Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I thought about doing a piece on the total contempt Cameron County and Brownsville politicians have for those who have died in service to this country. For the record I include in the dead the military and all law enforcement. People are not talking much about it, but our border patrol in many parts of the country are in an all out war with the Mexican cartels.
But instead of focusing in on the contemptuous politicians, I decided to speak about the living dead. I have spent a lot of time in SA. I have gotten to know a lot of the troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have gotten to know some spouses. If the numbers in SA are any indication, there are thousands of living dead Americans current and former servicemembers abandoned by the American people.
I ask that today some prayer be given for these American men and women who live as living dead because of their service in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to these current and former servicemembers they can no longer function. Their lives are a complete disaster. Their bosses put up with the fact they fail at their jobs. Their spouses put up with the fact that when they are home they sit and nothing gets down.
This has impacted the spouses and children. The spouses say the home is like living in a cemetery. There is just death and nothing more. Their spouse is someone they do not recognize. They say there spouses go through the motions of living, but inside they are dead.
The Obama Administration, which may be the most incompetent Administration in a several generations in terms of understanding how bureaucracies work, claims to be putting more resources into helping these living dead current and past servicemembers. Anyone who knows the VA system knows the medical schools are robbing the veterans blind of this money. Senators like John Cornyn turn a blind eye because he never met a subsidy to the State of Texas he did not like. He knows his supporters are morons so he gets away with it.
The VA is doing virtually nothing to help these living dead current and former servicemembers. When they seek out help at the VA they are medicated and put through a mechanical process of bogus therapy. They get an entire half-hour with a psychiatrist and then are thrown to therapists or psychiatrists in training. The medical schools need to train their students on someone and those someone ones are the living dead who served our country honorably in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sooner than later they bolt from the VA. How can some kid in his/her later 20's possibly have the clinic experience to deal with someone who has seen so much death? They cannot - and Obama could not give a crap. He has no idea how the system works and does not care to learn how the system works.
To make matters worse on these living dead servicemembers - the military is mustering them out - some on the verge of retirement. The other day I met a man with 18 years (for those who do not know 20 is retirement in the military). His case is quite simple. He has high cholesterol. His package has been sent to a board for review. The goal is his discharge.
I have been told endless stories of active servicemembers who are afraid to see a doctor for help because it means discharge. In many cases commanders are covering for them because the commanders know they are the living dead who served our country honorably and deserve better than to be punished for having become one of the living dead.
So on this day Memorial Day - how about considering the fact there of thousands upon thousands of living dead who are being buried in paupers graves by a system of government run by heartless and mindless bureaucrats who do not care, as a consequence of an inept President Obama.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I want to begin with a positive - on channel 17 the BISD cable station they are showing performances from the various campuses which highlight the performing arts. I enjoy when they do this because its shows the children in a positive light.

Yesterday I saw a car with two Otis Powers bumper stickers for BISD, position one. I am assuming they are new because they looked new with no evidence of age. If in fact he is running for position one there is an interesting question - how does he intend to get over the tape recording of his conversation with Antonio Juarez? I guess he can argue Gonzales lost at every level which showed he was justified in trying to get rid of him. The truth behind Otis Power’s statements on the tape are going to make for an interesting campaign. Unfortunately, it could turn the campaign into a pure political battle instead of a battle for improving the education of our children.

School Board members are rarely qualified to deal with the educational needs of the children. I guess the reason so much focus is but into the budget is because it is an area wherein politics can take over. In my view this is why education has become such a failure in most of Texas.

More than a year ago I spoke about how in Chicago they are using boarding schools to help deal with the problems of the inner city children. There is an organization called the SEED Foundation. The following is from their web page.

The SEED Foundation developed the SEED boarding school model and opened its first school, The SEED School of Washington, D.C., in 1998. SEED’s innovative model integrates a rigorous academic program with a nurturing boarding program, which teaches life skills and provides a safe and secure environment. This boarding school model provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges facing inner-city youth and serves as a prototype for expansion nationwide.”

The BISD Board has never dealt with the fundamental problems facing the children of BISD. The issue of Special Needs has been played out for the entire community to see. It is a disaster. The reason is multi-fold. I am going to get to the issue of the parents below, but for now two other key sources of the problem is a lack of state funding and a complete and total lack of training by our teachers. The universities are a complete and total joke when it comes to special education. Part of the cause for this is federal and state law which makes meaningful instruction for special needs children a near impossibility.

The other key source of the problem, other than the parents, is a lack of proper funding. What I want to see in a candidate is a promise he/she will force a vote on BISD suing the state to force more funding and training for special needs children. This is the time to do it. Our representatives at the state level are already writing Bills for the 2011 Legislative Session. If the current Board wants to stand out and in fact protect themselves from being thrown out they would vote now to authorize such a lawsuit. Other school districts will chime in immediately thereby making the cost of prosecuting such a lawsuit less for any given school district. We shall see if this Board or candidates for the November election are willing to get on board with this idea. Until this Board or candidates face the funding reality as to special services, they are merely blowing smoke and offering nothing to fix the problem.

I want to get to the parent issue, which will bring us back to public boarding schools, but first I want to describe an experience I had in Port Isabel. I was doing my student teaching in Social Studies when I got to see just how worthless ARD’s are and how incompetence rules the day.

In the case of one student he had major learning disabilities. Nothing was in his ARD package to indicate this. When we met with the father over his son’s classroom problems not even the father mentioned his son’s problems. It was he will follow the rules and bring his notebook to class.

All I know about his kid is what is in his ARD package. One day I had him stay after school to work on his classroom skills. They wanted him to play football and he was failing. I refused to play long so they agreed to force him to work with me so he could pass. I learned he just stared when you asked him questions. I learned he could not learn without a lot of one on one instruction.

One of his coaches tells me he was surprised that nothing was in his ARD package about the severity of his disabilities because in the middle school he received a lot of one on one help. You see, the information which was known to his middle school teachers was never passed up to the high school. All the school cared about was he could play football. In fact I was told point blank I was to pass him because without football he would have no reason to come to school.

I had several other students who were also listed as special needs. All football players to a person. I do not teach with handouts. At the highschool level it is time to prepare these kids for college and life. I teach through an outline which I write on the board will mixing in interactive instruction so they do not get bored. These kids need to learn how to take notes in outline form is they are to succeed in college.

When the test time comes I prepare a study guide designed for them to research the answers within their notes. The test is then a remake of the study guide. I do not give multiple choice exams. By 9th grade they should be able to do short answer. Fill in the blank from a list of options, and some form of application of knowledge. I wrote my own tests.

To a person save the one student I mentioned about, every special needs student got an 80 or better. One student whose ARD provided for having the test read to him actually got a 90 something without having the test read to him. The agreement I made with him was if he did not get an 80 or higher he could redo the test with me reading the test to him.

