Friday, April 30, 2010

Today Ruben Pena filed suit to stop election fraud in Cameron County.

This morning, a lawsuit was filed identifying potential election fraud abuses as well as the handful of individuals whose names appear on the majority of mail-in ballot applications in the Precinct 2 race.

The following individuals turned in the largest number of mail-in ballot applications:
A. Hermina Becerra
B. Norma Hernandez
C. Margarita Ozuna

Despite Mr. Hernandez' false claims, taxpayer dollars are NOT being spent on this suit. Both Ruben Pena and Ernie Hernandez are paying their own court costs.

On Monday, a visiting judge from Hidalgo County granted our request to investigate potential election fraud in the Precinct 2 race.

What has been discovered? Here are shocking statistics in the suit filed today:

FACT: On Election day, Pena received a total of 1,863 votes, or 52.2% margin of victory to Hernandez' 1,701 votes. On Election night, Hernandez was behind 47.7%.

FACT: Hernandez received 87.5% of the mail-in ballots, 240 votes, to Pena's 34 votes for a paltry 12.4%.

FACT: Hernandez received more mail-in votes than one of the candidates for County Judge!

FACT: 101 more mail-in votes were received in the run-off than during the main primary election, when there were 6 candidates running.

FACT: On Election day, precinct 38's box (Sharp Elementary) was delayed in reporting to the elections administrator for approximately 2 ½ hours after the polls closed. The box when returned was not sealed and the election judge admitted to poll watchers and others that he had deviated from his return to the courthouse because he needed to go to the bathroom. He admitted to driving to the H.E.B. store located on Boca Chica Boulevard rather than going to the courthouse, a scant 5 blocks away. While attending to his bodily functions, the election judge left the unsecured ballot box unattended in his car for approximately an hour or more.

Many of you have expressed shock and outrage at the flagrant abuses and election manipulation taking place here in Cameron County... It's time to bring this immoral and illegal activity to an end.

If you know family, friend or neighbor who has been approached by the individuals named above, or "election workers" attempting to influence their mail-in vote or pick up their mail-in ballots, please call the Secretary of State's office at: 1-800-252-VOTE

UPDATE: GOV. PERRY, opposes key provisions in Arizona law - could it be he fears the Latino vote?

I look to Washington and it is no wonder local politics are a disaster. Arizona is going down a path which is dividing America in a bad way. The fact the law will be upheld as constitutional, once it makes it to the Supreme Court, does not mean it is not bad for America. To be sure, its application as to individuals on occasion will be held unconstitutional, but not as a whole.

The Republicans are playing a dangerous game by encouraging the states to go into federal court to control federal policy. I cannot count how many times the morons and their lemming supporters on Reputrican talk radio have argued the law is the will of the people and the court’s should not get involved. Yes, how convenient now that they do not like healthcare reform they want the courts to toss the will of the people as decided by their elected officials. I do believe on the healthcare issue the provision which compels people to buy health insurance from a private company has a 50/50 chance of being held unconstitutional.

But the issue here is the dividing of America. If you think it is bad now, watch what happens if the Republicans take control of the House and Senate in November. Nothing will get done - the needs of this country will languish in the Halls of Sewage, which is Washington. President Obama cannot give into their demands without securing the final death nail in his political career. This country cannot languish much longer.

Immigration Reform and border security has now become a national security issue. The national security issue is not just the border violence, it is also the dividing of America has we have seen in Arizona.

President Obama threw the country under the bus when he decided to abandon immigration reform. This will only force more border states to go it alone without the federal government. This will create a border policy which will only make matters worse and hurt our relations with Mexico. What is going to happen sooner than later is a border incident which is going to have people who can moving north. It will make Winter Texans think about Florida as a better option than Brownsville.

If there were ever a time this country needs a leader it is now. Between the anti-American political evacuant the Republicans are spewing on this country and the cowardice of the Democrats as lead by President Obama this country is screwed. True leaders would throw themselves under the bus, before they throw the people under the bus.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


First, anyone who claims to know what is going to happen in November with the mid-term elections is full of caca. There are so many variables in play at this time, an accurate prediction based on real variables is nearly impossible. Of course a guess has a 50/50 chance of being correct, but a guess is not based on actual critical thinking and meaningful analysis.

The economy is clearly the wildcard. If we continue to gain jobs, and the stock market continues to improve, the Democrats will have the message of “stay the course or return to the Republicans who got us in this mess.” (Okay guys, I know it is not so simple as the Republicans created the mess. But I am talking a campaign ad which will resonate with the people.)

Also the divided government is not working for the people. The Democrats need to run with the immigration reform issue and use it as an example of how divided government is preventing Congress from doing its job. It is creating national security problems which is forcing Arizona to take matters in to their own hands. This is an issue the American people can understand. It becomes a campaign issue to argue for more Democrats in the US Senate and not fewer.

Two issues developed yesterday which I think hurt the Republicans. In Texas (not Brownsville because nothing is ever reported in Brownsville) the money corruption of The Republicans is now front page headlines. Congressman Delay and his alleged coconspirators are now free to go to trial. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has cleared the state to move forward with these criminal proceedings. The timing could not be worse for the Texas Republicans.

Also Gov. Perry is looking at possible criminal charges for shooting at a coyote within city limits. To be fair, I would find him not guilty. The law is stupid. I would never allow a coyote to kill my dogs just because the law says I am not allowed to defend my dogs from a wild coyote. But to the extreme left this will become an issue. See, common sense says he will not be prosecuted, but it will be a won the battle but lost the war issue for Perry. People will claim he got special consideration. The fact just about everyone in Texas would have done the same thing will mean nothing to the people.


Florida Governor Crist is about to turn the Republicans upside down. He is abandoning his run for the US Senate as a Republican. Moderate Republicans and Independents will vote for Crist - he may even get the votes of conservative Democrats. There is a real fear of the radical right. The Florida election could mean doom for the Republicans in Florida.

Arizona is facing the same problem with McCain. If the far right succeed at defeating McCain in the primaries, it could force Independents and moderate to liberal Republicans to vote Democrat.


If you vote for this man you are the fool. One of his supporters posted a comment in the BV point blank lying about Sorola’s position on the port. He is not calling for the sale of the port. He is calling for reducing taxes. How many times are the people going to fall for this con-job campaign promise?

The approximate BND taxes on a $100.00 home is $49.00. If he secures a 10% reduction that will mean you will pay $4.90 less in property taxes per year. The reality is, the property taxes we pay at the port are negligible when compared to the other taxing districts. So what is the problem - it is the principle that the people have to pay property taxes to support a port which should be making millions in profits. The real benefit to the people in selling the port is in its greater development. Increased development means more jobs and more money in our local economy. This is the main reason for selling the port.

On promising to cut taxes - Sorola is either being reckless or is stupid. The bond rating of the BND is in part tied to the taxes. You cannot cut taxes without impacting the bond rating, especially in this economy. Cutting the taxes without considering the impact on the bond rating could mean the BND actually pays more to borrow money, which means higher taxes.

I hate politicians who lie and who promise tax cuts when they know it is not possible. A vote for Sorola is a vote in support of the same corrupt politics which makes Brownsville the cesspool of Texas politics.

