Sunday, June 20, 2010


The fact I am doing a special Sunday post should tell my readers how important this issue is to me.

I do want to begin with there is a legitimate question whether or not Marc Sossi can be counsel to the city and GBIC at the same time. This I do believe merits some type AG or State Bar opinion. But I would not go public with such a request in a vindictive tirade.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson and Pat Almighty are one and the same person. They obsess with how to alienate people and make enemies. Sorry Charlie Atkinson seems driven to get in the way of the very progress he proposes. BUT, this does not justify Zamora acting like a spoiled rotten child to the detriment of the city.

I think the question about whether or not GBIC can loan BCIC money is not so much about the tax revenues issue, as much as it is a question about whether or not GBIC can loan money. This is why I think nothing will come of this so called AG request. Further, the AG opinion is just that, and opinion - basically of zero legal value in terms of binding anyone.

I have stated many times, I am a strong advocate of government finding ways to generate revenue without directly taxing the people. This does not include sales taxes - at least for now. I say at least for now, because I oppose the national sales tax.

I did not know that the general plans for the Sports Park area includes possible development of a convention center. This infrastructure is needed not only for the development of the Sports Park but also for the future development of the convention center. (For the record, if the land is already available for the convention center, I would support a bond issue now, while money is cheap to build the convention center, assuming it does not negatively impact our bond rating.)

This soccer tournament has the potential of being big for Brownsville. I would imagine Brownsville will see a hotel shortage during the tournaments. They are going to come not only from all over the US, but also Mexico.

But what really got my goat was how the Herald worked with Zamora to do injury to the city. The pettiness of Cavasos and Zamora over their personal dislike of Atkinson is reckless. The message Cavasos and Zamora sent to the outside world is, our own elected officials will work to undermine development to settle personal vindictive scores.

I would not want to be a city commissioner seen as working with Zamora - it could be and should be a death warrant on their political career.

Finally, the Herald true to form in its obsession to mislead the people, mislead the people in their headlines. The City Commission is not seeking an opinion as alleged by the Herald. The headline should have read, “Vindictive City Commissioner Declares War on Brownsville.”


Anonymous said...

so is she done politically or does this make her a strong candidate next time around? What do you think?

BobbyWC said...

It is always hard to say if anyone is done politically - there are regulars who run for public office who could not win against a convicted child molester. If one of these regulars were to run against her she would still win. the question is, will a strong candidate run against her. If any credible voice were to run against her I would say she his toast.

But I will also say, if there is any city commissioner who will get caught up in some type mess and be forced to resign, it is MZ. poor judgment seems to follow her.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't see it as being vindictive. I see it as someone finally standing up to Charlie Atkinson. No one wants to see more millions wasted on that sports park of is. With Mark Sossi serving as attorney for both BCIC and GBIC, he will do whatever Charlie wants.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Atkinson has left the city in a mess not MZ. I am glad to see someone trying to put a stop to this.

Anonymous said...

(it is MZ. poor judgment seems to follow her.)

Harlot should have stayed in Atascosa county. She and the rest of us would have been better off.

BobbyWC said...

As to the comments which appear to be comeing from Charlie Atkinson, people need to know I have no independent verification of same and that any of teh cast of characters mentioned in the post are more than welcome to post a comment denying the claims.

This has nothing to do with Charlie Atkinson - people just need to know to take all anonymous posts with a grain of salt. I tis too easy for people to post anything they want.

Here is another post from Charlie Atkinson - so it seems - I rejected it but am posting an edited version - it contained comments which went into MZ's personal life which I do not believe serves the discussion.

"She is so far gone it is not even a question. Her whole reason to being a commissioner was to document her time as a commissioner. While she is doing that, other commissioners have to step it up. Why isn't Emma talking about the funding she wanted from CDBG funds that are specific in putting these federal funds in low income areas. TO put a Los Fresnos Boys and Girls club incounty property paid for by Brownsville funds is ludicris. A fifteen member board voted unamiously to shoot her down after she went personally to make this presentation at their meeting. .... .. This is the real story. I don't mind alienating myself from special interest commissioners like Zamora. I bet the people who supported her over Carlos Cisneros are wondering how they got duped into thinking that Zamora would be better. Ya right! Bobby, you have trashed me in the past without getting both side of a story but I want to say that you are right with this story. I don't plan to be a long lasting politician so it is what it is. Its not aboout being friends with commissioners, it is about providing good things for the citizens that count on us to protect their interests. I have done this with great conviction."

Atkinson just does not get it - he attitidue is no different that Zamora's or Pat Almighty's - this attitude causes people to question his projects - projects which I have more often than not supported. But it is hard for people to believe he is competent when he conducts himself like a baffon in public. Again this does not mean teh Sports Park and it development is not a real possible money maker for Brownsville.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Are CDBG funds federal or local funds. Charlie contradicts himself.

BobbyWC said...

The approval of earlier comments was done in kind of a rush. While at Boca Chica I decided I was very unhappy with the use of the word Harlot - it adds nothing to the discussion and in fact takes away from the discussion.

I will not delete the comment because I already approved it - but I want to make clear that it does nothing but gives MZ's supporters cause to stand with her. It is an insulting word which ads nothing but needless division to the discussion

Bobby WC