He was so proud of his grade. His friend who is not special needs asked why he got a 70 something and the special needs student got a 90 something. I asked the special needs student what he thought - he answered “you taught me how to study and organized my notes.” This child was a throw away child with no future. He now knew how to study and learn. It is sad when you label innocent children with learning disabilities because our universities cannot produce competent teachers.

This got long - on Monday I promise a piece on how the parents are a major part of the problem and why we need public boarding schools for the children whose home life make learning an impossibility.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday Obama lectured a heckler who was complaining the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell was taking too long. Obama's response was valid but wrong. Yes he has to work with a Congress not interested in working with him. But the problem has only been made worse by his lack of conviction and leadership.

The first problem we have is the filibuster. Obama on the filibuster has the legal standing to challenge it as unconstitutional. He cannot necessarily use it as to his inability to get laws passed, but as to his appointments he would have clear standing to bring the lawsuit.

The filibuster has replaced the constitutional provision that requires the president only needs a simply majority. The problem with the filibuster is, no president will ever again be able to pass a law on a simple majority. This is clearly contrary to the intent of the Founding Fathers.

The American people understand how both sides have used the filibuster to stop change. This is hurting our country. Without the filibuster Congress long ago could have passed comprehensive immigration reform. We now have some 10 million or more people in legal limbo and failed borders. The filibuster has clearly compromised our national security.

For all of Bush II's failings, he kicked ass when he wanted something. He had the courage to lead. Obama considers the courage to lead to be evidence of intellectual competency. A lawyer the other day said it is time Obama stop acting like Gandhi and more like Huey Long. There is no compromise with the Republicans. It is time he just lead.

Obama is challenged in leading because he does not know how to communicate to the average Joe. He turns everything into a law school lecture. You know, a high school graduate would do a better job explaining what deporting 10 million undocumented workers would do to our economy than Obama ever could.

Key to politics is an understanding of politics. It blows my mind that Obama still fails to understand that the politics of opposition in the U.S. means going down with the ship if that is how you stop your opponent. He and his Secretaries fail to understand Washington bureaucrats see them as a temporary nuisance. He fails to understand he needs to direct his Secretaries to take control of their departments.

Several weeks ago I won another case in DC. The issue was does the word agreement mean agreement? I do not lie. The bureaucrats at the VA were determined to force a federal judge to tell them the word agreement means agreement. Only when the counsel to Secretary of the Veterans Administration realized the lawsuit was going to embarrass the Secretary did the VA issue a memorandum to the bureaucrats that the word agreement means agreement.

The bureaucrats are like politicians they are going to do what ever they want and not care if it costs their boss their job. At this time, the Republicans do not care if this country self destructs. They want power and they will kill the country and their bosses, the people, if that is what it takes to get power.

So to understand the politics behind the politics in the US you must understand this - there is no rule of law, honor, or integrity - it is all about power - power even if it means self destruction as the only means to destroy your opponent, the people, or your boss.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


As with everything else in Brownsville, unless the FBI or Texas Rangers come in, nothing will be done to stop the fraud in our elections. Based on what I have learned on my own and what is in the Herald I am predicting Peña will loose his election contest. I worked on a very difficult election contest and won it for my client who was being sued. Peña's approach to the election contest is typical of how most attorneys practice law "I'll wing it and hope for the best."

These cases can only be won on the testimony of forensic handwriting specialists. Trying to subpoena 50-100 senior citizens to testify about their vote never works. The problem is two fold. He has to set a foundation of probable fraud as to each voter before any competent judge is even going to allow him to breach the sanctity of the vote.

In the case I worked on we knew the other side was guilty as sin in stealing mail ballots. We set up interviews of the senior citizens who were the victims. I gave up after three interviews. They were either outraged that someone was discussing their vote with them, or had no memory of the election. At the criminal trial when the DA tried to cross examine his only two senior witnesses one testified she handled her own mail ballot, and the other one testified she had no idea about the election or who my client was.

You cannot win these cases on the testimony of the voter - only a forensic handwriting expert can win the election for you. there is one issue, and this is ow the DA in the case I won tried to win the case. The Elections Administrator testified that the State of Texas considers the home a polling place while the voter has the mail-ballot. The State argued that it is illegal to campaign for a candidate within 100 yards/feet (do not remember) of the polling place. The argument was that because my client was going door to door telling people how to vote at the point they were filling out their mail-ballot he committed a criminal act. Now, getting the politiquera to admit that she did this could be an admission of criminal conduct.

Our defense was freedom of speech. The Elections Administrator admitted he had a hard time with the idea that the Dallas Morning News could issue its endorsements on the day the mail-ballots hit the homes of the voters and that is okay, but that the President of the Tenants' Association could not pass out push cards with the Tenant Associations endorsements om the same day The jury bought the argument.

Peña should have moved for the depositions of the politiqueras from day one. In my view his entire handling of the election contest is a comedy of errors. It would have cost him a lot less to hire an expert handwriting specialist than what it is going to cost him to serve 100 witnesses with subpoenas.

We are not going to solve this problem until the state legislature puts an end to the candidates paying one penny for the harvesting of mail-ballots. They also need to make it a 2nd degree felony for a candidate who pays for the harvesting of mail-ballots or pays for the stamps. As to politiqueras who do this, they need to be hit with a 2nd degree felony charge with a stiff sentence.

Jail time is the only way this practice will end. Between the difficulty of proving the senior citizen remembers the election, and the incompetence in the lawyers prosecuting these cases, the stealing of elections will be the norm in Cameron County. Maybe someday if we ever elect a competent and honest DA he/she will end the practice by hiring a forensic handwriting specialist to examine the mail-ballots.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am waiting on some court transcripts before I comment much further on the matter with the City of Brownsville. I will say this - I have overnighted documents to the Texas Supreme Court which has as its purpose the removal of Judge Dick Alcala. His contempt for the law is beyond extraordinary. The case will move into federal court here in Brownsville and DC. There will be two separate cases. The DC case will be seeking $250,000.00 in damages each from the City of Brownsville and Eileen Leeds and her law firm. Her law firm will spend significantly more defending her than they ever billed the COB. I am not taking lightly my claims that she repeatedly lie to the court. I will be posting the transcript for everyone to read. I will be asking the Texas Supreme Court to order the State Bar to commence disbarment proceedings. The State Bar knows full well that if they refuse to bring disciplinary proceedings against Ms. Leeds, Ms. Leeds and the State Bar will be defending a third proceeding in federal court. I thought Peter Zavaletta was bad in his obsession with lying to the court - Peter Zavaletta is an angel compared to Eileen Leeds. Enough said - for now.


When I first read the opinion, which I am including for my readers to read on their own if they so choose, I though “what is it with Judge Hanen, is he openly biased against BISD?” But then a lawyer pointed out to me that a judge is not to use procedural tricks or mistakes by the lawyer to throw a plaintiff out of court. The goal is justice and a second chance is what the judge should allow for. It has been so long since I have seen a federal judge follow the rule of law, I forgot the rule of law. So basically, I am cool with the opinion.

