Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I did not blog yesterday because of burnout. People think it is easy - it is not. I turn down a lot of stories because the source refuses to provide me with anything other than rumors. I am not going to go traveling all over town trying to get proof of a story. Most bloggers earn nothing blogging, and in fact actually loose money because of having to meet people for meals, or buying copies of court documents etc.

Yesterday I was reading the Herald comments on Carlos Cisneros. What a bunch of sorry ass pathetic excuses of human beings. We do not know all of the facts. The posts are based purely on a need to hate and promote ignorance. It is borne of the same seed which brought us slavery. We want a result so we rationalize our ignorant response. This is why we have representative government. The people are simply too ignorant to be trusted with their own freedom.

Obviously something went wrong. I unlike these posters was not there so I do not know what exactly happened. It takes two people to create a fight. It is very rare someone just randomly lashes out. Further what appears to be wounds does not mean he was necessarily the aggressor We simply do not have the facts.

As to John Wood - what a pathetic weasel. A product of self castration - lacking even the appearance of manhood. Who throws a long-term employee under the bus for political gain? This town is pathetic - between the posters going after Cisneros, and the cowardly John Wood it is no wonder this town is the cesspool of Texas.

Yes, it is true controversy follows Cisneros - that comes with public office. But this does not justify a public lynching and kicking a man when he is down. How proud these cowards must be of what they have become.


Remember how the Herald and Zavaletta were sued over his ad related to the accused child molesters. Remember how men released of the accusation of being molesters were held to public ridicule over the ad.

The only thing which may be worse than being accused of being a child molester is being accused as the DA of being soft on child molesters. I now understand why Villalobos went after Zavaletta and DeLeon. Knowing what I now know based on the court of appeals decision I can honestly say these two are devoid of a conscience.

An opinion issued from the court of appeals just days before the Herald filed for bankruptcy. The fact the Herald never printed why it lost in my mind is further evidence of its malice towards these victims of the Herald’s contempt for fairness and accuracy.

Well here is why they were sued.

“Two primary considerations lead us to this conclusion. First, although the "Cases Involving Children" chart that appeared in the advertisements faithfully reproduced parts of the Case Disposition Report prepared by the District Attorney's office, there were key omissions made that obscured the full meaning of the report. Specifically, the chart omitted the detailed information provided in the report regarding the specific reasons that the appellees' cases were declined by the District Attorney's office, such as the lack of evidence. Additionally, the chart suspiciously omitted some 34 entire entries that appeared in the report, the majority of which corresponded to cases where the District Attorney's office had pursued and obtained convictions. Without this information, the reader of the chart is justifiably left with the impression that the District Attorney's office secured absolutely no convictions for child-related offenses in 2007; the reality, however, was different. Moreover, because the suspects who were actually convicted were omitted from the chart, readers of the advertisement may have been left with the impression that most of the individuals listed had actually committed the crimes they were accused of, which the report did not explicitly state (10) In other words, the omissions may have made the chart more damaging to the appellees' reputations in the mind of the average reader than a full and complete reproduction of the report would have been. See Tex. Monthly, 7 S.W.3d at 805 (citing Crites, 697 S.W.2d at 717).”


In my view the omission of the 34 names is evidence of intent to mislead and in fact malice. Zavaletta was willing to destroy these innocent men to become DA. This is why we must question ads and the promises of the candidates. It tells the community a lot about a person who is willing to destroy innocent people for his own political ends.

No one can accuse me of liking Villalobos. But this mentality of we will turn a blind eye to reality to destroy politicians we dislike must stop. This kicking of people when they are down, must stop. So long as we the people continue to conduct ourselves in this manner, we the people will be the sole cause of our problems.

We must rise above the need to destroy others for the sake of destroying them. Cisneros is no longer an elected official. To what end do we kick him when he is down? We are worse than the Romans who cheered at the mauling of innocent Christians by lions for no better reason than it provided them entertainment.

What does it say about we the people when we are willing to turn a blind eye to a dishonest Zavaletta who intentionally destroys innocent men for his own political ends, just because the purpose behind his dishonesty is to destroy someone we dislike, namely Villalobos?

If we continue to refuse to change Brownsville will remain the cesspool of Texas.

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