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The FBI retains jurisdiction over this case. They have yet to declare they will not take the case. If people remember the story the Herald first did a story implicating the FBI had no interest in the case. A day or two later they did a new story wherein the FBI declared no decision had been made and that the FBI could still bring charges. It is now a wait and see game.


The last part of this article shows just how ineffective Carlos Quintanilla really is. His Latino candidate lost to an African American candidate in a district which is 49% Latino? Why, the Latino community in Lubbock saw through the con job Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla was trying to pull off to protect Ted Parker’s business interests in Lubbock. Sound familiar?

Let me begin with Quintanilla and his supporters, they are delusional and believe reality can be dismissed because the masses in Brownsville are too stupid to deal in reality and prefer disinformation. They lost in Lubbock and will loose in Brownsville. His two biggest local supporters in terms of press include a promoter of pornography and someone who allowed himself to be bought by Ernie Hernandez in exchange for trashing Hernandez’s opponent while remaining silent about Hernandez’s own past transgressions.

Let’s begin with where Quintanilla claims to have started his career in Dallas as an activist. The Farmers Branch story - he did not start the outcry - the people started the outcry and were originally organized by LULAC.

I did reject one of his supporter’s comments because it crossed the line with language - but the gist of it was Quintanilla’s name is all over the press and mine is not - this comment all but proves his obsession with himself and not the people.


All I can say is, when you have bloggers like Juan Montoya supporting him who needs enemies. Montoya’s knowledge of the legal system is non-existent or Zayas and Cortes paid him to make Quintanilla look like a mad man.

Here is a reality I think even an idiot can understand - when you sue someone you have a legal duty to provide the person you sued with evidence of your claims. You do not get to go to your deposition and repeatedly say -‘ ask your client what the evidence is?” This is how things have been with Quintanilla since day one.

This is what is going to happen. Zayas and Cortes will file some type motion to compel the answers with a request for sanctions. Quintanilla will appear in court and the judge will order him to answer the questions or face dismissal of his claims. The sanctions available to the court are - contempt, death penalty sanctions in the form of having his claims dismissed, having to pay all the costs and attorneys fees incurred by Zayas and Cortes, or being barred from putting on any evidence in response to the defamation claim which he refused to provide in discovery.

I deal in reality - and other than my personal dislike for Zayas and Cortes over their continued mishandling of Special Services and hiring of Springston as a trained monkey to do their bidding I have seen zero evidence or wrongdoing by either of these gentlemen. Does this mean they are innocent - no it just means Quintanilla refused to produce the evidence. If we all remember that big report on the problems in Special Services Quintanilla kept on calling his smoking gun, I posted the document to the internet not Quintanilla. The fact remains the report was a cut and paste job, used the wrong standards and was written by two therapists sanctioned by the state.

If Zayas and Cortes have done something wrong, it is fair to say their best friend is Carlos Quintanilla - when he loses this and he will, they get to claim vindication while stating that they were the object of a conspiracy between a convicted felon and an insurance agent upset because he lost the contract at BISD. No one is working harder than Quintanilla to insure corruption and incompetence at BISD is being kept under cover - this is my motivation against Quintanilla.

To date he covered for Gonzales, Rendon, and Escobedo - his tactics have done nothing to save any of these people. If any thing his tactics made it easier to take out each of these people. The BISD battle is far from over. The next election is around the corner. On the issue of mismanagement of Special Services and the hiring of Springston to keep the incompetence under wrap I will be opposing Zayas and Cortes. The people will understand this issue.

Finally it may be time for Quintanilla to do a fundraiser to pay for a criminal defense. If it is in fact true Ted Parker brought Quintanilla to Brownsville as a way to disrupt BISD over Parker’s loss of the BISD contract both are looking at possible criminal charges when it is all done and over. This is based on an IF. As I have reported in the past, this would not be the first time Parker and Quintanilla have gotten into bed together to disrupt as community over Parker’s business dealings.

The candidate Parker and Quintanilla helped in Lubbock was sanctioned by the TEC for campaign finance violations.