On this bogus argument being urged by the Sorola camp that I am the only one who voted a blank ballot - it speaks to their desperation. Why bother to post on my blog if they believe I have zero influence on my readers? Answer, they lie. Unless Ortiz individually inspected every ballot, which he did not, he has no way of knowing how many were blank ballots. It is just another lie by Sorola’s people to mislead the people. This is not evidence of trustworthiness. That went out the window when he sold his endorsement to Cisneros.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I grow bored with people who love to claim Brownsville is what it is because of its proximity to Mexico. If you want to see how real back door deals are made read this article from Dallas.

Separate from this, yesterday a former Dallas city council member and her wife reported to federal prison. A state rep from the Dallas area was sentenced to a year in jail.

Our system of government is broken beyond repair. I blame the people. In the end we were to be the watch dogs over our democracy - as a nation of lazy people who believe they are entitled to everything in the world without having to pay a price for anything we surrendered our nation to corruption.


No candidate in either election has defined the issues in a way which addresses the problems. Until we sell the Port, the people will continue to be victimized my local politicians looking out for themselves. It is unconscionable to me that the people still pay taxes to support a port which should be making millions of dollars in profits every year. No candidate has called for the sale of the port because they want to keep the money local to support the local corruption.

As to the TSC election, no candidate has called for Juliet Garcia’s ousting, no candidate has called for suing UT over the breached partnership agreement, no candidate has called for restoring TSC tuition levels to what should be the lowest in the state, no candidate has called for the end of construction projects at the expense of the local taxpayers.

Saying you want to lower tuition is not the same as committing to what needs to be done. You cannot lower tuition for TSC students so long as their I a partnership agreement with UT. The idea that TSC students can pay a real community college tuition at the same time UT students are paying the higher tuition to be in the same classrooms is a myth. So long as there is a partnership agreement TSC students will pay university level tuition, more or less.

If you vote for any candidate in either of these two elections you are the problem - you seem to think that if you keep on voting for the same people over and over again who only seek to keep things the same things will change. They will not change. Until we have candidates willing to publicly address the issues and go after the problems in a public and forthright manner, nothing will change. If you vote, you are voting to reward the people who lie in order to cheat the people. If they are unwilling to address the issues during the campaign what makes you think they will address the issues once elected?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I want to be as clear as I can be, I am 100% opposed to the Arizona law, but if we continue to ignore reality, the violence in Arizona will be Brownsville’s future and possible economic demise. I deal in reality. So why I am 100% opposed to the new law on immigration in Arizona, I cannot judge the people in Arizona since I am not the one facing the crime and stray bullets.

They say in areas subject to earth quakes you always know something is about to happen because the birds fly away. The birds are warning us, things are about to get real bad for Brownsville. Wealthy families in Matamoros are abandoning their homes to live on the Brownsville side of the border. This has been happening in El Paso for some time, with Mexican nationals leaving Cuidad Juarez for the safety of El Paso.

I knew this was happening, but I did not know to what extent. I was in a home the other day wherein a friend was hanging his custom drapes. The owner, is a Mexican national who literally moved her family into an apartment in Brownsville, while she was having a custom home build in Brownsville. Her Matamoros home is empty. What I learned is, she is not the only one. Wealthy Mexican nationals are building custom homes all over Brownsville and the border region. They are convinced the Mexican cities on the border are no longer safe for their families.

I have published several pieces against those who claim doom in Matamoros. With everything I now know I cannot recommend that anyone go across for any reason. Just several weeks ago a Winter Texan couple was targeted in Progreso in a truck jacking. I own a truck - I will not chance it.

With wealthy Mexican national leaving Matamoros is it fair to say, things do not look good. The far right are the ones pushing these type reforms in Arizona claiming Arizona could not wait any longer for the federal government to act. I guess the wall was not such a great success.

Arizona would be a safer place today, had the Republicans not caved to the far right when Bush II tried comprehensive immigration reform. Obama needs to throw down the glove and demand the Republicans get on board or he will sue to end the filibuster. The US is in crisis at many levels. The border problems are reaching the point of being the number one national security issue.

At this moment the Latino community in Brownsville may be upset with what is happening in Arizona, but watch how fast they change their tune the second a child on the US side gets killed from a stray bullet. I will still oppose such Draconian measures such as those being used in Arizona, but I will loose the debate because people are rarely rational when they are being shot at.

If President Obama does not end the filibuster so that he can move this country forward, the problems facing this country will only get worse. What we are seeing in Arizona is a consequence of a lack of national leadership from the White House. This country will have a lot to fear when fear becomes the motivation for laws. This is exactly what happened in Arizona. We must not dismiss the fear - we must contain it with rational laws which address the problems. I would begin with two new federal laws. If you get caught doing business with a drug cartel, regardless of the amount of drugs in your possession, it is life without the possibility of parole. Second, if you get caught selling guns to Mexican nationals or using a gun bought illegally, life without the possibility of parole.

Monday, April 26, 2010


HUD has opened a formal civil rights investigation against the Brownsville Housing Authority. Antonio Juarez and the Board ignored every complaint in favor of using taxpayer money to hire attorneys rather than simply stop the abuse. The complaint is being amended. I believe it has now reached the point of criminal conduct. It takes a lot but when a state agency or person within the state agency violates someone’s rights to the point the violations are intended as punishment for refusing to be bullied and for having filed the initial complaint, it raises to the lever of a federal crime. Antonio Juarez is a joke. We all know Rendon’s defense he was trying to clean up the abuses - no Rendon you are the abuse.


I have actually worked on an election contest. I defended a woman for 6 years. We should have lost, but won because the attorney who brought the election contest had no idea what he was doing and never brought forward the evidence. He did everything but what the law required of him.

In Texas the law puts the burden on the candidate bringing the election contest to prove the case, and the candidate who is being sued to defend against the claims of fraud. This is why fraud is so easy in Texas. If you do not have the money or skills to bring an election contest, it does not matter how obvious the fraud is, the election stands. If you are sued and the fraud is not real, you still have a duty to defend. In the hands of the wrong judge an election can be stolen using an election contest.

The Peña case is taking the same path as the one I defended. Lopez had no business signing anything - namely the order impounding the mail-ballots. As a matter of law all district court judges in Cameron County are recused from the case. . This is exactly what happened in the case I defended. I immediately took a mandamus against the Dallas County District court judge and his initial orders were voided.

Now, in this case it will probably not matter in any substantive way because the ballots need to be secured. But the burden still remains with Peña to inspect the ballots and prove his case. Peña by this point should have done this along with naming which ballots need to be voided. He has not. Unless Peña hires an attorney who knows what he is doing, this election contest will be lost on a lack of evidence.

People can complain all they want to every state official, but the law puts the burden on Peña. He does not seem to understand the law, or is unwilling to follow the law. Yes it is true the state can come in and prosecute those responsible for the fraud, assuming it happened, but under the law Ernie Hernandez will remain the winner. Why? Because a proper election contest has not been filed.

The good news is, no one in their right mind will be working the mail-ballots in the TSC and BND elections - note I said right mind. The bad news is, if Peña fails to properly prosecute this case, it will send a message to every corrupt candidate - you can steal elections with mail-ballots. At this time, I should note, other than very questionable numbers, there is no public evidence anyone has done anything wrong, and in fact Ernie Hernandez won the election fair and square.

