Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is from a March 2007 story in the Herald.

“A $6.6 million technology overhaul that will include low-cost Wi-Fi throughout the city will be “worth every penny,” City Manager Charlie Cabler said Thursday.

Cabler said the project will eventually enable residents to access low-cost wireless Internet from almost anywhere in the city.

The city issued $6.6 million in bonds last year to overhaul and modernize its technology, communications and information systems.

Officials anticipate the project to be completed by the beginning of next year.”

One thing about getting older is, out of no where you remember things - this just came to me out of no where. All I had remember about the story is the IBM guy speaking before the city commission.

So here is the question - did this happen and I just missed the announcement in the paper? Given the fact I do not read the hard copy of the Herald and go days without reading it on line - yes maybe I just missed the follow-up story.


Anonymous said...

It didnt

Anonymous said...

It didn't. I sat in the initial meetings with the consultant at the city. Then one day the departmental meetings just stopped...along with any communication about the project and no one would really knew why. When I asked the head of the department I couldn't get an actual answer out of him other than....."you know how it goes". My guess is modernizing communications and information systems raises accountability. I'm sure there would be other reasons too for them to just let it drop but you get the general idea.