In fact Quintanilla could not help a Latino get elected in a district which is 49% Latino. Armando Gonzales who was sanctioned in part because of the acts by Parker and Quintanilla lost the election to an African American in a community which is 49% Latino. This Latino community was smart enough to reject the interference of a self servicing convicted felon by the name of Carlos Quintanilla.

Qunitanilla also covered for our own local Enrique Escobedo who was also sanctioned for campaign finance violations.

Are we beginning to see a pattern - a convicted felon covering for candidates who are sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission. Some people are incapable of change. Quintanilla may be one of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I am learning so much. I just wish I would have known about BV earlier.

Anonymous said...

You are so dumb Bobby. The one in bed with someone is you, with zayas & cortez, this is why you see no wrong in them.

Another thing, have you forgotten, if you can count to 4 that's all you need, right or wrong that's all you need. This my friend was said by one of your buddies, Cortez. The saddest thing, is that alot of the attorneys are in bed with each other, this is why they are getting away with everything. Not because they are honest, decent individuals.

Okay, you also said the person filing the suit, should provide evidence, well shouldn't have Martinez thrown this evidence on Quintanilla's face, why should Quintanilla provide the evidence for their lawsuit, what kind of an attorney are you, if you are really an attorney.

You think you are such a hot shot, well show me what you have accomplished, you are worse than a dog, all bark and no bite, like zayas & cortez.

Oh, for your information, Quintanilla never covered for Escobedo, he doesn't even know the guy. You should be careful what you say, for all you know you'll need up getting sued, and I hope you do.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, the ones that will be facing criminal charges are you and your buddies.

Anonymous said...

IFFF, this gets to court, the judge will throw it out, by the mere fact that these idiots don't have a leg to stand on.

Let's see how they do during their campaign for re-lection. I'm sure they will come up with any kind of dirt on their opponents. Will this then be considered slander and defamation??? or not???

You all need to get a life!

BobbyWC said...

You are truly delution - but keep on defending Quintanilla you only make it easier for everyone to understand just how bad this guy really is.

I know my readers and they know how I have gone after everyone on the BISD Board - I have made it clear I will be opposing Zayas and Cortes for hiring Sprinston to be their lapdog

I have posted many comments about how the lawyers are stealing from the people - I made plenty of enemies where they did not exist before when I exposed the legal abuses in the Rubio trial.

reality matters to everyone but a delutional idiot

If Quintanilla wants to ask Zayas and Cortes questions all he needs to do is send them discovery - and in fact I told Quintanilla is a very public post in the Herald how to get that discovery.

facts matter to everyone except the quilty

Anonymous said...


NOVEMBER 2010!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not defending Quintanilla, I don't know him from adam. Be fair about it, don't just accuse Q of being a criminal. Be man enought and say the same about zayas and cortez. I haven't seen any of your comments about lawyers stealing from people nor you opposing zayas & cortez. All I have seen, you defending them. So which is it? Don't be afraid of them tell them to their face, be a man, if you are a man.

Anonymous said...

If it's true what you are saying about Ted Parker doing this because of his insurance contract. Well, I don't blame him, these guys went about it the wrong way cancelling his contract. I'm sure you would raise hell if this had been done to you.

So don't act stupid bobby, you know exactly why they did this.

Go after them, Ted Parker, you should go file charges on these guys.

Anonymous said...

Alot of things are being kept undercover at BISD. All at the expense of the taxpayers.

The FBI really needs to investigate BISD.

