Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It is no great secret that I do not trust or like the Sorolas. The local Tea Party is reporting the Sorolas are starting a petition drive to stop the city from issuing CO without our approval. I personally believe that the AG opinion on the issue is wrong, and that on this issue the City Charter governs the issue. It is how you phrase the question which confuses people. Yes, state law does trump local city charters. But that is the con job. If you have one provision which states that city charters will govern the issue, then that is state law which is directing the result. The problem is when you may have a conflicting provision which only applies if another state law has not already given sole authority to the city charter. I would love to see a lawsuit on this issue. It is time to stop the spending and debt.

If I get a chance to sign the petition I will sign it, but I will not go out of my way to sign it.


This is the problem with the Tea Party and most anti-tax anti-government Republicans. I agree the situation in Arizona is desperate. The other day a rancher was shot dead on his own land. This is not acceptable. I fully support deploying the national guard to stop this declaration of war against Arizona by the Mexican drug cartels, not Mexico. But my question is, why does the Tea Party declare that Obama has turned over parts of Arizona to Mexico when in fact it is the Republican governor of Arizona refusing to use her Commander in Chief powers to address the situation? Answer the governor wants the American people as a whole to pick up the bill for the defense of Arizona. She knows if she uses her Commander in Chief powers to defend Arizona she will have to raise taxes. This is why the Tea Party and the governor of Arizona have no credibility. Neither is willing to fess-up it is time for more deficit spending to defend Arizona. We know the Tea Party will never admit to such a reality. We know the welfare queen of Arizona, Governor Brewer will never admit it is time she raise taxes on the people of Arizona to meet the needs of the people.

Yes, and I will say it, only a racist at heart would use the headline “Reconquista Realized.” This implies that Mexico and the pro immigration movement support what is happening in Arizona with the drug cartels. It was racist at its core and reflects the author’s ignorance and lack of interest in the problem. Since the Tea Party is unaware of same, Mexico is also at war with the drug cartels. Further since the Tea Party is also unaware, many of the undocumented workers are coming to the US to get away from these criminals and the havoc these criminals are wreaking on their lives. To imply that somehow Mexico and the undocumented workers support these criminals reflects a deep seated racism which all rational Americans must oppose. And for the record, why the term undocumented workers versus illegal aliens. I will tell you since the Tea Party again fails to understand the issue. The last number I saw estimated that some 6 million undocumented workers either came to this country legally and in many cases remain in this country legally, but work without a permit. This is what we call knowledge, something which eludes the Tea Party.

You see the people of Arizona are the worst of the welfare queens - “help us, help us, we do not want to pay taxes for our law enforcement so please, please American people you agree to higher taxes and deficit spending to protect Arizona so that we do not have to pay with our tax dollars.”

Arizona needs to step up to the plate and raise taxes to pay for additional law enforcement. Until the Tea Party is willing to take the same position they have nothing to say on the issue except total BS. But I agree it is time the President send US troops at the expense of the federal taxpayers to take control of the border between Arizona and Mexico. I cannot help but ask, had the fence built in Texas along the natural border known as the Rio Grande, been built along the entire Arizona border would Arizona be a safer place today? It would be - but many of the voices in the Tea Party and the anti-tax Arizona welfare queens would not listen to reason - they wanted what they wanted and did not care about facts.

The Tea Party will continue to oppose federal deficits and taxes while refusing to be honest that they in fact support deficit spending and higher taxes for what they want. This is why we will never have a balanced budget. As a veteran who relies on the VA for healthcare I have called for a 20% cut in the budget for veterans care by ending the federal subsidy to the medical schools operated by the states. Not one Republican Senator supports my proposal. Why? Because they lie when then say they want a balanced budget.

So on the issue of deficit spending and taxes the Tea Party needs to shut up until they are prepared to say no more spending - even for their pet projects.

Here is an interesting article on the situation in Arizona - this author goes after Governor Brewer such as I do, but also calls for Obama’s impeachment. So while this author appears to be more balanced, he fails to acknowledge the issue of the costs to the federal taxpayer because Arizona refuses to raise taxes to handle their own law enforcement issues.


