students who speak no English and they have them reading Greek mythology. They are suppose to look up the words in their Spanish English dictionaries.

At the end of each story I am to give them a test prepared by their school. The test is in English. The department chair long ago recognized these children could not pass a test they could not read, so they simply had me hand them the test with a separate sheet with the answers. The idea was if they copy the answers over they might learn something. The fact none of these children could read in Spanish or English meant nothing to these mentally challenged educators. I blame the Democrat for this. They are the ones who oppose putting these children into English language courses for a year before they enter the regular classroom.

Then there was the assignment of special needs children. I blame the Democrats 100% for this one. They are the ones who some 20 or so years ago pushed for the changes which resulted in this travesty. A child who will never learn to read or write has no business in a classroom with a children who just need additional attention and help in order to learn to read and write.

In this classroom I had a Cambodian girl who wore diapers, who spoke no English, and could not learn to read or write. I was told to allow her play all day with her the calculator because she liked the noise. She also liked to sit in the teacher’s chair, which made things more of a challenge. If she told you she needed to go to the bathroom, you hoped you could find a female aide someone in the building to come and take her to the bathroom.

There was the Anglo girl whose brain damage was so bad, she could not count to one or write her name. There was a Down Syndrome girl, who if given the chance in the right classroom would have bee able to learn to read, eventually, at maybe a 6th grade level. She was never going to be given that chance. In total I had 25-30 students any given day. While managing the children so mentally retarded they could not care for themselves, how was I to work with the students who just needed a little extra help to learn math or grammar? To a child, every one of these children were throwaway children.

Then there was my 6 weeks at Port Isabel, which is actually called Point Isabel. Their policy is, we have no policy, well unless you want to play football and then you were designated special needs so you did not have to pass the tests like everyone else. Good luck getting that status if you were a female.

I knew I was dealing with heartless people when I saw the packets given to the teachers which detail the special needs of any given child. They were xeroxed copies of the last page of multi-paged forms. They were so faded you could not read them. Port Isabel clearly had no interest in making sure the teachers knew the needs of the children.

One child who was very quiet and very well behaved never took notes because he never brought his notebook, paper, or a pencil to class. He just showed up - but as is always the case - he was allowed to play football. There was nothing in his special needs packet which explained his conduct. He just sat there in a near catatonic state. We eventually had a meeting with his father, who was worthless. “I will make sure he brings his notebook to class and does his homework.” The mother was absent from the home.

The father told us nothing of his son’s medical history. Well he is now failing and should not be allowed to play football. I was told point blank that I was to pass him because without football he would have no reason to come to school. I refused. Because of grades being changed in the computer to accommodate the football players, I left after 6 weeks.

During the battle over my refusal to change his grades, I learned that his middle school teachers knew the story. Apparently he suffered brain damage while a fetus. He mother was an alcoholic. So here I am trying to use any form of behavioral modification techniques to force a change in his behavior, only to learn he has brain damage caused by an alcoholic mother.

I then took the time to work with him one on one before and after school. It was hard. It was exhausting. But he could learn - he just needed a small classroom with intense instruction. Once I left he was never going to get this again. He passed the six week exam - but with a lot of one on one instruction and assistance in taking the test. But he passed it. My training as a special needs instructor - none - my training as a human being - 52 years.

Then there was the female student who was deemed not special needs, notwithstanding the fact she was on ADHD medication. I was able to see she was smart, but just did not have the support to allow her to learn. She either failed or did not take the six week exam. I got permission to work with her and allow her to take the exam with assistance. I had another teacher in the classroom with me at the time I gave her the makeup exam. I did not want any claims of me giving her the answers. I do not remember for sure, but she either got a high B or low A. But she was not a football player, so special needs designation was not something she was going to get.

Port Isabel is an evil place where education does not matter. My complaints about two teachers referring to an Honduran student as the missing link went ignored. Of course this is about the same time a coach was arrested for an inappropriate relationship with a female student. Everyone knew about this guy and no one cared. To his credit he is the one who told me his wife had taught the student whose mother drank during the pregnancy and was very familiar with his learning disabilities. This is how I learned about his needs. No one bothered to pass that information up to the highschool level, or if they did then no one bothered to put the information in his packet.

This brings me to the inept leadership of Kathleen Jimenez. A student I follow who is severely mentally ill attended summer school. BISD has no policy which mandates the child’s special needs file follow the child to the summer school campus. After an incident the principal and teachers were shocked to learn no one told them about this child’s severe mental illness or learning disabilities. BISD at its best.

Nothing is going to change until the state funds special education. Nothing is going to change until the state can remove superintendents who make political appointments such as Kathleen Jimenez. Springston wanted the vote of Escobedo so he could become superintendent so he made the political appointment of Kathleen Jimenez. The Herald incapable of investigative journalism or reporting the news, never reported the story.