I do not expect people to read the opinion - but I am certain many people will scan it - I will tell you what to look for - it raises a question - why did Hector Gonzales not raise the Otis Powers angle? Is it because he knows it is all BS and Otis Powers is just making up claims the Board would be happy if Juarez cooperated by filing a claim against Hector Gonzales? My issue is simple - if Gonzales knew these claims to be true why did he not raise them? Answer - they are false, or they would have open a doorway of truth Hector Gonzales did not want out there. Was Gonzales part of this plan to used the employees to file grievances against one another?

The opinion starts out by the court admonishing Tony Juarez to not continue to fail to respond to deadlines set by the court. This is really an admonishment to his lawyers. At page 9 the court notes entered findings by the Magistrate Judge against Tony Juarez in part are being upheld because his lawyers failed to properly object to the findings. He later allows for additional time for Tony Juarez to prove his claims rather than grant summary judgment at this time. This is where I thought - “does Hanen have it in for BISD?” The reality is, a good judge will give a plaintiff a second bite at the apple if he sees his attorneys have failed him. Also a good judge will not punish a plaintiff in the first round because his attorneys failed to meet court deadlines.

The big issue in the case is, did the Board violate his Free Speech rights. The claim is adverse action was taken against Juarez after he went to the FBI. This is funny to me because after HUD opened a civil rights investigation against Tony Juarez’s entity the Brownsville Housing Authority, they send a notice to the single mother of 2 and 1 grandchild that her public assistance was being terminated. I wonder if Hanen will allow this woman’s civil rights claim to proceed? I digress.

What is really interesting is the footnote on page 13. If the evidence holds up it will be very damaging to the Board. The court found sufficient evidence to raise a fact question (which the jury can reject) that the Board has created a corrupt policy to encourage employees to file grievances against one another. This is pretty bad.

Now this goes back to Otis Powers. I am not going to list every page wherein his name appears. Guys, you need to put some effort into this. Click on the opinion - take an index card - go down the screen - and stop every time you see Powers. If what is on the tape is something more than Powers blowing smoke the Board is in trouble.

I think my readers now have a fair and balanced view of what has happened in this case. Unless you are a lawyer with experience in federal court the opinion is kind of heavy. But if you insist - read on.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Several months ago Judge Noe Gonzalez stated on the record that the city would not be happy with his ruling if I would allow him to rule. I refused the offer. Today another judge from San Antonio ruled it is not prior restraint to bar personal comments against the city commissioners. This is bizarre beyond comprehension.

I will post more tomorrow - but let me say this and I do it to encourage Ms. Leeds to sue me - she is incapable of honorable conduct before the court. Not only in writing but twice maybe three times she stated to teh court that I never filed Rule 11 agreements with the court concerning depositions and settlement. The judge is holding the Rule 11 documents in his hand with the court's file mark and this sociopath continues to argue they do not exist in the court's record.

Ms. Leeds will face the State Bar - if they fail to bring disciplinary action against her I will sue her and the State Bar to compel same. This is separate from the federal lawsuit for damages being filed in DC against the city, Ms. Leeds and her lawfirm.

We are no going to federal court in DC and here in Brownsville. More tomorrow - it is sad when a corrupt and unethical Judge like Dick Alcala from San Antonio can bill the tax payers of Brownsville to only deny them the right to speak while refusing to enforce the rules of professional conduct against unethical lawyers.

Many will remember how the father of Robert Sanchez, Emilio Sanchez, was arrested and transported north over a leaking drilling platform. The indictment and arrest happened after he had already been sued over the matter. I have no interest in this piece getting into the merits of the lawsuit or claims by the state. My only issue is why is a small time salvage operated like Emilio Sanchez indicted and arrested in a publicity stunt over a dilapidated drilling platform (this was the claim by the state) which was leaking oil, but BP which at this point may have caused irreparable damage to the Gulf and the thousands of families which rely on the Gulf for a livelihood been given a free ride?

I need to note the platform was not owned by Emilio Sanchez - it was owned by his corporation - Sanship Inc. This is important because you indict corporations over issues like this, and not the CEO. Many will remember this is exactly what happened with Judge Alejandro and the companies he managed out at the port.

BP appeared at Congressional hearings and immediately did a who’s on first bit with a blame game. They refuse to say with certainty if they will pay all of the claims. They always impose some type qualifier. On Sunday it was reported that BP had agreed to pay beyond the 75 million limit imposted by law. Only time will tell on this one.

Why is our inept President doing nothing while BP continues to fail in its efforts to control the situation. This is also more than a mere spill destroying the Gulf. It goes to national security. It is going to be very hard for this or any near future administration to push for more offshore drilling, which is a national security issue.

This blast has also exposed the fact a properly placed explosive device can interrupt our oil supply while destroying our environment. The national news media being run by idiots never tied to the Gulf story the fact Boca Chica blowout at the natural gas rig also had a failed blowout device..

For me this is a black and white case of how money buys justice. BP is making a mockery of the Obama Administration and President Obama sits on his hands doing nothing. After the 1st week the US government should have taken control of the situation. It did not because BP is privileged. But if you are a small time salvage operator who is the CEO of the company you watch how fast the government sues you and indicts you.

At the time of the Emilio Sanchez matter I recommended that he sue the state over the arrest. It was a clear attempt to use a criminal proceeding to effectuate a result in a civil matter. This was unethical - but again justice is not the same for the small guy as it is for the mulit-billion dollar corporation which has the ability to donate millions upon millions of dollars to Washington politicos and spend millions upon millions on lobbyists.

Some will say Emilio Sanchez got what he deserved. I never followed this case to the end because I knew there was too much politics involved in how it was handled. The question here though is, why are the small time operators subject to a different rule of law than the big time multi-billion dollar corporations?

Here are some links with background information for anyone interested in the background. (Sanchez) (Alejandro)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


This morning Kiki Rendon is running a good ad in the Herald. He identified an important issue to the people - 10 million dollars in back rent owed to TSC by UT. Normally, I would consider this to be a perfect ad. He has the issue and this issue is something upon which he may actually be able act.

My basic problem with Rendon is, he seems to want to continue spending the bond money on more construction. My view is not one penny more.

“This morning I read that Rendon wants to use his engineering background as an asset on the TSC Board. Really? - you mean the taxpayers have not been saddled with enough debt building a university that we need more buildings?

From the BV April 20, 2010 -

Rendon needs to make a clear statement on the issue of further construction - does he or does he not support further use of the TSC bond money for additional construction?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have not done a movie review in a while. I needed some time away from the house so I decided to go see Robin Hood. I was not going to go see this out of fear it was going to have a lot of really bad special effects. This seems to be the norm for Hollywood these days. While I am going to recommend this film, I must say it amazes me that in the 1930's Hollywood could do a better job with the fight scenes than they can do today.

I think what most people are going to remember about this film is, “Rise and rise again, until the lambs become lions.” It is the message of the film, and perhaps quite timely. This film is really a prequel to the traditional Robin Hood story commonly known. The film actually ends at the point Robin Hood and his men have taken to the forests.

