Monday, March 1, 2010



Nothing in politics seems to shock me anymore - John Wood is taking money from Richard Jaross. Our port remains a potential asset if ever sold to a private group. There is no doubt in my mind that the number of jobs at the port will at least doubt under private ownership. It is sad that a man like Richard Jaross can buy Commissioner Wood - but then Wood is a man without honor.

If Wood wins the nomination the Democrats could find their candidate indicted on the eve of the election for accepting a paycheck from Cameron County when in fact at this time he is not a County Commissioner. This is all assuming the pending cases currently going up through the system find that posting a sign outside his district constituted a resignation as a matter of law.

Oh, who is Richard Jaross, a ship-breaker who along with Emilio Sanchez created a reputation of being less than caring about the environment.

The above article is one of the articles Peter Zavaletta sent to me when he was trying to get me to tie the Sanchez family to the corruption at the port. I rejected the story because most of what he sent me was unsubstantiated and simply lies.


Given all of the controversy surrounding Imagine Brownsville, and United Brownsville, it blows my mind that Godinez directly or through an employer would donate a dime to Treviño at this time - but stupid is as stupid does. It seems filth attracts filth. It is amazing to me that these people are so clueless about how the people are so tired of this type game playing.


Has the mayor been overtaken by paranoia or is he just desperate. I read his letter in the Herald on Sunday concerning the problems with the bus terminal. Because I have not studied the issue I do not know about the merits of either side’s arguments for or against the location of the bus terminal. I do know this - a decision has already been made and it should be stuck to - plain and simple.

This is the problem with the letter - who is attending these secret meetings? How is United Brownsville tied to these secret meetings? Pat Almighty is playing games with the people in order to paint himself as the hero and protector of the people. Pat Almighty was born to be a 5th rate banana republic idiot trying to play the role of a leader.

I have no idea what is happening with the bus terminal issue. I do now a bogus letter written with the intent to deceive and garner attention. Pat Almighty’s decision to leave out all specifics tells me he has no specifics and is simply trying to paint himself as a hero - he is not a hero - he is Pat Almighy.


Fred D said...

While history demonstrates that Mr. Jaross was described in issues of violations of environmental rules as they were coming into their own and the vessel recycling business was developing from a ship demolishing his operation seems pristine these days. Coast Guard inspectors inspect his facility regularly. I spent some time looking into the business some years ago when I did an article about Essco.I could not find much other than evidence of a tough businessman in a vicious business as most maritime businesses are.
As to port administration, I would like to see all transportation facilitates in the region administered as a single quasi-public entity like the New York Port Authrity which makes a profit and efficiently manages rail heads, bus facilities, airports and ports in two states.

BobbyWC said...

"very, very interesting" but libertarian wants government control socialist wants corporate control -

politics at its best

I will tell you, and this is not jaross company, but one of them dumps at the Brownsville city dump without a manifest - this is not good - just because it is not showing up in the water - does not mean it is not showing up elsewhere - I will not fish the ship channel or anywhere near the entrance from the bay -

when it comes to the government everything is fine until it is not fine - a gamble I will not take

Fred D said...

Sorry Bobby the Libertarian wants more individual control, government control is the opposite.
In the case of the Port Authority it was formed to act as a business with the board of directors appointed from qualified professionals who hire the administrators just like in private enterprise.
Even with the severe pressure from politics and organized crime it has made a profit that goes back to the states every year.
With respect to shipbreaking, I only examined Essco and while there the Federal inspectors were taking soil samples which came back cleaner than surrounding lands.
I agree with you I find it very difficult to put any faith in anyone from the government saying I am here to help.