So Bill White and the Democrats can blame Rick Perry all they want for the state of education in Texas, but the fact remains it was the Democrats who decided to put severely mentally retarded children in the same classroom as students who just need a little more help. It is the Democrats who are opposed ESL students in an English language classroom for a year before they enter a regular classroom.

It is the local school boards who hire people like Kathleen Jimenez who believes she is qualified to overrule the specialists and deny special needs children the smaller classrooms they need in order to succeed.

This severely mentally ill child I have been following will drop out of school this year. The highschool he is going to is an open campus. He will leave campus and not go to class. Once he feels frustrated, he will simply leave campus and not return to class. He cannot learn in a regular classroom. BISD has made it clear it is either drop out or learn in a regular classroom. What I can tell the taxpayers with 100% certainty, this child will be a 70 year financial burden on the taxpayers. Why?, because Springston has decided it is better the taxpayers pick up the bill for this child for the next 70 years than hire a competent director over special services.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am noting this because there is a cold front north of Texas, this can have the effect of pushing this storm further southward.  Again, just something worth watching.


As I have noted, HBO’s program on Brownsville ISD’s chess program is playing all over the world. Google searches are sending people from all over the world to my post on the issue. To the extent the world has HBO and watches it, it knows about Brownsville’s chess program.

So why is it that at a time of budget constraints and no meaningful raises for teachers, our esteemed BISD Board wants to spend more money promoting that which HBO has already taken to the world? Answer, the Board wants to promote itself at the expense of the taxpayers and the children. They want to take credit for the hard work of the children. The money if it exists would be better used to promote more after school programs promoting chess, and not on a documentary which may or may not ever be shown anywhere.

I in part (very small part) was involved in a documentary over the abuse of power by the Dallas Diocese in the child molestation cases. They owned judges, lawyers and the State Bar. I represented the whistleblower who was a big part of the documentary. The producer had already won numerous awards for her work. We felt confident it would play at one of the festivals. But it did not - months of work and filming went no where. Documentaries are always a big risk. What is not a risk is investing the money in more after school programs to promote chess or some other activity which will make our children shine - who for the record are the true heros in this story.

I will note the producer came to us, having read the story in the paper.  We were never asked for money.  If these so called producers believe in this project then they need to fund it.  As it stands now the prodcuers want the taxpayers to fund the project, which means they get paid, with no guarantee the documentary will ever be seen.  I can just see the next request "we need an additional $150,000.00 to promote the documentary."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The storm off of Central America is expected to come in in Northern Mexico - we just need to watch it.


I can hardly wait for November after the midterm elections, when according to Washington insiders we can expect a Democrat to announce against the coward Obama. The world has to know a spineless, feckless coward is pretending to run this country.

I have no idea how he won the election. He so lacks in moral leadership, or leadership of any kind that it boggles my mind he won. There must have been a lot of direction from behind the scene geniuses. I also believe a lot of people thought like me that we could do better than Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Then there is also the race factor. Maybe America just needed to do it to find peace with its history.

This coward threw an innocent woman under the bus because as the undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture said, she was going to be on Glenn Beck in a negative light. This country needs to fear for its security when a president backs the idea, which according to press reports he did, that one of his appointees needs to be fired because some alcoholic with a chalk board is going to do one of his endless bogus made up stories. (Note, just because you do not drink any more does not mean you do not continue to have the personality traits of an alcoholic - once an alcoholic always an alcoholic.)

The coward Obama set back race relations at least 20 years by his conduct. Here is a woman who spoke honestly about her revelation that it was not about race, but economic standing, and the coward Obama in fear of what the nut jobs on the extreme right might think, threw her under the bus.

Here is a second story which shows this coward is allowing the extreme right to govern this nation through fiat.

The Supreme Court in June unanimously ruled the government was illegally deporting legal immigrants based on two misdemeanor convictions. His Solicitor General Kagan lied to the Supreme Court when she wrote these people would still have the right to a hearing after deportation. Now many of these people who remain alone in their country of origin while their spouses and children remain separated from them in the U.S. want a hearing based on the unanimous Supreme Court ruling.

This coward Obama has decided that no, Kagan was wrong, you cannot get a hearing after deportation, even an illegal deportation. Again, allowing the extreme right to govern this country through fiat, the coward Obama says no, we will not give them a hearing.

GOD how did such an immoral coward ever get to the White House. I will take a president getting oral sex from interns 5x’s a day over an immoral coward like Obama any day. At least Clinton only impacted his family through his immorality. This coward in the White House is destroying hundreds of thousands of families for his own need for power, while surrendering our freedoms to the most extremist elements in the U.S.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


271.044 (b) A home-rule municipality may use this subchapter regardless of any provision in the municipality's charter to the contrary.

AMENDED POST: A poster is claiming that the Constitution overrules §271.044 - as is always the case with those who have no use for the plain language of the law - here is it.