I liked the film because it is an interesting study in misplaced loyalties, betrayal, greed, and how power corrupts. From this perspective I give the film an A+.

The film starts with Robin coming home from the Crusades and King Richard’s exploits in France. In time Robin arrives home to accidently learn of his true heritage. As it turns out his father was a great man who understood the role liberty plays in honest government.

The scenery and costumes are authentic. On balance the acting is adequate- no Oscars. The story line is creative because it helps the audience to understand the motivation behind the man or myth which is Robin Hood.

The movie is good for young adults 15 and older (who are thinkers). If you are not a thinker you will probably find the movie boring and uninviting.

I hope everyone will try and see this movie. If for no other reason than to try and understand the meaning of “Rise and rise again, until the lambs become lions.”

Friday, May 21, 2010


Judge Alejandro like the self-made eunuch he celebrates himself to be recused himself from the case. At no time did Alejandro dismiss the motion, as alleged by Montoya. He never got to it. In proper parlance the language would be “Denied the Motion.”

Quintanilla continues to suffer delusions of grandeur . In the Motion Zayas' and Cortes' counsel never asked that Quintanilla be placed in jail and taken away in handcuffs. He knows Montoya will never investigate the facts so he lies - the true characteristic of a con artist.

I am attaching the Motion herein which was filed by Zayas’ and Cortes’ counsel. I trust my readers to read it for themselves and to make up their own mind.

My readers do not need to be told what lies they need to believe. I will always trust my readers to look to the verifiable facts and make up their own mind. Anyone can go to the end of the above document and see no where in the proposed order was anyone asking Quintanilla be taken away in handcuffs.

As to Quintanilla’s great march in Dallas - he did not lead it - as is always the case he takes credit for other people’s work.

“The four co-organizers – Domingo Garcia, Carlos Quintanilla, Diana Flores and Beatrice Martinez – represent diverse constituencies. All did not agree with each other, but all worked for the greater good of the community.”

Knowing Domingo Garcia the way I know him, a sweet heart to no one, he had to really contain himself to be able to participate in these meetings with Quintanilla. As the article points out the march was the work of a lot of organizations putting aside their differences for the better good of the community. It seems as is always the case, Quintanilla must take credit for the work of others. How many times does he get to con the people before Montoya will denounce him - answer there is no limit.

None of this means Zayas and Cortes are not guilty of something - but one must ask - why is Quintanilla refusing to produce any evidence of his claims? - answer he has none. This is sad because Zayas and Cortes are not suing him for money they are suing him for their campaign ads. “Quintanilla thrown out of court for a lack of evidence.” It is so obvious what is happening I sometimes joke to myself and ask myself is Zayas and Cortes paying Quintanilla to effectively help them clear their names?


Brownsville has all of the elements to be a major city with a quality of life second to none anywhere in Texas. It does not - why? - because its children are raised to defile morality and run from personal responsibility. Much of the blame goes to the churches. The multitude of churches in Brownsville have failed to teach simple morality to their flock.

Nationally, as a nation we care little about facts or law. We side with those who seek to destroy anyone we may dislike while turning a blind eye to what commonsense tells us is lies or just poor shit journalism. The consequence is Brownsville.

How can a city which provides its residents and visitors the experience of two countries, the Gulf of Mexico, extraordinary weather and no income tax fail as a major city? Answer - no vision - no work ethic - no leadership.

It boggles my mind that my father once worked for Pan Am in Brownsville. At the time Pan Am was the premier airline in the world. His job was to talk the planes down from the tower. These are the pre radar days. In the 70 years since he worked for Pan Am, there has been no real change at the Brownsville airport. Instead of growing, in the last 70 years it became a backwater airport which only exists because the taxpayers had to pay Continental to come to Brownsville.

Brownsville is a sad tale of a city. God gave it everything it needed to be the pearl on the Gulf and the locals rounded up the pearls and sold them leaving nothing behind to make Brownsville attractive.

I know I speak of Melissa Zamora a lot in a negative light. She is important to the discussion because she is Brownsville at its gutter worse. She lead the people to believe she would be different. She looked the people in the eye and whispered to herself - “if they only knew.”

I came to Brownsville for a purpose. I am nearly done with the job. I have always said nothing is ever as it appears. Maybe if the FBI does bring indictments against Limas, Alejandro, Villalobos, and many others Brownsville will feel invigorated to fight back. My fear is the people most qualified to fight back will have long left for sanity reasons.

It blows my mind that some 70 years ago my father was hailed as this great union organizer who organized the communication and transportation workers in Brownsville only to see all of his work to go backwards. 70 years and this city and county government cannot mandate a living wage for its residents. Other cities all of the U.S have seen the need for setting a wage which provides all of its residents a living wage. Not Brownsville - “let them eat masa y grasa” and live off of public assistance. How sad.

To those who know me, know my time in Brownsville is coming to an end. An exact date has not been set, but it is coming. I have to finish this lawsuit with the City of Brownsville. Like I said the reasons I came to Brownsville are no longer there - my job is done. I am now free to return to a normal life.

As to the City of Brownsville, they have already been noticed that I will be bringing a federal lawsuit in Washington D.C. over the free speech issues. I have decided to add damages in the amount of $250,000.

I can now prove that the law firm of Willitte and Guerra not only rely on judicial corruption to get what they want - they demand it and seek it out. I had this case won when Noe Gonzalez announced on the record he was going to rule against the city. The problem was, he asked that I drop claims against him before he could rule the ordinances unconstitutional. I do not win that way. I win on the merits without game playing.

Eileen Leeds who represents the city has lied to the court in pleadings about the facts. She is either incompetent beyond comprehension or is not reading my pleadings. Inane filings being prepared by the associates who work under her are defining this law firm. I will never forget the first letter of likening the city chambers to the homes of the commissioners. .The chambers belong to the people, not the city commission.

In the last hearing and associate looked the judge in the face and lied as if god commanded he lie. The judge gave leave to the city to amend a motion for summary judgment only if my Motion for Temporary Injunction raised new issues or case law. It did not. Eileen Leeds nonetheless used the open to correct her incompetence in the original filing. She either has no knowledge of the rules of evidence or she did not read the original MSJ prepared by her associate. In the original MSJ she failed to authenticate the evidence they seek to use. This is the type mistake you expect of a 1st year associate working on his own without supervision.

Further, this is a case which turns only on law. The lawsuit is a facial challenge to the particular city ordinances and not on any specific facts. Eileen Leeds is trying to use me as a distraction away from the simple legal question. Is barring personal statements against the commissioners prior restraint? The lawsuit is that simple. The City has no defense so they seek to use me as a distraction. I can prove this in part because someone with the city tried to post a comment to the BV asking if I had seen the evidence Ms. Leeds seeks to use as a distraction from the issue?

