Wednesday, May 19, 2010


About two months ago, I was able to put on the desk of FBI Director Mueller the documents which I believe show public corruption by DA Villalobos in the Amit Livingston and BND matters. These were just two of several matters. In addition to having the direct fax number to Director Mueller’s personal fax, I managed to get the documents put directly before FBI Director Mueller.

On the Livingston matter, since reality of facts do not matter elsewhere here are some real facts. His bond was $500,000.00 not 1 million. The lawyer who got the bond money to split between himself and the children of the victim was Eddie Lucio. He was the former law partner of DA Villalobos in Dallas, not Austin. I know this because when Eddie Lucio (no relation to the Lucio politicians) graduated law school he came to work at a law firm where I was doing briefing work. He later learned how to work the court house for court appointments and broke out on his own. I assume somewhere after that he hooked up with Villalobos who at some point was working for a large plaintiff’s firm - the Windle Turley law firm - Dallas. This is when he got in trouble with the State Bar.

When getting the facts straight requires nothing more than doing a google search or searching the BH archives and you cannot get that right, the question becomes what else are you getting wrong?

Since last week I have been preparing additional documents for Director Mueller. This is very taxing on me since I sleep basically 16 hours a day.The VA is not going to do the next test to determine why my body is rejecting the vitamin D (which is a hormone by the way) treatment. After the first 6 weeks my levels actually dropped to a new low. I think I will be on the treatment for a total of 18 weeks before they do the next test.

I am only awake right now because a medicine the VA gave me for a sprained neck after my fall last Wednesday wore off. Pain killers and muscle relaxers tend to cause me to wake up the moment they wear off.

Anyway I have said several times in the past, “nothing is ever as it appears.” Some players who are about to be taken down will be surprised. There is a big red bull’s-eye on Brownsville and change is a coming. Also not that facts ever matter, but Brownsville is under the jurisdiction of the San Antonio FBI office and not Houston. I am certain the San Antonio office is consulting with the Houston office on the BND case because of the Dannenbaum connection.


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Thanks for all you do.

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Campaigns of Few House Incumbents

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Zaida Bueno accused of illegal vote harvesting.