Tex. Const. Art. XI, § 5

"The adoption or amendment of charters is subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by the Legislature, and no charter or any ordinance passed under said charter shall contain any provision inconsistent with the Constitution of the State, or of the general laws enacted by the Legislature of this State

Look, I am outraged that our city commission can bind us to future debt without our consent.  Our remedy will be election day May 2011.  But maybe the legislature allowed for this very clear overruling of local city charters because they realized that if left to their own means the people will die of starvation.  But this does not mean CO's should be used willy nilly.  Like anything else it is about moderation.

I hope this puts an end to those out there who continue to say the city cannot issue CO's.

Now here is something.  Did the city comply with this provision?  I do not know.  I am not saying yes, I am not saying no.

" no debt shall ever be created by any city, unless at the same time provision be made to assess and collect annually a sufficient sum to pay the interest thereon and creating a sinking fund of at least two per cent."

Did the city provide for this?  Because if they did not they may not move forward.  Again I have no idea - I am just raising the question and putting something out there that the anti-CO people can look at.

UPDATE:  (At the request of Finance Director Pete Gonzalez, the city commission tabled the CO vote.  Why?  As  I said, they had a proper notice problem - shell game politics has no place in law.)

The city commission is playing a very dangerous shell game over the C/O's.  Unfortunately the issue can only be resolved with a legal challenge.  There are two issues.  They subsequently rejected the BCIC, recommendations.  The law is not exactly clear, but the procedure seems to be that once they reject a BCIC recommendation they must send the entire package back to the BCIC - they did not.

Now they seek to play the shell game and put what they rejected back into the package.  They lie when they say no petition was timely submitted.  They changed the language as to the C/O.s'  You cannot change what you want to do with the C/O's and then claim no timely petition was filed.

I hope someone takes these issues up.  A court ruling could come just in time to send Troiani, Atkinson, and Longoria packing.  This vote by these three is truly an exercise in Russian Roulette.

This story is an example of what happens when the ignorant, and racists take control.  Here are the facts - some 24 years ago before this woman even worked for the government, she found herself trying to help a white farmer in Georgia.  In the end she did in fact help him save his farm. 

The point of her story was to show how she went from seeing things in terms of race to in terms of haves and have nots.  Why did Fox hide the truth?  Fox is a  fox.  Fox news is nothing more than a fox guarding the hen house, when it comes to free speech and our freedoms.


I wish I had a picture of them but I do not. Buster sort of looks like Mutley, but not so fat. They will be 8 years old next month. I adopted them from the Dallas pound at 8 weeks. On day 2 Keaton was in the emergency room with what the doctors diagnosed as parvo. Because the blood tests came back negative I have always believed it was mushroom poisoning. Keaton had eaten a wild mushroom.

Nonetheless $1,800.00 later she was fine. On a Tuesday morning the vet called me and told me she was about to die and I should get up there. John and I spent the day with her caressing her body with a cool cloth. We left just before closing when the vet recommended a plasma transfusion. The vet was amazed she was still alive.

Late the following morning the vet called me. She said Keaton was out of control and would not stop barking. I needed to pick her up. I asked if she was okay and the vet said “she is out of control, of course she is okay.” From that day forward every time I took Keaton in the staff would call her the miracle parvo puppy.

Her sister Buster is another story. This will lead to yesterday’s events. At about 6 months Buster decided the vet was the devil. Buster is the more disciplined of the two. She is loving and loves to be cuddled. She loves to sit in my lap as I type. No easy task for me since she weighs 63 pounds. But, Buster hates the vet, she hates being brushed, and she hates having her nails touched. I have no idea why.

Buster is so hairy and sheds so much, I have to pay to have the air conditioner fixed every 6 months because of the amount of hair which gets into the system. Nothing has worked to block the uptake of the hair. Even though I am moving this weekend, today I will pay to fix the air conditioner, for two reasons. One, my dog broke it, and two given my respiratory problems I cannot be without the air. Although last night with just a tower fan was real nice.

Buster is the type dog you can tell get in the car and without a leash will walk out the front door and wait for you to open the car door. Keaton is just the opposite - if it is raining I have to pick her up and put her outside to go to the bathroom. But it can be a hurricane and if I open the front door and let her out she will roam the neighborhood until she is tired or hungry, at which point she will come home and demand a drying and martini.

When Buster was 6 months old she made it clear she will not tolerate being taken to the vet. I was in the waiting room with Keaton while the vet was trying to deal with Buster. The vet could not control her. She had two assistants with her in the room and at 6 months somehow Buster knocked the vet into the wall. The pictures came off the wall in the waiting room and all I could hear was “I’ve had it, sedate her.” Well, since 6 months old, Buster is sedated when she goes to the vet.

