Friday, April 2, 2010

Letter from Ruben Pena

Letter to the Editor from Ruben R. Pena
Candidate for County Commission, Precinct 2

When I began my race for County Commissioner in Precinct 2, I vowed that I would address the issues facing our community, our citizens, and the county as a whole. On election night, both my opponent and I commended the campaigns for being positive - I will leave it up to the voters to decide who has lived up to that promise.

Recently, my opponent has decided to launch a negative attack campaign against me. It's sad and unfortunate that the dirty politics of yesterday continue to dominate Cameron County politics.

In 1998, I was accused by then-Constable Jose Alfredo Jimenez-who is now serving a 25-year federal prison term along with Conrado Cantu-of bilking a client. That was a lie then, and anyone who repeats the allegations is lying today. The record shows that I was exonerated. The State Bar of Texas never issued me a reprimand or any other form of punishment. In fact, the State Bar has relied on me to teach continuing legal education courses.

I was the target of corrupt government officials. By standing up for my rights in court, I obtained a judgment against Jimenez. The judgment reflects the serious crime that was committed against me.

I know what it's like to have a corrupt officials abuse their power. I vow to never allow County officials to take advantage of their position in government for personal gain or to victimize our citizens. I'm ready to stand with people all over Cameron who are ready for a change in leadership - who are finished with politics of yesterday, the dirty politics and mudslinging and I believe that Pct. 2 is ready to turn a new page for Cameron County.

As we enter this final stage of the election, I will make sure to focus on the issues that are important to the people of precinct 2. I will not engage in a smear campaign or dirty politics. The citizens of Cameron County deserve better and on April 13 they will make their choice.

Ruben Pena


Anonymous said...

This guy has no shame, shame, shame!!1 look at the meaning, Ruben.

Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of bull!!!! Pena, you and your partner Yolanda Deleon went after Jimenez after he brought the truth out about you!!! The warrants were justified and the arrest was excellent in the words of a DPS Investigator. You under testimony in court and deposition state under oath that indeed you did BILK the bequeaths of their money. To this day they haven't been paid! Deny it!! Even a District Judge has issued an order for you to pay the bequeaths and you haven't! An old lady from Mexico and a Deaf and Blind man has suffered from your gains. I am not afraid of your lying I have physical evidence. So Mr. Pena, LIE some more. Prove you paid Esperenza Suarez a bequeath and maybe the bench warrant won't be issued. There's no statue of limitations on those.It's time to man up. As far as the Bar Association, hold on it's coming! Trust me!!! Answer the question to all and clear this up, are you a man of trust or a RAT that steals from helpless people. DID YOU PAY ESPERENZA SUAREZ HER BEQUEATHED MONEY? Simple yes or no. The documents show you didn't and so does the sworn affidavit from Ms. Suarez. Well answer the question, are you a man or a rat. If you did pay her, give the evidence to Lilly Gonzales a respectable attorney and redeem yourself.