Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I thought about doing a piece on the total contempt Cameron County and Brownsville politicians have for those who have died in service to this country. For the record I include in the dead the military and all law enforcement. People are not talking much about it, but our border patrol in many parts of the country are in an all out war with the Mexican cartels.
But instead of focusing in on the contemptuous politicians, I decided to speak about the living dead. I have spent a lot of time in SA. I have gotten to know a lot of the troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have gotten to know some spouses. If the numbers in SA are any indication, there are thousands of living dead Americans current and former servicemembers abandoned by the American people.
I ask that today some prayer be given for these American men and women who live as living dead because of their service in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to these current and former servicemembers they can no longer function. Their lives are a complete disaster. Their bosses put up with the fact they fail at their jobs. Their spouses put up with the fact that when they are home they sit and nothing gets down.
This has impacted the spouses and children. The spouses say the home is like living in a cemetery. There is just death and nothing more. Their spouse is someone they do not recognize. They say there spouses go through the motions of living, but inside they are dead.
The Obama Administration, which may be the most incompetent Administration in a several generations in terms of understanding how bureaucracies work, claims to be putting more resources into helping these living dead current and past servicemembers. Anyone who knows the VA system knows the medical schools are robbing the veterans blind of this money. Senators like John Cornyn turn a blind eye because he never met a subsidy to the State of Texas he did not like. He knows his supporters are morons so he gets away with it.
The VA is doing virtually nothing to help these living dead current and former servicemembers. When they seek out help at the VA they are medicated and put through a mechanical process of bogus therapy. They get an entire half-hour with a psychiatrist and then are thrown to therapists or psychiatrists in training. The medical schools need to train their students on someone and those someone ones are the living dead who served our country honorably in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sooner than later they bolt from the VA. How can some kid in his/her later 20's possibly have the clinic experience to deal with someone who has seen so much death? They cannot - and Obama could not give a crap. He has no idea how the system works and does not care to learn how the system works.
To make matters worse on these living dead servicemembers - the military is mustering them out - some on the verge of retirement. The other day I met a man with 18 years (for those who do not know 20 is retirement in the military). His case is quite simple. He has high cholesterol. His package has been sent to a board for review. The goal is his discharge.
I have been told endless stories of active servicemembers who are afraid to see a doctor for help because it means discharge. In many cases commanders are covering for them because the commanders know they are the living dead who served our country honorably and deserve better than to be punished for having become one of the living dead.
So on this day Memorial Day - how about considering the fact there of thousands upon thousands of living dead who are being buried in paupers graves by a system of government run by heartless and mindless bureaucrats who do not care, as a consequence of an inept President Obama.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, the blame you toss on President Obama is misplaced. Every war has its heroes and its lack of hero-worship. As a country, we are largely an ungrateful lot. To merely say this is something solely on the lap of this president is to ignore history. It's going on too long, that is true. Today's veterans get much, much more than, say veterans of the country's earlier wars. By far. Be grateful for what you have, for the alternative would surely be worse.


BobbyWC said...

I have called for cutting the VA budget by 20% - this is not about more - it is about competence

One just has to look at the way the federal agencies have responded to teh BP mess - they totally acted in a way without regard for the impact on the Administration.

Bush understood this problem and took very little to no shit from the bureaucrats - he learned this less after 911.

Obama is clueless about the bureaucratic process - this is why he is failing at the governmental level - these no bodies are running the government because he fails to understand he needs to order his Secretaries to take control with an iron fist.

Clinton certainly understood this

The failures under Obama as to the veterans, especially the living dead is a consequence of his lack of leadership.

The VA budget could easily be cut by 20% while improving services - the problem begins and ends with the medical schools.

If the Secretary had to spend one day a week in a different VA hospital he would learn a lot about how bad things are.

The American people should be outraged if for no other reason than their tax dollars are being wasted to train incompetent doctors. The federal government has no business subsidizing Texas medical schools. You watch how fast Cornyn and Perry yell foul if Obama was to call for an end of federal subsidies to state medical schools.

If I was asking for more money for veterans I would understand the people balking - I am asking for the budget to be cut and ending the subsidies to the medical schools as a way to improve services.

Every taxpayer should want to support such a program.

Until you spend time with these living dead veterans you have no way of knowing what they, their spouses, and children are living through.

It is truly an indictment on the American people if the best they can offer these living dead veterans is 20 something psychiatrists in training.

Fred Drew said...

Then there are those that must use alcohol or drugs to get the voices and screams of your buddies, in your head, to stop.