In addition to the city, Willitte and Guerra and Eileen Leeds are being added to the civil rights lawsuit being filed in DC. So people understand just how desperate Ms. Leeds has become to win this case, although she has already put in writing the city needs to change the ordinance on personal comments, she actually filed a pleading in court which states in Texas a party cannot get a Temporary Injunction, if the TI would resolve all of the issues. There is no such rule and only an idiot or desperate lawyer would make an argument that pathetic. What the Texas Supreme Court said is, if the judge grants a TI in such a case the judge then shall set the case for a final trial immediately so as to avoid any mootness issues. For the record there are no possible mootness issues in this case, save me dying before the lawsuit is resolved.

Willitte and Guerra and Ms. Leeds are about to learn a hard lesson about getting in bed with Mark Sossi. Mark Sossi has blocked Ms. Leeds from presenting the Rule 11 settlement agreement to the city commission. Like all good eunuchs he is blaming his associate for blocking the city commission from approving the settlement agreement.

As to Willitte and Guerra, and Eileen Leeds, I am seeking separate damages in he amount of $250,000.00 the worse case scenario from my perspective is, the federal judge will send the case back to Texas with a notation that it boggles his mind that the Texas judiciary is so pathetic and incompetent that its residents have to go outside the state to find justice, while noting that this is a black and white case of prior restraint. This will effectively destroy any chances at reelection for Troiani, Longoria or Atkinson. Troiani is a lawyer he knows all too well about the corruption and will have no defense in the eyes of the people.

Justice is not an option in Brownsville when judges like Olvera, Alejandro, and Euresti celebrate their self castration to become eunuchs as a badge of honor. These judges run from cases which they deem political. The code of judicial conduct expressly prohibit such conduct. But this is Cameron County wherein law and ethics has no place in the courtroom.

Alejandro will be part of the lawsuit for his decision to order his court reporter to change the official transcript from a hearing. He court reporter has rebuffed ever effort on my part to allow an independent court reporter to verify the transcript. Unfortunately for Alejadnro and his court reporter he did it after he recused himself from the case. This means he has no immunity. It also means if the federal judge orders the court reporter to submit to my demands for an independent review of the transcript she will have lost her one opportunity to go the FBI with her own attorney and cut a deal. She will certainly loose her license, but she may avoid jail time.

As to Olvera and Euresti they will be added to the lawsuit not for damages, but for a declaration that they violated their ethical duties by running from my cases like proud eunuchs incapable of acting with courage or conviction in terms of their oath of office. This is important because the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct can then use the finding as a basis for their removal from the bench.

Sorry BV has not been very active, but I hate taking Ritalin to stay awake. Because I have things which have to get done today, I took the Ritalin.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


About two months ago, I was able to put on the desk of FBI Director Mueller the documents which I believe show public corruption by DA Villalobos in the Amit Livingston and BND matters. These were just two of several matters. In addition to having the direct fax number to Director Mueller’s personal fax, I managed to get the documents put directly before FBI Director Mueller.

On the Livingston matter, since reality of facts do not matter elsewhere here are some real facts. His bond was $500,000.00 not 1 million. The lawyer who got the bond money to split between himself and the children of the victim was Eddie Lucio. He was the former law partner of DA Villalobos in Dallas, not Austin. I know this because when Eddie Lucio (no relation to the Lucio politicians) graduated law school he came to work at a law firm where I was doing briefing work. He later learned how to work the court house for court appointments and broke out on his own. I assume somewhere after that he hooked up with Villalobos who at some point was working for a large plaintiff’s firm - the Windle Turley law firm - Dallas. This is when he got in trouble with the State Bar.

When getting the facts straight requires nothing more than doing a google search or searching the BH archives and you cannot get that right, the question becomes what else are you getting wrong?

Since last week I have been preparing additional documents for Director Mueller. This is very taxing on me since I sleep basically 16 hours a day.The VA is not going to do the next test to determine why my body is rejecting the vitamin D (which is a hormone by the way) treatment. After the first 6 weeks my levels actually dropped to a new low. I think I will be on the treatment for a total of 18 weeks before they do the next test.

I am only awake right now because a medicine the VA gave me for a sprained neck after my fall last Wednesday wore off. Pain killers and muscle relaxers tend to cause me to wake up the moment they wear off.

Anyway I have said several times in the past, “nothing is ever as it appears.” Some players who are about to be taken down will be surprised. There is a big red bull’s-eye on Brownsville and change is a coming. Also not that facts ever matter, but Brownsville is under the jurisdiction of the San Antonio FBI office and not Houston. I am certain the San Antonio office is consulting with the Houston office on the BND case because of the Dannenbaum connection.

Monday, May 17, 2010


“In dissent, Justice 1. Clarence Thomas said the federal government overstepped its bounds.
"Congress' power, however, is fixed by the Constitution," Thomas wrote. "It does not expand merely to suit the states' policy preferences, or to allow state officials to avoid difficult choices regarding the allocation of state funds." He was joined by Justice Antonin Scalia..

Did the liberal members of the Supreme Court and 3 conservatives just destroy the last constraints the people have imposed on the government? I think so. I believe Thomas and Scalia hit the issue right on the head. What may be good public policy is not a basis to reduce the constraints on the government imposed by the people through the constitution. I will be curious how Fox news deal with this issue. Are they going to ignore the expansion of federal power merely because it serves keeping sexual offenders in jail indefinitely?

A decision of the Court is not valid merely because we like the result.

When one considers all of the facts, including the delay by Chief Garcia in getting out the original video and the Brownsville Herald's altering of the booking video, it would be an injustice for the DA to prosecute Pat Almighty. A personal dislike for Pat Almighty is not a basis to prosecute.

I will go so far as to say, our local state representatives need to introduce legislation making it a crime for anyone including the press to alter possible evidence in a criminal trial. Once the evidence has been altered the rights of the accused have been permanently impaired. DA Villalobos needs to state this in his explanation when he drops the charges. tne bulk of the blame for dismissing the charges need to lie with the Brownsville Herald.

Enough said - I am back to bed.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today will be short. On Wednesday I took a bad fall - I still have a bump, I can barely move my neck, and I remain nauseous. It is time to go to the doctor. Although I have been on mega doses of vitamin D for maybe 10 weeks now, my levels are actually dropping. The fatigue is just totally disabling.

I stand by my demand that the City Commission vote Pat Almighty out of the next meeting. If he refuses to leave they need to leave in protest. But they also need to vote for the immediate suspension of Chief Garcia. It seems to me that if in fact his office did not edit the booking video he would have denied it by now. In fact one of his supporters posted a very anti-gay vile comment which I rejected.

Dallas County is paying out millions of dollars yearly over the endless number of cases coming forward wherein innocent people were sent to jail. No city can remain credible and safe so long as evidence collected by the police is subject to the type game playing we saw in this video. If the BPD is not responsible for the editing of the video than they need to say so and put the blame where it belongs - the Brownsville Herald.

