Tuesday, June 1, 2010


BUT FIRST TWO RELATED ISSUES: The question has been raised - who other than Otis Powers will be running in the Place One position?:

SECOND: There will be an issue about Juan Montoya taking adds related to the BISD race. I will never fault anyone trying to support their family. Look - every newspaper, radio and TV news program will get paid for ads. The issue should never be the ads. The issue should be, is the news service trustworthy. Some of my readers consider the BV to not be trustworthy - so be it - big deal. Some people consider Juan Montoya not to be trust worthy - big deal so be it. As readers you need to look to the source and what you are looking for in a candidate and go from there. There will be attacks on Juan Montoya for taking ads. These attacks will be distractions from the issues and candidates. If you fall for it, then you are part of the problem. Anyone who votes based on ads deserves bad public servants. As to all blogs and all news services take the time to learn about the candidates on the issues and their character - form an opinion as to what you, not me or anyone else, wants in a candidate and the vote for that candidate.


THE PARENTS: Board Members will almost certainly always be about money. That is where the power is. If you want to change things at BISD you need to demand the candidates specifically tell you what they want to do in terms of education. Otherwise all you will hear is “It is about the children.” BULL SHIT.

It pains me to tell the truth about so many parents I have met with and worked with over the last 5 ½ years. Some parents simply lack the skills to be good parents in terms of their children’s education. Many are dropouts themselves and cannot read or write. Their child comes home with a project worth 20% of their grade and the parent cannot help. The child needs help with a grammar assignment and the parent cannot help. The child needs help with a math assignment and the parent cannot help.

Some parents do not seem to understand - period. I know of parents who take all of their children out of school if one child has to go to the doctor. They take all of their children out of school if one of the parents has to go to the doctor. These same parents will never make dentist appointments for an hour after school.

These same parents will never send their child to school with a pencil or pen. You can buy their children the backpacks and all of the supplies the children need at the beginning of the school year and by week 3 everything is lost. The child has no supplies and no backpack. The parent does not care so the child does not care.

The parent has to go to an appointment to increase their food stamps and they take all of the children out of school for the day so they can go sit with the parent and wait to see the person who will decide if they need more food stamps will increase the monthly amount..

Some parents simply believe they have no duty to their children when it comes to an education. Their view is the school district is getting paid to provide the education, not the parent.

Now the political right will say these children are not their problem. Well they are - when they dropout of school and end up on public assistance they become our problem for 50 years or more. When they end up in prison and in and out of our courts they become a burden on the taxpayers.

We need BISD candidates who will face these realities about many, not all, of the parents within the BISD system. It needs to be up to the teachers to identify the at risk children. In the long run it is cheaper for BISD to have after school programs which help these children with their homework and projects. We probably need to provide space at campus for their backpacks. They will be lost if they go home with the child. In time many of these children will learn the skills needed to manage their own homework. But they will never learn them at home.

Last week I spoke about the SEED program. I have been pushing this for some time in Brownsville. There are children who go home to abusive homes. I know of children who never get a good meal at home. The parents are on Lone Star but they still refuse to cook for their children. These children are nutritionally starved.

Until we elect candidates who are willing to honestly address the problems impacting education at BISD nothing will change.

My readers will note I am not pushing any candidate. This cannot be about names - it has to be about ideas and issues.

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Thank you Bobby, thank you for all you do.
Now, you see why you cannot leave Brownsville!!