Thursday, March 4, 2010


[Correction - last time around I worked with a large group in Dallas. Our big issue was trying to get undocumented workers to participate in the census. This question came up about not filling out the form. Remember the reason so many people have to go door to door is because the government never got the forms back from that household. We were told to tell people nothing would happen if they did not answer the census - which in real practice may be true - BUT - it appears to be illegal to not answer the census.
So be warned, if you fail to answer the census you could be prosecuted. I am really surprised to see this law. I guess there is a difference between what the law is, and what the government will do. I will roll the dice on a $100.00 fine. It is certainly an issue in court I would not mind challenging.]
I am seriously considering a boycott against cooperating with the census. First though, I want to deal with all the bogus bs being put out there by the radical right. There is no conspiracy to violate your right to privacy. Just because the census form contains a lot of questions you may consider private does not mean you have to answer them.

You are free to send back a blank form. This is exactly what I am thinking about doing.

Who will be the biggest beneficiary of the census - a local politician. If the Democrats control the Texas House and Senate, they may be able to force the creation of a new US House District in South Texas. Do you think the winner of such a US House seat is going to be a newcomer? No it will be one of the local yokels who have played us for saps. Why should I help someone who has played us for saps get elected to the US House of Representatives?

The other side is, the census brings more federal dollars to the area. In a short view this is good. But in a reality view it only means more federal debt for our grandchildren to pay. I just cannot support one more penny of federal debt.

Yesterday the Senate voted on an amendment to the rules to allow Senator Sanders Amendment to a pending bill to include $250.00 for seniors, disabled veterans, and disabled Americans on SSI. It failed - but what blew my mind was 47 Democrats and Republicans voted for this amendment even though it meant adding billions to the national debt. Texas Senator John Cornyn (Rep) voted for adding billions to the national debt.

We have no legal duty to answer the census questionnaire. This is why you cannot argue the government is invading your privacy. The entire process is voluntary.

At this moment it is my intent to not participate in the process. I simply do not feel right in helping another local yokel get a free pass to spending our money in Washington.


Fred Drew said...

I looked up the law and it appears that it provides a $100 penalty for not answering the Census and up to $500 for giving false information. If you send back a blank form would you be fined as it says?

Anonymous said...

My local paper says today that the fine to not reply is up to 5,000 but is rarely applied. Also it costs us the taxpayers $57 each time it has to send out a worker to a home that did not respond.