Wednesday, June 9, 2010


EDITOR'S NOTE: The BV does not vouch for any of the facts or allegations in Peña's Press Release. The public is welcome to attend the hearing. Unless the judge reopens the trial I find it highly doubtful the court will rule in Peña's favor. But given the overwhelming evidence in the case, if the judge fails to reopen the trial so that the remaining witnesses can testify at a minimum, he will certainly be reversed.

There is no doubt in my mind that once law enforcement from outside Cameron County reviews the trial transcript indictments will follow. The question will become, why did this judge shut down the trial at the point the evidence of criminal conduct was so overwhelming? The poetic justice will come when the decision to shut down this trial becomes a weapon against the judge in his own reelection the next time he is in a Democratic Party primary.

"Judge's Ruling Due Tomorrow (Wednesday)

A week has passed since scores of witnesses presented testimony to Judge Rudy Delgado about politiqueras taking ballots from the elderly, forging signatures, and abusing our mail-in ballot system. It is time to clean up politics in the Cameron County Democratic Party.

Join us as Judge Rudy Delgado delivers his ruling tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon, on this historic case.

When: Wednesday, June 8, 2010
Time: 3:00 pm
Where: 138th Judicial District Court, 3rd Floor, Cameron County Courthouse

Statistics from the Precinct 2 suit :

FACT: On Election day, Ruben Pena received a total of 1,863 votes, or 52.2% margin of victory to Ernie Hernandez' 1,701 votes. On Election night, Hernandez was behind 47.7%.

FACT: Hernandez received 87.5% of the mail-in ballots, 240 votes, to Pena's 34 votes for a paltry 12.4%.

FACT: Hernandez received more mail-in votes than one of the candidates for County Judge!

FACT: 101 more mail-in votes were received in the run-off than during the main primary election, when there were 6 candidates running.

FACT: On Election day, precinct 38's box (Sharp Elementary) was delayed in reporting to the elections administrator for approximately 2 ½ hours after the polls closed. The box when returned was not sealed and the election judge admitted to poll watchers and others that he had deviated from his return to the courthouse because he needed to go to the bathroom. He admitted to driving to the H.E.B. store located on Boca Chica Boulevard rather than going to the courthouse, a scant 5 blocks away. While attending to his bodily functions, the election judge left the unsecured ballot box unattended in his car for approximately an hour or more.

Many of you have expressed shock and outrage at the flagrant abuses and election manipulation taking place here in Cameron County... It's time to bring this immoral and illegal activity to an end.

If you know family, friend or neighbor who has been approached by "election workers" attempting to influence their mail-in vote or pick up their mail-in ballots, please call the Secretary of State's office at: 1-800-252-VOTE

I invite you to join us. Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 3:00 pm, at the Cameron County Courthouse, 3rd Floor."

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