Well yesterday was no different. We went for her annual shots and exam, which included blood work. I had to drag her into the vet’s office. I get her in the waiting area and she is jumping up demanding I hold her. She is screeching as if someone is killing her. Fortunately Buster was the first patient of the day. We got her into an exam room. I was on the floor with her cuddling her in hopes of calming her down. The vet comes in and manages to inject her in the hind legs. 20 minutes later the vet comes into the room and Buster is fighting the sedation as if her life depends on it. She is dragging herself to the door with her hind legs collapsed, all the while, while in a daze. It was funny and sad at the same time.

Anyway the vet did his business. I had asked his assistant if she could brush her with the anti-shedding brush. The vet recommended that he not give her the injection to wake her up and that I just do it when I get home. I was cool with that.

I get home and Buster is snoring away in the back seat. I decide, great I can brush her. So I try and wake her up just enough to get her in the house. She is not budging - she is out. So I take the brush and try and brush her. She immediately wakes up and shows me her teeth with a big growl. Okay she wins. So I try and get her out of the truck and she is snoring again. I tried brushing her again, and the same reaction. I surrendered - she won. I carried her into the house and put her on the coach where she slept for a few hours.

Having spent just under $300.00 on the two, the spending spree was not done. About 9 p.m. I am walking down the hallway to learn the air conditioner blew. The hallway was flooded.

I love Buster and Keaton. I love how different they are. I love the fact they know how to tell me what they want. I love that Keaton will misbehave while I am eating lunch at my desk so that I will be forced to get up and take something away from her, just so she can run under my legs into my office and try and grab my sandwich off my desk. I learned that lesson after a few times. Now when I get up I put the sandwich on the top of the roll-top.

Have a nice day. I just wanted to do something different today. I hope you do not mind.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Most people do not know, but if you live in a border area, your right to unreasonable search and seizure is somewhat diminished. Along these lines, the other day a judge found that customs can search your laptop. In this case they found the man had several thousand photos of child pornography. The government rationalized the search based on the fact they had already suspected the man, and he was returning from Mexico which is considered a destination in the sex trade. The court went one step further than needed and found the suspicion was not really needed in order to search his laptop. Why? If you live in a border area or when you are in an airport, which regardless of its location is considered a border area, your Fourth Amendment rights are diminished.

I think and believe Arizona is wrong in how they are handling the border problems. However, I am not the one living their nightmare. I do believe though Arizona through its law will only make matters worse than better. Local community activists and leaders are going to be less willing to cooperate with law enforcement in going after the drug and people smugglers, out of fear of being arrested themselves. Arizona, in part is in the mess it is in because of its anti-tax mentality. The drug cartels saw Arizona as an open gateway for their crime because they knew the residents of Arizona preferred to be the objects of crime rather than pay taxes to hire enough law enforcement. Arizona made its own bed and should have to sleep in it, but now it is too late.

To make matters worse, these same anti-American nut-jobs are determined to destroy this country and the economy by demanding the deportation of 15 million people. If these 15 million people are going to start spending again, which is needed to help the economy grow, they need stability, which is why we need comprehensive immigration reform, without sanctions or back taxes. Another proof Republicans are liars. They tell us that if you tax people they cannot spend to stimulate the economy, but yet they first want to deport these people, which means less consumption, but if we are to allow them to stay, we should tax them so they have less to spend  to help stimulate the economy.

I digress. Two things have to happen yesterday - one, we need to legalize nearly all undocumented workers. Oh, why do I call them undocumented workers? Because, the last time I saw a number it was estimated that some 65% of them are here legally and are just working illegally. NYC is filled with undocumented workers from all over Eastern Europe and the Middle East - to a person they are nearly all here legally - just not working legally. Knowledge and science is a bitch when it comes to the radical right in this country.

The second thing which needs to be done is the sending of troops to the border. In my view it is a formality when the drug cartels start shooting on this side of the border. It is a formality when the first car bomb destroys part of Brownsville or some other border city.

In case any of you forgot - a white guy was able to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma. In case any of you forgot, the government could not protect the most important city in the U.S. from a terrorist attack. What makes anyone think this government can protect Brownsville from a car bomb?

The other day I did not want my brother-in-law to go across to Matamoros alone so I went with him. He had to drop a friend off at the bus station. I decided that since there was a Soriana across the street I would use the opportunity to buy a few things I prefer to buy in Mexico - yes including a bottle of Centenario Reposada. Walking back to the bus station I thought to myself - just how stupid was that?

I will say the Mexican security guards at the border were very professional. In fact they stopped my brother-in-law for a California stop while going through security. The Mexican security guards make me feel a lot safer. But you know what, they are also the target of the drug cartels - they cannot protect me from a car bomb.

When I was a teenager, I use to travel by myself to Nicaragua and stay with my grandmother. There was always some level of anti-government violence. But I knew the rules, and basically knew I was safe. There was one instance where my cousin and I heard gun fire while walking back to his house from my grandmothers, and we ran. But even then we knew the rules and felt safe.

