Tuesday, June 29, 2010


By this afternoon Alex should be a hurricane.  As I have been saying, this high ridge over the southern US is guiding this storm.  It it weakens the slightest Alex will move further up the coast.  It it gets stronger Alex will move further down the coast.  In the last 24 hours it seems to have stabilized. 

People, use commonsense.  We need to be ready, but not act like 5 sandbags are going to save our homes.  I will say, I am certain to my detriment, that the sandbag distribution system is a con on the people and a complete waste of taxpayers money.  Really people, 5 sandbags are going to save your home. 

Years ago on line I bought a 100 empty sandbags on line.  My house is very elevated so I will never really need them.  They are buried someone in my garage.  But if I ever do need them, I will go to Boca Chica with friends and fill them.  A 100 might do some good, but 5 - really?  People love to play the fool.


Anonymous said...

It is illegal to remove sand from Boca Chica beach without a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers..
Just FYI

Anonymous said...

Tim Smith, also known as Woodsy Owl, says that Alex should be designated a hurricane at around 7pm. Woodsy says that since the eye should pass 50-75 miles south of Brownsville, the highest winds we should expect would be 60-70 mph. Sounds like we'll be having a catastrophe party at our house. Enroute to mexico to stock up on the vodka and tequila. Later,

BobbyWC said...

I do not doubt it is illegal - whcih kills my game plan - but I cannot helpt buyt think of all the sand I have brought home in my truck and on my feet