The ball is in Ruben Peña’s court - will he hire a lawyer who knows what he is doing, or will he loose his case because he fails to understand the law?

Friday, April 23, 2010


I see you, so close, but yet so far
A mirage in the midst of hope

The core of life, so profound, but simple
A mirage in the midst of hope
Who are we, but ourselves?
A mirage in the midst of hope
Self, an elusive dream or trick mirror?
A mirage in the midst of hope
Clarity, in a moment of sedateness
A mirage in the midst of hope
Self, the eternal struggle, the eternal peace
A mirage in the midst of hope

The journey's end, so close, but yet so far
A mirage in the midst of hope

(Editor's note, every so often these things come to me - just something out of the usual - the visual is Viggo Mortensen's self portrait)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday we learned that GM has started to pay back on its loans from the US and Canada. Experts in the field are claiming that by the 4th quarter GM will again be publicly traded. This means the value of the US shares will go up. This means a profit on the money loaned to GM. The American taxpayer is actually poised to make money and the right is still complaining the US ownership shares in GM is socialism. You see folks, making money is a good thing. It becomes a way for the government to raise revenue without taxing the American people.

The entire debate concerning the budget shocks me not just for the total lack of education among the people, but among the elected officials. To be sure some Republicans know better - but lie because lying is the least resistant path to power. Further duping the ignorant comes easy for Republicans.

Currently 47% of American pay 0 income taxes after they get their refund. Many of these same 47% are demanding that the IRS be abolished in favor of VAT - a federal sales tax. These people who are claiming to be over taxed, although they pay nothing, are actually demanding a federal sales tax, which will insure their tax bill will go from 0 to something more than 0. On this issue, do any of you Republicans actually believe the intent of the Republicans is to lower your taxes while raising the taxes on the wealthy, which is what that claim a VAT will do? Snake oil people, snake oil.

There is no meaningful way to cut the federal budget at this time without sending the US and in fact world economies into a tail spin. Federal dollars fuel the economy - if you take them out, you decrease spending across the board while increasing unemployment. This is just like those idiots who claim you can take 10 million consumers out of the economy, and not impact consumption.

Until the American people are willing to consider the ramifications of their demands, our society will continue to decline. There are far too many people in it for themselves. Only we the people can turn it around. Until we find a way for the government to generate revenue through other means than taxes, all we can do is slow the growth of government, not reduce it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


(Editor's Note - I really wanted today to be a positive day, so I am leading with my original piece. The second piece deals with the Peña/Hernadez case and Montoya going off the deep end again.)

I do not want anyone to think I do not like the food at some of the chain restaurants, but in this economy we must support the local families who serve quality food at their family owned restaurants. For the record, I love Olive Garden - I eat there almost all of the time when in San Antonio.

Seafood - eating at locally owned restaurants serves two purposes. Not only does it support the local family which owns the restaurant, it supports the local fishermen who supply the local restaurants. I will only eat gulf shrimp. I buy mine at Gordon’s. Not every local seafood restaurant serves gulf shrimp. I suggest if you want shrimp you eat at the local restaurants which support our shrimping industry. It does not end there. I will not eat Alaskan pollock. If I am going to eat fish I want something from the gulf, like red snapper, sheephead, grouper (although almost impossible to get) or trout. Again I suggest you eat in local family owned restaurants which serve local fish and shrimp. And remember, there is more to fish and shrimp than fried.

My favorite overall restaurant is Big Daddy’s. This is a great local family success story. I eat at the one on Boca Chica. I am such a regular that one morning I was too tired to remember why I was there or to be able to order. The waitress told me what I wanted and I said okay. The lady across the way asked how she knew, and I said because I always order the same thing for breakfast, chorizo with egg, beans, hash browns, corn tortillas and green sauce, with black coffee. The lunch and dinner menu has all sorts of stuff. It is like eating in a good NY diner, but with a Mexican flare.

Of course for deli, there is the NY Deli. A couple of weeks ago after my colonoscopy we headed for the NY Deli. While they were putting me under the doctor and his staff were all joking about going our for Ruben’s afterwards. You will never go wrong at the NY Deli.

Sorry today had no hard hitting commentary or news. Sometimes you just need to remember what is right with Brownsville and promote it. So go out and eat lunch or dinner at a locally owned restaurant. And remember the staff depends on tips. If math is a challenge for you, just double the tax.

(Editor's note: Juan Montoya is stating Hernandez paid him $100.00, for an ad and that is it - nothing more. Look people this is a game, although I do like his diatribe against DPM. I have said before and will say again - there is nothing new in people being paid to write in support of one side or another. You know it may be something as simple as Montoya did the piece against Peña, which was truthful and accurate, because he remains upset at Peña over the Gonzales mess - it probably has nothing to do whatso ever with Hernandez. Until someone has proof that Montoya accepted more than $100.00 for a simple ad then that is all there is. Less we forget McHale took money from Solomen Ortiz and Arambula. This is why I think this is all a game to make fools of the people. If Montoya were really mad at DPM he would give up his address so he can finally be served in the lawsuit.)

One last added issue - I do not like people telling lies about me - I have never deposed Juan Montoya - as it comes to legal issues, again, I think it may be a matter of Montoya having no knowledge of the legal system. Being crossed examined at a hearing is not a deposition.)

Let me begin with a truthful statement about morality in today’s society - the difference between a whore and a lawyer is, a whore has the integrity to admit who and what she is. In virtually every profession today morality plays no role in how people conduct themselves. Journalism in the U.S. is a three ring circus - a minstrel show where minorities have no meaningful place at the table. The idea that a story has been bought and paid for is not newsworthy - defending the act is newsworthy. D Magazine has long been known for printing stories paid for by the profiled person.

I will never fault a man for trying to support his family. I will fault a man who consistently lies, defames people, and shows not an ounce of shame for how he lives his life. It would be easier to live with the amoral Juan Montoya if he at least had the integrity to admit to who and what he is - it is the denial which offends people. It is the defending of the politiquera system which offends people.

I find it laughable that a thing which for a living writes smut which has the demeaning of women as its core purpose, now feels qualified to denounce someone who writes for money. We all know DPM will defend the boy who posts to the internet comments about his daughter which treats his daughter exactly how he treats women. Guys, this is feigned shock and commentary- it is a game to make fools of the people of Brownsville.

I do not actually have a great problem with Montoya being a paid hack for Hernandez - I actually trust people to look at a source, measure the person’s integrity and then decide accordingly whether or not they are trustworthy. People who find a paid hack to be credible are not interested in facts or reason - they are going to believe what makes them happy - which is why facts and reality play no role in their decision making. This is why many of the Teabaggers are so dangerous.

I do not know if Juan Montoya is just plain stupid or a sociopath - either way his credibility is non-existent. I have defended Robert Sanchez of late claiming he was played by Montoya and McHale - I believe this to be true - I hope he can now see just how played he was and how it hurt his reputation and family.

First some fact checks - on Monday the court will not decide if there are enough mail ballots to be tossed out. Montoya either has no interest in researching the facts or lies. From his blog.

“There will be a hearing Monday to hear out Peña's motion to declare enough mail-in votes void so that he can win the election.”

No election contest has been filed. The issue is to preserve the mail-ballots. I will be the first to say I am not happy one bit with how Peña is proceeding. This is not how to proceed. By this point he should have reviewed the mail-ballots and filed the election contest. He has not. In my view this does not bode well for getting to the truth.

