Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I grow bored with people who love to claim Brownsville is what it is because of its proximity to Mexico. If you want to see how real back door deals are made read this article from Dallas.

Separate from this, yesterday a former Dallas city council member and her wife reported to federal prison. A state rep from the Dallas area was sentenced to a year in jail.

Our system of government is broken beyond repair. I blame the people. In the end we were to be the watch dogs over our democracy - as a nation of lazy people who believe they are entitled to everything in the world without having to pay a price for anything we surrendered our nation to corruption.


No candidate in either election has defined the issues in a way which addresses the problems. Until we sell the Port, the people will continue to be victimized my local politicians looking out for themselves. It is unconscionable to me that the people still pay taxes to support a port which should be making millions of dollars in profits every year. No candidate has called for the sale of the port because they want to keep the money local to support the local corruption.

As to the TSC election, no candidate has called for Juliet Garcia’s ousting, no candidate has called for suing UT over the breached partnership agreement, no candidate has called for restoring TSC tuition levels to what should be the lowest in the state, no candidate has called for the end of construction projects at the expense of the local taxpayers.

Saying you want to lower tuition is not the same as committing to what needs to be done. You cannot lower tuition for TSC students so long as their I a partnership agreement with UT. The idea that TSC students can pay a real community college tuition at the same time UT students are paying the higher tuition to be in the same classrooms is a myth. So long as there is a partnership agreement TSC students will pay university level tuition, more or less.

If you vote for any candidate in either of these two elections you are the problem - you seem to think that if you keep on voting for the same people over and over again who only seek to keep things the same things will change. They will not change. Until we have candidates willing to publicly address the issues and go after the problems in a public and forthright manner, nothing will change. If you vote, you are voting to reward the people who lie in order to cheat the people. If they are unwilling to address the issues during the campaign what makes you think they will address the issues once elected?


Anonymous said...

Our system of government is broken beyond repair. I blame the people. In the end we were to be the watch dogs over our democracy - as a nation of lazy people who believe they are entitled to everything in the world without having to pay a price for anything we surrendered our nation to corruption.

I agree. The real question is; how do we fix it? Term Limits? no spending on campaigns?

BobbyWC said...

i oppose term limits because it solves nothing - it makes lameducks out of the elected officials which basically allows them to do anything they want - also there is some advangage in having Senators who are highly versed in he issues and law such as Banking for example -

It is up to the people - we have to become educated - the people oppose being educated

I do believe their are a majority of rational minds still in this country - but they are turned off by the minority who seem to control our elected officials

Until the majority says enough is enough and use rational thinking when deciding who they will and will not vote for we are screwed

We also need a press willing to do its job - whether it is locally or nationally the press has failed the people

Fox has become so obsessed with its bias I believe they now present a danger to our future - I will no longer watch anything on any Fox station - unless I have absolutely no choice I will not buy any product advertised on Fox - CNN an dMSNBC and the networks are all biased, but they have not reach the point of Fox wherein they are actually doing injury to our country

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is the people. A great demonstration of this was a letter to the Herald yesterday that took the paper to task for the article regarding the phoney baloney PhDs over at BISD. What it said was that they are nice guys and because they are nice guys, it was a misdeed to to be critical of them. I will never get it. They lied about their accomplishments, were apparently told to cut it out and didn't but it's okay because they are nice guys. For heaven's sake, they lied to us all. It is the same attitude that let Bestiero get away with so much at BISD and the Port. He was a nice guy so don't talk bad about him. It is the same attitude that got Conrado Cantu elected as Sheriff. Sure he was not even barely qualifed for the job but he was a nice guy and would say "animo" to you so vote for him. We love our sacred cows down here and will support and enable them no matter how much they are willing to hurt us and the community out of their inabilities or for personal gain. Sometimes it seems like if you smile when you screw me you are welcome back any old time. Just give me a little kiss on the cheek next time you slip your hand into my pocket or lie to me or sell me out.

Anonymous said...

You didn't see the Sorola and Miller joint Sunday ad saying exactly what you want. Vote a blank ballot. It won't matter. You'll be the only one who does it. Ask Roger Ortiz and find out how many sheep followed your advice the last two times.

BobbyWC said...

You are saying Sorola and Miller specifically stated they support the selling of the port - send the me the ad and I will post it.

Bobby WC

Fred Drew said...

I agree it is our own fault in that most are rarely involved in the election process little if at all and rarely more than a third of those eligible vote.
I tried to find a number that would place their name into candidacy, not even to actively run for office. There would not have to be a personal outlay if the person just wanted to provide opportunity to vote against the status-quo which I think is better than an empty ballot. I like voting for none of the other guys.
As t the media, I think it is necessary to listen to CNN, NBC and Fox as well as the Comedy Channel for a comparison.