Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I caution everyone, the Reputricans have put the entire November election into question. They are going to either win big or loose big. The November election will be a defining moment in American history. If the Reputricans loose they will leave behind a very angry mob - this is not good. November at least nationally will be decided on the economy - nothing else will matter. By November seniors will have gotten their $250.00 payoff over the donut hole in Medicare part D, young adults will be back on their parents insurance, and the uninsured will be anxiously awaiting their opportunity to register in one of the exchanges. The Republicans will be demanding a return to the failed policies of the past while seeking to take back the money from the seniors, throwing young adults off of their parents’ health insurance, and telling those with preexisting conditions who cannot get insurance to die sucker die.

If the Cameron county election remains local, a Wood win means Cascos wins. Republican operatives are not going to give up Cameron county without a fight. It is like the game of Risk - they have this little strong hold and they intend to build on it. Along these lines if Wood wins, some Republican operative will file a suit claiming he is illegally receiving a paycheck from Cameron county as a county commissioner. The argument will be that by having placed his election signs outside his precinct before January he had announced for office and thereby as a matter of law resigned his office.

Politics being what it is, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit the people will believe Wood is stealing from the people. This will stick and help Cascos win the election.

But it is like I asked - how riled up will the people be in November? The national Democratic Party has already announced they are going to hit the ground running to create a large grass roots campaign to defend the Obama change. The American Independents hate confrontation. As we have already seen the extreme right is willing to engage in conduct which even offends many Republicans. The angry mobs the Reputricans are creating could backfire on the Reputricans.

In the end assuming the Cameron county election remains local without the influence from the national election if Wood wins the run-off Cascos wins in November.


Anonymous said...

So if Trevino wins run-off, Cascos Loses?

BobbyWC said...

no, it will be anyone's guess - I think the nationa elections will tell that story - also I think Trevino will need to make a clear statement that he will oppose development of casinos on teh southside of SPI

Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis. I think if Trevino wins the run-off he has a harder time against Cascos then Wood does. Trevino has a dismal record at the city when he was Mayor, and John Wood will be hard pressed to go after Cascos since he was also on the County Commission at the same time. While Wood can complain about Cascos' tax increase to balance the budget, I distinctly remember that Wood voted against it at the last minute and offered no other solutions when he had a perfect opportunity to show leadership.

Trevino's leadership I remember was consolidation of power, trying to make changes to the City's charter, accepting health benefits for himself and his family, great disunity at the city, his constant fighting with PUB, etc...

Though Wood has this issue about announcing his candicacy for Judge outside of the district, I think there is less for him overall to be attacked on. Unless of course, someone brings up the timesheet issue, which I believe he was cleared on.

I don't know how much the national elections will impact the local ones. I think it depends on how much both statewide parties invest in south texas, and given their records, I don't see much happening. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you think being a practicing lawyer and a member of the Cameron County Commissioner's Court is a conflict of intrest, being that they over see the budget of the judiciary? District Judges, County Court Judges, J.P.s, and the District Atourney's office!

BobbyWC said...

No, every major county in Texas has lawyers on Commissioners Couty - one commissioner is not going to be able to impact the courts - the entire arguement is silly - if Commissioners court were to try and cut the budgets it would mean also cutting the budget of judges who have ruled for the lawyer/commission

there is no conflict

Anonymous said...

I agree that a commissioner will not impact a court, but what about the courts impacting the comissioner or commissioners, if there are more than one atourney on the commission, wich is a possibility with Dan Sanches being the Commissioner elect in precint 4 and if Pena defeats Ernie Hernandz and Trevino defeats Cascos, that would be three atourneys on the court. The courts can influence atourneys that are commissioners. If the judges want thier budgets increased for whatever reason, i do not see them turning them down, after all, they do thier bussiness in thier courts.

BobbyWC said...

Again this is not a new issue - this is happening all over Texas - the judge's salary is pretty much set - not much can be done about that - the number of staff members in each court is set - every judge gets a coordinator and bailiff - this is standard - this is a non-issue created by Ernie and his supporters to scare people

Anonymous said...

(No, every major county in Texas has lawyers on Commissioners Couty)

But do any abstain from praticing law in the county while they serve? Gilberto Hinojosa did. Gilberto believed a conflict of interest existed.

Unless TreviƱo and the lot them declare in a binding affidavit that they will resign their office if they practice law in the county, then they are are more unethical than Gilberto Hinojosa.

Anonymous said...

There is an ethical conflict. Review Herald Archives dated February 28, 2002. Although the District Judge's salary is set by the state, not so for Courts at Law or JP's, or DA employees. Think about it. If there is a pending case in front of a Judge, & that judge is looking to augment his budget, travel, equipment, whatever, and there is multiple numbers of attorneys on the commission, who holds the puppet strings?

BobbyWC said...

The people hold the strings because they can vote out the commissioner and the judge.

In Hidalgo County, which may be the most corrupt county in Texas we have seen judges take bribes and then end their life in Chambers with a shotgun -

Judges take bribes on a regular basis - the other day I met a lawyer who a TRO on a foreclosure signed by Leal, I asked how long Leal took to review the TRO and she said Leal was too busy with a trial to care and just signed it.

Until we fix the problems with our judges the corruption, favoritism and incompetence will remain.

You prevent influence peddling by going after the judges who allow themselves to be the subject of influence peddling