Thursday, June 24, 2010



In a late night e-mail from Laura Kaechele she informed the BV she was unaware Sorry Charlie Atkinson reappointed her to the BCAC. So now we have city commissioners appointing people to committees without their knowledge or consent. What a system.

Also to sum up yesterday- the post was not about whether the BCAC should have awarded money to the Boys and Girl’s Club, it was about Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s and Laura Kaechele’s response to the controversy. In what Laura Kaechele claims to be an uncoordinated response, both deceptively pushed people into believing this club would serve Los Fresnos when in fact it would not, and both tried to push some nonexistent conflict of interest based on some alleged friendship MZ has with the architectural firm donating the plans.

The purpose of the post was the deception. What is sad is they simply could have noted such as Ben Medina did, “ The committee reviewed $7.3 Million worth of CDBG proposals.” which was more than BCAC had to give. It was a matter of trying to balance the various requests with the amount available for distribution. People would have understood this - but no Sorry Charlie Atkinson and Laura kaechele had to take the path of deception and MZ’s personal life. Also as a matter of policy BCAC members have no business going after city commissioners.

Brownsville will never ever move forward so long as this type conduct plays within Brownsville’s politics. This is why there needs to be accountability. It has nothing to do with Boys and Girl’s Club not getting funding. Why would good people run for city commissioner if they know they will have to face people like Sorry Charlie Atkinson or Laura Kaechele.

For the record, I want the spending to stop. As to the Sports Park other than that which is needed to meet UIL demands there should not be one more penny spent on the Sports Park. It is time for Brownsville to move forward on other desperately needed projects - the entertainment district, convention center, and yes a new airport with direct access to 77.


Several months back, maybe even a year back, I discussed what I considered to be medicaid fraud in the dental industry. One reader took me to task for questioning the over use of braces for children on medicaid. It is way over used. In fact medicaid recipients run to the doctor all of the time over nothing. When I took my fall several weeks ago it took me 3 days to run to the doctor and then I went because my neck was stiff. I had a big knot on my head and did not care. I checked the internet and I learned that even if you have a concussion you just stay in bed and look for symptoms like a stiff neck before running to the doctor.

Now the Republicans will oppose me on this, but this is how you reduce the cost of medicaid to the states and the fraud. Medicaid patients should be seen in government run community clinics similar to the new VA clinic in Harlingen. But we cannot do this even though it means saving tax dollars because it would mean communism - which it is not. This is yet another example how Republican support for private business costs the taxpayers money they do not have.


Divine providence has intervened and is forcing me to stay in Brownsville. For 4 months I worked on looking for a home in San Antonio. I am so tired of traveling back and forth to SA for my healthcare. Well in those 4 months with the exception of my pain management doctor, I no longer have any reason to travel back and forth to SA. Those days are gone.

During my adventures in house shopping I learned the seller’s realtor and the owners are dishonest in ways which make the Cameron County Democratic Party look like angels. I was in contract on one house with an approved mortgage when the owners made it clear I could not so much as send someone on the property to get an estimate for the repairs they lied about. By law they have to complete a seller’s disclosure. They failed to reveal that the spa in the pool was broken, the plaster in the pool had cracks, and the roof leaked. After they made it clear they would not allow me to get estimates for the repairs, I cancelled the contract. They paid me my $730.00 in out of pocket expenses rather than face suit for fraud. They actually put into an e-mal that their realtor told them they did not have to disclose the spa was broken.

House number two was nice enough. The inside was real nice - it had everything I wanted on the inside, but the outside was a dump. I knew I was in trouble when I was told the sellers did not have time to complete a seller’s disclosure. I made the mistake of paying for an inspection before seeing the seller’s disclosure - so I cannot now say they lied to me. The roof and air conditioner both need to be replaced. This was the final blow. I am done trying to buy in SA.

My problem is I live in a foreclosed home. The owner failed to use my rent money to pay the mortgage so the home was foreclosed on. Because federal law prohibits banks from evicting renters on less than 90 days notice, I have been given some time to move out. I wasted that time looking for a house in SA. To be clear my realtor in SA was top-notch - he was truly my advocate. I have every reason to believe my Brownsville realtor is also top notch.

So I have found a house. The only question is, can the lender move the mortgage fast enough to get me a closing before my move out date. My move out date is July 7, 2010. I might be able to get the bank to give me a 1 or 2 week extension. If I cannot then I need to find a rental home.

In Brownsville as far as I can tell there are very few rental homes available. Every home in Craigslist I have called on has been a scam by people just trying to get my financial information.


In the event I cannot work a deal on the home I looked at this morning I need to find a rental home ASAP - if anyone knows of one - please let me know. I literally have been driving all over Brownsville randomly driving up and down streets in search of a for rent sign on a house - nothing - there is nothing.

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