Juan Montoya is so stupid and such a pathological liar it boggles the mind. First Juanito Panito - the law says that if the person about whom you speak can be identified in the statement it matters not that you do not mention them by name. The following statement you posted about me becomes further evidence of your obsession with my personal life and your homophobia.

“Now everyone from Peña, a pro-Peña blogger, a would-be greasy-spoon gonzo "journalist," and a staunch (if not indignant) defender of alternative sexual preferences are up in arms over the fact that this system exists. Where were they when Rick Zayas demolished Lehman with a multitude of mail-in votes?

Was it all right then because they supported the winner?”

Let’s deal with two facts - not that facts matter to Juan Montoya - I have consistently denounced the use of politiqueras by every candidate. I have detailed my reasoning why Villalobos will block every investigation - the politiques have him blackmailed.

As to the Zayas Lehmann election - first, I questioned whether or not Zayas even knew students attended BISD. Being anti-Lehmann is not being pro Zayas. I have made clear over and over again, while the discharge of Gonzales was justified, the motivation was retaliation. I have made clear that everyone should vote against Zayas and Cortez for their support of Superintendent Springston and Director over Special Services Kathleen Jimenez. But since facts do not matter to Juan Montoya, let’s try the election returns in the Zayas/Lehmann election

From the Brownsville Herald: Position 4 (2 year term)
1. Richard 'Rick' Zayas - 19,922
Pat Lehmann - 9,392

Yes Juanito Panito Zayas won the election on the mail-ballots - some 10,000 of them. As to me being a Peña supporter, the facts are on my blog for everyone to read. I agreed with Montoya that the estate case made Peña look very unethical. In fact I said I would have been a lot more hard hitting. In fact I posted the court of appeals decision so people could read for themselves just how egregious the facts were. Juanito Panito this is not evidence of me supporting Peña. Further, on more than one occasion I asked people to vote a blank ballot in the election. The fact of the matter is, if enough people followed my recommendation, my blog may have cost Peña the election.

Here is another reality check for Juanito Panito - every time you post anti-gay statements against me and verifiable lies, I get to use them in court to impeach your credibility.

A final word - this is just my opinion and based on nothing but my personal view of McHale, DPM and Montoya. It is not based on any specific facts - again this is pure 100% conjecture on my part.

This entire dog and pony show they are putting on about Montoya is just that - It is not real. It is a play to make fools of the people of Brownsville. There is no doubt in my mind these guys are still hanging out and laughing about this entire dog and pony show. This is how they play people.

In closing let me say this - there is nothing illegal in what Juan Montoya is doing. He writes for money - an American institution as old as time. At least he did not hide his write for hire status like Roman Perez. As to the bullshit about the TaxID issue - DMP tried to get me to post a comment on the issue. He is either stupid or trying to entrap me into an argument which is bogus. A self employed person only needs their ssn to do business.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This morning I read that Rendon wants to use his engineering background as an asset on the TSC Board. Really? - you mean the taxpayers have not been saddled with enough debt building a university that we need more buildings? Not one more penny - if UT wants to build a university in Brownsville let them pay for it. We need TSC Board Members who will say enough is enough - and Rendon is not that man.

In both of these elections no one is defining issues to which the people can relate. Anyone running for the TSC Board unwilling to denounce Juliet Garcia by name does not deserve the support of the people. She has a clear conflict of interest as the president of TSC and UTB - how can she push to sue UTB for the 10 million dollars owed to the people of Brownsville? She cannot. So far no candidate is willing to raise this issue. Anyone who is supporting any candidate for TSC has to have an agenda other than the people’s business. This election such as all elections in Cameron County is a joke - Juliet Garcia and her minions are laughing at the people because they know no matter who wins she stays and the con job continues.

I am totally disheartened by the BND elections. Sorola proved in the last election that he can be bought and sold like a common hooker. There is something in the name which tells me this family is less than honorable. My first experience was with the lawyer Sorola. He was assigned in a child support case. If the State Bar gave a damn about professionalism he would have been disbarred a long time ago. He did nothing to help his client. I had to collect the evidence and device the argument. He did not require the State to properly prove up the child support order. He refused to pull the record of another order which may have been the ultimate defense because in that CPS order the mother lost custody of the children.

The Sorola who runs the charter school runs the school like a little fiefdom. She declares who will be allowed to attend the school based on her ego. Charter schools are run on public money. While the school may actually be a good school for the students who are allowed to attend, the admission process sucks. In her defense the problem may be the state’s failure to create an independent process for deciding who gets in and who does not. But this does not justify Sorola’s arrogance in the process.

The Sorola running for the BND is a joke. No one in their right mind could possibly vote for this joker. This is my disappointment. It is not that I do not want the entire BND Board removed - it is that no one who can win is running.

I do believe Ms. Miller has her heart in the right place, but her performance during the city commission elections make any real possibility of winning nonexistent. Again this is my frustration. Arambula and Masso are laughing at the people of Brownsville. There will be no accountability.

Again the issue is a failure to define the issue. I do believe Sorola can get over the fact he is unethical and in my opinion a political nut-job, and Miller can get over her inability to communicate in a way which encourages confidence in her message. The problem is neither is defining the message in a way which educates the voters. The message is simple - full page Herald ads - Arambula and Masso turned a blind eye to the stolen 21.4 million - you decide. Further, I will never vote for anyone who does not support selling the port. It is a cash cow for corruption and will remain so until it is sold

(This is edited from the original - sorry guys for all of the mistakes - just plain exhaustion.

Monday, April 19, 2010


On the Cantu affaire, after he was removed as the principal of Hudson Elementary and put into adult education I did a series of articles on his abuse of the staff. I spoke to the issue of students leaving the program because teachers were so upset by the abuses. Hector Gonzales had just taken over in August of 2006 as the interim-superintendent. I copied the complaints to the Board and Gonzales. As is always the case with BISD, Gonzales systematically ignored the complaints (all you Gonzales supporters, do you understand had Gonzales done his job BISD would not know be experiencing this problem - further how many students suffered?)

But is does not end here. This Board along with Springston refuse to consider who the parents are within BISD when developing the curriculum and how it will be executed. Some parents brought me their daughters 5th grade scientific method project. The assignment reads as it were designed for university students. As far as the parents are concerned it is Latin. How did this happen? No one cares. Someone higher up went on the internet and found the assignment and did not care if the language was grade appropriate for the children and the parents. (Notice I said language, not assignment) If the parents cannot understand the assignment, how is the child to get help from the parent?

BISD has made it clear - it will run the school district like an automated factory. It has no interest in developing a method for bringing the parents into the process. When assignments like this are offered, BISD needs to have an outreach program or some type after school program wherein parents can attend to get help with helping their children.

It never amazes me how out of tune this school board is with the community. And once again, Springston proves to me a mechanical superintendent following along so he can remain on the public payroll.

Friday, April 16, 2010


This story has nothing to with Father Geoghan - it just made for a good visual. I have held this story for several years . At this time I have now been told the same story by several people so I feel like it is safe to tell the story.

