Friday, June 18, 2010


I was traveling Tuesday last and did not see the City Commission Meeting. I saw it last night until 2 in the morning. I was just overwhelmed with all of the nonsense coming from these three. Troiani seemed to keep rolling his eyes every time Zamora opened her mouth. He was clearly frustrated that this show of unprofessionalism continues.

Guys it is not that I believe there is absolutely no good going on with this commission. I will say Camarillo is the most stately of the group. He has a commanding understanding of local government. No one on this commission works harder for their district than Camarillo. I hope the business community will see the commonsense and grace he brings to the meeting and recruit him to run for mayor. I truly believe Camarillo can and will bring Brownsville into the 21st century with a leadership style everyone can work with, while promoting a more professional image of Brownsville.

Now, some people will say he is in bed with Juliet Garcia. I would say - not so. Camarillo appears to be incredibly astute when it comes to politics. Yes, maybe his support of Juliet Garcia’s agenda has resulted in higher fees at TSC/UTB. I think only now are people beginning to see the negative consequences of the fees. A lot of people saw it as a good thing to build a better TSC/UTB. I will not play the role of a Monday morning quarterback. The reversal on the impact fee issue does not bother me. The initial plan approved by the city commission was oppressive on small businesses, and misguided.


Atkinson as is always the case loses (ha!) credibility every time he speaks. He wants people to believe that Zamora and the mayor acted out of sour grapes, which they did, but then he dumps on barrels of sour grapes on top of their sour grapes. He is so controlled by his tunnel vision agenda for Brownsville he actually believed he was going to get away with characterizing the Boys and Girls Club as a Los Fresnos club. He just lied to the people and expected to get away with it. Atkinson demonstrated he is willing to lie and deceive to promote his sour grapes.

As I have said before I am not about the end result, I am about the process to the end result. Zamora proved that she will shit on Brownsville’s image and needs to settle a score and send a message. It seems with every week she proves she lacks the skills to lead, mediate, or reason. She has a lot to learn if she thinks she can just demand money goes to her projects or else. With the exception of a mayor with no political future on this planet she has managed to alienate the entire city commission from her ideas and agenda.

The mayor has an uneasy fetish for animals. This mayor has obviously never been to a zoo outside of Brownsville. The Brownsville zoo is a dump. Its handlers should be indicted for cruelty to animals. I would love for PETA to come to Brownsville to protest the condition of the gorilla exhibit. It is a disgrace and an indictment on humanity that this exhibit is considered humane. My personal view is the zoo should be shuttered.

Further, this mayor seems to flip his finger at the people when he says, “I do not recognize your motion.” This was outrageous. The only question which remains is, does this city have a hell chance of moving forward so long as this man is the mayor.

Now, it is true as pointed out by Atkinson the Herald makes matters worse by its misleading articles. But Atkinson is no better when it deliberately misleads the people about the location of the Boys and Girls Club Zamora wants to establish.

It is also true that the BCEC is not from property taxes, but it is still tax money. Further the idea BCEC will be paying for something means it does not impact property taxes is a myth. If 5 commissioners are seeking financial support for their project and the BCEC can only help with the Sports Park that leaves the unsatisfied commissioners then seeking money from the general budget to fund their projects, which means impacting property taxes.

The mayor to get what he wants kept on saying lets raise the money through bonds and a vote from the people. Gowen said it best - we need to prioritize. Look I support a gym in my part of town - I support a Boys and Girls clubs - but neither of these projects are income generators nor maintenance of existing projects - such as the roof to the library.


A bond project is not the answer unless the money is used for income generating projects. Income generating projects bring business to Brownsville and revenues. In short order they could pay for themselves. Everyone knows my two pet income generating projects - a new airport and convention center.

Brownsville leaders seem to be oblivious to NAFTA and CAFTA. I have to say the airport board seems to be doing a great job in trying to bring more flights to Brownsville. This gives me hope for Brownsville. When I read the hope for the airport it actually made me excited for Brownsville. The non-stop to Mexico City is about more than locals going to and from Mexico City for business. It is also about connecting flights from Central America by business people doing business in Brownsville with our port, for example.