I do not feel safe in Mexico. I am not sure I feel safe in Brownsville. The government most assuredly needs to beef up security in and around the federal court house. These public servants deserve our protection. My personal dislike of DA Villalobos aside, I think the state needs to dispatch additional security at the expense of the state to protect our local DA’s and their offices. Things are not getting safer - this new tactic of car bombs does scare me.

Growing up in NY I grew accustomed to the pipe bombs. I remember very vividly the bombing of LaGuardia airport, which eventually led to security devices and an end to cabinets for checking bags. I remember one time walking down the stairs at Penn Station on maybe 34th street and hearing people running yelling pipe bomb. They were running up the stairs. We had become so accustomed to the pipe bombs and fake threats we just lived with them.

Yea, I am not living with the Mexican violence spilling over into a U,S. border city. We need to legalize everyone who has no felony record and do it now so they will not fear helping us in this battle. We also need to send troops to the border areas. The Mexican cartels need to see a strong U.S. federal presence on the border.

People - expect to find out as this war escalates that law enforcement will need less reasonable suspicion than you think to stop you and search your car. If you are a law abiding citizen, fret not. But if you are not a law abiding citizen expect to get arrested when they search your car on merely a hunch.

The national Tea Party Federation has booted Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express from its ranks over racial  comments.  This is a great day for the movement.  Mainstream America understands the basic message of the Tea Party movement.  The government is disconnected from the people.

We all have to grow up.  It appears the national movement is trying to gain a focus which works for mainstream America.  This is good for the movement and the country.  Let's see where they go.

As to local movements, those which continue with racial overtones will find themselves left behind.  I will further say anyone who chooses to associate with the local movements taking a position which includes racial overtones will also find themselves left behind and the national movement moves in to replace them. Tying yourself to a local Tea Party movement for no better reason than a perceived political opportunism tells the people something about your character.  People now need to decide, will they stand with the Federation or the Express.  

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Blogspots which depict porn are a dime a dozen on google blogspot.

The above policy makes clear it is 100% acceptable.

For whatever  reason it was shut down it had nothing to do with nudity or porn.  Being played comes easy to morons.  Two alleged former journalists could not figure out how to do a simple google search to debunk the myth - somethings never change

Friday, July 16, 2010


First, I want to thank my readers who are contributing to my increase in readership. And welcome aboard Austin - pass my blog along to all your friends - an ass whipping of the Texas Democratic Party is around the corner.


Awesome man, awesome - Merlin meets physics - Disney combined the best of Fantasia, Alice in Wonderland, and Harry Potter.

The story begins with the quest to find Merlin’s replacement who is needed to save humanity. Key to the magic is a sense of faith in who one is. This was a great message. I loved the physics aspect of the movie which begins with an explanation of matter and how it can be manipulated.

There is a triple love story which includes true love and revenge love.

If you know you are not a Harry Potter fan, you will probably not be a fan of this movie. This is okay - we are who we are. But if you are a Harry Potter fan and can remember Disney’s Fantasia, you will love this film.

I say a mature 10 year old is good to go with this movie, otherwise 12 years old is better.


WHOIS RESEARCH SHOWS SOMEONE IN BROWNSVILLE OWNS ELROCINANTE.COM.  In  fact if you type in it is redirected to the google blogspot.  El Rocinante is not down - it is a con for idiots who still believe Santa is NOT real - The Easter Bunny begs to differ.

I am no fan of google or blogspot.  In fact for some time I have been thinking of changing to another service.  I personally believe google and its blogspot has done more to do injury to free speech than any other service.  This weekend when I set up I will look into how godaddy blog applications work.  If it works I will move the BV over to their format.

In part my final decision to move is in protest to google shutting down El Rocinante.  Personally I do not believe they shut down El Rocinante.  I think it is a publicity stunt to gain sympathy - "I'm a victim."  But who knows.  The fact of the matter is nothing in at least the last 12 months in El Rocinante has been any worse than it was in the past - so why all of a sudden shut it down?  This is why I believe the entire story is a con.

The only reason I have ever seen any one shut down their blog so fast is over being sued, or receiving notice they are about to be sued.

Nonetheless, inasmuch as El Rocinante has done nothing in at least 12 months different than it has done for years, I find it unacceptable that google shut it down.  My protest is to move to godaddy, assuming the format works for me.  If it does not I will search for something else.  The sooner I leave google the better.

Let's talk facts on free speech.  I have spent about $1,000.00 in pursuing my free speech claims against the City of Brownsville.  Jerry, Juanito, and DPM $0.00 spent on promoting free speech.  As soon as I get moved some time next week I will spend close to another $1,000.00 in a matter of days.

The one thing these three turkeys have in common is crying like babies and foul if anyone says boo to them, but under the guise of journalism and satire they spite everyone on the planet.

Fact, Jerry and DPM attacked Juanito for taking money - I defended him - its called making money - as American as apple pie.  It is called free speech.  the attacks came from Jerry through his blog and DPM, not me

Fact, I invite DPM and Juanito to leave google in protest to their decision to shut down El Rocinante, assuming they did and it is not just a publicity stunt.  Will they join me in solidarity with El Rocinante?  Highly doubtful.

