Friday, June 4, 2010


It has long been my policy that my readers are better served with original documents than with my interpretation of events. Here are the original transcripts from the trial. There are two parts which look different because there were two court reporters.

In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73.

I will have more commentary on this tomorrow. But, if you want this to end, you need to e-mail my post to everyone you know and ask them to e-mail it to everyone they know. You then need to e-mail the Herald and demand they post it.


Anonymous said...

Bobby check out the brownsville herald on the starr county elections. Here is some more case law for your ass. Pena will never win. Election results will stand! HERNANDEZ WINS AGAIN!!! HA HA Victory is the sweetest revenge.

And Next time you have something to say about Erin have the balls and spine to say it to her face.

BobbyWC said...

the election on this round will stand - I do not think anyone will dispute that - that judge allowed the witnesses to avoid the court - the court of appeals will reverse on the issue and we shall have a second round - when a judge tells witnesses that can ignore court orders to avoid testifying - it sounds about right Ernie would find that acceptable

again no one disputes at this time there are insufficient bad votes for Peña to win - but an appellate court can order these people into court - and they will

Ha HA is about what I expect from anyone who would support Ernie

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The Vela/Pena Klan will be pathetic losers like always. Pena is such a sloppy sorry excuse for an attorney. Case in point look how he screwed up Hector Gonzalez's case and shoty procedure work in his own case

Fred Drew said...

In the two older folks residences that I know about there are at least 90 persons from whom "questionable" ballots were signed. They were told its alright we will fix it when confronted with "I am just a resident". according to some of the paid helpers. They are all aged and would not physically be able to go to court. Depositions could be taken if they could be persuaded that the politicara lied and they won't go to jail. These folks ar terrified! What happened to them was the work of a sick person. This has to stop.