Monday, June 21, 2010


First, I want to apologize to Ms. Zamora and my readers for an unfortunate comment I allowed through yesterday. I had just got done editing a comment which appears to have been from Sorry Charlie Atkinson for irresponsible comments related to her personal life, when I was being rushed to get out the door to go to Boca Chica beach. I wasn’t thinking and let it through. At this point it would be wrong to remove the comment.

The comment from Sorry Charlie Atkinson which I did block did end up posted elsewhere - which is sad. During the campaign I never posted any comments about MZ’s personal life. I took a lot of nasty hits which I never published through because I refused to publish these personal comments. Further, I have never seen any court documents or documents period which substantiated any these endless personal comments against her. People need to realize some people have only one thing to offer public discourse and that is distractions. Personal comments about MZ should be dismissed as distractions, which are in all likelihood falsehoods or exaggerations of a smaller truth. And yes Ren I did reject your latest comments against MZ.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson and MZ may dislike comments such as those made by Ren, but in their public display over the Sports Park and Boys and Girls Club, they are Ren. These two have the COB looking like a cheap circus with clowns rejected by the Clown College.

At the last meeting MZ smashed Atkinson on his misrepresentation of the Boys and Girls Club location and its name. I did an entire section of a comment on how Atkinson lost credibility over this issue. Atkinson is the type person who believes that if he tells the same lie enough times, people will begin to believe it. And with people like Ren around, Sorry Charlie Atkinson is correct.

Despite the fact that MZ won the argument at the city commission meeting on the issue and had her correct rendition of the facts posted here at the BV, she took the bait from another blog and lowered herself in to yet a further display of child like conduct.

In another blog Atkinson chose to pursue his tirade against MZ in an unprofessional manner while pushing his mischaracterization of the facts behind the Boys and Girls Club. Rather than let it go, MZ chimed in. I do not know if she posted directly to this other blog, or posted elsewhere and then her words were placed in this other blog as if she herself asked that her comments were posted. Either way, she should have simply let it go. It was stupid, child like, and totally unprofessional for her to respond as she did. When dealing with a Sorry Charlie Atkinson the best thing you can do is ignore him.

She could have posted to her many web pages a simple discussion about why the Boys and Girls Club is necessary and its benefits to the community. She could have gone on to simply state her efforts to get the club and how in fact when all is done and said it will be a Brownsville Boys and Girls club. But no, as someone who lacks even the semblance of professionalism or good judgment she took the bait and the low road.

To make matters worse she claims to be the only commissioner willing to keep things honest, and this is why she is requesting and AG opinion. This was insulting to the entire city commission. Sossi is a problem child at this point and will get this commission in deeper trouble than they are already in. What she should have done is try and get at least one other city commissioner on board with the greater issue of, can Sossi be trusted to be able to represent both organizations? This would have put the entire issue into another perspective which people can understand..

If things were not bad enough she ended her responsive tirade with a comment which can only be characterized as “I have not an ounce of credibility, look at me.” After starting this vindictive tirade over not getting the Boys and Girls club she now wants us to believe she is just trying to look out for the people and the fact the city is basically broke. That ship sailed honey - once you went begging for taxpayers dollars to build ad Boys and Girls club while we have massive deficit spending, you lost the right to claim you give a rats ass about the budget or the taxpayers.

I do not believe any right minded person can claim a Boys and Girls club is not good for Brownsville, but it is a matter of timing. This is not the time for anyone for any reason to be asking for money to fund anything which is not income generating. Quality of life projects while good for a community are rarely income generating. Yes, a disproportionate among of public money has gone to the Sports Park. But the park has the potential of being a money maker for the city. This is good MZ - it is time you learn something about economics 101 and how you fund government - it is taxes or revenue generating projects. I prefer the latter.

And for those who do not fully understand the income generating process - it is not just fees paid for use of the park - it is sales taxes generated when people use our hotels, restaurants and general shopping venues. It is jobs created when the hotels, restaurants and shopping venues have to give their employees extra hours to cover periods during such events as the soccer tournament. It is the exposure the city gets when all of these outsiders come to Brownsville to use the Sports Park.

Now I will say the management of the park to date appears to reflect Sorry Charlie Atkinson - we all remember the construction problems and the concert that never was, for example. There is not much we can do with Sorry Charlie Atksinson’s self destructive personality. If the Sports Park has an enemy, it is Sorry Charlie Atkinson. He does nothing but give people reasons to believe the Sports Park is an economic boondoggle. If he wants the Sports Park to succeed, I would suggest he resign and never speaks publically again.


Anonymous said...

How's your lawsuit with the city coming along?

Anonymous said...

Bobby, the word is S-H-E-E-R. In your headline, we mean.


Anonymous said...

When you say revenue generating project, do you mean direct or indirect revenue? I prefer to look at direct revenue because indirect revenue is a tough number to justify. Plus when you study the people producing the numbers I think the numbers are as genuine as bigfoot and significant as a popcorn fart.

Direct revenue is the amount of money garnered at the Olmito Sports Park. The herald reported some 100,000 dollars in fees and revenue. With the cost of the BSP around $33 million which does not include the amount of money for annual maintenance of $700,000. It would take 330 years for the OSP to break even if we didn't pump in one new penny. It also does not take inflation and fee revenue increases or decreases into account. It may even take longer if annual maintenance costs are included to figure out when the OSP would break even.

I don't know how to figure out how much sales tax dollars come to the city because of the amount of gas needed to drive all the way out to Olmito. Maybe you could do the math. Maybe we can build the next one in El Paso and really increase the revenue. And one other thing, how can we make sure that phase 2 is not the boondoggle phase 1 appears to be? Answer, simple build it in McAllen.

BobbyWC said...

I am filing a notice of appeal in the speech lawsuit and also moving it into the federal courts.

On teh post about teh numbers related to the Sport Park - it is the typical post of someone who seeks to mislead - everyone knows the tax generation on the sports poart is from sports tourism - which means people driving to Brownsville our way out of teh city and flying to Brownsville -

It is hard to take seriously comments like this one the author chooses to simply lie to win a point

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of this old joke. A reporter finds out about an Indian in Arizona that taught his animals speech. He went to verify the story. The Indian took him to speak with the animals. The horses said, "He makes us work but he treats us well." The reporter asked to speak to the cows. The cows said they were well treated. He asked to speak with the sheep. The Indian said, "The sheep lie."