If godaddy does not work for me, I will look elsewhere - I am taking suggestions  for other services.

Now, do I fault google - no - it is called "FREE ENTERPRISE"  get it Juanito - just like it is Free Enterprise for you to take money from advertisers who you are promoting as political candidates.

But in a FREE world I am free to not do business with google.  It is like changing the channel - my choice - so Juanito and DPM rather than just throw rocks with false accusations and childish name calling from the back of the crowd - join me in leaving google.  Yea right.


THERE IS A NOTEWORTHY piece of news:

During the last fundraising period White raised 7.5 million to Perry's 7 million.

On hand cash has White at 9 million to Perry's 5.8 million

This all basically means that among Democratic donors there is a sense White can win.

"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Lone Star State shows Perry with 50% support. White, a former mayor of Houston, picks up 41% of the vote. Two percent (2%) like another candidate in the race, and seven percent (7%) are undecided. "

The question is, if White has the lead in money, why does every new poll show him getting further and  further behind Perry?  I will submit that part of the problem is Obama.  The Republicans have managed to demonize Obama and in a state like Texas that will work.

Now here is a conspiracy theory - I think Obama is intentionally taking a soft approach to 2010 elections.  He wants the Republicans to take  control of the House and Senate.  What?  In 2012 when things are worse than they are now, Obama will be able to blame the Republicans and win reelection.

Jaded I be?  You bet.  Obama is a smart man - when you compare his initial campaign for the White House with how he is running the 2010 elections, nothing seems right - it is like a completely different man.

No regular post today - burn out is setting in - but a possible movie review tomorrow

Thursday, July 15, 2010


In the last week, I have seen my readership jump through the ceiling.  I am very pleased.  But in the last two days I have seen a ton of readers from all over the world.  The HBO Real Sports program profiling Brownsville chess teams has hit the world.  The world is reading about the children of Brownsville in a positive light.  I have readers from all over the world clicking onto my piece about Brownsville and chess.  My hats off to all the great children of Brownsville who have made this a reality.


I have also seen a huge increase in my Austin readership.  I can tell you the Texas Democratic Party is reading BV on a daily basis.  They are going to lose not because of the BV, but because they are ignorant self-serving politicians who care naught for the people.  But to all my Austin readers - welcome to a dose of reality.  Now do the right thing and demand the Texas Democratic Party denounce the criminal enterprise which is the Democratic Parties of the LRGV.

Boyd L. Richie, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, rather than admit he has failed the Democratic Party and he has chosen to turn a blind eye to the criminal enterprise which is the Democratic Party of the LRGV now seeks to use litigation to deny the people choice at the polls.


The Dems are alleging that the Republicans orchestrated ballot access for the Green Party. There is nothing about the Green Party which any honest person can call Republican in its intent.

Let’s assume for argument sake, Republican operatives conducted the campaign needed to give the Green Party candidates access to the ballot for the November elections. How does this translate into the Green Party supporters not being allowed to vote for the candidate of their choosing? Certainly no Republican is going to vote for them. But many left leaning Independents like myself will vote for them as a protest vote against the Democratic Party.

It is sad that the only thing the Democratic Party of Texas has to offer the people at this time is the threat of litigation to keep the people from having a real choice come November. How anyone who believes in freedom can continue to support the Texas Democratic Party is beyond me?

Here is the email Boyd Richie sent out to the lemmings in the Texas Democratic Party.

Dear Fellow Democrat,

1. Your Texas Democratic Party is continuing our legal effort to get to the bottom of the Rick Perry-GOP-Green Party scandal, and our most important goal is determining the secret source of the Republican money used in an illegal corporate effort to get Green Party candidates on the ballot. We know the Republican operatives who directed this scheme aren’t going to do the right thing. But it’s not too late for the Green Party candidates to act, if they ever want their party to be taken seriously again.

Follow this link to see the email about GOP operative Anthony Holm's offer to pay for the Green Party's effort to get on the ballot.

As you can see in that email, at least three Green Party candidates had early knowledge that secret Republican funds were being used to manipulate the 2010 election.

The Green Party candidates still have a choice. Will they remain on the ballot and risk future legal consequences, knowing they were put there by cynical Republican operatives who detest everything the Greens claim they believe? Or will they realize the only way to restore their integrity is by doing the right thing and withdrawing from the ballot?

Click below to email the Green Party candidates to ask them to do the honorable thing and withdraw from the November ballot:

Deb Shafto for Governor
Herb Gonzales for Lt. Governor
Ed Lindsay for Comptroller
Art Browning for Railroad Commissioner
Kat Swift, Green Party Executive Director and Candidate for Bexar County Commissioner

Your Fellow Democrat,

Boyd L. Richie
Texas Democratic Party

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My bias has always been towards native Americans.  I think this is a great story.  Why not allow them their own passports?