Fred Drew speaks of a regional port authority. Given local politics I have always opposed this. I could get behind a regional port authority if the agencies which compose the authority have sole authority to appoint the board members. Further, the agreement would have to have language which requires that the majority of the board members have experience in trade, shipping, international law - you get my drift - I want professionals. The community members must meet a minimum level of education - a BS/BS, preferably a masters degree in anything. Finally, it would also mean no more Port of Brownsville Trustees.

I believe a properly guided United Brownsville can bring about a regional port authority. I am being patient with United Brownsville. I hope the thing Gowen discussed currently before United Brownsville will show United Brownsville will be good for Brownsville.

My other pet project is a convention center. Again this is something which the COB can lead on with maybe a 1/4 interest owned by the port or regional port authority and 1/4 owned by the county.

Both of these projects can and will bring in revenue to the COB and county -revenue which can and will develop downtown. If I knew I could count on this city commission to move forward on a new airport and convention center, I would not think twice about investing in a piano bar in the proposed entertainment district.

The news about the airport has me so excited, although not the new airport like I want, I have decided to live in both Brownsville and San Antonio. For now I will take an apartment in Brownsville for my time here, while keeping my home in San Antonio. In 2 ½ years I will buy into Palm Resaca retirement community.

Look, we need to support a bond issue, but for revenue generating projects only - not the zoo - not a gym - not a Boys and Girls club.

I know the business community gets the value of moving the airport to an area adjacent to 77 and a convention center. They need to lead by getting behind people who can see and understand this vision. I really want Camarillo to run for mayor. I think he has proven he can work with the business community in a commonsense way, while being an advocate for the people.


Anonymous said...

I can usually agree with you on the issues, Bobby, but I don't see Melissa Zamora alienating herself. After talking to my business acquaintances it appears that she is developing quite the alliance with Rose Gowen and Edward Camarillo. She didn't vote alone in removing Charlie Atkinson's surprise gym. They all were definitely agitated that Charlie snuck it onto the list. They also voted with her to remove the workshop item Charlie placed on the agenda. The fact you left out this bit of info makes your article appear misleading. These facts alone show me that an alliance has been formed. Look closer, Bobby. Leave your personal feelings aside. They're getting in the way.

BobbyWC said...

I cannot dispute your claims about MZ and Gowen - but I can dispute your analysis of my post and that it is bias against MZ. I went out of my way to point out she corrected Atkinson on the Boys and Girls club. I defended her point on this issue and called Atkinson dishonest on the issue - this is hardly being biased for Atkinson and against MZ.

As I said I never care about the end result, I care about the process - the process was filled with anger and pettiness - this was obvious to everyone watching.

Yes, it is true that Atkinson got not one vote - this was good.

But again, your analysis of my most was way off - I clearly took up for MZ over Atkinsons lie about the Boys and Girls club

Anonymous said...

There's a change in the tide. I see it. Looks like the new commissioners are finally ready.

Fred Drew said...

In the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey the communities strangely, foresaw early on that better planning and more expensive facilities were needed to support the needs of the real community of the Metropolitan area not just Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens,Nassau County, Staten Island Hoboken,Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth... etc. The political winds of these diverse areas blow in a variety of directions.
In Brownsville the Port (Port of Brownsville, Port Mansfield, Port Harlingen and Port Isabel) is really needed by and must be planned together with the other forms of transport in the area.
When I was operating my steamship company I would have loved to be able to get cooperation for a "fly to the ship" program. Do you think the kind of growth that will take us into the big leagues we should have been in years ago. We have more going for us than San Antonio, from a transport point of view except creativity and regional thinking.
The politics of the New York area is far more vicious than here and yet they saw the light and the governors appointed a board that appointed professional managers. I would suggest that the County Judges of Hidalgo, Cameron and Willacy counties appoint a Board of professional directors that would only be removed forcefully for malfeasance in office. (We need three to be able to get a decision passed)

Fred Drew said...