It is my understanding through independent investigation that there are doctors, lawyers, elected officials and average Joes who were all victims of Brother Damian. His MO was to get parents to send their 12-16 year old boys over to his house to help in the garden. This gave him the excuse of demanding they take a shower before going home. As the story goes he would tell them he needed to soap them up in a priestly manner - which in the process meant fondling their genitalia.

It is my understanding that once there were enough complaints he was transferred off to Florida to molest more boys.

While it is true I do know of numerous very loving and incredibly giving Catholic women, I have no respect for Catholics as a class. St. Joes is a joke. Based on people I know who graduated in the 70's and 80's, I can honestly say that if your parents paid them enough you graduated. It never surprises me when I meet a St. Joe grad who cannot read or write.

When I first came to Brownsvillle , I took two courses in Spanish for native speakers. I got to meet several St Joseph graduates - to a person they were lazy.

Until Catholics are willing to stand up in mass and demand the resignation of the Pope, they will remain in the eyes of the world as amoral. This has gone on long enough. When the current Pope’s name was first circulated as a possible replacement to John Paul stories came out of Germany about how the police covered up claims against the Pope when he was a young priest. It is now well documented that he was a major player in the coverups under John Paul.

As an institution the Universal Church cannot survive so long as its leaders believe God gives them permission to coverup for child molesters.

Just how many boys were molested by Brother Damian? I do not know - but I hope in today’s piece I am opening a door for his victims to finally speak out. His victims are just that - they did nothing wrong. Even as a young man if you knew you were gay, he still had no right to touch you.

I hope just one of his victims will come forward and break the silence. We are not going to stop this immoral institution known as the Catholic church until the truth comes out. If this were the boy scouts their leaders would be indicted and arrested - but it is the Pope - above the law and leader of an institution which promotes child molesting. Catholics unwilling to publicly state enough is enough are not the faithful - they are excuse makers too cowardly to stand for morality and our innocent children who have been victimized long enough.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sally Arroyo should have fought Ernie Hernandez in the mayor's race and she did not. Brownsville is now paying the price with Pat Almighty as our mayor. I am 100% certain that enough questionable ballots can be found in this election to at a minimum force a new election.

The problem is the law says that even if the court finds election fraud, Ernie Hernandez gets to take his seat at a county commissioner, until all appeals are exhausted. In an election contest it is important that the Petitioner move fast on the evidence and get a fast trial.

The appeal also presents a problem - it is important that if it reaches that point, regardless of who files the appeal, Peña requests an expedited record and briefing schedule. In the right hands the trial and appeals can be done by the end of the year.

I am not happy with the information which came out about Peña, but if he can once and for all put an end to the politiqueras then it is fair to say he has redeemed himself and deserves our support. A win on this one is a win for all of Cameron County and an end to the politiqueras and corrupt candidates who hire them.

Something which needs to be looked for in the mail-ballots is ballots where they only voted for Ernie but not in the County Judge race. The politiqueras are stupid greedy people. If they were not paid by Wood or Treviño to make them as the voters choice, they will leave it blank. This is a good place to start for fraudulent ballots.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The final count on the mail-ballot votes in the Peña/Hernandez race have Peña receiving only 34 mail-ballots to Hernandez’s 240. Because I have not reviewed the mail-ballots as of this moment i have no proof of fraud - but t smells like fraud.

Here is a quote from the Herald after the mayor’s race two years ago.“Former mayor Henry Gonzalez had 346 mail-in votes, followed by Hernandez with 230, Ahumada with 154 and Arroyo with 61.”

Both Gonzalez’s and Hernandez’s mail-ballots were way out of line when compared to Ahumada and Arroyo. In fact had Arroyo filed an election contest against Hernandez and I am certain she would be mayor today.

My offer to Peña - e-mail me a contact phone number. I will donate my services to identify the 50 mail-ballots needed to turn this election around. We all know our esteemed DA will do nothing. Ortiz will claim there is no money available to an investigation. This is up to the people. My a dvice to everyone is, call the governor's house today and demand an investigation.

We finally have a chance to end the corruption of the politiqueras - the question is, will Peña fight.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Peña/Hernandez vote 265 mail ballots - 234 went to Hernandez - Peña won early voting by a hair 1166/1103

Even if Peña wins, I hope he will fund an investigation into the mail-ballots- We know our hopelessly corrupt DA will do nothing.

For the record, in my 5 1/2 years in Brownsville I have donated several hundred dollars worth of new books to the Southmost library. People need to check their holdings and look for the classics. If they do not have a copy of a classic you consider important to being a well read reader - buy it and donate it.



If you have not already voted, please vote a blank ballot. It will send a message. My commitment to Ruben Peña is, if Hernandez wins on the mail ballots, I will donate my services to put together the election contest. I have lots of experience in this field. It is not that I support Peña, I just oppose election fraud.

On the Wood Treviño battle if you insist on marking your ballot, which I hope you do not, a vote for Wood means Cascos wins in November. The issue of whether or not Wood resigned as a matter of law will be a big issue during the campaign. Once the allegation becomes known throughout Cameron County Wood will be toast. This is not about who is better, Treviño or Wood - it is about whether or not you want Cascos to continue as the country judge. Personally, I do not care - I think Cascos has done a good job overall - he showed responsibility, unlike our city commission, in his willingness to address the budgetary problems.

Monday, April 12, 2010


(Readers: This is one of many posts today - I began with the De Leon case)

Let me say this - Peña was not absolved - the civil case was dismissed on limitations and not on the merits. But I will also say this - Pedraza's ad from this weekend was incredibly misleading. He failed to fully disclose his role in this mess.

Personally, tomorrow I am placing a blank ballot in the box.

As to Montoya's pathetic response to the complaints he is a hired hand of Hernandez -I defy Montoya to post any specific findings (not accusations) against Peña. This is the standard he used as to why he is not publishing anything against Hernandez. As to Hernandez, I know what I know - he looked me in the face and said he would not hire politiqueras to work the mail ballots and then he did - he lied to my face.

For me corrupting the democratic process is the worst possible crime any politico can possibly commit. If you feel like you must vote, vote for Peña - I cannot vote for either of these men which is why I am placing a blank ballot in the box.

Montoya's journalism skills are seroiusly in doubt - he claims Rubio's mandamus remains pending before the Texas Supreme Court. Anyone with minimum skills can go to the Texas Supreme Court web page and see it was denied on April 1, 2010. I personally believe Rubio has a great voting rights case. In effect Texas changed its election code without prior clearance from the Department of Justice. On the issue of statutory construction, TSC refused to address the issue in its brief other than urge an unethical argument - rules of statutory construction apply equally to all statutes. TSC argument that it varies based on the statute reflects just how unethical TSC attrorneys are.

For the record, their brief played no role in the decision to deny the mandamus. The court denied the mandamus before they had a chance to review the brief.
"Dirty Politics vs. Facts

Ruben Pena
Candidate for Precinct 2 County Commissioner

Many of you may have seen the smear ads which a man named Pedraza accuses me of some awful things.
What they don't tell you, and don't want you to know is that when this happened nearly 15 years ago, I was completely cleared of any involvement. These lies are not only untrue - it is libel and slander, and it is illegal.

FACT: Ex-Constable Jose Alfredo Jimenez, who participated in this sham with Pedraza, is now serving a 25-year federal prison term along with Conrado Cantu because of his corrupt and illegal actions.

