Friday, June 4, 2010


The local VFW has send out a letter to its membership informing them they are 3 months behind on their mortgage payments. They are asking that each of the 300 or so members pay an additional fee of $20.00 a month to cover the payments. When this facility was being build I went to the Herald with claims of possible back door dealing as to the construction. There were changes to the structure being made by individuals without them going to the committee overseeing the construction. The Herald found nothing newsworthy about this. At the time there was a reason I could not cover the story. My source would not give me permission - but did ask I try and get the Herald to cover the story.

On the speech issue of veterans being tired of being disrespected, I am blown away by the lack of understanding of not only free speech, but also the disrespect issue. First on the speech - I got in trouble one time in Dallas at a political meeting because I said I would have no problem defending the absolute right of an anti-gay group marching in protest to gay rights through the heart of Cedar Springs (gay central). I went on to say after I won the case, on the day of protest I would be on the corner shouting them down as they marched down Cedar Springs. I was asked who side I was on and I said the side of free speech.

Pat Almighty and Ernie Hernandez and anyone else can disrespect veterans all they want. I would be the first to defend that absolute right. But I am at a loss that under the guise of defending free speech veterans should not be allowed to lodge their protest to such disrespect. It is as much our right of free speech to speak out against anyone we believe is disrespecting us, as it is their right to be disrespectful.

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Anonymous said...

According to rumors being circulated at the VFW, those in charge are negotiating to have it moved back to their old HQ on Paredes, next to the Honda shop. Because the VFW just cannot afford to stay in their present location.