Friday, April 30, 2010


UPDATE: GOV. PERRY, opposes key provisions in Arizona law - could it be he fears the Latino vote?

I look to Washington and it is no wonder local politics are a disaster. Arizona is going down a path which is dividing America in a bad way. The fact the law will be upheld as constitutional, once it makes it to the Supreme Court, does not mean it is not bad for America. To be sure, its application as to individuals on occasion will be held unconstitutional, but not as a whole.

The Republicans are playing a dangerous game by encouraging the states to go into federal court to control federal policy. I cannot count how many times the morons and their lemming supporters on Reputrican talk radio have argued the law is the will of the people and the court’s should not get involved. Yes, how convenient now that they do not like healthcare reform they want the courts to toss the will of the people as decided by their elected officials. I do believe on the healthcare issue the provision which compels people to buy health insurance from a private company has a 50/50 chance of being held unconstitutional.

But the issue here is the dividing of America. If you think it is bad now, watch what happens if the Republicans take control of the House and Senate in November. Nothing will get done - the needs of this country will languish in the Halls of Sewage, which is Washington. President Obama cannot give into their demands without securing the final death nail in his political career. This country cannot languish much longer.

Immigration Reform and border security has now become a national security issue. The national security issue is not just the border violence, it is also the dividing of America has we have seen in Arizona.

President Obama threw the country under the bus when he decided to abandon immigration reform. This will only force more border states to go it alone without the federal government. This will create a border policy which will only make matters worse and hurt our relations with Mexico. What is going to happen sooner than later is a border incident which is going to have people who can moving north. It will make Winter Texans think about Florida as a better option than Brownsville.

If there were ever a time this country needs a leader it is now. Between the anti-American political evacuant the Republicans are spewing on this country and the cowardice of the Democrats as lead by President Obama this country is screwed. True leaders would throw themselves under the bus, before they throw the people under the bus.

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