FACT: Robert Pedraza oversaw the estate's financial transactions, not me.
If you want to know where the money went, ask Pedraza - the man who spent it.

I have received many comments from Precinct 2 residents who say these dirty tactics are typical of my opponent, who remember when he used similar dirty tactics in previous election bids. It is truly a shame, that the dirty politics of yesterday continue to delay progress here in Cameron County.

15 years ago I was cleared of any wrongdoing, and I have nothing to hide.
I invite you to check the County court documents for yourself. (file number: 1986-CPC-24352-A.)

Throwing Stones Won't Win Votes

Ruben Pena
Candidate for Precinct 2 County Commissioner

Last week, we began receiving calls that plastic bags filled with rocks and political flyers, had been thrown at homes in the Burns Elementary area.

These rock-filled bags damaged windows, homes and cars. Desperate to spread lies and misinformation about me, we were stunned to discover the opposing side had actually resorted to wrapping Pedraza's false accusations around rocks and throwing them at homes.

Politics is a rough and tumble game... but enough is enough.

Now is the time for the voters of Precinct 2 to send a clear message:
Vote for NO MORE dirty politics...
NO to mudslinging...
NO to libel and slander...
NO to false & malicious rumors...
NO to vandalism and property damage...

Vote YES to honest and honorable government, and YES to service and solutions for Cameron County.

Thank you,

Ruben Peña

I want to know who the judge was in this case. The judge never should have allowed for settlement without strick proof of represenation. This is all too common. Some day I will tell the story of 5 chlidren who were kidnapped from their mother with the fuill assistance of a Beaumont judge. The lawyer paid to represent the children took a bribe to lie to the court. Until the last of the 5 children die, I cannot tell the story. The damage done to these children now extend to their grandchildren. I have said it many times, the judiciary is the single greatest threat to our democracy.

(An earlier post addresses the De Leon case)

I was trying to help a friend find a house to rent. I found this one believing it was too good to be true.

The Brownsville property is a foreclosure.

Both of the above show to be for sale by real estates.

Donald Smith owns the Iowa property

I e-mailed them to get more information. After the first e-mail they demanded private information about me. They also claim to have been transferred to Thailand. I sent a second e-mail and they refused to respond. I tried to get more specific information about them.

I have reported this to the listing real estates and local newspapers. I guess it is possible a family which was transfered to Thailand owns all of these properties - but who knows.

For the consumer here is a great article.

I think so - Peter Zavaletta who squealed like a pig to save his own butt nailed the final nail in his coffin in terms of his reputation. What people do not realize is, in approaching trial Villalobos was dealing with the fact Zavaletta lied to the court in filings in my own case. De Leon was prepared to show Zavaletta had no problem lying to the court. This made for a very bad witness. Villalobos could not afford yet another high profile loss. The defamation case still presents problems for Zavaletta and De Leon, but now De Leon is free to throw him under the bus.

But here is where justice may have been done. From the Herald “ Zavaletta was to be indicted also, but his name was removed because he agreed to be a witness in the case. He also entered a pre-trial diversion agreement with the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office in July 2008.”

De Leon had to plead to nothing - Zavaletta running like a coward had to agree to a no contest plea in order to get a pretrial diversion. Snakes always have a way of losing.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Speculating about an FBI investigation on the advice of a master manipulator who has a personal reputation of throwing friends under the bus is just plain stupid. Sometimes prudence demands caution. At this point taking the advice of a master manipulator is like accepting a cup of coffee without knowing if it has been poisoned. The story will come out soon enough and it will be a shocker.


My long time readers know I am no fan of Lincoln. I believe he was a tyrant driven by his own mental illness (well documented) who nearly destroyed this country and whose legacy continues injury to this country. His war for his own political ends cost the American people the most precious liberty God has given men - the right of rebellion against an oppressive government - see Texas v. White (

PC demands that we view the war between the states as a war to end slavery - this is simply a myth - a rewriting of history to justify and act of aggression against a sovereign people. No one disputes slavery is a blight on our country’s history. No one disputes the end of slavery was a good thing. Many historians have argued slavery would have ended without the war between the states - it was simply no longer sustainable.

Before I continue, why do I use the term “war between the states”? When I first learned of this war in the classroom that is what it was called in the textbooks. I remember in middle school when we learned about the war an old reader used this term, but the textbook called it the civil war. I remember my teacher explaining how we view history changes and terms get changed. This was an important lesson.

Our schools and universities teach the case of Dred Scott as having been wrongly decided. It was not. What the case does is reveal the dirty truth about how our Founding Fathers in a compromise decision viewed slaves as less than a whole person. Morally, yes it was wrongly decided, but on the constitutional question it was right on the money.

But PC demands we blame the Supreme Court for the decision. It relieves the people of their part in supporting a constitution which defined an entire class of humans as less than human. I do not play this game.

You cannot correct the injustices of the past if you seek to play games with the facts and reality.

In recent days the issue of the confederacy has gotten the Governor of Virginia in trouble - this is PC gone awry again. Yes I agree a failure to mention slavery was a major oversight - but the reality of what the confederacy was about does not change because of this mistake. It is estimated when all factors are included that some 258,000 confederate soldiers died defending the confederacy. The overwhelming majority of these men had no financial interest in slavery. In fact many had a hard time earning a living on their farms because of the slave owners who effectively had free labor.

The war between the states was about freedom - a freedom Lincoln and the money makers in the north feared. They needed the country to be enslaved to the notion that the people were now permanent slaves to the federal government. The Supreme Court all but proved this in the case of Texas v. White. At what price was the civil war won? Our right to rebel from an oppressive government was the price. I would submit a price which was not worth paying especially in light of the historical evidence slavery as an institution was on the verge of collapse.

PC prohibits even university professors from teaching the full truth. Oh their textbooks provide some snippets of truth such as the Irish rebellion in New York which forced Lincoln to send troops north to control the rebellion. It was only when the dissent against the war reached the point the war could be lost that Lincoln invoked the moral issue of slavery. This war of aggression by the United States against the confederate states was not started over slavery, it was started over power - raw power which sought to oppress anyone who did not fall into place at the command of the north.

The American people are having a hard time understanding the rebellion in the states today over the issue of healthcare reform. I support healthcare reform, but a law which penalizes most people who do not buy healthcare insurance from private corporations is oppressive and an infringement on liberty. I support these lawsuits.

During Supreme Court nomination hearings a good part of the hearings surround Justice Robert Jackson’s application of the Commerce Clause. It is expansive - the standard became substantial impact on commerce - a pie in the sky standard of “we know it when we see it.” You can bet if Justice Stevens does in fact retire at the end of this term the Commerce Clause will define and control the hearings for his replacement.

Our economy today is not the economy of the Founding Fathers - given the expansion of trade between and among the states everything comes under the Commerce Clause. The problem with this reality is, it destroys the economic sovereignty of the states. What makes our country so successful is the independence of the various states and their ability to experiment with policy considerations. Does not the sales tax imposed by a state impact commerce? Would not an oppressive state sales tax on luxury items manufactured in another state impact commerce between the two states?

When one considers the purpose behind our form of government with 50 individual states, the use of the Commerce Clause to justify forcing Americans to buy insurance from private insurance companies is an outrage and the first step of instituting slavery on the people for the financial benefit of private corporations.