For the record, even if the Herald did not edit the video in my view under the case law established by the court of appeals in the case against the Herald involving Zavaletta Pat Almighty has a case in defamation. The Herald knew the tape was not accurate. They knew it falsely depicted the mayor as drunk. They published it anyway. I do believe one more defamation suit will mean the end of Cavasos. This would be a good thing for Brownsville.

If this city commission fails to suspend Chief Garcia pending a full investigation, it will send a clear message that the City of Brownsville does not care about the integrity of evidence in criminal cases. It will say we have become a totalitarian city wherein the police are free to play free and loose with evidence, even to destroy our elected officials.

If in fact the editing of the booking video happened with the BPD the act is a direct attack on the people and their government. In my view it is an act of subversion because the intent was to undermine elective government for the political objectives of the BPD.

There is no excuse for what happened. The Brownsville City Commission must act.

FINALLY, if the Chief comes out and states his office had nothing to do with it, the City Commission needs to denounce the Herald for intentionally misleading the people - hell they should do this anyway for having published what they knew was an altered video. The Herald clearly intended to subvert our elective government. They need to be taken to task on this issue.
The Texas Constitution says you are free to speak your mind, but you are also free to be held accountable for having spoken you mind. It is time we shut down the Herald for good.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Texas must end all trade with Arizona and do it today. If Governor Perry fails to take action now, the minority communities of Texas need to demand his resignation.

The good news is, this will galvanize the minority communities around the country into voting Democrat. While it is true the Tea Party people are affecting Republican Party primaries in the end they may be the death of the Republican Party.


The Herald posted the video of Pat Almighty being booked into the city jail. I am calling for an investigation into the video. Who ever edited the video did so with the intent of trying to depict Pat Almighty as guilty. I have never been a supporter of Pat Almighty and suspect I will never be a supporter of Pat Almighty. But I believe in fairness - and the video is anything but fair.

If the Herald did the editing, Pat Almighty needs to file an immediate defamation suit. If the police did the editing Pat Almighty needs to demand the immediate firing of the person who did the editing. Why?

If you watch the video the appearance is he is too drunk to use the phone. If you watch the video it appears he was so drunk that when he hit the bed he passed out. None of these appearances are accurate. People who want blood will not care that it is obvious the video has been edited to make Pat Almighty appear drunk. The person responsible for the editing of the video needs to be fired today. Further, the city commission needs to demand the resignation of Chief Garcia, unless the party responsible for the editing is the Herald. Justice is not a game of sport. This is unacceptable and their must be accountability.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


(UPDATE ON VIDEO - you can go to the Herald page to see the video. I have to say it is unremarkable and will add no evidence of intoxication for purposes of prosecution.)

I want to be clear up front, he remains innocent on the DWI charge until he either he pleads guilty or a jury finds him guilty. This is not about whether he is guilty - it is about his contempt for our community and its laws.

Since day one Pat Almighty has failed to realize he is a leader. He has alienated nearly the entire city commission because of his insistence on misrepresenting members on the commission and the commission as a whole to the third parties. He is totally devoid of any leadership skills.

I do not drink and drive - period. If I am out at a friend’s or family members home and have a beer - one beer - I have a two our rule - nothing to drink for two hours before I drive. I never go out at night to bars. They are not my cup of tea. I do not understand sitting around in a smoke filled room spending large sums of money on alcohol, while having to listen to loud mouth no bodies confident they will get laid if they hang out until closing time. I love being in bed by 10 p.m. with my soy milk and crackers.

A responsible leader knows they must act responsibly. The concept of acting responsibly eludes Pat Almighty. It is not the DWI - it is the idea that after drinking he believes it is okay to get behind the wheel and drive. If the police report is accurate it is but for the grace of God no one was killed.

But what really has me angry is - he told all of the children in Brownsville this is how responsible adults act. He told them that although he swore to uphold the law he will not follow the law by agreeing to a breath or blood test. Pat Almighty being who he is lawyered up. This is his right. But he is also the mayor who should be a role model and take responsibility for his actions. He did not. This is not the message the children of Brownsville should be receiving from their mayor.


At the next city commission meeting a commissioner should immediately motion to have Pat Almighty censured for one meeting which includes asking him to leave. If he refuses to allow for the vote, or refuses to leave after the vote, the entire city commission should walk out. Of course they will not do this because to a commissioner, save Camarillo, they are all guilty of contempt for our community.

Do you remember how I blasted Gowen over her promise to bring more healthcare to Brownsville - what has she done on this note - nada - with HIV being a major health problem among Latina women has she done anything to bring awareness to the issue? Nada - has there been a workshop to educate the community on HIV, diabetes, or hepatitis C - nada - Gowen just another self-serving politico who just assume her community die from HIV than lead on the issue.

I was checking on the spelling of Gowen’s name and look what I found. You would think it has been long enough that Cabler could handle this issue, but no.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I did not blog yesterday because of burnout. People think it is easy - it is not. I turn down a lot of stories because the source refuses to provide me with anything other than rumors. I am not going to go traveling all over town trying to get proof of a story. Most bloggers earn nothing blogging, and in fact actually loose money because of having to meet people for meals, or buying copies of court documents etc.

Yesterday I was reading the Herald comments on Carlos Cisneros. What a bunch of sorry ass pathetic excuses of human beings. We do not know all of the facts. The posts are based purely on a need to hate and promote ignorance. It is borne of the same seed which brought us slavery. We want a result so we rationalize our ignorant response. This is why we have representative government. The people are simply too ignorant to be trusted with their own freedom.

Obviously something went wrong. I unlike these posters was not there so I do not know what exactly happened. It takes two people to create a fight. It is very rare someone just randomly lashes out. Further what appears to be wounds does not mean he was necessarily the aggressor We simply do not have the facts.

As to John Wood - what a pathetic weasel. A product of self castration - lacking even the appearance of manhood. Who throws a long-term employee under the bus for political gain? This town is pathetic - between the posters going after Cisneros, and the cowardly John Wood it is no wonder this town is the cesspool of Texas.

Yes, it is true controversy follows Cisneros - that comes with public office. But this does not justify a public lynching and kicking a man when he is down. How proud these cowards must be of what they have become.


Remember how the Herald and Zavaletta were sued over his ad related to the accused child molesters. Remember how men released of the accusation of being molesters were held to public ridicule over the ad.

The only thing which may be worse than being accused of being a child molester is being accused as the DA of being soft on child molesters. I now understand why Villalobos went after Zavaletta and DeLeon. Knowing what I now know based on the court of appeals decision I can honestly say these two are devoid of a conscience.

An opinion issued from the court of appeals just days before the Herald filed for bankruptcy. The fact the Herald never printed why it lost in my mind is further evidence of its malice towards these victims of the Herald’s contempt for fairness and accuracy.

Well here is why they were sued.

