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I am editing this comment because it contains a personal statement about MZ. I believe it detracts from the greater discussion herein.  I do want to say that MZ appears to be saying she fixed the Los Fresnos/Brownsville issue and that the BCAC was made aware of this.  But in the end if the comments in this post are accurate, then the name issue is irrelevant to the final result.


I sit on the BCAC and want to remain anonymous. Here are the facts.

CDBG funds are federal funds. They are awarded to cities to be utlilized in low income areas that are identified by HUD. Melissa Zamora made a presentation to the Brownsville Citizen's Advisory Committee for the "Boy's and Girl's Club of Los Fresnos." They had to have this name because Brownsville lost it's charter (theft, etc.) and administratively they would be working under B & C club of McAllen if I remember correctly. The land proposed was county owned land in front of Cameron Park. Their grant included purchasing the property from CC and building a facility from the ground up. The architect for the project is Gomez & Mendez. ... . [what ia have edited out may be of major importance in terms of further evidence of conflict of interest. If what I have edited out is true, then we have yet another piece of evidence of poor judgment. I have seen some evidence of this claim on her facebook - but it is not black and white.] Conflict? maybe..but what is comes down to is this:
The application was asking for 1.5 million dollars, when there was appox. only 800k to allocate amongst all these classified projects. So..do you buy one steak and feed 1 person or do you buy the pound of ground beef and feed a family of four? In these lean times it's about serving the greater good. And the greater good would be for other non profits who have years of proven establishment to continue to offer services funded by the CDBG grant. Of three public hearings..3 persons from the public attended. I repeat 3! Why the uproar now? The meetings were announced and published in the Brownsville Herald and City Hall and City Offices. There were many other projects that did not get funded. Perhaps if the grant had an existing building in a HUD approved area and the grant budget wasn't 100% dependent on the award...maybe things would have been different. But in the end..1.5 million dollars just wasn't there for us to give.

As a commissioner MZ has two appointments to the BCAC. I don't recall anyone of the members fighting for her project. It was unanimous..no funding for the Boys and Girls Club of Los Fresnos. Chairman Jesus Quesada stated that at the meeting.

Please edit..arrange..however you'd like. Please keep me anonymous.


Anonymous said...

The statements here are false. You can acquire the application I submitted to the BCAC from Ben Medina. It is open record. I was told, and as ADVERTISED in The Brownsville Herald, that there was more than $3 million to be distributed.

The application I submitted, and the grant I wrote SPECIFICALLY states that it would be a Brownsville Boys and Girls Club but as a TEMPORARY unit of the Los Fresnos Boys and Girls Club until we acquired out own charter.

The architectural plans were donated years ago, and donated again for this project. Everything else would be bid out.

An e-mail was sent to Ben Medina, and provided to the BCAC, that the property was within City limits, but owned by the County. Medina clarified to me, and to the BCAC at the grant presentation, that this project qualified for CDBG funding.

This Boys and Girls Club I'm working has always been planned as an independent non-profit to not fall under the City of Brownsville. This is also stated within the application.

It me several weeks to acquire the information and write the grant. My grant packet was more than an inch thick and was very thorough.

I do know who wrote you, as I have seen evidence of some of these comments on her Facebook. I'm not surprised these comments were made, because she is Commissioner Charlie Atkinson's appointment.

I'd also like to state, as in all grant apps, an approving committee can vote to award partial funding, and in some cases, a grant app is returned to answer questions.

The BCAC did ask questions when I made their presentation, and I clarified the name of the Club and it being a temporary unit of Los Fresnos.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, the last entry, was by me.

-Melissa Zamora

Anonymous said...

She doesn't say anthing about the conflict of interest you refer to in your post.

Anonymous said...

Why would there be a conflict if I applied for federal funds for a non-profit entity not under the City of Brownsville with the architectural plans donated and no monies whatsoever paid to the architectural firm of Gomez, Mendez and Saenz? The Club is very fortunate to have these services donated and to have many folks on board to help make this project a success.

Melissa Zamora

Anonymous said...

why we would we the citizens of Brownsville ever consider funding, as stated by Ms. Zamora herself, a "non-profit entity not under the City of Brownsville".

who is she really representing?

Anonymous said...

"The application I submitted, and the grant I wrote SPECIFICALLY states that it would be a Brownsville Boys and Girls Club but as a TEMPORARY unit of the Los Fresnos Boys and Girls Club until we acquired out own charter."

what in the hell is she thinking? The taxpayers monies are to benefit its citizens and not other municipalities.

"acquire our own charter?"

use your own money! set up a board to begin fundraising as most non-profits do. how much financial contributions have been acquired to date that would legitimize your claim of "our own charter"? You expecting for the city of brownsville to underwrite the los fresnos boys club up to the tune of $3 million is crazy.

Anonymous said...

the conflict has not been addressed. She did all this so her favorite firm (vague so you can post it, Bobby)will get the contract. Hellloooooooooooooooo!

BobbyWC said...

what contract? the services are being donated - this is why lies work - people just will not deal in facts once they learn the lie

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

oh, thanks for being vague - it makes it easier for me to allow for the discussion

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

bobby, if they donate the plans, don't you think they'll get the contract? especially if they give gtc $2000 as petitioned! qui pro quo NO?