Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is from her morning e-mail to Democrats.

"When the incumbent Attorney General was interviewed by Sean Hannity, he wasn't challenged to defend his use of taxpayer dollars to pursue a legal loser of a case. When Barbara Ann challenges him on the issue he immediately goes negative with personal attacks."

FACT: When she ran against KBH and I disclosed the fact she along with the Party Chair violated the hard fought rules adopted in the 60's against the Party endorsing any candidate during the primaries she wrote to newspapers around the state misrepresenting my record and politics, while refusing to address the issue. Sound familiar? - there is no substantive difference between Abbott and Radnofsky.

Why is it a politician can use intentional lies as a way to raise money for their campaign and be immune from criminal prosecution, but if you or I do the same thing for a non-profit, for example, we go to jail? Answer - politicians write the laws.

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