Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have not done a movie review in a while. I needed some time away from the house so I decided to go see Robin Hood. I was not going to go see this out of fear it was going to have a lot of really bad special effects. This seems to be the norm for Hollywood these days. While I am going to recommend this film, I must say it amazes me that in the 1930's Hollywood could do a better job with the fight scenes than they can do today.

I think what most people are going to remember about this film is, “Rise and rise again, until the lambs become lions.” It is the message of the film, and perhaps quite timely. This film is really a prequel to the traditional Robin Hood story commonly known. The film actually ends at the point Robin Hood and his men have taken to the forests.

I liked the film because it is an interesting study in misplaced loyalties, betrayal, greed, and how power corrupts. From this perspective I give the film an A+.

The film starts with Robin coming home from the Crusades and King Richard’s exploits in France. In time Robin arrives home to accidently learn of his true heritage. As it turns out his father was a great man who understood the role liberty plays in honest government.

The scenery and costumes are authentic. On balance the acting is adequate- no Oscars. The story line is creative because it helps the audience to understand the motivation behind the man or myth which is Robin Hood.

The movie is good for young adults 15 and older (who are thinkers). If you are not a thinker you will probably find the movie boring and uninviting.

I hope everyone will try and see this movie. If for no other reason than to try and understand the meaning of “Rise and rise again, until the lambs become lions.”

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Fred Drew said...

I loved the Movie. I especially like the fictionalized historical representations that provide a hero - especially the rebellious kind.
I grew up with the Horatio Hornblower books and fell in love with them again when A&E came out with the series a few years ago.
We have too few heros with "the folks" at large being the beneficiaries. How about Zorro? I prefer the old tv series to the recent movie (too romantic).