The complexity of this issue is lost in the PC which makes it impossible for our schools and universities to teach the full story of the war between the states -We have a population which has never been fully educated about this delicate balance of power between the states and the federal government. The day that balance of power is lost, we all become slaves to an oppressive federal government. This balance is an important checks and balances which helps maintain our freedom while giving us choices where to live based on differences in laws and policies in the different states.

Here is a discussion about these very problems which occurred long before the war between the states. It is interesting to me slavery is being used as a guilt mechanism to trick the people into becoming slaves to a federal government and corporate America.

“Nullification crisis, political representation, and rising sectionalism
1. See also, Nullification and Nullification crisis
Although slavery had yet to become a major issue, states' rights issues surfaced periodically in the early antebellum period, especially in the South. The election of Federalist John Adams in the 1796 presidential election came in tandem with escalating tensions with France. In 1798, the XYZ Affair brought these tensions to the fore, and Adams became concerned about French power in America, fearing internal sabotage and malcontent brought on by French agents. In response to these developments and to repeated attacks on Adams and the Federalists by Democratic-Republican publishers, Congress enacted the Alien and Sedition Acts. Enforcement of the acts resulted in the jailing of "seditious" Democratic-Republican editors throughout the North and South, and prompted the adoption of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 (authored by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison), by the legislatures of those states.
Thirty years later, during the "Nullification" crisis, the "Principles of '98" embodied in these resolutions were cited by leaders in South Carolina as a justification for state legislatures' asserting the power to nullify, or prevent the local application of, acts of the federal Congress that they deemed unconstitutional. The Nullification crisis arose as a result of the Tariff of 1828, a set of high taxes on imports of manufactures, enacted by Congress as a protectionist measure to foster the development of domestic industry, primarily in the North. In 1832, the legislature of South Carolina nullified the entire "Tariff of Abominations," as the Tariff of 1828 was known in the South, prompting a stand-off between the state and federal government. Although the crisis was resolved through a combination of the actions of President Andrew Jackson, Congressional reduction of the tariff, and the Force Bill, it had lasting importance for the later development of secessionist thought.[3]“

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I think this is a good idea - but he needs to go further - why do we need to pay someone other than a state employee to write these textbooks? Anyone of minimum competence can put together a computer based textbook using free internet information provided by the federal, state and local governments. Also many universities now provided a ton of information on line for free.

We have to get innovative about this stuff. We cannot continue to tax the people like there is no tomorrow. My questions is, if the State of Texas through the TEA were to create its own textbooks on line, will the Republicans and TEA party people call that socialism because it denies the private publishers profits at the expense of the taxpayers?

If someone is willing to donate to me a US Government textbook being used at UTB, in a month I will duplicate the book using free sources. In fact I can use a detailed syllabus to do the same thing. This is not a challenge.

BUT FIRST - I really have nothing to say about the Rendon matter. I did check the education code to see what the standard is for nonrenewal of contracts. The section only lays out the procedure with no reference to standards - so I do not know the answer. I do know this, the father who secured findings against BISD twice because of Rendon’s failings is all to willing to testify if asked. Further, he will testify about how Rendon called him and demanded he drop the complaint. If Rendon seeks to have a select memory about the issue he needs to remember when you call someone on their cell phone the number is recorded on their bill.



Ever since Domino’s changed its pizza I have not really eaten Pizza- I find the new Domino’s pizza to be truly disgusting. Anyway out of curiosity I tried the self rising Digiorno Pepperoni pizza. I found it to be as good as any Sicilian pepperoni pizza I have ever had in New York.


If the Herald ever gets a story right and accurate I will be surprised. Cavasos apparently has no idea what it is like to get his hands dirty - to work at a real job. I bring my separated recyclables to the center about every other week. My items are separated. This is not a challenge. In my pantry there is a place for each type item. It is beyond me why so many people in Brownsville are either too stupid or lazy to separate the items by type.

Here is the part of the story the Herald failed to report. I actually saw the trash pile-up last Friday when I went by with my stuff. The place was closed. I wasn’t sure why so I just left with my trash. The problem is other people just dumped their trash with full knowledge the place was closed. This should be considered illegal dumping by the city. What type moron seeks to punish the victim of illegal dumping? Only an employee of the City of Brownsville would do such a stupid thing

Why was the place closed? They never take vacations so the owner decided to close for a 4 day weekend. The Herald was made aware of the problem and chose not to tell the full story. In my view the Herald intentionally defamed these people for headlines.

These people are hard working and honest people who deserve our support. It is not their fault so many people in Brownsville are idiots and do not understand you cannot just dump your trash on other people’s property. People too stupid to know you do not overfill a dumpster should not be allowed to drive or go near the place. At some point when a person does business they have a right to assume the average person is smart enough to not create a hazard with garbage, but this is Brownsville where ignorance and laziness engulf everything the city and people do.

Again, who but a moron threatens the victim of illegal dumping other than an employee with the City of Brownsville. The city simple should have told them to get it cleaned up as soon as possible, while acknowledging the business owner was the victim. The City Commission needs to demand accountability. Local businesses need to rely on a competent city government. If this is the way the city if going to treat growing businesses then we are in trouble.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



The FBI retains jurisdiction over this case. They have yet to declare they will not take the case. If people remember the story the Herald first did a story implicating the FBI had no interest in the case. A day or two later they did a new story wherein the FBI declared no decision had been made and that the FBI could still bring charges. It is now a wait and see game.


The last part of this article shows just how ineffective Carlos Quintanilla really is. His Latino candidate lost to an African American candidate in a district which is 49% Latino? Why, the Latino community in Lubbock saw through the con job Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla was trying to pull off to protect Ted Parker’s business interests in Lubbock. Sound familiar?

Let me begin with Quintanilla and his supporters, they are delusional and believe reality can be dismissed because the masses in Brownsville are too stupid to deal in reality and prefer disinformation. They lost in Lubbock and will loose in Brownsville. His two biggest local supporters in terms of press include a promoter of pornography and someone who allowed himself to be bought by Ernie Hernandez in exchange for trashing Hernandez’s opponent while remaining silent about Hernandez’s own past transgressions.

Let’s begin with where Quintanilla claims to have started his career in Dallas as an activist. The Farmers Branch story - he did not start the outcry - the people started the outcry and were originally organized by LULAC.

I did reject one of his supporter’s comments because it crossed the line with language - but the gist of it was Quintanilla’s name is all over the press and mine is not - this comment all but proves his obsession with himself and not the people.


All I can say is, when you have bloggers like Juan Montoya supporting him who needs enemies. Montoya’s knowledge of the legal system is non-existent or Zayas and Cortes paid him to make Quintanilla look like a mad man.

Here is a reality I think even an idiot can understand - when you sue someone you have a legal duty to provide the person you sued with evidence of your claims. You do not get to go to your deposition and repeatedly say -‘ ask your client what the evidence is?” This is how things have been with Quintanilla since day one.

This is what is going to happen. Zayas and Cortes will file some type motion to compel the answers with a request for sanctions. Quintanilla will appear in court and the judge will order him to answer the questions or face dismissal of his claims. The sanctions available to the court are - contempt, death penalty sanctions in the form of having his claims dismissed, having to pay all the costs and attorneys fees incurred by Zayas and Cortes, or being barred from putting on any evidence in response to the defamation claim which he refused to provide in discovery.