Arizona is in the mess it is in because of the Republican base and the Tea Party. Politicians fear for their political future if they even mention taxes. Some 10 years ago Arizona should have been increasing the number of people in law enforcement. But the people of Arizona are welfare queens who believe in the book of Genesis it says “let their be law enforcement.” You get what you pay for. The people of Arizona refused to accept higher taxes to protect their communities. Now they cry out like welfare queens for other states and communities with tight budgets to pay for their mistakes. Shame on Arizona, its governor and the Tea Party driven to destroy the national security of the US all in the name of no taxes.


Fred Drew said...

I find it difficult to accept the idea that all Mexicans are of one race. Just because a people primarily speaks one language that doesn't comprise a race. I have seen many blondes around Mexico and the same Celts that settled Ireland originating in Spain.
What is happening is that the folks in Arizona fear a deluge of undocumented migrants trying to escape an untenable situation that focuses on them. The large numbers and associated violence, not the skin color, is the cause of the fear.
The administration's apparent choice to delay control of the border until a comprehensive immigration bill is passed has led to extreme acts to protect themselves. This is aggravated by the vastly increased violence in crime they are faced with.
The bottom line is the national government that is Constitutionally designated to do the job is not doing it.
They believe they must defend their homes and families.
How the posse comitas requirements could be met would be an issue were the governor send troops. Designate them as "Arizona Rangers"?
I have no answer other than the Administration must do its job.

BobbyWC said...

Several issues Drew [1] it was under the Republicans and anti undocumented workers groups that Bush II, not Obama, failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The blame begins and ends there - bottom line - the Republicans played with the racists and now seek to blame Obama.

Mexico such as the US is in fact a melting pot country - which makes use of the term "Reconquista" all that more racist.

It is Arizona refusing to do its job and tax its people for more law enforcement - this is typical Republican BS - no taxes and then wait for God to deliver you.

Yes the feds need emergency action on the Arizona border - but it is the Republican who created this mess. Blaming Obama is just cheap an act of head in the sand to ignore the reality of how the Republicans and fearmongers got us in this mess.

I agree the US must defend Arizona's border, but Arizona needs to step up to the plate and pay for its own law enforcement with moer taxes.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

On the immigration thing, you're hopeless. No sense in anyone beating their head up against the wall trying to desuade you.

As I understand the petition references the state law the city commission is using to circumvent the voters and our city charter. The law allows for a petition signed by no less than 5% of registered voters in a political subdivision to force the issue to a vote. The petition includes signature, print name, and address of each qualified voter.

Two commissioners have apparently commented on your blog recently. Why don't they comment on the petition? Why don't they explain why they are so afraid of the voters that they are unwilling to let the voters vote on incurring more debt? Instead of defending their political and personal reputations, why don't they answer to the people?

I would love to see a lawsuit as well. It will happen. As a voter, every one including you should join the litigation. The legal precedent in the Friendswood decision is very clear. Homerule city charters trump state law. It doesn't matter whether you like or trust the Sorolas. It should matter that you support the people's right to vote for or against the debt. It's a coalition much like the Liberal Democrats and Tories.

Fred Drew said...

As I remember federal laws were passed under Regan to require residency verification of employees. Then the Clinton administration reduced the number of INS officers assigned to the program and mandated INS to stop the program because of the potential losses of population in certain areas ie the chicken processing areas of Arkansas numerous plants were raided and indictments handed down (lost?) and others as numbers of Congressmen and benefits would be lost in key areas resultin from the upcoming Census.
Further the Bush 2 Administration teamed up with Ted Kennedy Immigration Bill, which I supported with certain issues such as rejection of the government agency that would locate new immigrant labor. I may be wrong but I believe there was a Democratic majority in Congress that did not pass the Immigration Act. No Libertarians had been elected even though we mostly support an expanded migration.
The single biggest problem is the horrible efficiency in administering the visa program then in close second the ridiculous and "racially" guided quota system.

Fred Drew said...

Lastly I am not blaming Obama just reciting what was reported that he said and did not deny as yet. There was an intentional delay to secure the border because there would not be enough Republican motivation to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. Troops could not be legally used! Arizona is requiring more law enforcement of the kind they can direct -
To me the Democrats and Republicans are the same in wanting a large government to be run by their Royal elite and keep themselves in office as long as possible.