Because the press only loves short term drama headlines and sound bites it never gets to the heart of the problem. The country is fed-up with the BS and corruption by both sides. This is what the polls are saying. Unfortunately the people have no where to turn. But this story will never be printed - it is not high drama in a sound bite.

After great expense to get the documents to AG Holder and FBI Director Mueller on the following two most egregious examples of corruption which can be linked 100% to the Dems, Holder in writing stated the claims are fanciful and should be ignored.

This is Obama adopting the Plantation Politics under which the people of South Texas have been living for a least 50 years. Obama has made clear through the words of AG Eric Holder - the wetbacks of the LRGV are to shut the f...k up and deal with it. We are his slaves with no rights.

While South Texas may not matter to most people - it is important because it is endemic of how we got to where we are - the people are a mere inconvenience for politicians - we must demand they kneel down to us for our votes or face extinction

Oh, what did Eric Holder call fanciful claims of corruption

21.4 million spend on a non-existent bridge - democratic DA drops criminal investigation in exchange for 1 million dollar forfeiture paid to his office and not the people who are now stuck with the 21.4 million dollars in outstanding bonds

DA - Democratic - allows confessed murderer to walk out of court on no bond in exchange for $500,000.00 bond being paid over to his former law partner.

Rep. Ortiz can be linked to every act of corruption in South Texas. Oh, where is Bill White Dem for governor on the issues - no where to be found - dead silence. The movement of South Texas should be up and running by next week.

Everywhere you go in the LRGV people are mad and fed-up with the Dems - but they will not vote Republican - save for county judge.

While maybe not the story of the LRGV, the press needs to begin to cover these local stories so the people feel like someone anyone is listening to them. This again, explains the polls.

If you still have it in your mind to vote Democratic in November you are the problem with the LRGV. The only hope we the people of the LRGV have is for a complete boycott of the November election. We need to just stay home. If we stay home and our boycott is covered in the news, it will send a message - something is going to change or the Dems will never hold statewide office again.

People need to remember the history of African slavery - the white power brokers had no problems finding Africans to do their dirty work and then for chump change selling their own people to the white power brokers.  Also to be clear - I am not suggesting racism on the part of the white establishment - the super majority of American Anglos find racism to be offensive. What I am saying is the nature of politics is to sell the weakest in open market  for the benefit of the strongest.  This is slavery and Obama has now made himself a willing participant.  And for the record, Bill White, Democrat for governor, is right there with Obama - Bill White has it in his mind the people of the LRGV are nothing more than the weakest link to be sold into slavery for the benefit of the strongest - namely Bill White and Texas Democratic Party.

Editors Note:  Yesterday I rejected a comment which I believe was promoting violence.  No such posts will make it through at the BV.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



One cannot help but ask what goes through the mind of the Brownsville City Commission when they drive down Iowa between Billy Mitchell and Boca Chica? This is the “Hello Welcome to Brownsville” road. This is the first impression visitors to Brownsville and SPI have of Brownsville. I have been demanding this road be fixed for some 4 years - nothing - absolutely nothing.

This road to no one’s surprise is in Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s district. For the record I rejected a comment by someone claiming to be Sorry Charlie Atkinson who also claims he had to leave the last city commission meeting early to attend his daughter’s basketball game.

When people drive down Iowa it is like navigating an obstacle course. There are huge potholes everywhere. The message to the visitors to Brownsville and SPI is clear - “We the People Care Nothing About our Community.” Iowa is SPI’s beaches - a trash heap. For the record on that issue, about a year ago I commented on how embarrassed I was for my visiting family to see the condition the pigs who use SPI beaches leave the beach. A year later the County Commission finally devises a possible plan. We are a people who thrive by living in garbage. The lack of outrage by the people of Brownsville over these issues is heart wrenching.

I am not going to repeat the number being claimed as the cost of the Sports Park to date because it is unsubstantiated, but when one considers the infrastructure problems in Brownsville, it boggles the mind one penny was spent on the Sports Park. The Sports Park must become the Albatross of everyone who has worked on the project or promoted the project.

After the rains while driving around town I began to see the level of neglect by past and current city commissions. Robindale, Old Port Isabel road and Coffee Port becomes pools of mosquito infestation. These are not new roads which may need to wait in line for improvements, these roads have been around since the beginning of time. It is not possible that a competent city commission cannot figure out how to improve drainage on these roads.

We have a city commission which defines taxpayer money as “free money,” or not as having been paid for by the taxpayers. It is sad Brownsville has no meaningful manner to recall the entire city commission. Only with such a draconian measure could we maybe finally send a message - stop the deficit spending - stop the irresponsible spending.

For now the people are powerless. Come May 2011 Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson must go. Reality tells me we will be lucky to get rid of two of them. It is hard for any community to find 3 viable candidates for city commission during any one election cycle.