I deal in reality - and other than my personal dislike for Zayas and Cortes over their continued mishandling of Special Services and hiring of Springston as a trained monkey to do their bidding I have seen zero evidence or wrongdoing by either of these gentlemen. Does this mean they are innocent - no it just means Quintanilla refused to produce the evidence. If we all remember that big report on the problems in Special Services Quintanilla kept on calling his smoking gun, I posted the document to the internet not Quintanilla. The fact remains the report was a cut and paste job, used the wrong standards and was written by two therapists sanctioned by the state.

If Zayas and Cortes have done something wrong, it is fair to say their best friend is Carlos Quintanilla - when he loses this and he will, they get to claim vindication while stating that they were the object of a conspiracy between a convicted felon and an insurance agent upset because he lost the contract at BISD. No one is working harder than Quintanilla to insure corruption and incompetence at BISD is being kept under cover - this is my motivation against Quintanilla.

To date he covered for Gonzales, Rendon, and Escobedo - his tactics have done nothing to save any of these people. If any thing his tactics made it easier to take out each of these people. The BISD battle is far from over. The next election is around the corner. On the issue of mismanagement of Special Services and the hiring of Springston to keep the incompetence under wrap I will be opposing Zayas and Cortes. The people will understand this issue.

Finally it may be time for Quintanilla to do a fundraiser to pay for a criminal defense. If it is in fact true Ted Parker brought Quintanilla to Brownsville as a way to disrupt BISD over Parker’s loss of the BISD contract both are looking at possible criminal charges when it is all done and over. This is based on an IF. As I have reported in the past, this would not be the first time Parker and Quintanilla have gotten into bed together to disrupt as community over Parker’s business dealings.

The candidate Parker and Quintanilla helped in Lubbock was sanctioned by the TEC for campaign finance violations.

In fact Quintanilla could not help a Latino get elected in a district which is 49% Latino. Armando Gonzales who was sanctioned in part because of the acts by Parker and Quintanilla lost the election to an African American in a community which is 49% Latino. This Latino community was smart enough to reject the interference of a self servicing convicted felon by the name of Carlos Quintanilla.

Qunitanilla also covered for our own local Enrique Escobedo who was also sanctioned for campaign finance violations.

Are we beginning to see a pattern - a convicted felon covering for candidates who are sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission. Some people are incapable of change. Quintanilla may be one of them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States ."

I believe this is something everyone can believe in regardless of political party affilliation. Please pass this on to everyone you know. More on this tomorrow.

I could not find a picture that worked - so I decided to go with funny.


Maybe I should miss more days posting - yesterday was one of the highest readership days I have ever had - of course some the readers happen to stumble on my bread pudding recipe - even someone from Managua, Nicaragua downloaded the recipe.

A source is telling me that possible indictments are coming to some local judges sooner than later. The only question is, can they secure plea deals with certain persons in advance of the grand jury convening so that their evidence is stronger.


I missed yesterday because I was at the VA Clinic - we know that a major part of my health problems is a vitamin D deficiency. I will see a specialist at the end of the month. My doctor tried the standard response of 50,000 IU of vitamin D once a week for 4 weeks to see if my levels could be restored. A follow-up test showed no positive increase in my levels. The headaches and blurred vision returned. I will now go on a 6 week regiment of 50,000 IU once a week.

A possible cause is inflammatory bowel disease. Through biopsies taken two weeks ago it was confirmed my inflammatory bowel disease remains active, albeit mild. We shall see. I know a lot of people will read this based on a google search. I will tell you this - this appears to be a very highly specialized field. My local gastroenterologist, who I consider the best I have ever seen, had no knowledge of the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and colon disease. My PCP is very surprised by what science is learning about vitamin D deficiency. So to people who are reading this in search of answers I say hang in there. Find a specialist who deals with vitamin D deficiency. Mere treatment is not the answer - you must find the cause so that you can treat the cause.


I finally got around to watching a small portion of the last city commission meeting. I saw about half of the discussion on changing the rules related to public comment. Each of these people will never show a sense of contrition for their actions. They will intentionally mislead the people to get what they want. Their respective moral compasses are gone.

On the Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, he remains unwilling to admit his mistakes of the past. His mentality is that of someone who is above the law because he believes he is doing God’s will. I worked a lot on these cases and was very involved with a key whistleblower who was my client. When Ratzinger’s name first came forward as a possible selection for Pope men in Germany came forward with claims the local police years ago covered up their claims Raztinger had molested them. The press refused to investigate the claims. It then came out that Raztinger was involved in moving the molesters around and ignoring complaints from US Bishops related to certain molesters. I know we produced documents from the Dallas Diocese wherein a priest who was listed as having an affinity for Latino boys and who was possibly HIV positive (Diocese claims not mine) was moved into a parish which was nearly 100% Latino.

Joseph Ratzinger believes that because he is doing God’s work he cannot be touched. He believes so long as he is doing what is right in terms of promoting God’s work he cannot be judged for ignoring the complaints against the priests. This is why he does not act.

JOHN EDWARDS - is the same person in values and personality as Joseph Ratzinger. Edwards believes his work has benefitted the people which therefore affords him special privileges of being above the rest of us. His oversized house and life style should have told us plenty about who he really is. I am glad his wife finally saw the light and threw his butt out. I hope some day the xxx video he made goes public so people can see just how little of a man he really is.


If there is a commissioner who will be forced to resign early it is Zamora. I stayed away from the claims about her personal life because I generally believe they are not subject to public discussion during the campaign, unless the person is already an elected official. We must afford people seeking public office for the first time some level of redemption for their past transgressions.

My position is hard to defend when we see nothing has changed now that she is an elected official. She seems to have no moral compass to tell her she is wrong or acting in a wrongful manner. I was glad the city commission saw the light and refused to join Melissa and Pat Almighty in their game playing over changing the rules related to public comment.

Two things happened which tell me Melissa suffers from extreme narcissism which is a consequence of her belief she is better than everyone else and therefore not accountable to the people or more importantly to herself. When Roman Perez pointed out that it was unprofessional for the city commissioners to be laughing at the speakers and to be on their cell phones Zamora’s response was typical of a princess - “I am better than all of you, so if your children need to text you while you are here - sorry you may not check your text messages, but if my children text me while I am here I may check my text messages - my children are privileged and yours are dirt to be ignored.”

The second thing was her continue policy of denying she was in agreement with the mayor when she chose to cosponsor the item for the agenda. No on believes she did not know what the mayor was doing. And no one believes she was only trying to get the speakers to release the names of any city officials they spoke with before presenting their issue or problem to the city commission during public comments.

At this point, based on the commissions refusal to act on her requests and their faces of disbelief when she speaks it is fair to say every commissioner knows she cannot be trusted. It took her 2 seconds to abandon Pat Almighty and blame him for the mess. Sorry Charlie Atkinson was all smiles because he understands that so long a Melissa is on the commission she will always look worse than Sorry Charlie Atkinson. Politically she is dead. She should resign and go back home to her parents and take care of her children. She should use the time to reflect on the mistakes in her life. She is young enough to redeem herself. The question is, will she?

Okay this is long - more tomorrow on Carlos Quintanilla - a man who seems to be obsessed with his own fabricated press and delusions.