BobbyWC said...

dude you are a liar plain and simple - just this week i posted my opposition to Zayas and Cortes and my intent to campaign against them - I am not going to go through my archives to do the research for you - find someone with minumal computer skills and they will show you how to use my blog to find the posts

you are not helping yourself in terms of my regular readers - they know my position on both of these issues and my commentary proves it - you can lie all you want but all you accomplish is making Quintanilla look stupid

and I defey you to find anywhere wherein I said for his current actions he is guilty of criminal conduct - never happened - but keep on lying because that is all Quintanilla's people have to offer

BobbyWC said...

if I were Parker and believed I was a victim I would file a lawsuit not recruit Quintanilla to disrupt the process - Parker hurt himself big time by not filing the lawsuit although he threatened one - and that is when Quintanilla showed up trying to accuse every parent and myself who had been working for years to expose Gonzales and Rendon's incompetence as being on the wrong side -

And my record is very clear that things may actually be worse now that Kathlene Jimenez is in charge - my issue has been the mismanagement of special services and anyone who defends Rendon, Gonzales, Springston, Jimenez or anyone on this Board on the issue of special services is going to get a negative reaction from my - my focus has been 100% consistent since day one

BobbyWC said...

I agree about the FBi which is why I took Antonio Juarez's affidavit and personally hand delivered it to the FBI's office in Brownsville and on my letter head demanded an investigation.

No one can accuse me of taking sides - I was the first to call for formal criminal charges - but I also know that if you push the FBI too hard in a public forum you can hurt your chances with them taking you seriously

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How are you so sure Parker recruited Qunitanilla? Parker should come after you for slandering him.

You know who is behind the mismanagement of special services. Hint: MS

Sp. Services has been a mess for years long before rendon and gonzales came into the picture. Maybe you are too young to know this.

Take a good look at yourself before you call me a liar or anything else!

BobbyWC said...

I do not doubt that special services was a disaster long before Rendon and Gonzales - my issue goes to my personal one on one experience with them and it is dismal - I produced the e-mails which showed Gonzales's appraoch was to just forward things on to someone else with no follow-up they e-mails were used to make findings against BISD at my request

I have worked with Rendon through a family I was helping - he called the father and demanded he drop the complaint - the father refused and teh findings issued - nothing change special services still did not do their job evern after the findings against BISD under Rendon -

I do not us rumor - Quintanilla and Parker's history is well document in Lubbock - I provided my readers the link -

Had Parker sued I would have postted his lawsuit for everyone to read - I would have posted his evidence - anything he had - no one more so than me want to take down BISD

The fact of the matter is the people Quintanilla are in bed with now to promote his propaganda are being sued by me on claims of calling me a child molester, HIV+, and performing sex in public gyms - when did these comments happen - they made the comments in defense of BISD when I was trying to expose the problems

Reality matters - I took the lead on the story long before Parker was even an issue

you need to take time to learn the facts before you continue to look like an idiot

You need to e-mail Parker and ask him why he never filed suit?

Answer he had nothing

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
Instead of urging back and forth with these folks, why don't you join forces to stop all the corruption in this town.

Stop wasting your energy on debating and focus on prosecuting and/or filing criminal charges on these corrupt individuals. Be more constructive instead of distructive.

BobbyWC said...

You simply have no idea what you are talking about


I did a grand jury referal on BISD which the DA and Judge illegally blocked

I filed a request with the FBI on BISD.

I secured findings against BISD twice with the TEA.

I sued the City of Brownsville to restore our right to free speech during public comment

I secured Texas Ethics Commission findings against Enrique Escobedo and Robert SAnchez

I am not the blogger who cowardly reports claims some is violating the Texas Ethics Rules and then fails to file a complaint so they do not have to worry about the TExas Ethics Commission finding their complaint is bogus and political.

Now tell me one thing you have done or one thing Quintanilla has actually accomplished in Brownsville

Nothing nothing at all.

As to the FBI I am currently using a little know rule which could force the FBI to open more investigations - I put my money and reputation on the line so that idiots like you can endlessly play the game of deception

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Who was in charge of special services before Rendon?

BobbyWC said...

I dpo not know, but I did an analysis some time ago about ther bigger problem - Texas refuses to properly fund special services and this is a major cause for the failures within BISD - when you couple incompetence with a lack of adequate funding you have disaster

I supported the idea repeatedly of BISD suing Texas to force proper funding - just about every school district in the state would join in the lawsuit

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well said Bobby, thanks for all you do. We have to get those 4 members out. Period, end of the story. they are worthless they do not care about the children. mary