As to Pat Almighty, his time is done. It is a formality that come May 2011 we will have a new mayor. With a new mayor and with the long shot of replacing Troiani, Longoria, and Atksinson, we will have a new majority.

Maybe it is time for a team of four to announce by September that they will be running as a team. This would allow for a legal pooling of money as they speak as one ticket.

If something does not happen soon, Brownsville will remain a city wallowing in its own self made heap of trash.

Friday, July 9, 2010


“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe. Frederick Douglass, Speech, April 1886
US abolitionist (1817 - 1895)

‘I. OUR law considers marriage in no other light than as a civil contract. The Holiness of the matrimonial state is left entirely to the ecclesiastical law: the temporal courts not having jurisdiction to consider unlawful marriages as a sin, but merely as a civil inconvenience. The punishment therefore, or annulling, of incestuous or other unscriptural marriages, is the province of the spiritual courts; which act pro salute animae [for the health of their souls]. And, taking it in this civil light, the law treats it as it does all other contracts; allowing it to be good and valid in all cases, where the parties at the time of making it were, in the first place, willing to contract; secondly, able to contract; and, lastly, actually did contract, in the proper forms and solemnities required by law.

William Blackstone:

For those of you who may not have heard a federal judge cited the 10th Amendment as a basis to in part hold unconstitutional the federal DOMA statute. This was a major victory in favor of gay marriage.

True to form how does the radical right respond when a federal judge gives life to the 10th Amendment which is often cited as an Amendment giving states rights (no such thing by the way in the constitution - the Powers not rights are reserved to the states and the people. And to note, the states exist at the leisure of the people)

WOBURN-Kris Mineau, president of Massachusetts Family Institute, released the following statement after Judge Joseph Tauro ruled Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional:

"In another blatant example of a judge playing legislator, a Boston-based federal judge has struck down the bipartisan Defense of Marriage Act passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996.


When it serves their agenda, Blackstone is the law on the right to self defense, but not the law on marriage. When it serves their agenda the federal government cannot interfere with the powers of the states because the 10th Amendment rules, but 10th Amendment does not rule when it comes to the powers of the states to oversee marriage. Do we all remember my post about Senator Grassley on this issue?

The Reputricans lie because the truth eludes them. Yesterday Glenn Beck went on a tirade accusing the government of conspiring to hide the Senate debate television footage of when Senator Byrd tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act (1964).

“In 1977, the Senate took a half-step toward television coverage by allowing radio broadcasts of the 1978 debates on the Panama Canal Treaties. When the House of Representatives decided in 1979 to offer gavel-to-gavel coverage of its floor proceedings, pressure intensified on the Senate to do the same.”

There is nothing wrong with conservatism - the problem is there are none in the US Republican Party or among there supporters. No real conservative would embrace such nonsense.

Where is Fox News reporting on Glenn Becks endless ignorance?  No where to be found

Thursday, July 8, 2010



The current status of the storm appears to be one of rain and light wind. The bigger problem will come later from the flood waters heading down the Rio Grande. With the exception of rain and flooding in some areas, Brownsville lucked out again.


The other night Uresti angered me with his diatribe against the city related to mosquitos. Pat Almighty was right in noting he had no idea what he was talking about. Unfortunately, Pat Almighty being who he is, had to do it in an unprofessional manner.

Now here the is scoop - it is not the government’s business to wipe our ass because we are too lazy to do it ourselves. Uresti needs to grow a pair and go to his boss an say, “spray for mosquitos because it is a work hazard for a carwash to have a mosquito infestation.”

Uresti’s problem is, he waits for the government to do things for him. On Tuesday night I missed part of the workshop at the city commission meeting because for the second time this year I was spraying for mosquitos. The taxpayers have no duty to pay the cost of spraying my yard.

Yesterday, although feeling like dirt, I cleaned mud and leaves from my driveway area because it was blocking the flow of water into the drain. It is not for the city to send out a street sweeper. I love people who complain ad nauseam about taxes and then complain the city will not wipe their ass because they are too lazy to wipe their own ass.

If the mosquitos are back after these rains I will spray again. I need the city to concentrate on parks and public buildings, not my yard. So to Uresti, grow a pair and learn to complain to the right person - your boss who does not seem to care about the work conditions, at least according to your public comments.


As I said I do not trust this guy. According to reports he as abandoned the petition drive on the CO’s. He claims he won because the city commission stopped funding of the Sports Park. How totally pathetic and typical of Sorola. He could not get the signatures, which is exactly what Sorry Charlie Atkinson predicted, so he abandons the project claiming victory.

Here is the scoop - the city is still going to move forward on the CO’s - so what is the victory? None - just a pathetic spin rather than an admission of failure.

We saw how he handled the endorsement process between Cisneros and Zamora - we have now seen how he spins his failure into a victory. Do my readers begin to now understand why I said I do not trust this man?