“Two primary considerations lead us to this conclusion. First, although the "Cases Involving Children" chart that appeared in the advertisements faithfully reproduced parts of the Case Disposition Report prepared by the District Attorney's office, there were key omissions made that obscured the full meaning of the report. Specifically, the chart omitted the detailed information provided in the report regarding the specific reasons that the appellees' cases were declined by the District Attorney's office, such as the lack of evidence. Additionally, the chart suspiciously omitted some 34 entire entries that appeared in the report, the majority of which corresponded to cases where the District Attorney's office had pursued and obtained convictions. Without this information, the reader of the chart is justifiably left with the impression that the District Attorney's office secured absolutely no convictions for child-related offenses in 2007; the reality, however, was different. Moreover, because the suspects who were actually convicted were omitted from the chart, readers of the advertisement may have been left with the impression that most of the individuals listed had actually committed the crimes they were accused of, which the report did not explicitly state (10) In other words, the omissions may have made the chart more damaging to the appellees' reputations in the mind of the average reader than a full and complete reproduction of the report would have been. See Tex. Monthly, 7 S.W.3d at 805 (citing Crites, 697 S.W.2d at 717).”

In my view the omission of the 34 names is evidence of intent to mislead and in fact malice. Zavaletta was willing to destroy these innocent men to become DA. This is why we must question ads and the promises of the candidates. It tells the community a lot about a person who is willing to destroy innocent people for his own political ends.

No one can accuse me of liking Villalobos. But this mentality of we will turn a blind eye to reality to destroy politicians we dislike must stop. This kicking of people when they are down, must stop. So long as we the people continue to conduct ourselves in this manner, we the people will be the sole cause of our problems.

We must rise above the need to destroy others for the sake of destroying them. Cisneros is no longer an elected official. To what end do we kick him when he is down? We are worse than the Romans who cheered at the mauling of innocent Christians by lions for no better reason than it provided them entertainment.

What does it say about we the people when we are willing to turn a blind eye to a dishonest Zavaletta who intentionally destroys innocent men for his own political ends, just because the purpose behind his dishonesty is to destroy someone we dislike, namely Villalobos?

If we continue to refuse to change Brownsville will remain the cesspool of Texas.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Here are the results

Masso 172
Miller 6

Peña needs to try and get the judge to impound these mail-ballots. If it can be shown that the same politiqueras worked Masso's mail-ballots as Hernandez it proves why DA Villalobos cannot be trusted with an investigation

I cannot say there was fraud, but the numbers are just not right by appearance

(Editor's note: the original PDF document from Ortiz of the final results was different than the one currently posted on his web page. When I first posted this it was time maked nearly 8 p.m. - the new numbers are after 8 p.m. - but the mail ballot problems remain the same - and although the 2/3 anti Garcia candidates lost - we should still denounce the mail-ballot results.)

The so called anti-Juliet Garcia candidates won in every race. But there is a problem - to a person the mail ballots are problematic. You cannot complaint about the mail-ballot variances in the Hernandez/Pena race and then remain silent this time around.

To be sure, the election results would be the same - close but the same. But this is not the issue - the issue is the paying of politiqueras to control the mail ballots. I wish I could tell you that the Justice Department gives a damn - but they do not. The Texas AG cares even less.

Here are the results

If you complained in the Hernandez/Pena race and remain silent now - you are a joke. We either stand for the integrity of our elections or we do not. The Department of Justice needs to take control of the mail-ballots and investigate - they will not. Not even Juliet Garcia will be able to call in a favor from the Obama Administration.

I am glad I chose not to vote. I am glad I chose not to make myself party to the endless fraud on our democracy.

I have spoken in the past about how there is a ton of free information on line which would allow the UT system or TSC to create free online textbooks for their students. Here is one example of great information - How to Amend the Texas Constitution

See pages 2-3

Here is an example of what it might look like. Obviously I would have to update the information which is related to 2007.

This can be copied and paste into a free online textbook. There is no reason why TSC students are buying textbooks other than a lack of creativity by TSC to create the books. I would certainly volunteer my skills and time to write an online government textbook which would benefit all students.

If a former student with an old textbook would post a comment with their e-mail and phone number I will not publish it through but call them to get the donated textbook. I will duplicate the substance of the textbook - one chapter a week and post it on line.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I truly hope the Tea Party leadership will come to understand how they are being played by the corporatist and how the influence of the far right is hurting what is otherwise a very important movement in American Politics.

The above article is what we need more of - my hats off to the local Tea Party for reminding us of key facts - it is enough to get me out to vote against Breedlove

“This morning I read that Rendon wants to use his engineering background as an asset on the TSC Board. Really? - you mean the taxpayers have not been saddled with enough debt building a university that we need more buildings?”

From the BV April 20, 2010 -

This election is a farce and fraud on the people - remember how Pat Almighty promised everyone everything (which is why I nicknamed him “Pat Almighty”) and then after being elected he said he did not know about the budget problems when he made the promises so he could not now deliver on his promises. This is exactly what is happening in the TSC election. Nothing, and I mean nothing will change if the so called three anti-Garcia candidates win.

If Rendon wants to use his engineering background to help guide the building of UTB, what does that tell us about his intent concerning the bond money? He wants to spend it. He favors the local taxpayers funding the building of a UT campus.

We all know TSC no longer exists. We all know that some of the poorest students in the United States are paying some of the highest tuition in the country. We all know Juliet “The rapist of her community” Garcia and the TSC board are playing a numbers game to use student financial aid to fund her perversions. In the area of medical training the vast majority of the students will never actually advance into the program. They will spend 2 years taking remedial courses and prep courses only to be told they are not good enough. This contributes to the high fail rate and low graduation rates. They do not care because the purpose is not to educate and graduate - the purpose is to fraudulently saddle some of the poorest students in the US with student loans they cannot pay on their minimum wage jobs, and defraud the students and federal government out of the student financial aid as a backdoor subsidy.

When I first met Juliet Garcia at my brother in law’s 85th birthday party I was impressed. I later met her in her office and I was impressed. I heard about impressive goals which had they come to fruition would have benefited the community. I was taken in. What I did not know was the lack of quality instruction. I did not know about the con being played on the dreams of our children with the medical training program. I did not understand at the time the partnership with UT to rape the community for her own glorification. I now understand all of these issues all too well.

I dot not care if someone tells you they want to lower tuition - they are lying or stupid. You cannot lower tuition so long as there is a partnership agreement. Until the candidates come out in favor of suing UT for breach of contract as a way to end the partnership, tuition will remain the same. The UTC Board is in a good position of alleging in part racial bias in funding of UTB. UT does not want this battle.

So here is reality, Rendon is going to be pushing for more construction using your tax dollars. If you vote for him believing otherwise you are a fool.

The other candidates shortly after getting elected, assuming that happens, will announce they did not understand you cannot lower tuition without violating the partnership agreement. Nothing will change at UTB. Juliet “the rapist of a community” Garcia is already laughing about how easy it was to play the people in this election.