I don't agree politically with Mr. Camarillo but the first time I met him and heard him speak, I told him that I appreciated his command of the issues and felt he could be a star if he picked his sides carefully.
I still think he could be a star especially when considering the competition.

F. Orex said...

Business issues are really very complicated and these need to be taken care with due respect. For proper redress el you will have to make your mind calm.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, if you looked at the meeting, Melissa stated that the county would donate the land back to the city after she got the 1.5 million dollars for this Los Fresnos satelite facility. I talked to all the county commissioners, the county judge, and Pete sepulvera and they told me she was full of shit. They wouldn't jeopardize the funding they get from Cameron Park by giving pieces of it away. I didn't sneak anything in because the city went before the BCAC board two weeks prior and made their presentation for the gym in my district. I was working with the city for since my last election to get this done for the people in the east side. It is badly needed. It was federal funds that were going to pay the note from the CO bond. Taxpayers were not responsible for paying this gym on. The city was just doing the same process when they built Gonzalez park and Oliveira Park using CDBG funds. As far as that workshop regarding a natural gas power plant company, well, the truth is that PeeWee Rodriguez called Mark Sossi and told him to stop this workshop because he claims this company already went to talk to PUB and what they want todo would hurt PUB. Bottom line that if GBIC and the BEDC are to do their job in bringing industrial companies like a steel mill in then we need more power. PUB can not provided the much needed electricity that these industrial companies would need. We will never be able to bring a huge company like that unless we open up and allow a power plant that can a provide such power. BEDC could market Brownsville better is they could use the fact that Brownsville has the power to give them. The Mayor spear headed blocking this workshop because John Brusiak was scared that people will want this. GBIC and the BEDC want a bigger power plant here in Brownsville. PUB killed the chance of the steel mill because they said they could not handle or generate the power to sustain it. We lost the possibility to have 2000 more jobs her and that is unacceptable. Oh Bobby, how am I lying about the Boys club. Im curious why you said that. As it stands, Brownsville city youth services have stepped it up and provides more programs for kids than ever before. The city youth leagues and after school programs have flourished. Why does the city need to pay insurance fees for a new club> Why does the city need to pay huge membership fees to the National Boys Club? Why waste all this money when we are kicking ass and holding our own city employees accountable for making these programs happy. The city couldn't control the wrongdoings of a non-profit but it can now because we have city employees. All the fees generated from kids participating in all the sports goes directly to the city for maintenance on the parks and gyms where they play. Sour grapes is all it was. The Mayor, wanting to show support for Melissa was his way of showing people he has commissioner support and a chance to attack me is always a great opportunity for him. He wants ant eaters at the ZOO and thats great but he cant use these CDGB funds to do it because he would be breaking the law like Melissa. That boy Graves that spoke at the beginning was piggy backing on Melissa's quest to attack this gym because truth be known, he applied for CDGB funds to build facades in the downtown area and was denied by the BCAC board and why, because the board didnt see how it qualified for what they consider "low income area projects." SO you see Bobby, now you get the rest of the story and the true side of the story

The power of the people said...

What happened with my comment?

BobbyWC said...

I just checked the backup system and I do not see any unpublished comments - I am sorry but I do not see anything

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

Contact the city and ask for a public copy of the BCAC agenda. The grant is written as "The Boys and Girls Club of Los Fresnos." It cannot have any mention of Brownsville on it. Brownsville lost it's charter years ago due to a former admin committing theft. Legally the club would have to named LOS FRESNOS. That in itself is prohibited by the Federal CDBG Grant. There are guidelines and oversight for the use of funds.
Sorry Charlie is right on this one. It doesn't matter that it was in "Brownsville" city's name was to have "Los Fresnos"...therfore does not qualify!