Our next step must me denouncing MALDEF and LULAC for refusing to help the Brownsville community to sue UT over what is black and white racial discrimination. Neither of these two organizations will ever come to our aid, why? Juliet Garcia is the first Latina university president. This makes her untouchable.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



It was March 5, 2010, when I discussed the issue of the retaliation against Rubio’s attorneys. This is a huge story. Only today does the Herald finally make the link. The abusive use of taxpayers dollars by politicians has been seen in the City of Brownsville, BISD, and now with the DA. But in the case of the DA, it is just not what he is costing us in the federal lawsuit and in Rubio’s case at this time. The Rubio case is so messed up by his mismanagement and pettiness, that it could easily end up costing the taxpayers a million dollars before yet another reversal. It is absolutely reckless for Commissioners Court to ignore what is happening and allow Villalobos to bleed the taxpayers dry. Cascos, failure to act could hurt him come November. If Cascos takes a stand and Wood does nothing, it will certainly cost Wood in November.


I understand the importance of education. This is why I favor the use of taxpayer money to fund and expand educational opportunities. When I first moved to Brownsville I was somewhat disconnected from the reality of UTB/TSC because although I was taking courses I was unaware of the cost of tuition. Texas veterans are tuition exempt - so I had no idea. When I took my third course I received a bill by accident and was horrified. During my entire 4 years at UTEP tuition for 18 credit hours was always the same - $210.00. Room and board was $600.00 a semester. I was clearly disconnected between the reality on the ground at TSC and my reality.

I am talking about this more as a lesson than anything else - when we are disconnected from reality, and allow our personal politics to guide us without regard for that disconnect, we make mistakes.

I endorsed the TSC bond issue. I was new to Brownsville and simply saw the bond issue as a way to expand TSC. I am a huge advocate of community colleges. Although I did UTEP in 4 years, universities are not the place for most 18 year olds. The community college is more often the better choice. I was focused on my personal politics about education and failed to become connected to the reality of the UTB/TSC partnership agreement.

The fact I was new to Brownsville at the time is not an excuse. As a voter I messed up because I failed to become fully educated on the issue. I now understand real well how the Herald failed the people. They should have better covered this issue to inform the people. They did not. This is all the more reason why credible blogs are needed in every community. Without the blogs the reality of UTB/TSC would not be discussed in any forum other than the kitchen table.

So I screwed up - I screwed up because I was disconnect from the reality on the ground and instead was guided by my personal politics about education. It was a lesson I learned. This is in part why I am so hard on candidates like Moses. We all favor lower taxes. But it is not so simple - we need to take the time to understand how lower taxes can impact the bond rating of BND bonds - we as voters must get beyond allowing our personal politics to blind us from the full story. I did this with the TSC bond issue - it was a costly mistake in terms of my vote.

Can you tell I love a good lesson? I am education. I turn everything into a lesson.


While on the subject of teaching lessons - the other day I took the son of a friend with me to the dumps - I love the dumps mostly because it brings back one of my few memories of daddy. It was just something the boys did together with daddy. This kid had never been to the dumps. I was able to turn the visit into a lesson on recycling, how garbage turns into methane gas and can be used for electricity, how tires are recycled to make roads and other things, how the hill we were on when we dumped the garbage was made of garbage covered in dirt. He learned something.

BUT THEN - the moron. It seems to me when it comes to public works you take a test to prove you are of limited intelligence and then are hired. This of course makes Santana look smarter. This public works employee is guiding me to back up to the area where I will dump the garbage. I am watching him as my guide. I get out of the truck and this worthless piece of shit with the IQ if a pea has me parked on top of roofing shingle sfilled with nails.


I do not lie - I was on the phone with a customer service person the other day when she was spelling back my name. When she got to the hyphen she said hymen. I stopped her and asked her to say that again and she said hymen a second time. I then asked her to start over again because she made a mistake and for a third time she said hymen. Okay I let it go at that point.

I admit there is a growing disconnect between myself and the reality on the ground as to a lot of people. Not a day goes by when I am not shocked by the lack of education and total lack of commonsense held by large numbers of people. The other day I actually say a mother trying to feed a small piece of chicken nugget to her toothless baby.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


From the BV on March 5, 2010 - “It is inconceivable to me that Rubio’s lawyers did not renew the motion to disqualify Villalobos’ office after Judge Noe Gonzalez took the case.”

Background to today's post - from the Herald -

People need to reread the above post from the BV. DA Villalobos needs to be removed from this case post haste. I do not know the status of the federal case, but as the above post shows Rubio’s lawyer was square in the middle of the alleged retaliation by Villalobos. This compromises Rubio’s entire case.

This is not just about Rubio. It is about our system of justice which is intended to protect everyone equally. If you remain silent now, you will have no right to complain when you, a friend or a family member is the object of such corruption.

Rubio needs to be given life without the possibility of parole. So long as DA Villalobos is using his office to defend his own paranoid conduct and political future the taxpayer will pay the price - this is where Cameron County Commissioners Court comes into play.

Commissioner’s Court needs to file an amici (amichee) brief in the court of appeals supporting the removal of Villalobos. Commissioners Court has a direct interest in protecting the interests of the taxpayers. In fact a lawyer representing the interests of the taxpayers also needs to file an amici brief. The court of appeals needs to know this needs to end. The bleeding of taxpayers money must stop. Taxpayers never intended for public officials to use their tax dollars to endlessly defend the abusive conduct of elected officials.

I would love to see if John Wood has the acuacates to go after Villalobos on this one or will he stand with Hinojosa’s team of marineros? Or, will Hinojosa cut his losses and demand Villalobos’ resignation?

Monday, May 3, 2010


Arizona rightly or wrongly has reminded the Latino community why it may be in their best interests to vote Democrat. To be sure not all Latino’s are the same. I find the old guard Latino community here on the border to be more conservative, what ever that means, than in places like Dallas. The old guard Mexican American community on the border is actually less connected to Mexico. In some cases it has been several generations since they had a known relative on the Mexican side of the border. Also the locals are more in tune to what lower wages has done to the community and their children. They are in large measure unhappy with what undocumented workers have meant to their wages and family. But, it is one thing to want to send them back, but yet another to face the reality that being darker skinned could mean being pulled over. Was not a former federal court of appeals judge about 6-7 years ago accidently detained by the border patrol?

The Central Americans and new arrival citizen Mexican Americans tend to be Independents. The Cubans are for the most part Republican. These group which could not be considered reliable votes for the Dems are now faced with the prospect of either facing more Arizona’s or voting Democrat. Arizona just made November even more interesting.

Even though Gov. Perry has come out against an Arizona type law in Texas, Republican legislators wanting to be the heros of the far right have promised to introduce such legislation in January 2011. This is only going to hurt all Republicans running for statewide office, and in particular Gov. Perry.

Perhaps simply allowing the far right to continue to push their takeover of the Republican Party is all the Democrats need to do to win in November. Our economy is finally growing and producing jobs, albeit not enough. The stock market is going up which means everyone with a retirement account is seeing a recovery in their retirement.

November could end up being a big surprise for everyone.